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Wayward Sun

Back from a very long hiatus.


Sunset Shimmer just wanted a coffee. Honestly, that was it. Finding Adagio there? Not in the plans. Being invited to sit? Improbable. Becoming friends? You had to be kidding.

Getting asked to do it again?

Okay, now fate was just screwing with her.

[set post EG, RR, and the comic. All those happened junior year, and this is senior year.]

Chapters (7)
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FIRST! Also we need a shipping name for them.

5428961 OMG...what should it be?

I love this story man...like right now!

5429261 I'm sorry but that is too irresistible.

5428961 Congrats, have a :derpytongue2:


SunDagio sounds awesome! :D

Ahh this is so cute! I love this shipping~

You should definitely write about everyone's reactions, both Rainbooms and Dazzlings. Can't have shipping without a bit of drama :raritywink:

please do continue this. i don't know how, but please do.

maybe have Applejack and RD discuss with Sunset about how she shouldn't be dating the enemy, have Sunset retort that she's only giving Adagio a chance like they meant to after the battle, have RD ask what was the deal with the pick up lines, then both AJ adn RD ask Rarity for her imput, only for her to say that she's calling dibs on one of the other Dazzlings.

5431008 The idea of Rarity suddenly calling dibs on a Dazzling is hilarious. The idea of her using the term 'dibs' is golden. However, if I were to do that, I think it would be more like AJ and Rarity arguing over the ethics of falling for the enemy, while Rainbow calls dibs on Sonata. Seems more believable, to me at least xD

I do have a small plan for the continuation of this, and people seem to really want more! So keep an eye out for the next chapter ;3


Sonatadash? Eh; don't see it.

But that brings up a good point: dual ship fics lie the way to madness. The percent of people that are going to support both pairs you've chosen is going to be absurdly low. Stick to what you've got going on.

5431206 That's a good point. To be honest, I like Rainbow/Gilda more, anyways. But the main focus, of course, is SunDagio.

The story doesn´t looks so bad, it is actually pretty good. To be honest i really enjoy this story, the pick-up line battle was funny too.

I read a few comments, well i glanced at them and it seems that you would take sugesstions for pairings,....i think i haven´t seen yet Aria and Fluttershy. I get the feeling that i like to ship the bad guys with Fluttershy, because she could probably tame them a bit.

5431332 Thank you! :D

Aria/Flutters is an interesting idea! I think for now I'm going to keep it Sunset/Adagio, and //maybe// add in another pairing later down the road. So pairings are up in the air right now.

Dash Blaze. both strongheads, both prideful, both lesbians.

oh my, i just used the L word.


to the wall.Her shoulders tense and her lips curled

a space is missing. wall.*space-goes-here*Her

edit: oh shit, shit got real real fast.
also, that song! get the sledgehammer! it's stuck on my head!

edit edit:
went from hiatus to incomplete. so nagging and begging does work!

5431722 Fixed, thank you.

How about that link out? I had a good laugh about that one...


5431722 This is one of my more liked stories, so I decided to give in xD Updates might be a bit random for a while... I'm still fine-tuning the plot.

That song. Imagine Sunset and Adagio. It's so great.

oh what were they thinking?
no lyrics adapted to fit their situation come to mind, but damn if they don't make a cute couple.

This fic already has 20 comments, but "The Making of Chaos" has none! Why is that? How come some stories get more comments than others? I need to do research on this...

Adagio snorted, and Sunset could full imagine a siren sitting in the place of the girl in front of her.

the sentece works the same if not better without the "full". not sure if it was meant to be "fully"

only to find Adagio starring back.


We had only been staying there because we had the landlord, Filthy Rich, under out spell.


I don´t know if Rainbow Dash and Sonata would work, but i want Sunset to be able to get back at Rainbow Dash for her teasing.:pinkiehappy:
Nice new chapter.

Admittedly this was similar to her actual plan to come out , get a girlfriend and casually admit to being gay, but...

to come out, get a girlfriend and casually admit...
btw, i would love to see Pinkie using that plan. "and this is my girlfriend, Sonata! i met her at taco bell!" :pinkiehappy:

Aria wouldn't give up--not now that she's in charge.

i don't know why my mind tells me it should be "not now that she was in charge".

also, I swear, this is funnier everytime I read it over.

And I did get around to reading this. Please continue, but don't be afraid to take your time. Worth the wait to do it right.

When they were exchanging pick-up lines, I couldn't stop laughing. This fic gets a fav and an upvote.

5464214 Thank you! I had a few giggles myself, writing that scene.

You're doing a fine job with Rarity. Forgetting about Fluttershy is fine, if she's adding much to the story or conversations often enough to be called a character in a story about someone else then she's OOC anyway. Also, first time I've seen a GQ Aria. I am liking the idea, good sauce. And as we all know, Sonata is Tacosexual. Working at Taco Bell must be like landing a job in a porn shop.

5464502 Everything about this comment is amazing. From the Flutters observation, to someone knowing about GQ, to the tacosexual comment... Such awesome. Much amaze. (Am I too late on that meme? Too last year? XD )

Thanks for the comment!

"That's unimportant. You're hair was the tricky part; to be honest I just don't understand the shape of it. Thankfully I was able to get it pretty close."


Finally, however, she decided to look at the outfit actually on the manikin.

I may be nitpicking, I may not, but i just feel it would be better like this: "Finally, however, she decided to actually look at the outfit on the manikin"

and lastly, and i now know i'm nitpicking:

"I know what I'm doing." Adagio said lowly, "It's just another seduction. I can do it."

lowly or slowly?

now, about the story:
Rarity being unintentionally creepy is fun. Sunset being homeless is sad. We're yet to see Pinkie and Sonata, and I'm thrilled to find out what your take on them will be.

and how is Adagio going to bring the mean girl out of Sunset... Playing the victim when other students start picking on her for returning to the school so Sunset has a reason to be mean? something else entirely? rough sex?

man, I just can't get enough of this.

5465159 Fixed!

And you're theories aren't far off... Well, besides the rough sex part. That won't happen here XD

Dude! Don't you ever do that again! you may have a plan in which something never happens, but you never destroy a fan's hopes of it happening!

it really ruins the posibility of impliying it happens in the end... :twilightblush:
good night!

5465200 You can find SunDagio smut elsewhere xD Though I see your point.


Genderqueer Aria? Lesbian Sunset and Adagio? What, is Sonata a transvestite too? Pardon my opinion, but I feel that you're putting too many things where they don't belong. There's too much going on, and it doesn't feel anywhere close to being realistic now. I mean, could you really see all of that in an average TV show or novel?

5466670 Yes, I could see all of this in an average TV show. Modern Family, Faking It, Family Guy, I could go on. A novel? Like Luna, Coming Out Straight, Far From Xanadu, Keeping You A Secret, and many others?

I'm sorry that you feel that way. It's not my intention to make this bad for anyone to read, but I understand that everyone has opinions. If you feel that too many of the characters are queer, go read something else. I'm not keeping you here, and if you don't like the story just don't read it. These are head canons, personal opinion. Please don't take them too personally.

Also, I never said what Adagio's sexuality is. Or Aria's. Or Sonata's. And if you think that three, maybe four queer characters in a fic with many straight ones are too much, than I suggest you don't read my work, because that's what I do. I make it realistic. Now, Sunset falling in love with Adagio is a stretch, but them being gay isn't, really.

I think my rant's gone on long enough, though.

I'm still interested in where this could go, but I'm just really unsure of all the suddenly gay characters. If you want to ship two characters who just happen to be the same gender then I wouldn't have given it much notice. However the Aria thing just seems unnecessary and random.

5467196 And I'll keep that in mind when writing more about her. I've mentioned it before, but while Aria is a major part of this story, her gender is not. The main thing is she's going to be playing the mastermind here. Also, if the pairing is SunDagio, of course there are going to be at least two queer characters. So far I've only added Aria to that, as well.

I guess we just have two different views on 'how much gay is enough gay' :rainbowlaugh:

Okay, I don't fully understand the binder thing. Don't judge, I'm Aspergic. Could someone clear it up for me, please?

5467820 It's a chest binder; most look like some kind of tank-top or shirt. They're used to... well, to bind breasts to make them looks smaller or to make them go away entirely. So in the scene where Adagio confronts Aria about it, it's revealed that for some reason Aria is using that binder.

5467823 ahh now i think i get it, i searched for the meaning in German ( genderqueer ) , but could not find exactly what i wanted.

i don´t know if you want it to be hidden or not, so i made it a spoiler.

Now i think what you mean is, that Aria feels more like a Boy, or at least she thinks of herself as weak if she would act as a regular girl, and well similar to Rainbow Dash, she is acting more like a Boy right? Or does it really mean that she wants to be a boy? I thought i would know what you mean because i saw that one comment and got a new information, which i kindna understood.

5468592 Yeah, something like that! What it's going to be (you're really onto something, I just am not focusing on that part of the story yet) is Aria's going to want to be seen as not a girl, but not a boy, either. Middle ground, if you will.

Hmm... Rarity suddenly assuming the role as supportive ally? And what exactly is Aria hiding from Adagio?

5473812 All will be explained in time ;3 I might actually make a separate one-shot thing about Rarity. Or not. Dunno.


Make it part of the sequel, maybe make the theme for the sequel "Revelations" or whatever...


"how to take over the world" #1 topic of conversation on first dates. Seriously, I find it funny.

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