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Princess Celestia never thought she would ever truly find "The One." And she certainly never thought that when she did it would be someone who tried to conquer her kingdom.

Queen Chrysalis had no room in her heart for love. It was food and nothing more. Falling in love with a princess was definitely not something she would ever expect.

This is a series of short stories detailing the daily lives of Princess Celestia and Queen Chrysalis and the forbidden love they share.

Now with a dramatic reading by BrastaAura17

Chapters (6)
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...I don't ship this. So why did I click this fic?


I hate shipping. That being said, I have no idea why Chrylestia seems to be an exception. I guess it's just wierd enough to make sense.

I'm not sure whether Chrysalestia is nice or weird.

Care to explain how they fell in love on the first place?
Or I have to accept they are in love just cuz the story says so?

The second one for now, I guess.
I do have plans to show how they fell in love, but I'm still trying to decide how. I have a few different ideas and really I'm just trying to choose one and work out the details from there. Doing the Thirty Minute Ponies prompts is just a good way to get the creative juices flowing. :pinkiesmile:

“Oh and Chrysie,” Celestia said.

Chrysalis looked at her. “Yes?”

“I wasn’t drunk.”

Well then. :rainbowlaugh:

Fake pass out ? xD

Last line... Ok I lol'd

“I wasn’t drunk.”

Why do I believe that?

Eventually, I don't think a prequel could hurt :p

I love how Celestia is a little angry and defiant in the beginning, practically acting like a child for someone so old.
Though I must agree with the others since this isn't a one shot.
Please continue to write :heart: :pinkiecrazy:

Is "whimper in awe" a good description of this story, and especially this chapter?

this chapter was a pleasure to read :twilightsmile:

Loved this chapter, it flowed nicely and it was just cute all round. :pinkiehappy:

thats it, diabeetus I have it now

Aw this was nice. :twilightsmile: Very good reasoning on why the two getting married would open a big ol' can of worms as it were, but also ended very sweetly I dare say. I have to say, Celestia and Chrysalis may be a crack pairing, but it's one of my favorites thanks to stories like this!

More,Please I need My FIxes

Comment posted by Insane deleted Jul 3rd, 2016

Aww, that was cute. Don't worry, Luna, your sacrifice was not in vain!

Run, Captain Starlight, run! Save the photo!

Very cute and heartfelt. luna being reduced to a guinea pig was a good laugh.

Now I too need cake.

Awesome. Just, just awesome. This is short and sweet. No better words can describe this as magnificent.


No words can do this chapter justice.......

I don't want to sound bitchy so I'm going to hide my only problem with this story in my praise.

This is quite frankly a warm, clean and fun highlight of a full story. I absolutely love the ideas you have running here, Chrysalis is soft and submissive despite her more instinctual natural desires to consume, Celestia is... well quite frankly a soft core variation of what many would love to be Celestia.

These snippets of love and life induce some fuzziness which I enjoyed immensely, the drunk scene was amusing and men do have a tendency to draw on helpless faces, the idea of the night guard doing so upon the face of their rival faction Captain's face filled me with mirth and maybe a bit of giggling!

And the technique Chrysalis used on the cake was (and sometimes still is) also used with pastries of many kinds for a similar reason. A suggestion: If you are uncertain about something you should do some research, just go on Google and look it up.

I like Dawn, such a cheeky pony! :twilightsmile:

Liked and Faved!

I did enjoy it yes! Thank you for writing it it was much awesome! :pinkiehappy:

This is amazing. Always great to see a well-written Chryslestia story. :pinkiehappy:


Pfft, hahahah. Poor captain, to leave this world so early.

Hahah, oh, clever girl.

Lel and d'awwww at the same time.

I love how Chryssie used Luna as a Guinea pig.

... Chryssie should totally bake lots of smaller cakes and cookies and then leave them on her own body before presenting herself to Celestia.

D'awwww, that was great. I love me some good Chryslestia.

i wish there is a pony abacus cinch and she can join on the sex too

My only complaint is that Cadance didn't crash the wedding, even in jest, as payback for her own. :rainbowlaugh:

I want a pic of a batpony doing the "neat." Meme, nao

The towel thing does work. My mom uses this method.

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