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Pretty late to the fandom, but no less eager to write.


Sunset Shimmer is a pony, so she likes pony things. Granted, a nice hayburger isn't exactly easy to come by in the human world, but that shouldn't stop her from using the products she's used to from Equestria, right?

Well, her humans friends might disagree, as Rarity does when finds a rather odd bottle of shampoo in Sunset's bathroom.

A short little story inspired by the Equestria Girls Monday Blue music video and my fellow fans of Sunset Shimmer, especially RileyAV, who noticed a peculiar bottle on Sunset's shelves in the last music video.

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Very funny slice of life!

This is a really silly yet great story:ajsmug:
Yet this does make me wander......is Sunset a vegetarian?:unsuresweetie:

Thank you. :pinkiehappy:

Well if you believe the toys, she works at a sushi shop so I'm going to go with no.

My personal headcanon is that it differs from pony to pony, but with a tribal link. Earth ponies being mostly vegetarian due to their heritage as farmers, pegasi including fish in their diet as a remnant of the early pegasi being fishers since they need the fats to supplement their flying and unicorns enjoying exotic meat dishes as part of their noble culture (we did see a pony who loved working the grill in that restaurant episode after all).

I wander how the ponies would react to her returning technically being an omnivore?

Great Slice!:heart:
Makes sense.
Equestria in general should have an extensive fishing industry with its own aquaculture and mariculture.
From the newest map: they have a river that connects their east and west oceans - like the Panama Canal - from Horseshoe Bay to Las Pegasus and another river connecting it near the halfway point that runs north-to-south from a mountain near Our Town down through the Everfree to Appleloosa.

Cloudsdale travels between cities and it would make sense to travel above a river that leads from Las Peasus to Ponyville/Canterol and follow the coast from Horseshoe Bay upwards to Manehattan. If Our Town sends a request, they can follow the second river north from the Canal-equiv. and take the previous route in reverse forming a loop.

I actually use that shampoo myself, it's nice, though it can be hard to find at times.

As far as I know people who use Mane and Tail shampoo swear it's actually the best shampoo there is. And no I am not joking, people really use horse shampoo and swear it's fantastic for human hair too.

Yep, same here! It works wonders, although the first couple times I used it, it dried out my hair something fierce before it got used to it.

I liked how this story went after Rarity began to ask about the shampoo. It was nice to read Sunset remembering Equestria like that. Great work! I'd love to see more Slice of Life stories like this one.

I literally got an add for Fiebing's Horse Salon Shampoo after this story. Damn it, fimfiction! Stop whoring out our data to advertisers!

8354634 If they did, you would have to pay to access this site. Non-targeted ads dont make money on the internet. Not since like 1998. YOur data is the price you pay for free internet. Personally, I find that a fair cost. It's not like I actually buy anything they want me too :P

She isn't, horse meat isn't acceptable food in most countries, as for other meats there isn't any solid proof she eats them. Personally I suspect she is a vegetarian and eats the same kinds of foods that human flutter shy eats

My sister an I spotted it in the supermarket a few weeks ago and cracked a joke about it being Sunset's favourite brand. :pinkiehappy:

Been using Mane and Tale Shampoo for 10 years now. Surprisingly good stuff. Never made the connection, but looking at that screenshot, it DOES look like one of their bottles. Funny.

nice, could use a brush made from illegal whalebone though :pinkiehappy:

This is a very good one-shot.

She would be an omnivore, not a carnivore. Just saying.

They said Carnivore not Cannibal.

It would actually be Omnivore by the way. She does still eat fruits, vegetables, grains, etc.

Yes, now that you mention it I may have gone a bit overboard with the darlings. Oh well, note to self for the next work.

I love every single one of these little jokes and tidbits of detail in MLP.

Ok that was fantastic. Short, sweet and an enjoyable read mixed in with best pony Sunset makes for a great read.

This was a fun little one shot. Not gonna lie, I really want to try that shampoo. According to everyone here, it's awesome, so now I'm curious.

"Hah! Can't believe it took us this long to finally have a sleepover at your place, Sunset." Rainbow dash crowed as she flopped onto the couch, her bag landing on the table in front of it.

Rainbow Dash

I remember seeing shrimp in an episode with a party in Canterlot.

Short and Simple. An okay read.

This was nice. Does need a sequel with sunset taking the humans for a spa trip in ponyville, though :pinkiehappy:

Very nicely done! I love stories like this where they're just normal girls, except one of them happens to be "a magical pony from another world." Which, in the end, doesn't make them any less of friends.

"Wait, the guys go to spa's?" Rainbow asked sceptically.

Have you ever heard of a "Happy Ending" Dash?

"Wait, the guys go to spas?" Rainbow asked skeptically.

If human Bulk Biceps is anything like his pony counterpart, he works at one...

Believe it or not, some species of horse are actually obligate omnivores. There isn't enough food some times of year, so they'll trample and eat small mammals, like gophers and rabbits. While horses generally can't digest meat very well, they can and generally will eat it when offered, depending on the personal preferences of the horse in question.

Sunset on her part merely crossed her arms. "You guys all forgot I'm a magical pony from another world, didn't you?"

Puting this sentence on my list of "things I thought I would never read"

Suddenly, Fallout: Equestria makes more sense...

I really love the implication that Sunset still has a couple of her old pony mannerisms left in her, especially given how she has otherwise amazingly fully integrated herself in that world to the point where she acts pretty much just as human as the others, despite only being in that form for a few years.

Occasionally, the girls are reminded that the seventh member of their group is an alien who is only wearing a facsimile of the human form but whose instincts are that of a very different species on many level.s

There was a time I used that shampoo. Nowadays, I use something else, and I can't really say how it compared.

An adorable alien, mind you!

Rare Sentence collection time!

I find it incredibly fascinating just how well she has adapted herself otherwise though. From most of what we see, despite living most of her life as a pony she still acts just as human as the other girls, which I find very admirable of her.

Well, it looks like I’m not the only one around here that knows about how good mane and coat shampoo is

I would suggest that you end this fic by having Pinkie suggest that they raid Sunset's pantry, only to find bundles of hay and some alfalfa in the cupboards :raritywink:


Nice story. Find a minor typo you may want to fix.

 I really don't want to see what happens when some of our more exited sleepers roll on the floor in their sleeping bags and off the edge."


Too bad Sunset doesn't have a tail anymore, even when she ponies up. (She did as a demon though) But, her hair is like a mane. (Kinda funny the easter egg was in the same scene with that cute moment after her hair was messed up)



My mistake I was half asleep replying to it also no she is a herbavore and would only eat plants

it's noted that most horses can devour small birds without issue, they don't go out of there way too, but if one gets in the way well they eat they've been known to chomp it down too. opportunist omnivores i believe the term is

we have no way to know the burger fluttershy was eating in the first movie was a veggie burger or not. given the fact fluttershy didn't consider herself a member of the nature centered group, it's more then entirely possible she still eats meat.

that would make sense with unicorns magic being a presumably mental excersize, and healthy brain development is dependent on certain proteins only found in meat.

So, I knew just from the title exactly what brand of "product" Sunny had been using. It was, of horse, obvious.

Here's the thing, though: lots of people use it. It wasn't designed for working horses. It was designed for show horses and ponies. And their owners discovered it worked really well for them, too. Turns out, hair is largely... hair.

Lemme just say, as a guy with a rather long "mane" himself, I appreciate having something that works well, doesn't cost as much as those fancy schmancy froo froo things (since the horse directions say dump a bunch in a bucket, add water, and use a mop/brush, they expect ya to use a lot), and also doesn't reek to high heaven of flowers and baby's breath and guava and whatever else they're putting in things these days.


I never noticed that.

I'd bet good bits the company loved the free product placement.

Surprising fact:

Mane 'n Tail does exist. And it's a shampoo for both horses and humans.
It really helps with my oily as hell hair.

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