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I know few of Ponyville's inhabitants ever really came to terms with the idea that a gentle pegasus mare should form a lifelong bond of friendship and understanding with an irascible pet buck. It was strange, I'll admit, but it worked – and we always knew that it was right. I didn't like to think about the march of time, about what the passing years might mean for a rabbit. Now, though, I have no other choice. As memories crowd in, the future looms before me, demanding an answer.

Now has a reading, by... er... me!

Review: PresentPerfect

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Break my heart a little more could ya?!

new respect for Angel...

*sniffles* It's liquid pride, I tell ya! :fluttercry:

4079959 Now imagine how it felt for me, a huge Fluttershy fan, to write it! And thank you: I've always found Angel more interesting than some of the fandom. I don't think there's even a group here dedicated to him. He deserved something.
4081186 Sure, sure, of course it is. :fluttershysad:

Hey, I didn't know you wrote MLP:FIM fanfic! (I'm the same "Jordan179" from Livejournal).

4085107 Oh, hello! I only dabble in it occasionally, but then I've never been a terribly committed fanfic writer. That said, this is the first fandom I've really felt like writing for since Watership Down many years ago.

Is this why my hamster sometimes stares into blank space for minutes on end? :)
Good story, always love a Fluttershy-related one! But, there's got to be more, right?

4095079 More of this story? No: it's just a one-shot. More of me writing about Fluttershy? Oh yes, definitely. I'm in the early stages of planning a multi-chapter Flutterfic. :yay:

The mood is strong with this one. Have a ribbon:


So many feelings here.

4789277 Oh wow, this really does mean a great deal to me. Thank you so much!
4790021 And thank you, too! (And for the fav.)

For quite some time, I'd really wanted to write an story that present Angel in a more sympathetic light than is usually the case, and this is what came out. I'm absolutely delighted that it's been well received. :pinkiehappy:

You are very welcome :raritywink:


4791013 Like the Sir said, you're very welcome. :twilightsmile:

This hit me hard because of my undying love for rabbits. I can't resist those cute bunny faces. Its nice to sew Angel get some represent. He's a little shit but not as bad as people make him out to be sometimes.

Wow. That was deep.

4965640 Thanks for the comment! :twilightsmile:

In time, the Black Rabbit eventually comes for them all...

"Laythe hraeth ela mi, Elil Hrair Rah, a blaeth m'hlalthai, m'zyhlthai. An m'draothai ethile hlal, skufessi, uthowessi, hrayessi, paf hraray rah. Laythi kasrahalt, a vatal kasrahil, a laythai nayltil mi nahl-nyt zorn." - So it was said, and verily. But that is cold comfort to those who remain behind.

7655473 Wow, there's a blast from the (my!) past. Curiously enough, I went back and read through Blackavar's Gift again recently. I can see a few more flaws in it now, unsurprising with the extra writing experience I've picked up since then, but I still like it. Frithaes i mi! :pinkiehappy:

7655542 Oh, now there's a right bit of small world! I didn't initially connect that you were the same Loganberry, but I probably should have!

But somehow I've always wanted to connect MLP-verse rabbits to Watership Down rabbits, at least culturally. I don't really know why - it's not like they have any hints of that buried in canon, or anything, but my mind works in oddish ways.

7655566 Yep, same person. :twilightsmile: This is the first fandom since that one that's really inspired me to get writing again. I've seen one or two people from the WD fandom in the Pony one (usually linked by furry, as I was) but maybe fewer than I'd have imagined.

Twilight has some similarities to Hazel, I suppose. That might be a way in. I've always been surprised that hardly anyone has written a crossover -- I doubt I'll ever do it myself, but I think that, with care, it could work quite well.

7655595 Perhaps fittingly, t was the furry fandom that connected me with both. Well, that, and a friend pointing out that I'm entirely too much like Twilight Sparkle, which then impelled me to watch the entire show... Funny how that goes!

Since you reviewed my story, I'll check out one of your stories as to repay your kindness. I'll try to get to it by the end of the week.

7743980 Thanks! And please be completely honest. If you don't like it, it's absolutely fine to say so. :twilightsmile:

7744033 I will and thank for the watch.

Well, I got to this much sooner then expected but here I am. Now on to my thought. 1st off, it was a great read. Not teary but it did tug at my heart strings a lot. Not gonna lie, I had to re-read this twice to get what where this was going. Now as for the fic itself, it's well written no doubt about that(much better then anything I've written thus far). It gets the point across and I had more questions and wanting to continue only to realize it ended. A little sad but that just means it was great. This part in particular caught my eye

A cookbook. A cherry. A slap. A mailbox. A rope. A Stare. And everything had changed forever.

It's a nice reference to a few eps (Putting Your Hoof Down in particular which made me start hating Angel). It shows continuity witch is a + and I felt invested (partly because it's in 1st POV) and it was pretty deep (if that makes any sense). My only gripe with it was how Rarity was(mainly because it was a little off-putting but that's just me) and it felt short but hey, I'm not one to talk. Other then that, it's a great read and for me it gets a 9/10. Keep it up. Also, like and favorite

7744198 Well, first of all, thank you so much for that! I absolutely love getting comments and reviews on my stories, and especially interesting, thoughtful reviews like this.

I'm obviously very happy you liked the story. It's one of my older ones, but it still has a place in my heart. Yes, it's short, but short stories are what I'm good at writing, and what I like writing. Besides, I (rather unfashionably) quite like Angel; I think he's nowhere near as bad as he's sometimes made out to be -- though he was horrible to Fluttershy in "Putting Your Hoof Down".

Which reminds me... this line:

A cookbook. A cherry. A slap. A mailbox. A rope. A Stare. And everything had changed forever.

is a reference only to "Putting Your Hoof Down" -- no other episodes -- as every single thing mentioned there is featured in that single episode. (The Stare is right at the end, when Angel refuses to eat his food.)

You're right about Rarity -- she isn't all that sensitive in this story, and maybe if I were writing it now I'd change how I wrote that bit. Still, I think it's been around too long to edit now. I'm very flattered by your rating and favourite, so thank you very much! :yay:

7744295 A) No problem. I'll admit I wasn't expecting to get around to this until at least tomorrow. I just happen to have spare time so why not. B)My apologies. I thought it was more. Clearly I was wrong but it doesn't change my overall thoughts. C)He's not as bad now but back then, I loathed him. Now he's not so bad(mainly since he's a forgotten memory to me) D) I can relate. I write short stories(with a few exceptions but they aren't out yet) so it's not a problem. E)Rarity isn't exactly A main problem so it can be easily overlooked. As for editing, it's never to late. Of course that's just me. F)I hope to see more

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