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Rose Quill

I write short little bits of words that somehow fit together into stories. Nice to meet ya!


Returning, well, it’s going to be interesting. It’s been over a year since I had been back. Walking on two legs is going to be triply for a couple minutes.

Fluttershy is coming with me, too. I’m sure she’ll have fun as well. As long as she doesn’t panic like Twilight did her first time through.

Continuity: E616

Chapters (3)
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Great start, has my attention for sure!

in the description

Twilightbdod her

Is this a typo or does it just look like one?

Shhhh! You saw nothing!

But yeah, typo.

Okay, I’m curious. Let’s see where this goes...

Your grammar needs cleaning up.

this... has my full attention

Gaian Fluttershy must be an actual vampire.

I do like that look on Fluttershy it somehow It just fits

Please :fluttercry: don't let this fic be dead. It has a great feel to it it needs to be finished. Because I have yet to find any other flutterbatxsunset fics on here.

Don’t worry. Life just got busy for a few. I’ll be working on this soon.

Well, at least she didn't start sucking blood. I had thought that the portal might have made Flutterbat into a vampire, rather than a vampire fruit bat. Tbh, I kind of wish it had. I'd love to 'see' Rover get sucked dry.:pinkiecrazy:

Aww, that ending was pure cute :yay:


she has more control than they realized.:pinkiecrazy:

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