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Aspiring novelist testing his characters in the MLP verse.



After an experiment in magic goes awry, Princess Celestia accidentally brings an abused young wolf from an alternate universe over into her world. Now, Twilight and her friends must contend with a defiant but war-torn young wolf, desperate to return to the pack he was taken from, and convinced that these kind-seeming ponies have darker plans in store for him.

With the simplest of misunderstandings having disasterous consequences and no one truly in the right, can this wolf find common ground with the ponies? Or is this cross-dimensional friendship challenge simply too much for Twilight and her friends to handle?

A character experiment with my original character; Logan Wolfe.

Special thanks and shout out to BronyWriter's Non-Brony Universe, which inspired me to write this. Also, shout out and a huge thanks to Ang Auronheart; who drew the cover art of Logan.

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Okay, you've caught my attention. Keep it up!

YAY! :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::raritystarry::scootangel:

Sorry, I'm just so happy you commented. Next chapter will be up soon.

Thank you for commenting.

OH NO! :derpyderp2:
Luna ask your sister about it first before you go and make a brash decision!

>pun last name
yep, that's edgy

At first thought
"Damn, what a fat roll"
Keep going m8 your doing good

Before she could even continue, the wolf spun around, and bit Celestia right in her smiling face.

Wolves, amirite?

Comment posted by JNKing deleted Jul 3rd, 2019

I predict Lyra is going to make things much worse... (Knowing how some writers tend to portray her)

Wait... an "X in Equestria" fic, where "X" isn't a human Brony magically transformed into something else? Yes please, and where can I get more?

Well celestia is a bitch.
She stole him from his family shows no regret for it and now collers him.
She needs to be beaten.

he is in the right.

All this chapter did is show how horrible celestia is.

I disagree with that statement, Celestia separated him from his pack but it was because he thought Logan would die if she did nothing, she acknowledged that it was wrong to do so and is looking for a way to return Logan with her pack but she knows that if he continues with that attitude will end up hurting himself and those around him

when I saw the title of the chapter I thought it was a kind of joke because the story kept a pretty serious tone, although this chapter has a more relaxed tone than the rest of the story does it in a way that works so that not all writers can do, so congratulations for not taking away the credibility of the story

Ouch! Great dialogue and great work!

They can only reach a middle ground when the ponies admit that Celestia commited an act deserving of being attacked.
Also while he is wrong about luna the ponies are protected by the other creatures fear of what would happen if celestia is gone.
They are coddled.

This story is awesome so far, keep em coming! Also, Logan is my hero in this story, too many authors make their OC a little bitch/door mat, but he gives as good as he gets, or at the least tries his best. Cant wait for more.


You just made my day! :raritystarry:

I was so worried Logan would be too unlikable, and I'm so happy that you're enjoying his progress.

Thank you so much for your feedback, and have a wonderful day.

This story is great, can't wait till the next chapter!!!

Fluttershy is not that smart.
Twilight has shown her strong connection to celestia that the smart thing is to make any plan to meet logan as far from her as possible.

Man you really got me wanting more, can't wait until the next chapter. I especially can't wait to see how Twilight and the others screw up their interactions with Logan and he puts them in their place.

Needless to say, you got me hooked and checking for updates every day. Also, if this is the direction your story keeps going, you got a definite buyer from me when your book finally comes out.

Ooh, what's she going to say?

Great work!

Rainbow dash you lying bitch.
She started the fight.

Tell me if I'm off, but is sounds like Pinkie Pie is going to apologize the wolf way, by doing what Logan did and carving the apology into herself. Great chapter can't wait for the next one!!!

To me, Rainbow dash was in the wrong, as she still doesn't wanna see things from Logan's perspective, and again, tries to force the issue. The way I see it, if any of them wanna get his respect/on his good side, their gonna have to go wolf a little bit, prove their willing give a little for him. So far they want only him to change to their way of thinking and way of life without being willing to accept some or even respect his even a little bit.


Cutting herself is probably crossing her mind.

Though that was less Logan's way of apologizing, and more his way of showing how serious he was that he was apologizing.

I got the idea from Spongebob, where the bully Flats rips off his chest hair.

*Sorry for no image, by the way; I can't figure out how to get the images in.

Anyway, I'll be posting the next chapter soon, so you'll see soon enough.

Thanks again for reading. :twilight smile:

Glad to see they finally took Logans view of things into account. Although, I dont see the meeting with Celestia going well especially if Luna takes part. Anyway, keep the chapters coming, this is one of the stories I frequently check while I'm on 12hr CQ details....


Glad you're enjoying the story. :twilightsmile:

I'll try to get the next chapter out as soon as possible, though my shifts aren't going to give me a lot of wiggle room for a few days.

Either way, thanks again.

So glad you updated again, I couldn't wait for the next chapter!! Keep up the great work.

I didn't think this warrants any thought of controversy. I mean it has been established that Logan can be a jerk, but he isn't stupid (or naïve). He has really good situational awareness, and it allows him to (usually) gain insight of said situation.

A big point of praise here is the "I'll trust you as far as I can throw you" bit. It pushes the point home (especially to the Mane Six) that he is from a rough world. Trust is earned, not given. That really lines up with his character. He has not reason to hate them, but has no reason to like them either.

Logan, to me, is a character who has plenty of scars, and is having them reopened. He is lashing out as a response, and is acting like an a** while doing so. Which would be reasonable, given the situation, however, he isn't taking into account how the others feel. Basically, a huge emotion fueled misunderstanding. Given that Logan has mixed emotions about being there, and it shows when he fights with the others. I think the picture below fits Logan well.


What I'm saying is that Logan is portrayed very well here. I think how he handle the talk with Pinkie was just fine. He wasn't communicating with Pinkie and it escalated further. At the end he realized that, and Pinkie wanted to make things right. It felt very natural to me, so I don't think there is a problem with Logan accepting Pinkie's apology.

Also, Samurai Jack? Really?

So celestia is being a bitch.
She killed his mother.

Celestia has to fucking get it through her head that her presence is the worst thing for him.

9736195 Terrus Stokkr

Well said. Thank you so much for your feedback.

I was mostly worried that Logan accepting Pinkie's apology would make him look weak, or that some readers would want him to stick to his guns. But, like you said, he's not dumb, but he's been hardened by a rough world. And your picture is absolutely perfect in describing him. :twilightsmile:

As for the Samurai Jack thing... well, I recently binged watched Samurai Jack Season 5, specifically the scene with the wolf, and it made me wonder if Logan could go on an adventure similar to Jack. Like, Celestia refuses to send Logan home, so he goes outside of Equestria to find someone else who can take him back, and Celestia has somepony or someone pursuing him like Aku has bounty hunters going after Jack. It's kind of a work in progress, but this was my way of foreshadowing it. Not sure if it'll work yet, but we'll see what happens.

Anyway, thank you so much for your feedback, and especially for your thoughts on Logan.

I was sorta joking on the Samurai Jack thing, so don't take it too seriously. But that seems like an idea you can build upon later. I've watched Samurai Jack, and when I read "Back to the pack", I knew what was planned.

Edit: The "Samurai Jack, Really?" was a joke, and I'm just clarifying that.

9736241Terrus Stokkr

Oh. Okay, cool. :rainbowlaugh::twilightblush:

Well now, this is gonna get interesting... I do hope Sunbutt gets what she deserves, Luna is... major OOC but to each author their own.

9739010 Shattered_Moon

Do you mean Logan's line about breaking his bones? Because that was actually a huge misunderstanding. Logan believes that Luna is this big bad dream demon because she attacked him in his dreams after he assaulted her sister.

Sorry if Luna getting aggressive is out of character; I mostly know her from character studies rather than the show, and thought that she would lash out in anger if her sister was threatened.

It also doesn't help that Logan fears and hates Luna.

Either way, thanks for your feedback. :twilightsheepish:

No she attacked him with the worst nightmares which was only possible by her looking into his mind in the first place.

Kinda sad to see this end, if this is the second to last chapter. But very glad that it's going to be completed one way or another. Great job, can't wait for the final chapter!!!

“Are we sure that isn’t some sort of timber wolf?”

“Maybe it’s friendly?”

“Are you kidding?! That thing looks like it eats nails for breakfast!”

“Without any milk?”

“Without any milk!”

Nice reference.

The problem is that most ponies lack the ability to view things from other perspectives.

Twilight is the worst at helping.

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