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Anon-a-miss, the mysterious gossiper, plagues CHS. Caught as the perfect scapegoat, Sunset finds herself more shunned than ever before. While determined to clear her name, Sunset decides that first she needs a break. From everything. Back in the place she used to call home.

But as soon as Sunset leaves, her friends at CHS realize the depth of their mistake. Not just in accusing Sunset, but also in forgetting Sunset is not like any other human. As they try with all their might to earn back their friend's trust, they quickly come to learn that they know very little about Sunset and the world she hails from.

And worse for the girls, as Sunset begins to pick up the shards of her old life in Equestria, she begins to wonder whether she really wants to stay at CHS at all.

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Why do I just get the feeling that when Flash finds out just who the ones behind Anon-a-Miss really are, all Tartarus is gonna break loose?

And I cannot wait to see that happen!

Next chapter soon, please!

Will Princess Celestia play a major role in this story?

I find myself very interested in this scenario, and eagerly await the next chapter.

Will the EGGirls go to  Equestria ? also if Sunset does decide to stay what of Sci Twi?

This is pretty neat m'dude. I'll keep an eye on this.

Comment posted by Sharpshooter deleted Aug 13th, 2017

Quite fascinating. I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.

This is pretty interesting so far. I'll track it!

One question, how does Flash figured out that Sunset is not Anon-A-Miss?

Because he's not gullible or petty in any way.

The premise had me interested, the story has me excited. This looks great.

Very intriguing. I enjoyed your last story quite a bit so I'm gonna keep an eye on this one.

I'm aiming to make this story less about the what the various characters did wrong, and more about the why things went so horribly wrong. There's already plenty of 'burn the main 5 and the CMC' fics out there after all, but so very few focus on Sunset's nature as an Equestrian unicorn.

Yes. It will take a bit to get to her though, Sunset isn't really ready to meet her right now, for various reasons.

Without spoiling too much, I can safely say ScTwi has a role to play in this story.

Looks like someone already did that for me. :derpytongue2:

That moon ain't glowing for no reason.

Because having actually dated her, he know Sunset better than most. He can see how much she's changed and he knows how she worked when she was high on power. This isn't it.

Please, continue. I'm interested how this will turn out

Flash I sure hope you know what your doing

Usually in stories like this he uses his brain unlike everyone else. Because come on why would Sunset world so hard to gain the trust of the school only to throw it away..it's basic logical thinking. Which MOST of the school doesn't seem to have.

I can't wait for Sunset to meet Luna! I don't know if I've ever seen a fic where Sunset and Luna interact. :rainbowderp:

I feel like in this story, the Humane Five will end up going to Equestria themselves. Wonder how they'll react if they meet their pony conuterparts. That'll be cool.

Even Equestrians have their limits in putting up with emotional pain. Not surprised Sunset is seeking a shelter to bunker under from the whirlwind of emotions of CHS. Twilight and Luna are willing to provide that shelter it seems. And Luna while loyal to Celestia can be discreet so Sunset doesn't have more than CHS related issues to deal with.

Outside the window of her room, the moon flashed as if it had heard the unspoken plea.

Did Sunset Shimmer just get mooned? :pinkiegasp:

Yeah, that's a gigantic plot hole in the original comic. I wonder if the decision makers seriously considered it or if they just shook their heads. "Nah, nobody's going to notice!"

I'm aiming to make this story less about the what the various characters did wrong, and more about the why things went so horribly wrong. There's already plenty of 'burn the main 5 and the CMC' fics out there after all, but so very few focus on Sunset's nature as an Equestrian unicorn.

Indeed there are. I've learned to avoid Anon-A-Miss stories by now, but this one looks interesting.

Straight into my "Tracking" bookshelf.

This looks to be a welcome injection of new life into the stagnation that is the "Anon-a-miss" stories that immediately turn to punishing the HuMane 5, or Sunset suicide.

Please keep this in Drama / Sad territory, and out of the "Dark" tag.

I am curious what Spike will do though when he finds out about Sunset's presence in the palace of friendship. Calling it such as it does not look like a practical castle. More of a fantasy castle if that.

Interesting pitch. Not a lot of anon-a-miss stories where Sunset actually goes back to Equestria and pick up her life there.
You got me intrigued

its vry much a palace as all the pictures we have sene so far of it show it as a palace rather then a castle its not that defensive but more just a symbol of a princess living there


It does seem the 2014 holiday special comic does not show logical and critical thinking on the part of the humane 5. They assume on her past she's relapsed into her old habits or hasn't changed. And here is more reasons. Would the EG mane 5 assume the CMC are responsible at first?

This was Twilight Sparkle, Princes of Friendship.

Oh, so this is going to be one of those stories.

I think that's a typo you underlined. Something for Keroko to correct. Just giving you a heads up author thanks to fourpony noticing.

It's an error in placement. Makes more sense for this to happen BEFORE Rainbow Rocks. And the mane 6 did think the CMC was Gabby gums so Anon a miss world there.

The mane 6 of Equestria didn't make the smartest of decisions either in Ponyville Confidential. Yet the CMC wanted to stop after being told it was wrong. The CHS CMC intentionally caused emotional pain on their sisters and their friends to get them to reject Sunset.

You may or may not have noticed, but both your Sunset stories are featured at the same time now. :moustache:

In most stories, it's because Sunset knows enough about him that never got posted to anon-a-miss.

True. Dating Sunset would potentially mean he knows more about her than most on that side of portal. And her M.O. is different still from the CMCs as Anon a Miss I say. Like not leaving evidance to point to her. They intentionally frame her as their M.O. to get Sunset rejected from the main 5's group.

I have zero intention of going down the lynch mob route. This is a story about fixing broken bridges, not broken bones.

In their defence, the evidence is stacked very heavily against Sunset. Not only was she the only known person to have access to the most damning evidence (the photo's from her cellphone) she has also been tormenting the school for at least three years. That's a lot of grudges to declare water under the bridge. You're right though that the comics failed to properly explain why the humane 5 reacted the way they did, and that's something I intend to explore in this story.

It's a typo, yeah. Thanks for spotting it, fixing it now!

I noticed! Surprising, but what's more surprising is that the earlier story has been featured on the front page for 5 whole days. That's... all sorts of humbling, encouraging and amazing.

Please go on, let's see what happens next.

Understood. 3 years of tormenting teenagers and creating a stressful environment for the staff in dealing with the fallout of her actions.

I just hope the EG Celestia takes a more logical view with her sister at least. They as school administrators and the staff need to keep unbiased, cool heads to find out the truth.

Can't wait for the next chapter, and the writing is very well done.
Also appreciate that people still write fanfiction on this topic, I love it xD

He just stood there, hands in his jack’s pockets.

Who is Jack and what is he to Flash? :scootangel:

Someone who sneaks in and makes my writing look silly.

Fortunately, nothing a simple edit won't fix. Thanks for spotting it.

Okay, I'm interested enough to keep reading.

The biggest problem any story tackling the anon-a-miss comic faces is anon-a-miss herself. Namely, the story only happened because of mind-boggling stupidity and selfishness out of the human CMC. I realize it was supposed to be the counterpart to Gabby Gums, but doesn't work nearly as well.

Your comments in the story intrigue me, though. I really am more interested in seeing how things get fixed then I am reading chapters on end about how stupid everyone was. I'll follow this for now, and see where it goes.

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