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Five years ago, Sunset Shimmer left the world of CHS, hoping that bringing back all traces of Equestrain magic will end the rogue magic affecting the world.

But lately, despite being happily involved with the Applejack of Equestria, she’s been feeling a little... off.

My submission into the Sunset Shipping Contest: Journeys

Proofread by :
Undome Tinwe
Gara the Author

Original Cover art by Vivaceco

Cover work by Tsitra

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Awww this was so wonderfully written! This was fantastic! You're making me ship AppleShimmer now! I mean, the relationship between the two is adorable and your writing style and descriptions are such page turners! This was majestic! Thanks for writing it!~ ❤❤

This was sooo adorable and cute and It was an amazing one shot

An understated story, more an epilogue to something unwritten than a narrative arc in and of itself. That's not a bad thing, but I kept anticipating something more dire that never came. Plus stories of magic going away to any degree always leave my guts a little twisted.

That's not to say it wasn't a good read. Just not to my usual taste. Best of luck in the contest.

That... was simply beautiful.

EEEK, it’s up! And featured! YAAAYYY

An ending with no story.

Well that was lovely. The poignancy of the tone gives it an almost elegiac feel at points, which is where this does feel like the epilogue of a story that's already happened.

But it isn't. Sunset, revisiting old regrets, old uncertainties, with the certainties of her present to keep her strong as she did so... that's what I saw here and it was a fine trip.

I did wonder at Sci-Twi's convenient placement. Does she teach at the school? She just... happened to be right there at the perfect moment?

It got a little darker than I expected, concerning Sunset's past. As a sidenote, if you're looking for Equestrian monsters I suggest chimeras. We've only seen one, but it was perfectly sapient and very casual about eating another sapient being. Pretty creepy stuff there when you get down to it. But back to Sunset... I'm not sure how much purpose her old home served to the story as a whole. I can understand Jackie (heh) wanting to see it, though. And speaking of Applejack...

Best background pony really shone through here. Her warmth and her blunt honesty can be a tricky mix, but she really works well here. Sunset's, as she points out herself, a dreamer. Her head is in the clouds, or in this case the past, and that's not new. Heck, it's where her character arc starts in canon: she wants it all. Even now, after having built a great life for herself, she has to go back and check in on the road she didn't travel. Very in character for her, and thankfully she has a wonderful partner to both empower her and keep her grounded and supported while she does so.

Have another upvote, and best of luck with the contest! No matter the results, a lot of people seem to enjoy this work and that's with good reason. Thanks for writing!

Visual artists use implied line all the time.

Few writers use implied story this well, though.

Beautiful and bittersweet. Good luck in the contest! :twilightsmile:

Very nicely done. I disagree with those who say there's no story here: there's a problem, it gets raised, it causes a journey, and the protagonist comes home changed. This was good. Definitely one of the better entries in the contest so far :pinkiesmile:

An AppleShimmer fic, my favourites 💛❤
What could I ask for anything more?

Anyway, I loved it, and I hope you'll be placed ;)

Author Interviewer

We may live where there are dragons and sea serpents and Discord, but here there were real monsters.

Too real. This line hit like a truck. :)

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