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Returning, well, it’s going to be interesting. It’s been over a year since I had been back. Walking on two legs is going to be trippy for a couple minutes.

Fluttershy is coming with me, too. I’m sure she’ll have fun as well. As long as she doesn’t panic like Twilight did her first time through.

Continuity: E616

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Great start, has my attention for sure!

in the description

Twilightbdod her

Is this a typo or does it just look like one?

Shhhh! You saw nothing!

But yeah, typo.

Okay, I’m curious. Let’s see where this goes...

Your grammar needs cleaning up.

this... has my full attention

Gaian Fluttershy must be an actual vampire.

I do like that look on Fluttershy it somehow It just fits

Please :fluttercry: don't let this fic be dead. It has a great feel to it it needs to be finished. Because I have yet to find any other flutterbatxsunset fics on here.

Don’t worry. Life just got busy for a few. I’ll be working on this soon.

Well, at least she didn't start sucking blood. I had thought that the portal might have made Flutterbat into a vampire, rather than a vampire fruit bat. Tbh, I kind of wish it had. I'd love to 'see' Rover get sucked dry.:pinkiecrazy:

Aww, that ending was pure cute :yay:


she has more control than they realized.:pinkiecrazy:

“Well, duh!” the baker replied, suddenly next to Fluttershy. “She’s got the totally classic vampire look. Plus, she’s not meeting anyone’s eyes but not out of shyness like ours.” She reached up and pushed on Fluttershy’s lip a bit. “Plus her teeth are all pointy now.”

They all learned an important lesson that day. Never question Pinkie Pie. Ever :pinkiecrazy:

First of all, great work! I really enjoyed it :raritywink:

but I have to say, that

I stared at them from the corner of my eye as we passed, silently wondering if Twilight had come this way. She was always confident in her safety since she had become an Alicorn, the increase in magic and addition of Earth Pony traits boosting her strength. But that magic didn’t translate perfectly over on this side. Human dimorphism tended towards mares being smaller and weaker than stallions. It didn’t make sense to me but that was just how it was here.

Mares are smaller than stallions in Equestria too.


I'm afraid my clothing may need a cleansing after being crushed by that cretin. But I'm no worse for wear," she muttered, brushing ineffectively at a smudge on her white jacket. "Do you know what Fluttershy is doing?”

You forgot a ". Not that that would be a problem, just some things I noticed

She broke out laughing as her wings vanished.

and I think Discord taught her "The Art of Trolling"

Hng, the overwhelming cuteness of that ending consumes me!!! :yay:

This was a sweet tale.

I gladly look forward to seeing more of this universe stories.

Will there be stories showing Sunset and Fluttershy dealing with her batform? Will there be more stories of Twilight and Luna. Or stories showing how the eqg cast got together? Or more of Tabula? I can't wait!!

I don't suppose there's going to be a story about the wedding? Maybe have it happen on a night where there's a full moon so that it is more emotionally powerful since sunset would be marrying Fluttershy under the same conditions she proposed. Don't know how I missed this considering it is part of the red and gold saga.

I have plans to do so. I’m just wrapped up with trying to survive the pandemic and finish a story that I’ve been working on in my main continuity, Homecoming. There is a bit more Red and Gold related story in Tabula Rasa, with a focus on Twi and Luna, if interested though.

Thanks, I'll be sure to read it.

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