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In the midst of a battle to protect Equestria, Twilight Sparkle falls. For a moment—just a moment—she wonders if she should bother getting back up this time.

A treatise on 2020, written and published 12 days late. Blame it on the Gregorians.

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I see this and all I think is why can’t we ver get shows that show this level of deep moments especially after all the near death stuff they went though

yes twilight the solution to all lifes greatest problems is kicking the snot out of what ever it is thats getting to you today, friendship is magical but, violence thats the greatest magic of all

Oof- 10 months into the pandemic, I am feeling this.

This story captured the feeling of 2020.


And maybe even pay Celestia a "visit" and then SLAP her Incompetent butt for FORGETTING another Ancient Villain/Bad Guy Threats, that she would have supposed to keep lock up, or try to reform early on with the "Magic Of Friendship". :facehoof:

Celestia should have kept a personal list on how many Villains/Threats she have once defeated and imprisoned. And that will gladly help Twilight and her Friend's Hero jobs easier to KNOW the Villain Threats WAY sooner, than at the last minute! :twilightangry2:


Is there anything else to say?


Posh #8 · Jan 13th, 2021 · · 2 ·

10626829 sir, this is a Denny’s.


What the Heck are you talking about?! This is not a Famous Dining Restaurant!!! We're at a Fanfiction Website based on MLP: FIM. Commenting this story. And I'm criticizing on Celestia STILL being a incompetent coward against facing Villains and other Threats to Equestria/Equis. :applejackconfused: :derpyderp1:

An inspiring message in hard times... but for the love of sanity, Twilight, delegate. Celestia didn't have you take care of crises just to prepare you for the throne. Faithful students are useful like that, especially when it comes to giving you time and energy to actually improve the status quo.

I know, I know, I'm getting caught up on the surface level of the parable, but still. Aside from that, again, a very nice read.

It's a lot harder to show this kind of deep introspection in a video format without some kind of internal monologue that lessens the impact.


What the Heck are you talking about?! This is not a Famous Dining Restaurant!!!

It's an expression. Posh is telling you to stop spazzing out.

Oh hey, finally I find a fic that captures the feelings and thoughts I have on a daily basis, minus the drive to keep going.

Ouch. I felt that.

This makes me wonder about a fic with THIS Twilight Sparkle, getting help from an outsider that knows the real pain she is enduring.

Anyways, this was a wonderful and enjoyable read :)


Good story. Thanks.

Just like every other time you maintained the status quo and made sure everypony was happy, ignoring all the problems you were too cowardly or incompetent to fix and trusting that someone else would handle them at some point after you croaked.


~ Many Years Later ~

"Uh, princess, what are you doing?" Luster Dawn asked. "That giant, crackling ball of magical energy you're making looks kinda dangerous."

"Well, you see, my little pony," began Twilight, "I'm kinda just feeling... done with all of this. But rather than repeating the mistakes of my predecessor, I'm going to give everycreature, not just myself, a fresh start by rebooting the entire universe. G5, here we come!"

Posh #18 · Jan 13th, 2021 · · 2 ·

10627039 sir, your moons over my hammy are getting cold

So that’s just what she did. And honestly? It helped a bit.

"And so, we must imagine Sisyphus happy."

Telling him to stop spazzing out is like trying to stop the sun from shining. A waste of time and effort. I think the only thing he ever does is spazz out about something in a story.

Is he a figure or Tragedy or Heroism? One need know his mind to understand the answer to that question.

i SethS tandmore found this 2B a highly realatible story, just as Twilight struggled to defeat the monstrous trylobite so too did my grand father ROY STANDMORe struggle to defeat the Nazi's at the Battle of the Bugle, luckily he did just like twilight sparkle by never giving up, and that is the message that we can should all take from this story away from this story.

My only question is in, what episode was the trihexalon featured, I do not remember that from the show

Sincerely Seth Standmore


I think that's a OC Villain that Aquaman made up.

The real question is, why does no one know about these threats except for Celestia and Luna. I mean, they didn't cover Tirek at history class? Or keep watch on the neighboring kingdoms just in case a new threat arises from them (i.e. the changelings, Mt. Aris, and the Storm Kingdom)? You know, give the ponies a heads up just in case something bad happens?

Stand up, Arjuna.

Just a question, have you ever thought about making a fanfic with your complaints about Celestia?


Why? Shouldn't some of you are also be upset at Celestia? For just being a lousy, lazy, cowardly, and incompetent leader/teacher in both the T.V. Show, this Fanfic and MANY other Stories?

Pardon me if I sound rude, but I didn't quite got what you wrote down.

I didn't mean it like that, sorry. What I meant is that I didn't quite get the meaning of what you wrote.

Posh #33 · Jan 14th, 2021 · · 1 ·

10628558 Setting your complaints about Celestia’s character aside, do you have any thoughts on the story?

Posh #34 · Jan 14th, 2021 · · 1 ·

Incidentally, here are my thoughts on the story:

I’m fond of stories that use the backdrop of high-octane, action shenanigans as window dressing for a compelling character journey or monologue. You deliver that perfectly here. The wicked tartigrade, or whatever her name is, presents the kind of villain-of-the-week threat that girls have been dealing with off and on since Twilight ascended. Twilight kicking her ass is a certainty; the only reason she didn’t do so already is that she didn’t give enough of a shit, for a heartbeat.

So, the driving question of the story isn’t “will Twilight win?” It’s “Will Twilight care enough to win the next time something like this happens?”

It’s not saying anything especially new, I think. Not just as far as ponyfiction is concerned; someone else in the comments already quoted Camus, so repeating that would just be redundant, to be perfectly frank (:trollestia:). But publishing it with the past year, and all its cumulative traumas, fresh in the audience’s minds, makes its message potent, which only enhances the effect of your characteristically gorgeous prose.

In short, I fav’d this for a reason. Thank you for putting Twilight in the hole.

Wow, I feel like this not only show the mindset of heroes, but people in general. We’ve all felt that moment of being beaten, like we can go on, or that there is no point, but we still get back up.

Imagine if she actually did that, though. How long you think the list would be?

Yikes. You ok?

If I had to guess they probably didn’t go over tirek in history class is probably the same reason they don’t go over certain things in real life history class. As for the neighboring kingdoms, would it even be possible to keep track of all of them?

That’s deep

Great way to address something that the show simply wouldn't have been allowed to.

Well they still could've kept track on the hippogriffs, and how the Storm Kingdom destroyed the Capital. That would've at least alerted them of the Storm King.

This was very, very good. And it adds a deeper, if brief, look into what it actually means to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. I realize the theme of Twilight having to be practically the sole troubleshooter of a whole country's (and more) problems has been brought up before in many a work, but rarely do we get such a raw look at what that might feel like, long term.

And honestly? For all of Celestia's many failings when it comes to Twilight, leaving the crown to her might be the biggest one. Because it's one thing to be the realm's champion and savior when you get to go home and collapse into your bed at the end of it, with dreams of a pleasant and well-earned day off come tomorrow ... and it's quite another having to drag yourself back to budget meetings and prissy nobles and other time wasters that you would rather reduce to ashes before your very eyes, with realization nothing awaits you but more of the same drudgery until you eventually (hopefully not) snap and send the world back to stone age.

Because being a ruler is more than a full time job in itself, and so is being the first and best line of defense against terrors seeking to doom your country. Through Celestia's thoughtlessness, Twilight is forced to be both at the same time. And that's going to wear anyone down given time enough. And for better or worse, Twilight has all the time in the world, or close enough to it, for it to keep wearing at her.

Yes, Twilight is an exceptional individual all around, and I can see how finding a successor to a position such as Celestia's can be difficult (understatement), but still ... but jeez, mare, way to go dumping way too much on one pony's head, no matter how talented, powerful, loyal and driven she might be.

One can only hope Twilight finds a way to delegate some of her responsibilities sooner rather than later, because she desperately needs a break. But that also sounds simpler than it probably actually is ... because when an ancient evil trounces the more mundane defenders and Canterlot bureaucracy catches fire, it's not like Twilight has the option of shrugging and ignoring it because she's on a vacation - worse, trying to take a vacation might increase the chance of something bad happening, as there are precious few individuals who can do what Twilight does.

So ... yeah. This was both good and depressing, because dammit does Twilight need ... well, not a hug as I'm sure she gets plenty of those already. But she needs something, and hopefully she gets it before she snaps and goes Eternal Dusk on everyone's collective behind.

Awesome depiction of Twilight Sparkle, and one whch acknowledges how sheerly tough and indomitable she is, and how much she gives of herself because she cares for others. I love it when someone writes fic that -- without mangling the characters into Pony versions of the Punisher -- remembers that the Mane Six are heroes -- and ones who often must suffer in order to win.

The implication in the story that Celestia died from old age means one of two things:

That Luna is forced to retire as well and hide out for the rest of her life just to maintain the facade of Celestia merely being in retirement.

Or Luna was aging the whole time she was on the moon and was in similarly poor health leading her to death's door.

I think they did keep track of the hippogriffs, didn’t they?

They allied with the hippogriffs, but didn't paid attention to them. If they did, Celestia would've been alerted by the Storm King's actions at Mt. Aris.


Heroes DON'T always have to 'suffer' to win. :pinkiesad2:

And the Punisher is a Anti-Hero in a sense. Because he takes down real criminals, crime lords, and super villains. And saving lives like 'Normal' Heroes would do.

Alerted by the guards or the hippogriffs?

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