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Fox x Pony - lurado

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The new day

I didn't get any sleep last night, since Luna led me to the library I gorged myself in their millions of books. It was heavenly, books everywhere I looked, books about any and everything imaginable. I had started firstly with the history of Equestria it was sitting in the forefront just begging to be read. I then moved on to another book about magic then pony medicine and even science, pony anatomy was an interesting read, the three types of ponies that inhabit this word and their special characteristics. My favorite book was the tale of two sister, who knew Luna was such a badass. Bad girls are always my cup of coffee, maybe I should get to know her more.

I was halfway through a very, very, very old book on something called a draconequus and it's origins., when the doors to the library opened and Celestia walked in. She took a moment to scan the room and spotted me staring at her with irritated eyes.

"Didn't you see the sign outside, I'm busy here." I said annoyed

"Sorry." Celestia smiled awkwardly "I heard from Luna you spent all night in the library."

"Well obviously, I'm literally reading a book." I said taping the book in front me, Celestia took a moment to find a pillow and drop it in front of me "What do you want exactly?"

Celestia smiled once again "How are you enjoying the books?" she asked as I nodded in response, she didn't wait for me to respond "I would like for you to meet some ponies, they will assist in knowing what we can do with you."

I yawned, as sleep started to creep upon me "Can I do that after a short nap?" I asked

"Sure, I will carry you to your bedroom," Celestia said getting to her feet

I followed the white alicorn through castle, many ponies stopped and stared at me, they all had fear plastered on their faces. Some literally ran and hid away from me.

"Don't worry about them," Celestia explained "They have never seen a creature like you before so, it's only natural for them to be a bit scared."

"A pony jumped out a window Celestia" I said flatly "and we're on the fifth floor."

Celestia cleared her throat as we bent a corner and stopped at the forth door "Here we are." she said motioning to the room, I pushed the door opened and walked in, my eyes grew wide, the room was huge with a giant bed in the middle. a walk in closet, a bathroom it's own bar, hotels in real life will kill to have this "I hope it's to your liking."

"It will suffice." I said as Celestia nodded and walked out the room

"When you awake please ring for your maid, she will assist you in getting to the throne room." Celestia said pointing to a bell on the tabletop on next to the bed before closing the door behind her, once she was out the bedroom I unceremoniously dropped on the bed, letting my tails hang limply

"I'm starting to believe this isn't a dream." I whispered into my pillow


My eyes opened slowly to a pair of cerulean eyes and the biggest smile I have ever seen staring at me., My eyes snapped open and sat up falling back in shock, it took me a few seconds for me to catch my bearings. Sitting on the bed was a bubblegum pink pony with a poofy mane and tail.

"Hi!" she said excitedly "I'm Pinkie Pie are you the creature we were called to see about what's your name where did you come from do you like cupcakes do you like chocolate or vanilla?"

She spoke so fast but I caught what she was saying, sitting up from my initial shock I looked over the eccentric pony.

"Um, Pinkie Pie, I'm Vreizo... um, I think so and sure cupcakes are okay anyone i guess" I answered slowly

The pink pony before my jumped into the air with a loud cheer as confetti suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

"I have to go get your welcome party started." Pinkie Pie screamed before and I kid you not running out through the terrace and jumping

"What just happened?" I asked picking up the bell with my tail, ringing it twice, in a few seconds the doors to the bedroom opened and a dark grey unicorn with pitch black main and tail walked in, the mare stopped at the door looking at me, I found it strange that her eyes held no fear

"You rang master?" she said in powerful yet soothing voice

"Master... me?" I asked surprised, the mare nodded and stepped deeper int the room "So what's your name then?"

"This one's name is to insignificant for a master," she replied walking deeper into he room

I raised a eyebrow "Right, well I'll still like to know," I thought for a moment, the mare was a stickler to the rules "you're master commands it."

I saw the discomfort appear on her face, internally I patted myself on the back, she has to follow her masters orders, I stood waiting for a answer.

"My name is Azure Shadow." she said

"Holy shit that's a awesome name," I said out loud, Azure looked at me startled, clearing my throat I walked to the doors "shall we go then?"

"Would you rather the bath drawn when we return master?" asked Azure

"No I'll bathe after." I replied after sniffing myself I smelt like old books, I've smelt worse on a normal day "lets go to Celestia"

"Yes master," Azure took the lead, I took that moment to look at her cutie mark it was a black sun

"So... a black sun huh?" I asked falling in step next to Azure

"Master, I do not want to talk about it." she said

I nodded, we walked in silence till we came upon the doors to the dining room, using her magic she opened the door and allowed me to enter. Sitting at the table was Celestia and five other mares, the ponies stopped to look at me with mouths hanging open.

"I feel like a freak show." I whispered, Celestia smiled at me and motioned for me to take a seat "Sup sunbutt"

"Did he just call the princess sunbutt?" asked the white unicorn in a very sophisticated voice

All eyes turned to Celestia who was looking down at her meal with a slight blush on her face. I took my seat at the table and looked at the surprised ponies. Celestia cleared her throat and looked up to the other mares.

"Vreizo, these are, the hero's of Equestria, the elements of harmony," Celestia began "and my most valued student Twilight Sparkle, princess of friendship."

The purple alicorn looked at me with a friendly smile

"It's a pleasure to meet you," Twilight said holding out a hoof which I shook "These are my friends, AppleJack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash and FlutterShy, Pinkie disappeared before we can do anything."

"Pinkie?" I asked "a pink pony, very eccentric, confetti?"

"That's her," Twilight said warily "what did she do?

"She exploded into confetti and and then jumped out my bedroom window." I stated

"That does sound like Pinkie," Rainbow Dash shrugged as she bit into her salad

Rarity the white unicorn was looking at me intently, feeling her eyes on me I turned to her confused.

"Can I help you?" I asked

"Oh, I apologize for staring darling," she began "but you're a creature I have never seen before and your tails are so exquisite, you hold them with such regality, I must make a piece in honor of you."

"What?" I asked

"Rarity here, is a fashion designer," AppleJack explained "she's probably gonna design something based off ya"

"Thank you," I said before turning back to the princesses, only then did it hit me that Luna wasn't there I looked directly at Celestia who somehow read my mind

"Princess Luna is asleep," she explained "she stayed up all night after all keeping watch over our little ponies."

I nodded in understanding, the place grew awkwardly quiet as the sounds of silverware hitting plates was the only thing that could be heard. Azure brought a plate filled with cooked meat and vegetables and placed it in front me and left the room, as I began to eat the ponies all looked at me wide eyed.

"OK it's super awkward, let's get it over with, yes I eat meat, no I won't eat you... unless you want me to." I stated flatly, it took a few moments but realization dawned on the ponies around and their faces turned each a bright red, smirking confidently I turned my attention to Celestia who was looking at me amused "so what's actually going on?"

"Well, we were discussing your arrival here in Equestria," began Celestia "we're figuring out what we are going to do with you."

"And what did you decide?" I asked taking the knife and fork in my tails "because I think I'll like to explore this world a little more than only what I read in your books."

"Books, what books?" Twilight asked perking up

"Oh jeez another egghead." Rainbow Dash groaned throwing her head back in her seat

"And I can still kick your ass Rainbow pony." I smirked making Rainbow Dash look up at me grinding her teeth "what think you're able to fight me?"

I smiled widely baring my fangs but Rainbow didn't flinch instead she got off her chair and came around to me.

"You , me outside now." she said in a low menacing voice as I took another bite of meat, I lowered my head coming eye level with the blue pegasus

"Right," I said "and let everyone watch me beat one of this lands protectors"

Twilight cleared her throat making us both look to her "Rainbow Dash please be civil," she said going into princess mode before turning to me "and, can you please don't provoke rainbow?"

I shrugged and ripped flesh of my meal, and watched as Rainbow Dash walked back to her seat and glared daggers at me. I knew I was going to have to deal with this later.

"So, what are we going to do with him?" asked Twilight finally looking at the Princess "we can't exactly have him walk around Canterlot like this."

"Why not?" I asked making them all look at me "from what I can tell there are many, many races in this world, so what's one more."

"Well, for one sugacube," began Apple Jack pointing a hoof at me "you're a meat eater and you're kind of huge, the ponies will be terrified of you."

"Not to mention the Canterlot elite those snobs will try to get you sent to tartarus," added Twilight, Rarity cleared her throat at that making Twilight chuckle nervously "S-sorry Rarity."

"So, why can't stay here?" I asked "well, everyone is already used to me and I got my own maid here."

Celestia went into thought at that moment "Well, what everyone said is true," she said thoughtfully "one both sides, so I have an idea."

"Does it include chucking him into the sun?" asked Rainbow Dash bluntly

"Oh, I'm going to eat you," I said with a toothy smile, Rainbow's face suddenly went a hue of red as her wings went straight

"Vreizo," Celestia started with a sighed "please stop teasing her."

I gave her her a playful smile, I knew that my joke went a little to far but it was worth it for that reaction "Alright I'm done." I said "you ponies are just to easy."

At that moment a explosion happened and the room was filled with confetti. Everyone was relatively normal but for me, my face was suddenly filled with pink. Standing on my chest with her face pressed against mine was the pony Pinkie Pie, she had a large cake balancing on her hoof.

"You ready for your welcome party?" she asked excitedly

I was lost for words, the crazed eyes stared into mine expectantly

"Pinkie, leave the poor guy alone." Apple Jack sighed pulling her by the tail off of me

With much effort Pinkie came off my chest and took a seat, the cake was in the centre of the table at that moment, it was fairly large and was a mixture of chocolate and vanilla. I looked at pinkie, then to the cake, they were roughly the same size....So how the hell did she lift that with one hoof?

"You're wondering if she's normal aren't you?" asked Rarity

"Um, yes actually," I said

"Don't you'll get a headache," answered Twilight "now, can we get back to business, princess you were going to give your idea?"

"Yes my dearest student," said Celestia "our home in the everfree forest is not in use at the moment, why don't we allow Vreizo the chance to live there?"

"To live in the everfree, alone with all those monsters?" asked Rainbow Dash "sounds about right."

I didn't respond much to her annoyance but I did look to Celestia and she did read my expression completely.

"The palace in the everfree used to be Luna and my's home." she explained "we moved to Canterlot and after the incident of Nightmare Moon, the palace was destroyed."

"Princess, I don't think we can just let him live in there with all the dangerous creatures around," said Twilight "what if he gets hurt?"

"He doesn't look that weak," added Apple Jack "and if he's on our side wouldn't it be great if we had him protecting Ponyville."

"Especially Fluttershy," Rarity agreed turning to the yellow pegasus who was still shrinking away from me "I honestly don't know why you'll live there dear, it's so dangerous."

"I'll take it," I said once she's finished with the explanation, the eyes turned to me "What?"

"You don't mind living in that dangerous forest?" asked Twilight

"Should I?" I asked "I've come to weird world with talking equines and I'm a nine tailed fox, you think this will faze me now?"

"I guess not," Twilight said "this will also give me the chance to study you."

"Right," I said unenthusiastically "once you don't start sticking me with needles."

"I would never-"

Twilight was cut off by Pinkie sticking her hoof in her mouth "Remember Terik?" she said joyfully as she pulled the hoof out "you wanted to know about him so you got the princess to grant permission to go to tartarus."

"He didn't need to know that," Twilight said swatting away her hoof "and, I won't do that to you."

She looked at me expectedly, I only shrugged "Once no needles I'm good." I repeated myself

"Alright then," Celestia said "it's settled, Vreizo, you shall stay at the tower of the two sisters, we will have it ready in a months time."

"A month," I mused "so, what do I do till then?"

"Well you are welcomed to stay here." Celestia said "you already have your room."

"Do I get to play pranks of Luna?" I asked

"Only if you involve me." smiled Celestia

"Such savagery," Rarity said "you sir are very childish."

"Yet children are the ones with the purest souls." I countered making her open and close her mouth a few times in shock "sunbutt, what about my maid, will she stay here?"

"Your maid?" asked Celestia

"Yes Azure, that's her name." I said

"Would you like to take her with you?" asked Celestia with a smirk "I didn't know you found a special somepony already."

I didn't realize the bait at the moment and like a idiot I grabbed onto it "Na, so far i got a crush on Luna," I said stupidly, the room grew silent and realization fell upon me, I looked at Celestia to see her looking at me with half lidded eyes that held mischief, i started to see the room grow around me as they all stared at me

"So, you like the princess huh," Rainbow Dash said mockingly

"Say anything and I will eat you raw," I said in a low menacing voice

Celestia laughed "Don't worry Vreizo," she said "of course Azure will be at at your side if you want her to."

"Alright then," I nodded turning to the pink pony "let's cut the cake."

Pinkie beamed at me and in a instant was on the table with a knife in hand, where she got it, god alone knows but, she was cutting into the cake and putting slices in front of all of us. I noticed Celestia was hungrily looking at her slice, I wanted to make a joke but thought better of it, if what the books said was true she can put me in the sun as punishment or the moon.

My life is going to get very interesting from today, I'll have to learn about my new body as well, if my recollection is correct I have an abundance of of powers unique to me. Well on earth I am a sort of a god.

"This cake is so damn good," I said taking a bite and feeling the sf sweetness melt in my mouth "how the hell is this so good/"

"That's Pinkie Pie for ya," began AppleJack in her thick southern accent "even granny Smith say she does wonders with apples."

"Wow, to get a compliment like that fro, granny Smith it must be real." chirped the pink pony happily as she somehow had a tube of icing and was filling her mouth I watched in amusement as her cheeks puffed out comically large and she swallowed

The desert of the cake didn't last long before all of us finished. Ringing a small bell that I didn't notice next to her Celestia summoned the maids to carry away their plates. Azure was amongst them, her head was low avoiding eye contact with all of us, it didn't seem right, she was a proud pony when we met, her eyes were filled with determination and drive not the sunken dull shell standing before me. She came and took my plates in her magic, as she turned to walk away I saw the evidence of tears welling in her eyes.

"Azure is something wrong?" I asked stopping the pony, all eyes turned to the pony and I

"Nothing is wrong sir." she said, she tried to hide the shakiness in her voice but I picked it up and I knew I wasn't the only one

I lowered my voice so a soft comforting whisper "You can tell me," I said

Azure turned and that's when I saw the tears run down her face, she wiped them and looked up at me.

"I'm not like the other maids here," she began "I don't know my lineage, and my coat and name are weird, the other servants mistreat me for differences, and when I was made to tend to you sir... it got worse."

From hearing her explanation I could feel the anger rise within me, I was pissed, how can these ponies treat one of their own this way. On earth it wasn't no difference but her, here their history teaches acceptance and all that good stuff.

I roared in primal fury, I didn't know it at the time but my tails were emitting orbs of light that glowed intensely, the room grew in heart. Celestia was fine but everyone else started to sweat bullets as my anger grew. So did my fury, I only wanted one thing, to make these servants suffer.

I rose to my paws the room was now sweltering. Princess Celestia had gotten to her feet and was standing in front me, her eyes narrowed.

"My friend," she began "I know you are angry but you must calm down, we must think about this reasonably."

In response I growled and roared again this time I did it into Celestia's face, the ground shook with my voice. Celestia took a step back in caution, mytails trashed as the orbs circled around me. I looked around, the elements of harmony and Azure were all unconscious from the heat.

"See what you are doing Vreizo," Celesta explained "you are harming the one you want to protect."

Instantly my senses came back to me, I looked around at the unconscious ponies again and back to Celestia. as I calmed down so did the heat, til it was back to normal. Celestia lit her horn and the residual heat from the marble floors and ceiling was absorbed and redirected by her. only then were teh entrance doors to the dining room opened and a squad of guards came rushing in.

"Princess!" they screamed on seeing me they drew their weapons and pointed

"STOP," Celestia commanded in the loudest voice I've ever heard, the guards stopped in their tracks "all of you take the elements to the castle's medical ard now, and the maid immediately."

I was oer Azure in a instant fire licking leaking out my jaw as i growled at the guards who approached her.

Celestia was next to me in a instant "Vreizo, calm down they're going to help." she said softly

I relaxed and allowed the guards to take the unconscious mare, never once taking my eyes off them as they did, I growled menacingly as they accidently faltered with her a little. They rushed out the room with the ponies.

Unbeknownst to me Celestia had summoned all the servants who were in the kitchen, they were now lined up in front her. With them all in there, Celestia paced in front hem their heads were low.

"In all my years," she began "I hired every pony myself, did you think i made a wrong choice in hiring Azure?"

Nopony said a word, Celestia stamped a hoof loudly.

"I have tolerated your disrespect for the last time," she continued "The next time anything like this reaches my ears, there will be many vacancies in the Canterlot castle and you my little ponies, will spend the rest of your days in the sun."

I watched in awe as the ponies walked out the dining hall their heads hung low and their bodies shivering ever so slightly in fear. Celestia sat on her hunches and let out a breath she was apparently holding.

I didn't know what to do then, so i did the same I sat where I was and waited, Celestia had her eyes closed and she did what I would believe is breathing techniques. After a few momutes her eyes opened and she turned to me with a smile on her face.

"I did not expect today to be so... eventful" she said "would you like some tea, it'll help our nerves."

I only nodded and watched as she got to her feet and walked to the long table that lined the dining hall and started making tea, the scent of roses filled the room, making me moan in delight. Soon enough I was handed a cup of tea.

"Now, we have much to discuss on what happened there," said Celestia "it was unexpected."

"I don't know what happened." I explained "one minute Azure was telling me what happened next, I was planning on which of the ponies I should eat first."

"I think I can help with that." Celestia answered taking a sip from her tea once more

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