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A Wondercolt is in a coma after disappearing at a party, and all the evidence points to the Shadowbolts. However, a mad genius from Everton Independent Study believes that something far more sinister is afoot. Can she and her friends solve this mystery before the bridges built at the Friendship Games burn down completely?

Special Thanks

The Albinocorn - Tag. You're it. Mermaid Sunny when?

Gleaming Penny - This would not be possible without your help. Thank you

Heartshine - Thank you for helping me stay grounded in my genres.

The Attic Dwellers - Thanks for everything. Especially the Latin. Moony’s right, Latin’s the worst.

The Abyssal Voices - Always appreciated, folks. Thanks for being you, and putting up with my endless revision questions.

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I'm glad that you got this posted! I like the re-ordering you've done with it, and I'm excited to see where you go!

Huzzah! I'm extremely hyped for this.

Minuette makes a great Hanna-Barbera talking animal sidekick.

Looking forward to this!

It IS magic of emotion. Malice, Spite, and Revenge are all emotions. Just not harmonious ones. But they don't really know about Harmony and Discord and the Elements and...yeah, they've got a lot of remedial spellcraft studies to do...

Also, where does the magic singing coming in? Because Bardic Magic is totally a thing in Pedestria and I want my Danse Macabre darn it!

Oooh, I am liking this. Wish I'd found you earlier!

"Think we should call in those girls?"
"Most of them won't speak to us and Twilight flinches if you so much as say the word 'magic.' Pretty sure we're on our own."

Eagerly looking forward to seeing where you go with this. :pinkiehappy:

Tracking this with the upmost eagerness. :pinkiehappy:

Let us see where this plot takes us.

Given the context, I keep mentally replacing Lemon Hearts with Lemon Zest, and it gets surprisingly confusing.

Minuette always says what’s on her mind. It isn’t always nice, politic, or appropriate, but she doesn’t mean to be insulting.

"Now, Sugarcoat..."

In any case, excellent work in building tension and the creep factor, along with organically splitting up the group. Looking forward to more.

When people talk about an eclectic cast of characters, it's usually a cliched attempt at making a bunch of yahoos seem interesting - but these characters are genuinely fascinating. All of them feel vaguely recognisable from the outlines of them we get from canon, but you've put your own spin on all of them, even better defined ones like Vinyl. Their interactions feel very real, I get a real sense of strangers slowly learning each others ins and outs. Can't wait for the next chapter.

You got me with a solid hook at the beginning and you've managed to keep me along for the ride with a compelling cast of characters and a really well written sense of tension. I can't wait to read more of this Ebon.

This is


This is really good stuff. The dialogue and pacing really stand out as well done here. I can’t wait to read more!

Twinkleshine shelved the grimoire with them, placing it between Lilum Lamenta and the Malleus Maleficarum.
There was a nearby grinding of stone on stone.

Oh no, the Umbrella Corporation designed the locks in this place.

... Oh. Oh wow, this is getting very strange. Definitely looking forward to more.

Finally got around to rereading this in preparation for the new chapter. And yeah, this is tense.

This a thrilling mystery.
I'm exited for more!:pinkiehappy:

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