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This story is a sequel to Sunset Serenade

Sunset Shimmer isn't having the best Christmas this year. True, her friends are coming to spend Christmas Eve dinner with her, bringing loads of gifts with them, but one thing is preventing her from enjoying the idea: she's yet to find a present for her girlfriend Rarity. After a failed shopping trip the day before Christmas Eve Sunset goes to bed bitter about the holiday.

And then a Christmas Spirit appeared. Now Sunset is forced to take a journey to her past, her present, and her future to see what she needs to see. And maybe she can take what she learns and make the holiday one worth remembering.

Sequel to A Generous Soul and Sunset Serenade. Neither are really needed to understand the story.

Cover art by SunsetCrady.

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This story was fantastic. It brightened my day quite well. So for that I thank you.

I love the "Sucker For a Cute Face" reference between Fluttershy and Adagio. Great job.

That was a really nice feel-good fic. A bit late for Christmas, but its always a good time for good will and redemption and all that. Nice long fic, I like how it covered most of Sunset's background, as well as quite a few other story themes (there are at least several theories on just where Sunset is living in human world). I was almost wondering if that spirit was human Sunset in disguise, but guess not (which is fine). Didn't expect that pairing, but you present it well so no problems there either. Great fic, definitely a fav.

Brilliant! Oh so brilliant! But I must ask you this...parlez-vous francais? Parce qu'il y avait beaucoup de fois ou j'ai lu "sans" a la fin de l'histoire. :derpyderp1:

Again, though its an extermely good fic that is deserving of more views. :twilightsmile:

good series so far thoe its abit wierd for flutter shy and sunset to eat a turkey as flutter shy is a vegetarian and sunset likely is as well do to where she is from

6985105 You're right. Flutters is a vegetarian and I should have added a line mentioning that earlier. There is one now.:pinkiesmile:

As for Sunset, I'm of the opinion that she went a bit native and developed a taste for meat during her stay in the human world so in my stories she isn't a vegetarian.

6982021 Huh. I really did overuse "sans" at the end there, didn't I? :rainbowlaugh: I should probably do something about that when I have the time. And I do speak a little French, even had a French student live with me for a semester of high school as part of an exchange program. That was cool. But again, I probably should crack open a thesaurus soon. Thanks for pointing that out.

aceina #8 · Oct 6th, 2017 · · 1 ·

was reading this again cus i love it and i had a thought

was it the spirit of human sunset that set all this up to help her mom and for lack of a better term her other worldly sister

I love the cover art

This is an incredible story. Will definitely read it again! Fantastic job! <3

Ever since forgotten friendship I read the ghost as Wallflower blush

She look to her window and resisted the urge to throw it open to consult a passing boy about the current day.

Sunset has FAR more self-control than I.

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