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So where does Sunset Shimmer live? That's what her friends have been asking and it's about time they got some answers.

Based on my own headcanon on where Sunset lives.

Edited/Proofread by PixelReality. Thank you for all the help!

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“Yeah well apparently by adult I guess they mean 5’1” double leg amputees who are undernourished.”

With SOME back seats, that's if they're healthy

I can see that.. but won't the goverment get tiped off if someone sales that many gold coins. My headcannon is that she only sold some to get a small apartment.

Wow. One of the few times Sunset DOESN'T live poorly (when she hasn't been adopted/taken in, that is).

BTW, nice George Lucas reference (even if it's unintentional).

“Sunset I have one question to ask: WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU STILL DOING IN HIGH SCHOOL?!”


Very good question Rainbow Dash. Very good question.

Really? Kai isn't bad at all.....people just complain too much

Pretty good, and your headcanon works for me. I do have one grammatical question though:

"...Well more like Limestone would be still."

Did you mean "Well, more like Limestone would, but still." As in, it's not so much Pinkie's parents, but Limestone who would be upset. Or did you mean, "Well, more like Limestone would be still." As in, Limestone is still on the rock farm because of something like that. Just confused by the wording.

Pretty sure gold is gold where the government is concerned. As long as nobody is missing any. Not to mention that she could use different pawn shops and gold dealers to spread it out.

In your short summmary, I think you meant "Human 6" not, "Humane"'

Vena1 #8 · Mar 27th, 2016 · · 1 ·

7068310 Um, no, pretty sure that was intentional. Just like any other time that fans refer to them as such. "Mane 6" is a play on the use of the word "main" when referring to a lead character or group of characters. "Humane 6" is, in turn, a play on words that incorporates "human" into the "Mane 6" terminology that fans came up with once their human counterparts were introduced. Trying to correct people by telling them it should be "Human 6" is like trying to correct people by telling them it should be "Main 6." It defeats the entire purpose of the play on words if you just use the original word instead.

If I had that much money I'd be selling all the fucks I don't give to the rich!

Great story bruh.

I agree with your headcannon.

7067789 Not really. It's not like the government strictly monitors any and all gold sales in the nation. People sell gold all the time. All that a bunch of gold coins being sold means is that someone with a big collection of old school gold coins has decided to sell them. Unless Sunset is pumping out enough gold to interfere with the national economy in some way, or the government has reason to believe that the coins were stolen from a museum or something of the sort, then the it literally has no reason to take notice, and even less reason to care if they do take notice for some reason.

7068524 Ah, no biggie. It was pretty odd looking when people first started using it, and it takes a while to get used to. Heck, even knowing that's what it is, I've read plenty of stories and forum posts that use it and still do a double take on it sometimes.

“Well I had about 5,500 bits before I left, and I probably spent about 1000 since I’ve been here, what with this apartment, the furniture, my car, the forged birth certificate and other ID’s.” Sunset trailed on.

That actually makes a lot of sen--Wait, what about fake IDs?!

Also, I just recently saw Zootopia and my favorite joke in that movie talked about income tax evasion so I'm going to ask this: What is Sunset doing about taxes? Because she has to owe a LOT of money.

7068534 Considering she was not even born in this dimension and is an illegal alien in a very literal sense the fake ID is more of a necessity considering the lack of an actual real birth certificate, I'd say taxes are the least of her problems here. On the Equestrian side of things I'd be concerned if it wouldn't be in character for Celestia to pardon her of all crimes and presumably taxes she hasn't paid on account of being in another world.

Loved this. It was a nice easy read. I'm gonna need to check out some more of your stuff.

P. S. The name was so catchy that I just had to read it. I love that song lol. :pinkiehappy:

Nice read, I like your explanations about how Sunset had to find a place to live and other important things, like a fake ID. I wonder if someone ever wrote a story where Sunset is discovered by the authorities...

DBZ Kai? Noooooooooooo!

7068529 In the U.S., the supply of gold coins and ingots is actually quite restricted, and while people have had the right to own and trade it for forty years, the trade is still pretty highly regulated.

I wonder whether Sunset ever considered using her riches to hire a squad of mercenaries rather than use high school students. Of course, it'd be rather hard to do that as a teenage girl, but...

7069817 I think you overestimate just how "highly restricted" it is. There are different reporting rules for buying and selling, there are different reporting requirements depending on which coins you're buying or selling (largely depending on when they were introduced, since the CTFC inexplicably made a specific list of coins that need to be reported rather than a more general standard, allowing coins made after that list to essentially go unchecked), those coins that do have strict reporting requirements are based on cash value by troy ounces of gold rather than the raw quantity of the product, there are specific time frames in which the necessary amounts must be sold before the need to report them expires, etc, etc. The entire system is a mess that leads to a lot confusion and misinformation.

If there is a sale with a cash value of $10,000 or more, you have to provide/fill out Form 8300, a much more in-depth I.R.S. form that includes various forms of identification including a social security number. It also has a very clear 24 hour time limit. You can have an $8,000 gold transaction, and come in a day or two later and have another one, and neither of those have to be reported via 8300. That said, if you do attempt this (especially if you do so frequently), the buyer is technically required by law to file a suspicious activity report, which has its own set of complications. So it isn't a very good idea.

When it comes to reporting on smaller scale gold sales (NOTE: Sales, not purchases), the form in question is 1099B. It's also where there's the most leeway, since it's only legally required when certain limits are hit with certain coins that are listed under the CTFC's conditions. There are a lot of gold coins out there that simply don't have any reporting requirements. Even when you are using coins that need to be reported, much like Form 8300, it's still only required when the sales are made within the 24 hour time frame. And whether or not frequent resale of high premium coins (much less low premium bullion) necessitates a SAR is still very debatable, given that the large cash sum is the primary reason behind implementing the SAR for...well...suspicious purchases and sales.

Now, make no mistake, all gold transactions are still taxable. However, "taxable" does not mean that there are special reporting requirements. If it did mean that, then we would be filling out sales forms for a lot more than gold. Capital gain reporting is required for everything. You know, taxes and all.

In the context of this story Sunset is using a form of bullion that doesn't even originate in this world, much less appear on the list of coins that have strict reporting requirements. Even ignoring that the EG universe is a parallel version of our world that clearly holds a number of differences from reality, and therefore might not even have the same (wonky) gold regulations, there are a lot of ways Sunset could easily exploit bits to keep herself set up pretty well. Never mind that she's already clearly indicated that she's using various forged forms of identification, meaning that she's not exactly going through strictly legal channels to handle all of this.

“Rainbow Dash abandoned us to do all the chorus while she, Applejack and Fluttershy can skip out on all of them!” Rarity stated rather crossly. “Rainbow Dash, when you get back, you’re going to get it!”

not to be a nit pick but chorus is the group that sings , the word your looking for is chores

I'm surprised that fics about Sunset's living conditions are still popular. It'll be chopped gravy like Scootaloo's family situation.

7076350 So long as canon doesn't fill the gap, the fandom shall.

Not bad, though I think I prefer my ideas about her living conditions a little more.

I'm surprised Fluttershy would enjoy a show about laser blasts and pummeling people.

Short and simple. An okay story

“Yeah well apparently by adult I guess they mean 5’1” double leg amputees who are undernourished.” Sunset joked. “Take a right here, before the stop sign.”

Pretty tall for someone without legs :pinkiegasp:

7068534 Mmmmm yes and no? I mean Taxes are weird. Living as a teenage illegal alien there's actually not a lot of taxes you'd be dodging. What gets taxed at that age? Things you buy, which she'd still be paying and taxes on any job earning her income, which she doesn't have. Even then most high school age positions would not make enough to be classified over "working poor" which means the IRS would be giving her everything back anyway. At least from my experiences in the American tax system.

7076552 yours (second mirrior with an in between dimension) was unique but I feel a bit less believable than this ones "Shiny Bit Coin" situation or my personal favorite "Abandoned Building". Still liked your stories though.

7088555 Yeah, I know. But this is a series with magic and talking ponies, so a little suspension of disbelief isn't a bad thing, right?

7088666 I like the whole Idea of bits or gems being worth alot of money. Think of it like this you magically go to equestria and spend 3 weeks mining and pull out around 300 pounds of gems. and then do some odd jobs and make like 300 bits. Over there thats not worth much and might have you rent a inn for a month or so

Now turn around and come home melt down the bits into gold bars and the gemstones can be cut into maybe 10 to 20 10 carat gems. If you look at the gems they all look to be Excellent grade gems. Thats around $1000 a gem now thats 10 to 20k per normal gem . Or if you look at it all 300 pounds of gems would be in the rough ballpark of 100 million dollars. + the gold price.

7067825 At least it's better than GT.

7089115 At the risk of necro-ing an old thread, I'll point out that trying to make money off of Equestria wouldn't work in the long run.

When you go to sell gold in this world, they'll want to know where you got it. Selling gold bars means they have to take them, and run tests to determine how pure it is. A home smelter won't be very pure, which will lower the value of the bars. Plus, if you can't prove where you got them, then you have another problem. You could claim you went spelunking while on a hiking trip somewhere. It's actually something some people do. I know a couple people who went on camping trips for summer vacation, and found enough silver on personal expeditions to pay for school. So it can happen. But that has to go through certain channels, as well. And you could only realistically get away with that now and then.

So once you get the gold you want cashed, the rest is basically useless, for at least another year or so, when you could repeat the performance, and just claim it was another hiking trip. But while you could do that with the gold, the gemstones are another matter.

Every cut gemstone in the world has a laser-etched serial number on it, too small for the naked eye to see. If you dump a dozen cut stones on the counter with no serial numbers, they'll call the cops. And if you drop a dozen uncut stones, you'll get far less for them than you might. Again, the hiking excuse might work, but don't expect to get much from the stones. And unfortunately, Equestrian stones are always mined post-cut. Something to do with the magic of the world which allows stones to grow at the speed of common wheat. So you'd have a fortune in cut stones you can't explain when the authorities show up. And heaven help you if you try to pawn them through the criminal underground. If they thought you had a line on gem-quality stones for peanuts, you'd quickly find yourself staring down the barrels of several guns, while they made you an offer you couldn't refuse.

Realistically, converting gold is easier than gemstones, but has to be done carefully. Gemstones are strictly for show, no matter how much you have, considering how hard they would be to convert without drawing attention. Ultimately, you might make enough converting gold to make your day to day concerns go away, but you'd never be rich, as such.

7207066 unless you can learn yourself how to become a lapidary in the Human world. Then you can claim that the gems you have are gems that you cut yourself. I myself have cut a 1.1 carat Ruby that I sold to a jeweler in my area for 380 dollars.

i prefer classic to kai for dbz

thoe as for shonen anime i think yu yu hakusho is the best (also likely more up sunsets ally than DBZ)

plus what sunset really needs to see is sailor moon (the viz dub of course) and madoka and nanoha as thsoe are teh 3 most inportant magical girl anime and the rainbooms are magical girls

oh also good story

Sunset has a disorderly apartment. Well, almost sounds like "Home Sweet PreCPS Visit Home" or something.
What's wrong with DBZ-Kai? It took out everything pointless and boring!

You know what's also unappreciated and should get a fixed reboot? DBGT. Just replace the look of SS4- or just give them a different unique form since SSGSS is a thing. Keep some of the ape look, but take out the red eye and make it look natural... or god-like. It looked cool, bet yet it also looked emo if you sucked the black out and replace depression with anger.
The story had a cool Star Trek + Frieza Saga mix and the future characters were cool... except for Trunks. Other Future Trunks was cool. SS4 fusions were derpy, not looking like two people fused. More like some new guy appeared. Young Goku was an interesting idea, but if they were adding old ideas then where was Launch?

7070910 There's also the fact that the gold trade is based of what 99.99% gold. Cause magic I wouldn't be surprised if Equestrian bits were literally pure gold.

This story reminded me of this comic by tjpones. More or less a gryphon is in human world buying sausages and paying in bits. When she asked about how many she could get the waiter just goes "With you money... I'd say infinite."

7270774 Yeah, that would make sense. Their gems do come out of the ground cut and ready for sale/use, after all, so it honestly wouldn't surprise me if the money that they intentionally make was pure gold. Though seriously, how the heck do they justify the value of anything in this world? What...what rate do products go for in FiM? If there's no smaller currency even for things like fruit (we see them use bits to buy things like apples and cherries), then just how much value does gold hold in Equestria? How much do more expensive items cost? I mean, could Vinyl trade her synth system for a castle or something?

7271447 That's one thing I was thinking about not too long ago. The only examples of the worth of bits are in the episode where Fluttershy tries to learn to be assertive (the shopping at the start show her paying a couple bits for singular items I think. Haven't watched it in a while) and the episode with Spike petsitting. That one though he gives a sliver of a gem to the CMC who use it to buy a large automated pet washer.

My personal guess is that there are 2 types of bits. Smaller ones, that might be gold plated rather than solid gold, to be small change, and larger ones that are meant for major purchases. Gems fall into the same type they do here, common and jewelry grade. As a dragon who eats gems I can see that jewelry grade being more to his taste while Rarity uses a mixture of them for her outfits to get the looks she wants.

“That’s mighty kind of ya to offer us this,” Applejack said, “But it’s your money, ya should feel free to do with it what ya like.”

Unless "what ya like" is sharing with your friends. That's totally not ok.

Geez, AJ, lighten up a little.

The elevator dinged to let them know they had reached their destination and Sunset lead them down the hall to room 1138.


Jokes on Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy only has DBZ Kai.

Oh, you're evil.

Has a story named 'Welcome to My House' really been around since March without someone dropping this in the comments?

Ah... that's better, :moustache:

You should do a prequel of this with the lecture to the group because im actually really curious to what happend. Also maybe Sunset pulling a cellphone because one of the firls is calling her.

I'm glad Fluttershy being a pleb-tier weeb is a constant across dimensions. Loved the stories!

Jokes on Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy only has DBZ Kai.

So? In my opinion, that's the best one.

So first fic I wrote with Sunset Shimmer. Kind of odd since she's my second favorite character.

So who's your favorite?

Anyway just a headcanon I have as to where and how Sunset lives.

I like stories that show Sunset (and Scootaloo) actually having a place to live that isn't a hellhole and/or in a bad part of town. I really liked this.:pinkiehappy:

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