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The Mane 7 are traveling to watch the solar eclipse. Sunset Shimmer has just one question. What's a solar eclipse?

Contains minor spoilers from the Equestria Girls Summertime Shorts, specifically Get the Show on the Road. Contains major spoilers for the 2017 solar eclipse.

Edited and proofread by Latch. Thank you for all the help!

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How did Sunset pass high school science without a basic understanding of human astronomy?

Heh.... that was fun.

When it comes to exploration and astronomy or pretty much any sorta science that can be seen with the naked eye, Equestria doesn't know squat. Most ponies as far as I know are being spineless, gullible dipsticks who think anywhere far north of the Crystal Empire is an icy, magicless wasteland.

Sorry about that. I've been reading Message in a Bottle lately. It's starting to piss me off how ponies have an understanding of their world akin to someone from pre-Black Death Europe or something. Also, it irks me how ponies know quantum physics but not microbiology or genetics.

Why would an eclipse have spoilers?

8393905 It's for the people who haven't seen the eclipse.

I could almost see Sunset saying: "Let's do that again sometime."

it makes sense there would never be an eclipse in Equestria since the sun and moon apparently never share the sky.

I saw a total eclipse when I was young, but I was more fascinated with the shadow bands on the ground. Like shadowy, ghostly snakes.

Most high schools don't teach Astronomy, so I imagine Canterlot High wouldn't either. Plus, in high school science, it's assumed you already learned about basic planetary and lunar orbits, including the Solar eclipse, so they wouldn't cover it.

This was a really nice story! Sunset panicking like that and Rainbow Dash lying about the bunnies were hilarious!

Tbh i didn't have to learn about astronomy in any of my highschool classes.
Maybe they take similar courses to what i took

There's a reason Message in a Bottle has an AU tag. The ponies lack of astronomy knowledge is just as much AU as the Dyson Ring. Canon suggests that they actually know quite a bit about their systems astrophysics.


Season 4 premiere. Luna brought the moon in front of the sun which is an Equestrian solar eclipse!

huh, I completely forgot that.

This makes me want to go back in time to 1427 to when a solar eclipse is happening and just watch the reactions of people. It would probably be like Sunset's

It's not necessarily that they have a pre-copernican understanding of astrophysics. After all, smart researchers have a few ponies they could simply ask about such things.

It's more that Equestria is *actually* Geocentric.

I'm wonder does any of them have a bus license?

This is a very good one-shot.

“That. Was. AMAZING!” Sunset said, her face turning into the biggest grin any of them besides Rarity had ever scene. “What with the Sun and the Moon and the white fire things, the sky, the colors… Wow!”

Had ever seen.

Cool little story. :eeyup: I liked Sunset’s hysterical reaction and the description of the eclipse was good. One additional detail you could have included: My location had 93% totality, and the biggest effect we saw (aside from evening-level light) were the dappled crescent suns on the ground in the shadows of trees where the breaks in the leaves acted as pinhole cameras. That might have amazed/freaked Sunset out even more!

Is there a picture of that somewhere?

It's easy to forget that Sunset lives in a universe where the laws of nature are often radically different from that of Earth's. The idea of celestial bodies moving without magical aid probably disturbs her greatly and feels quite unnatural to her. I'm actually surprised that Sunset didn't start trying to improvise a concert so they could use the Human World's Elements of Harmony against the eclipse!

I wonder if any HIE fan fiction ever touch on this topic. Where the ponies are horrified at the concept of an eclipse both solar and lunar. When the main character either mentions it off hand or in response to one of the ponies' questions. Like who controls the sun and moon in your world. If this story exist can someone please tell me, that would be an interesting read.

She was panicking because that sort of thing wouldn't happen back in Equestria.

Nice little slice of life story. I can only imagine what it would be like to know nothing of eclipses.

Before I read this, I must know: Do we get any explanation as to why Equestria has apparently never had an eclipse before? Did the Princesses never think of doing that or something?

So this story was more or less formed from my headcanon that Equestria has no idea about astronomy or astrophysics, so they pretty much have a pre-Galileo understanding of how the solar system works, at least that's my headcanon.

Obviously someone forgot about or never saw “Owl’s Well That Ends Well.”

The last time it happened was 1000 years ago, when Luna became Nightmare Moon.
Since then, the heavens have pretty much run like clockwork.

Considering it might have avoided the whole nightmare moon problem in the first place if they had guess nobody ever did anything but the usual way.

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