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A human turned nine tailed fox wakes up to find himself in another world run by colorful. magical ponies.
Now he must integrate himself into the pony society, or suffer a fate worse than death.... Boredom

Chapters (2)
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Ok, now that I have started to read this, you need at least a spelling editor, I’ll do it if you want some help

I would like if you can tell me what spelling errors you have detected

Are u going to continue this?

9568788 yes it'll be continued

Awesome looks absolutely adorable

Does he have powers like a natural nine tailed fox or not?

9575958 lol wait for it bro I'll continue it I promise tonight or tomorrow I'll update it.
I'll personally tell you when we put it up

Omg the innuendo at the end and yes he is godlike but has no control it seems

"OK it's super awkward, let's get it over with, yes I eat meat, no I won't eat you... unless you want me to." I stated flatly, it took a few moments but realization dawned on the ponies around and their faces turned each a bright red, smirking confidently I turned my attention to Celestia who was looking at me amused "so what's actually going on?"


Someone found it funny

Keep going it's good so far

"I think I can help with that." Celestia answered taking a sip from her tea once more

At that very instant, Prince Blueblood suddenly felt all the hairs in his mane stand up.
"Time to take that trip to Prance that I've been wanting for years!" he nervously exclaimed, rushing out of his quarters, not bothering to pack anything.....

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