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This story is a sequel to At Night, All You Have Is...

Applejack asks Sunset how she was able to afford anything after she first showed up in this world.

Pairing: SunLight, SciTwi

Continuity: Homecoming

With an audio reading by Allykitty

Revised 9-23-17

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another well written and well thought out story I hope to see many more such as this one. Can't wait to see what else you come up with. :twilightsmile:

Cute story. It's probably a bit too much to ask the mirror to calculate interdimensional exchange rates along with everything else it does. :raritywink:

Nicely handled, down to the difference in a teen’s status in a pre-industrial society (“junior adult”) versus a fully industrialized society (“senior child”). Based on Ms. Faust’s comments she’d thought of the Mane Six as being twelve to eighteen, I’ve assumed the two sets are the same ages, but that’s a minor matter of individual interpretation.
The only thing I might give more thought to is the fact pawn shops, or any businesses that might see rare coins, do talk to each other and are fully conversant with what’s out there. Seeing Equestrian bits, a completely unique and unknown strike, is likely to set off big red lights and sirens in a competent dealer’s mind, and maybe even calls to the authorities for felony fraud and/or counterfeiting.

Can't wait for the hearths warming fic


I had thought about that, and my plural use may have been better handled, but most counterfeit coins would only be gold plated as to cut down on cost vs profit - or at least to my mind they would be. Most shops around here have electric conductivity testers that can determine the amount, purity, and composition of precious metal items.

And with the number of specially designed limited edition coins being minted every year, I figured for some artistic liberties. :twilightblush:

I should note, while Equestria might use a gem-standard for their economy, Diamonds wouldn't be the base gem. They are far to common, it'd be like using copper instead of gold. The perception of them being rare is due to supply/demand. De Beers held a monopoly on them, and still do I think, and used their control over the supply to artificially lower it while using propaganda to raise the demand. The 'tradition' of a diamond engagement ring isn't even a century old.

They have warehouses full of diamonds, granted most of that is probably industrial grade but still. Now that would be a heist.


*Puts SciTwi Glasses on*

Actually, the tradition of the engagement ring can be traced all the way to 1477 and Archduke Maximillian of Austria when he commissioned a diamond ring for his betrothed, Mary of Burgundy.

Anthropologists believe this tradition of ring giving was present in Ancient Rome when a man would give his wife a ring with a key on it, symbolizing his ownership. The Victorian era saw many engagement rings designed like flowers and called Posey rings and Edwardian times had them caged in ornate filigree. World War I, the Depression, and subsequent World War II killed the demand for them until DeBeers launched an agressive campaign which would be the basis for it's "A Diamond is Forever" campaign that it launched in the forties which inextricably linked marriage and diamonds in the public mind.

You are correct in DeBeers monopoly and artificial inflation, however a diamond standard is possible if a certain grade of diamond is set. That would exclude fancy diamonds or highly impure ones and would have extensive requirements but it could be done.

*takes glasses off*

Also, I was listening to my iPod when I wrote this and the Song "At the Gala" came on, and Rainbow talked about being showered with diamonds. It kind if went from there. :twilightsheepish:

7845366 I will admit that most of my trivia knowledge is gleaned. I usually do a light check on the validity of the source but beyond that, meh.

Another diamond fact. It is more common for a diamond to be coloured than clear, with browns being the most common. Now think about those commercials with the company with the exclusive right to sell the 'rare' chocolate diamonds.

Also, I now really want to write a story with Sunset trying to explain the basis for Equestria's currency/economy to her friends.

7837596 Where did you see Faust commenting about their age range? I do know that she hasn't directly stated any but would like to know your reasoning on that.

On Deviantart among other places Ms. Faust repeatedly described the Mane Six as being teens, in the range of twelve to seventeen or eighteen years old. She shilly-shallies a bit by talking about “maturity levels”, admittedly, but it’s pretty plain the intent is “group of teen friends”. I’ve posted elsewhere on world-building information from staffers’ mouth that isn’t presented directly on-screen.

7849981 I'll take this conversation over to your blog post then.

It's been confirmed. Sunset Shimmer is crashing the gold market with her trans-dimensional alien metal. :trollestia:

Once again, a most enjoyable read! :heart:

Now don't be stingy, Sunny. Go take Sunshine on a vacation to the tropics. Maybe Hawaii or the Bahamas! Ooooh, maybe the equivalent in Equestria? :yay:
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Don't give me ideas, Blackwater. It's a dangerous, slippery slope.

If I had more time in my days, I'd just draw a bunch of fanart of your stories and then put them places like a beach or maybe scuba diving together on summer break. Or really anywhere in any season. Not trying to give any ideas. Nope... :twilightblush:

Dear Celestia, they're cute in any situation. :heart: Me:


hmm...fanart...that'd be a first...

but enticing...very enticing...

Another excellent story. I love the little expansions you're making in your version of this universe. My headcanon also has Sunset having some kind of emancipated status. I also like the idea that travel back and forth through the mirror could become a normal; if not regular, thing.

What about her saving account back in Equestria?


Good question........

Again, a wonderfully done story.

love your homecomung series. currently reading them all in chronological order

I was going to comment on the ambiguity of a diamond standard, especially in Equestria. Good thing I looked at the comments first, huh?

... Though it still doesn't seem like the best thing to base a currency on when rock farms are a thing.

In any case, a nice bit of headcanon wrapped in feel-good fluff. Thank you for it.

That's just it. How is it counterfeiting? "I have this gold, in the form of these weird coins." They're clearly not regular currency. Sell them as gold, spot price.

For someone in Sunset’s position, any suspicion or accusation is potentially dangerous—even if spurious—because it raises exactly the sort of questions most likely to expose her secrets. Not every dealer, or more likely every counter clerk, necessarily has an encyclopedic knowledge of all strikes throughout history, and all it might take is a single individual going off half-cocked and making a well-meaning, or even malicious, call to the authorities, and the jig is up. Granted, fraud is a more likely complaint than counterfeiting or, more precisely, attempting to circulate “fake coins”. (“I mean, look at them! The kid has to be pulling some sort of scam, or maybe she’s a mule for some organization. These are way too good to be anything else!”) Moreover, a previously unknown underage teen who suddenly starts showing up regularly with what plainly must be a sizable supply of weird, unidentifiable, but consistent coins of significant metal value is going to raise eyebrows at the very least. My wording could have been more precise, but I stand by my basic point that Sunset would have to work very carefully in moving her stash of bit coins to avoid a misstep that would make her life a major nightmare.

Indeed. Which is why I don't go any further in depth of how beyond "Not the most trustworthy" in regards to the brokers.

Could be someone casting their own coins as a hobby :)

With gold? Expensive hobby.

I know a few people that buy scrap gold and silver and fashion their own memorabilia coins out of it. Stacking, it is supposedly called. Some people cast some positively fantastic designs too!

Interesting. Hmm...

This was a nice story, a good slice of life with some humor about the gold as well.
(Hell, part of the fun of coming to this story was just reading the comments too! XD)

That's a lot of bits

🤑money money money money times infinity forever

If this happened in an episode or mentioned in an eqg special I would of loved to see it happen prior to eqg ending in 2019.

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