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I like writing ponies. And violent explosions. For some reason, that's not a problem here.


They came as conquerors…but they will leave as something else.

Princess Luna and the Mane Six are sent to the Crystal Empire after a break-in at the Canterlot archives, unaware of an impending attack. Soon, the Princess of Night finds herself taken captive, alongside Pinkie and Fluttershy while the rest of the Elements are forced underground.

However, something seems different about the invaders, especially their Queen. Soon, bonds begin to grow between captors and captives, especially once Luna discovers she has more in common with the Changeling Queen than she could have ever imagined.

But even as the ponies come to realize that changelings might not be the monsters they always thought they were, elements within the changelings’ own ranks move to return their race to the old, ‘pure’ ways of hunting and domination, and their plans could very well bring Chrysalis to her knees and spell doom for every single one of the Element Bearers.

Can newfound love really triumph over all, or will old hate prove too powerful for even the Elements of Harmony?

Cover courtesy of the wonderful WillisNinety-Six

And yes, there will be Chrysluna in later chapters (as if the cover wasn't enough of a hint), as well as changelingXFluttershy and changelingXPinkie :)

Chapters (51)
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Comments ( 405 )

Excellent to see another long story by you! Liked and favorited, please don't let this become a dead story like so many others. Though seeing your track record I'm not exactly worried about that.

wrapped in Christmas lights


Poor Celestia, fearing for her sister like that. Well, time to read the next chapter!




Cheesy names with cheesy, sarcastic attitude wrapped up in a nicely written chapter? More plz. :raritywink:

I like this. It updated! I really like this. I hope we catch back up to the even more interesting part soon...


4173161 *COUGHCOUGHHACKCOUGH* Ahem..I mean...Yes, i'm fine.:pinkiecrazy:

Wait a minute. Dollars? Also, why the total rewrite? The original first chapter was good enough.

4177369 Well, these characters play a really important part later on, and I wanted to introduce them faster.

This is completely different from the original first chapter. I am not entirely sure if it is even the same story. :trixieshiftleft:

Still, you would think they would have learned by now that changelings are really good at shapeshifting. Which means that they could be anyone at almost anytime.

Guesss it takes a few clocks to tick it to 'em. :facehoof: I know, that was bad, and I feel a little bad for making that joke.

I like this duo already. And now I see what you're doing here; you're starting with the beginning first rather than the end, or at least, that is the way it seems.

Switch and Bait; although a little stereotypical, they still work as a pair of chums doing their job, and they are definitely my favorite part of the new version of the story so far.

4187095 Thanks, I love these two myself.

So. I was going to write this comment like almost a week and a half ago. This is more or less the exact amount of time that has passed since I've read this piece of bookish hilarity. I am such a procrastinator (But I have an explanation, I was busy overcoming my disinclination to study and have recently succeeded.)

What am trying to say is that you are an amazing writer and this one small fic was really awesome. I really don't understand why does it have so small amount of attention to it, this thing obviously deservers more.

First of all, I couldn't imagined that channellings can be so funny. So ridiculously fucking silly. You created a really daffy pair of oddballs. Thank you very much for that. I just don't have enough words to express how good it was. So... when are we actually going to see Luna and Chrysalis? It seems like you are going to for a quite long story, so I would like to know how long will it be and when to await Chrysluna.

Sincerely watching you :rainbowderp:, Hungryman.

4232886 Daawwww, shucks. :twilightblush:

But yeah, it's gonna be a little while. I'm in it for the long haul. Chrysalis and Luna don't even face eachother down for a few chapters yet.

Great chapter as always man.

I love the changelings. They remind me as a competent version of the droids from the clone wars. Are all the changelings going to be this way though, or just these two? I like them either way, I'm just curious.

Also in for the long run per usual I see. Well I look forward to the next update and I still need to get caught up on the conversion bureau.

At least I'm able now, I got sucked back into maass Effect fics for a while then went on a little wingverse obsession (Life and Times is awesome) but I'm done with those so time to get caught back up on some other fics.

4347758 Well, thanks! Glad to see you back!

Kildeez when are you going make update it bit kind of long

4368145 I know, soon! I got the prewriting done on the next chapter, now it's just editing and rewrites!

4428680 Y'all should know I'm in it for the long haul by now :twilightsmile:

I like this. I could feel the panic of Neon when she was closed in and the horror when she realized who Bait and Switch (I'm really starting to like those two) really were.

What do they see that’s so awful?

Gee, I wonder.

Hope we get to the feature presentation soon with the Crystal Empire!

Hooray! Updates!:yay:

Best chapter. Not because I helped. But because it was especially because I helped.

4429920 Glad you like them, I like them myself!

4430651 :rainbowkiss:

Nice chapter as always Kil. Although, I wasn't sure how this random bar fight was going to be relevant to the story at all but,

What do they see that’s so awful?

and then I understood and I like where you're going with this.

I'm looking forward to when Chrysalis and Luna meet and their initial reactions to each other, but until then keep up the good work! :heart:

4432995 oh yeah, im sure it'll be luv at first sight ;)

Cool chapter! The more I read it, the more I like this insane and unbelievable pair of Bait and Switch. This glorious pair of basters... Maybe you'll sent Chrysalis and Luna to Hell and start writing "The insane adventures of Bait and Switch?"

Seriously, I really liked this duet.

4455329 Thanks :pinkiehappy: I'm quite proud of them myself.

4455407 Just the mentioning of these shippings makes me want to scream in joy.

Changelings are so fucking awesome.:eeyup: There needs to be a changeling one of these.

4542904 Oh...Oh my God! Yes there does! We got a Derpy emote for God's sake, where's Chryssie!?

4545794 I know right. Same thing could be said for Luna as well.

4546183 dammit if we can get trollestia, why not Luna?

You write benevolent Celestia so well. I can only hope to one day write my Celestia as well as yours. Also, your ye-olde Luna. I love your ye-olde Luna. Though... Regular English? Hmm, something's not right there...

I really love your take on both the alicorn sisters and their interactions. Your wise-kind-joking Celestia, your Luna, what's your secret?

Th-that total jackass…”  
“Did somepony call my name?”

Bwahaha! AHAHA -



Well, isn't your Dislestia earning this story its sex tag!

Can't wait to see how your Chrysluna is going to work, what with Woona's opinion on her race. And I predict that your going to ship Bait and Switch with Fluttershy and Pinkie, looking at the tags.

Update soon, please!

You now have my full attention. BTW, with the Didlestia here, is this a sequel?

Also, Tommy Wisaeu Gun.


And it started as a sequel, but that wound up being too confusing. I kept the Dislestia though.

Hey Finally started reading the 65 unread chapters in my favorites (God I've dug myself into a hole). Anyways, great chapter as always. I like the return of the Dislestia from your other fics. Nice old English and I look forward to the next chapter.:twilightsmile:

Thats nothing.
>Has 278 Chapters left to read

Wow. The hairless monkey making unspeakable things to Luna with it's "fingers"? Discord is going to be laid? That was a doozy! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

I was really glad to see a little of Dislestia, it was a nice surprise. Now when the story gets to it active phase I'm even more looking forward for the next chapter!

4679116 More that liked. This story kinda made my day with it's unbeatable hilarity.

By the way, I have a small question. Why does Discord have to look after The Everfree? I didn't get this thing. :rainbowderp:

4679190 Oh, sorry for the late response! (and thanks for the kickass pic)

Basically, in my head-canon, Luna spends her nights taming the Everfree, which is part of her duties as Princess of the Night. Here, Discord is the only one besides Celestia with the power to keep it up while she's away.

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