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Being corrupted by the Element of Magic and purged by the Magic of Friendship is a lot for one to go through in one night. In the aftermath, Sunset Shimmer was willing to give this friendship thing a try. And sharing a moment with a generous soul might be what she needs to get the ball rolling.

And that moment might even lead to something more.

Made for One-Shotober

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This is extremely rough around the edges. There's a lot of "this happened then this happened" running about, and the included profanity seems needless given the story's tone, really. As much as I'm a fan of concise writing, I'd actually say a lot of these scenes need more fleshing out.

But in light of all that, by the end of the story you actually made me believe this could happen, and that counts for a lot. Rarity and Sunset were very true to character, Sunset's reactions were sympathetic but not cheesily so, and wow that backstory from Rarity I never saw coming. You may not have the most flowing prose, but it's passable and you certainly did your work in other places.

In all, I didn't regret reading this one bit, 'cause now you've really got me thinking. Grab an editor -- you've got promise. And if you can find the time to even further polish this, then by all means. :raritystarry:

Okay it looks like I'm not the only one that can pair Sunset up with a Mane 6 member other than Twilight.


Oh believe me, you're not. :scootangel:

3292128 Hey I got the ball rolling with my Twilight/Sunset fic. I get credit for that.


"Credit?" I didn't know anyone was keeping score! :rainbowlaugh:

There's enough Sunset to go around for everybody and everypony. :twilightsmile:

3292176 Meh, at least I have bragging rights for actually being the first.

Shimmy gets a shake from Rarity? :derpytongue2:

3292187 Could be the Shimmy Shake?

Next chapter,please. :twilightsmile:

wonderful story. I enjoyed it very much. :pinkiehappy:

I liked this which is weird considering the shipping pair. You made it believable though so perhaps you should consider expanding on this? I'd definitely be interested to see where you would take this couple. :raritystarry:

For the love of all that is holy, PLEASE WRITE MORE ABOUT THESE TWO!!

Well if they have still the fall former, in the end of the movie, i would not expect Sunset to go to the dance already or even Rarity to help her so soon, but i guess after Twilight asked to help her i could see why she does at least that.......Twilight did ask her right?

But it was not to last as the rational side of Sunset’s mind kicked in.

It is way more better than the instant love from Flash and Twilight, i mean they even spoke with each other before they start to like each other. Compared to Twilight and Flash Sentry, they have many History together. ( i am not sure if i can say it like this in english, my last sentence i mean, but i guess i try.)

Well again one of the very few one-shot storys i like. Honestly i don´t know why so many like storys, which don´t tell a real story, but only a quick event, but i can´t say i would not like a few. I just really prefer long storys with slow story building i think.

I really like this; the concept is unique but very well-handled, and their relationship feels believable. Excellent work!

I've come back to re-read this dozens of times now, this is one of my top 3 favorite ships and you've made it amazing keep up the good work

the only thing I disagree on is Sunset having detention for whole school life that seems a little stretch

Am I the only that's wondering was wondering what happened at the Spring Fling I mean I know I'm supposed to be a mystery but still

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