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Celestia and the sun are connected, to the point where when something happens to Celestia everypony can immediately see the sun acting up as well. What few ponies know is that this connection works both ways, and those times when the sun acts up, this has... certain effects on Celestia.

Celestia wants nothing more than to keep it a secret so as few ponies as possible worry about her. But keeping a secret from her stubborn, curious and loving marefriend might prove to be more difficult than she expected.

Cover image by the wonderful Silfoe, which also inspired the story idea alongside Carapace's story She Dap.

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Anon-a-miss, the mysterious gossiper, plagues CHS. Caught as the perfect scapegoat, Sunset finds herself more shunned than ever before. While determined to clear her name, Sunset decides that first she needs a break. From everything. Back in the place she used to call home.

But as soon as Sunset leaves, her friends at CHS realize the depth of their mistake. Not just in accusing Sunset, but also in forgetting Sunset is not like any other human. As they try with all their might to earn back their friend's trust, they quickly come to learn that they know very little about Sunset and the world she hails from.

And worse for the girls, as Sunset begins to pick up the shards of her old life in Equestria, she begins to wonder whether she really wants to stay at CHS at all.

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Sunset Shimmer is a pony, so she likes pony things. Granted, a nice hayburger isn't exactly easy to come by in the human world, but that shouldn't stop her from using the products she's used to from Equestria, right?

Well, her humans friends might disagree, as Rarity does when finds a rather odd bottle of shampoo in Sunset's bathroom.

A short little story inspired by the Equestria Girls Monday Blue music video and my fellow fans of Sunset Shimmer, especially RileyAV, who noticed a peculiar bottle on Sunset's shelves in the last music video.

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Ever since finding his place in the Crystal Empire, Thorax had dreamed of changing his people, and following the failed attempt of Chrysalis to once more conquer Equestria, he succeeded beyond his wildest dreams.

After the accidental coup d'etat that changed his kind forever, Thorax finds himself the new prince of the changelings. His new kingdom remains confused about what to do with their now changed lives and are dealing with a whole slew of emotions they never had to worry about before.

Thrust in a position of power and responsibility he neither asked for nor wants, Thorax reaches out to his friends to help him understand what it means to rule a kingdom.

Special thanks go to Carapace and his story The Village Called Respite that inspired me to write this story.

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