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Just your average reader and occasional writer. I like exploring 'want of a nail' type scenarios and fallen heroes. For some reason people seem to like my stories. Strange.


Request by ShadowPony300: “What about twilight sacrifice herself when queen chrysalis and the other two villains came through the castle doors with a big explosion.”

pyrrhic: adjective, (of a victory) won at too great a cost to have been worthwhile for the victor.

Twilight Sparkle isn't about to abandon her friends to the whims of three horrible villains. She just needs a solution. Unfortunately the only solution she can think of is rather dangerous.

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Comment posted by Starlight Glimmer1 deleted Apr 24th, 2021

Trolley problem. Inaction will cost many lives, action will cost fewer lives (but different people).

In detail: A runaway trolley is speeding towards a group of 5 unaware people. You cannot warn them and the impact is certain to kill them. However you can throw a switch to redirect the trolley to a different track, which unfortunately would cause the trolley to crash into a single other person, killing them. Is it more ethical to throw the switch (killing one to save five) or to do nothing (not sacrificing one person, but - through inaction - allowing five others to die)?

Twilight favored to act, saving many at the cost of fewer. Whether it was morally the right thing to do - well, there are several different opinions on that, but I feel you already have hinted at yours by saying "mass murder".

I believe the best description for this situation is negative utilitarianism. Twilight took the course of action that produced the least harm.

The choice between the deaths of millions or the death of billions

Either way a lot of ponies would view it as murder and Celestia knows it.

Is it murder if there was no intent to kill? Mull that one over in your head for a bit.

Ask the ponies that question, they’re the ones I was talking about.

But to answer your question; no.

At the same time though the situation here could be seen as more complicated than that since her intentions were to essentially create a bomb that would kill her, Tirek, Chrysalis, and Cozy despite knowing what the consequences could be.

Regardless though the fact that Twilight consciously did what she did would no doubt lead to ponies viewing her as a murderer which, again, is what Celestia was expecting to happen should ponies find out the truth.

Can't Twilight just? I don't know, TELEPORT herself ( along with the Evil Trio) to a far away place, AWAY from the Heavily Populated Canterlot?! And then, blow up the bell??!!

Like Mastered SSJ1 Goku did with Semi-Perfect Cell by using Instant Transmission.

Or WHY didn't the citizens leave the city already?! Are they blind that the Villains attack the castle?! They should know how to evacuate the city themselves?!

Another thing, DOESN'T Twilight know that her ( And Shining's) own Parents live in Canterlot?! She might have "accidentally" killed them as well! Along with Moondancer, and her old Canterlot Unicron Friends.

Edit: Seriously?! Why do I have a dislike as well? Now it's ten dislikes.

This is a complex and difficult ethical issue, and I suppose that, at the end of the day, there is no right answer. Welcome to the world of tough decisions, where no matter what route you take, you end up with blood on your hands. The 2016 film Eye in the Sky portrays this dilemma very well.

It's mentioned in the story that her own magic field was on the verge of overloading. All the power in generating the shield and holding the Doom Legion back had left her seriously drained.


Dang! So no quick teleporting to a wasteland or something? Also, personal question?! After all of this. Does Twilight deserve to go to Heaven or Hell for this? Or maybe purgatory?

I don't know if ponies have any concept of that. Given the hell she's been through, perhaps oblivion would simply be enough.

What would you have done in the circumstances?

So detonating a nuke in your capital is a worthy method of getting rid of corrupt government? Interesting :pinkiecrazy:

The good news is that she got rid of most of the nobility...

The bad news is she got rid of most of the nobility.

Dont get me wrong some of the hereditary nobles were probably pretty venal and greedy, but they do usually have outliers in the family and they know how to manage their lands if they want to keep being fairly well off. Celestia now has to reassemble a government that she has no hold on nor the knowledge of their personalities and abilities from the remaining nobles that were not in canterlot or their branch families. While grieving.

Celestia felt the urge to curse her former student’s name for such sacrifice, but knew it was useless. What was done was done and, perhaps, were their positions reversed, she might have done the same. She had ordered soldiers to their deaths before. Sacrificing thousands to save millions. Was that what Twilight was thinking? That losing Canterlot in exchange for saving Equestria was acceptable?

So she was willing to sacrifice other lives for her friends?

“This can’t get out,” she said, in a tone that brooked no argument. She turned, gazing down at the two unicorns. “You need to understand this. We are still recovering. If word gets out that Twilight caused this loss, even if she did it for the greater good, it will undo all she worked for.”

Of course celestia would be stupid.

“Starlight, forgive me, but enslaving a village of two dozen is minuscule compared to this.” Starlight went silent. “If you’re right, then as noble as Twilight’s intentions were, she still killed a hundred thousand ponies. There will be riots at best, and the recovering government we have would be overthrown at worst. I’m certain that another windigo blizzard would be inevitable. We would face starvation and another great migration. This can not get out. Not to your friends, not to Cadance, or Luna, or Shining Armor. This doesn’t leave this room. Not for several decades, if ever.”

I would honestly still tell, because I’m not seeing the problem.

Celestia grabbed the findings and the bell, and with a bit of thought, incinerated them. “I won’t enforce this with a geas or memory wipe. Just keep in mind the consequences of your actions should you choose to ignore my warning.”

I’d take those consequences.

:trollestia: You're back!
:facehoof: I have a headache
:moustache: You can thank Starlight and her :pinkiehappy: Timey whimey stuff
:twilightsmile: So was Canterlot saved?
:duck: Well no and yes
:trollestia: no & yes?
:ajbemused: The city was spared but the Nobels got lobotomized . . .
:trollestia: So everything's back to normal . . .Great
:moustache: and Rarity's Queen
:twilightoops: Wut!
:moustache: That's how I became King
:trollestia:As My Little Ponies know I never do anything

10787108 Alondro just sits there... looking shifty... and pushes a suspicious device under his bed.

Twilight went all Majin Vegeta on the Terrible Trio... but forgot to ask Piccolo to take them all to the nearest convenient wasteland! Dangit! :facehoof:


Actually, those are some good points.

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