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just a fox doing foxy things

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Good chapter. I hope you can nail everyponies reaction to him

A great start just like the other one and i love the ps^_^

That last line has some issues.


:rainbowlaugh: So far this is even better than the first.:rainbowlaugh:

Kind of surprised we went from ‘entertain Inari and increase her following as an accidental side mission’, to ‘you’re a god, now get followers’. Here’s hoping it doesn’t take 2 more years for the next chapter!

Allrighty then. Let's see this version goes:rainbowdetermined2: . And that how much sake will get drunk in total.:derpytongue2:

I’m already liking this

If I could change my species permanently, I would choose what this story’s main character has become with out being a god. Why not a god?... Simple; I LOVE BEING A DEMON!!!!!!!!

Yo yo yo please continue this. Or I will snap Infinity Gauntlet. Zoinks Scooby

Hello Jynx,

If you are reading this then you survived getting punted across the multiverse congratulations. And if you aren’t running around screaming like your ass is on fire, good, that means that the modifications I made to your head worked.

So basic rundown of what happened to you. I chose you to go to another world and give it a swift kick in the ass. I’m sure as you explore you will find out the reason why. You have been turned into a nine tailed fox as I’m sure you’ve already noticed.

You have all of the abilities of a normal kitsune with a few more on the side. Such as the ability to use all forms of magic. Next to this letter there is a bag, in that bag are a few magical items. A sake bottle that never runs out and never breaks. a pair of chopsticks that can turn into a spear. And finally, the last is a book that is linked to your book store so you can read every book in your store from it, also the bag is a bag of holding.

Your god Inari

PS. You’re a god now, deal with it.

i find this last part to be utterly hilarious. the rest of this just seems random, which matches the type of od it is that did it so well played and researched. my only question is why with a kiss?

my last of this comment is that twilight would KILL for that book.

(Looks at letter) seems legit.

huh well that was quick and sudden. sounds nifty i'll keep an eye one this


I like it so far

Is Jynx a human? The synopsis makes it sound like it does to me.

He used to be human. Now he's a giant ninetail fox

Yep. But this story is not Ninetales in Equestria. So it lacks the Pokemon. Still good though.

This is a story. I found it all on my own. It's little and crazy, but still good. Yah. Still good.


(you can ignore this last part if you wish. It just popped in my head after writing this comment.)

:pinkiecrazy:Time to smack some diminutive racist equines... Next time:derpytongue2:

pinkie still doing her thing.

this is getting progresively more interesting as it goes.

Magnificent art, you good sir/madam, have great taste.:pinkiecrazy:

Heh, nice one with the marker. Such a mischievous fox
Keep it up.

It felt a little bit rushed, but this seems very promising. Just remember to take it slow. There isn't any rush, and plot threads don't need to be resolved ASAP.

And if your concerned about moving too quickly, have you considered writing out a a chapter outline of sorts before really writing the chapter? Write down what you wanted to happen in the chapter, any plot threads you want to keep in mind, and organize that information as you please. If you feel something is wrong with the chapter when it's just the outline then you can fix it before you've written out the whole chapter and put in a lot more work. Something along those lines anyway - Eagerly awaiting the next chapter.

I also discovered something that in my opinion made my awesome body even more awesome. I was a hermaphrodite.

... lemons with glorious knotted fox dick or fox vagina when? I recall that kitsune were known to shapeshift into attractive women and seduce men on occasion and he thought Derpy was pretty so... just wondering. :trollestia:

A bit rushed, but damn fun. I absolutely adore the fact that he drew a civil war of dicks on Twilight's face. Makes sense for a human male turned trickster god, at that.

So far the story seems pretty solid. I was a little skeptical on the concept, but it's growing on me the farther you get into it. The one thing I'd suggest is spending a bit more time making sure that the characters have fully fleshed out thoughts and reasons for particular actions, rather than just being objects to drive the plot. It'll go a long way towards slowing things down a hair and making the world feel more real.

Otherwise, nice work, though I may or may not keep up with it depending on how the hermaphrodite thing works. Futa is just not my fetish.

Autism: love it, hate it, but live with it anyway.

Just noticed the wording on the pic and interesting fact not listed on it is they are also connected to fertility...

Like the frequent updates!

Ah, so Jynx is an asshole who thinks he is funny.
A shame, the whole scene with Luna made me start to like him.

There are statues of foxes outside many temples throughout Japan in which you'd make an offering of food in it's mouth in hopes of gaining a fox spirit's blessing.

i did not know that part... nor the fertility part

This story is ‘coughs lightly’ simply divine ~:moustache:


Nice job with the forest.:pinkiesmile: Jest did the same thing in The First Law of Magic, making the everfree a Genius Loci.:pinkiesmile:

Great chapter and i like that they are a hermaphrodite, more options later.
Chapter could use a bit more description like when they're experimenting with magic.

Aw I was hoping Luna would still be sensible.

Actually, in a way, she was. The ponies are basically on top of the geopolitical pile. As such, any change that Jynx would consider a "much needed change to the world" could be very harmful to the ponies. Which means it is only a matter of time before Jynx and Luna are on opposite sides of a battlefield.

Yet, Luna did not attack him in an attempt to stop him before said conflict came to pass. Instead, she said that she would not interfere until they came to said battlefield.

Still the change could simply be about pony racism or something similar.

Omg that pink chapter had me balling out laughing lol keep it up

Prank chapter my bad lol it was a funny chapter too me

Hmm. More pranks are required.

Looks like he missed one racist-pony... Let's take another swig of sake, and maybe hear the husky d-dogs tale?

like the story its pretty good except for it being a little rushed but I still think its interesting. Keep it up :)

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