Fox x Pony

by lurado

First published

Demon kitsune meets ponies

A human turned nine tailed fox wakes up to find himself in another world run by colorful. magical ponies.
Now he must integrate himself into the pony society, or suffer a fate worse than death.... Boredom

This is probably a dream

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Sunlight...Ugh how I despise its need to bring about a new day. I moved around trying to block the deadly rays from telling me it time to wake up but my neck feels heave, my arms feel heavy. I opened my eyes.

Why am I in some kind of dungeon, I must still be asleep and having a nightmare, I looked down at my hands...paws? Okay now i know I'm dreaming, since when did i have paws and white fur?

I felt my face... a snout... great I'm dreaming I'm some sort of animal animal. I looked around the small damp cell, it was about ten feet wide. I was its only inhabitant, chains came out the walls and were around my neck paws and I looked behind tails.

Okay that's not something you see everyday...or dream everyday. I have nine tails. all were as white as my fur and the tips were of different colors. If this was real life I would be freaking out right now.

I sat up with much difficulty since the chains didn't allow for much movement and yawned, my muscles ached like a bitch, my god how long ha I been asleep in that position? stretched as much as i could feeling my muscles stretch and pull at the chains forcing them to be strained against their links to the walls. A smile crept upon my face, the chains are not as strong as they look.

With a firm pull I dislodged the chains from the walls, finally I can move about freely, I stood at my full height and my head slammed against the ceiling.

"Son of a bitch!" I basically roared out loud as I dropped on my stomach and rubbed the sore spot with my paw. My ears perked up as I heard a door being unbolted. Standing back up carefully I placed my snout to the bars and tried to see where the noise was coming from.

Sure enough to my right my right the lone door swung open and a pony walked in... Okay this dream is getting weirder by the second, the pony was dressed in gold plated armor and had a red gem in the center of his breastplate, he had gray coat and a white tail. it stopped when he saw me looking at him. I don't know if it was in shock or horror but in a instant he was gone, I heard the door bolt shut.

"Well, that went well." I muttered

Sitting on my hunches I sighed as my stomach growled, this may be a dream but I am still hungry, what I would do for a rotisserie chicken. I licked my lips tasting the delicious meat. When I wake Up I know what I'm going to get.

I don't know how much time had passed but the door bolt was opened once again and two rows of armored ponies marched in, they took their posts standing in front of my cell.

"Back away from the gate." one of them ordered me his voice was commanding but I could still hear the fear rooted deep within it

I looked at him and smiled, I don't know what my face looked like as yet but my guess is two rows of sharp teeth with make even the toughest of the tough whimper in fear, and I was right. The stallion stepped back in fear.

"I do not appreciate you scaring my ponies like that." a regal voice said suddenly, I turned my head to the new source and my eyes simply widened, standing before me was a tall white unicorn who stood well over the guard ponies, with wings..yup wings definitely a dream, she had a multiple colored mane that basically defied gravity "I am princess Celestia, princess of Equestria."

"Guess you're the big boss?" I asked making everyone jump "what?"
"My apologies," Celestia began pulling herself from her shock "it's just we never expected you to be able to talk."

"Do I loo like a animal to you?" I asked, I caught myself and held up a paw stopping her from replying "wait don't answer that."

To my surprise the pony smiled and came closer to my cell much to the disagreement of her officers.
"So, you are a princess?" I asked looking down at her

"And you appear to be some kind of fox," she retorted

I pawed at the ground, a fox, so that what I am then and here i was hoping for something more awesome like a wolf...stupid dream.

"Well that I am," I replied with a small smile "so why am I locked away like a criminal when I clearly did nothing wrong"

Celestia looked at me silently and I simply stared back

"It was for safety," she finally replied "when you appeared we didn't know if you were a creature from Tartarus so we threw you in the dungeon thirty years ago."

I laughed "Thirty years ago, you're off your meds lady, no way was I locked away for that long, I just went to sleep a few hours ago, this dream is rich"

Celestia just looked at me confused as did all the other ponies
"Excuse me," Celestia said gaining my attention "Can you tell me where do you think you are if this is a dream?"

"I'm in my living room asleep on my couch and all of you are my stress induced dream." I explained
"I'm sorry to inform you but that isn't exactly true." Celestia explained

I shrugged "You have to say that to make this all real."

Celestia thought for a moment "Guards, open the gate." he commanded

"Princess I must beg you to reconsider we don't know what this thing is capable of." the commanding guard stated
"If he wanted to escape he would've done so already," Celestia pointed out "the reinforced magic chains you had around him is in not holding him, so why should this gate, if he meant us hard, we would've been hared already."

The guard reluctantly nodded as he stepped forward and brought the keys out his breastplate with his magic and opened my cage.

"My good man," I mocked "can you do something about this chains around my neck paws and tails?"

Looking to Celestia for conformation the stallion undid my chains when she nodded. he then went back and stood among the ranks. I stepped out the cage stumbling a little as I got used to walking in this form, my body clearly remembers but I was so weak and hungry that it was almost a painful.

"So what now?" I asked just as my stomach growled loudly

"I suppose wee get something to eat it's almost dinner time, and you can tell me where you came from and how you came to be a in our, what's your name?"

I thought for a minute, if I'm going to be in this form then I'm not going to have a boring human name "Vreizo my name is Vreizo"

Celestia said the name a few time to get a hang of it then turned on her hooves "Well, Vreizo, shall we go get something to eat?"

I followed the princess of the ponies out through the door and up the stairs, we; were walking for more than twenty minutes, Celestia was telling me all about the land called Equestria and its inhabitants. Apparently this world is ruled by sentient ponies that make up over half the worlds population.

"How far underground are we?" I asked as we continued our trip upward

"I would say about a three miles below the surface." Celestia explained "we didn't know what to expect of you so we had this built."

i nodded understanding "Well, you should really put in a elevator, be less climbing." I joked

Celestia chuckled "Luna says the same thing, but it's good exercise

Sudden realization dawned on me "Celestia," I began "if we're underground how did the sun reach me?"

Celestia stopped walking and turned to face me "Magic"

After a few more minutes we finally made it to the normal dungeon where the criminals do their time, I looked into cells and saw a few more colorful ponies looking up at me with dead eyes.

"Wow that was intense." I stated as we appeared above ground my eyes adjusted to the bright outdoors

Celestia turned to the guard ponies "You are relieved of duty, go home to your families for now and relax"

The ponies didn't move causing Celestia to raise a eyebrow

"Forgive us your majesty, but we cannot just leave you with that." the captain pointed at me

"Captain, do you want me to order you, cause I will." Celestia said in her still calm and regal voice "Vreizo means us no hard, so I will not treat him as a common criminal."
"But princess-"

Celestia raised a hoof stopping the captain and turned to me "Shall we go Vreizo, my sister should be in the dining hall already"

I followed the princess leaving the stunned guard ponies standing where they were we made our way to a massive palace that stood on a cliff overlooking a city

"Are you sure about them?" I asked "after all you don't know if I'm playing you"
Celestia turned her face to me "Are you playing me Vreizo?" she asked

"Um.. no" I stuttered

As we entered the palace gates, many guard ponies stopped and stared at me as i walked with their princess. I don't give them wrong, from what she said there aren't many creatures that tower over their ruler unless its a dragon or a ursa minor...whatever that thing is. we passed through the many corridors. All the ponies stopped and bowed in the presence of the princess and well, they gave me terrified looks. Soon we came to two large oak doors .

"Through these doors is the dining area." explained Celestia "Vreizo?"

I was staring at one of the mirrors that lined the corridors, I was staring at a huge white fox with red eyes. The figure of Celestia came into the frame at that moment.

"Are you okay Vreizo?" she asked

"Perfectly fine." I whispered not knowing what to make of what i was seeing in the mirror "I am fine."

"Then shall we go get some dinner?" asked Celestia

i nodded and followed her into the dining room,

"Wow...this is huge?" I exclaimed as we entered a large room that could probably seat five hundred easily, Celestia chuckled and pulled a seat for herself and motioned for me to do the same.

"It seems like Luna has not come down for her breakfast." stated Celestia "and it's almost time for us to do our duties."

I raised a eye brow, and was about to ask what she means but another door opened and in walked a groggy dark blue unicorn with wings. she took one look at me and immediately her sleepiness with away.

"Tia, good evening," she said slowly
"Hello Luna," Celestia greeted "may I introduce, Vreizo"

"The monster that was asleep beneath our dungeon?" Luna finished
"Hey, I'm no monster," I snapped "Just cause you're cute as hell doesn't mean you can talk to me anyhow you want!"

Luna's face suddenly turned pink from my outburst and Celestia started to laugh uncontrollably

"Oh my, Vreizo that was a way to introduce yourself." she chuckled
"What did I do?" I queried

Luna coughed clearing her throat "Tis' a pleasure to meet you sir Vreizo," Luna said bowing slightly "I apologize for our lack of manner, we are sorry."
"Lulu, you don't need to speak in the old tongue." Celestia reassured her sister "now sit let is enjoy our meal"

Luna nodded and took a seat opposite me "So me. Vreizo-"
"Just Vreizo please."

"Alright then, Vreizo, how long have you been awake?" asked Luna "it seems you have ben for over quarter of a century."
"I think you're right, Celestia informed me that it's been thirty years since I came here." I explained "but to me it seems like only yesterday I closed my eyes."

Luna nodded as she poured herself a glass of water, the doors to what i believe to be the kitchen suddenly opened and a light pink unicorn mare pulling a trolly with her magic entered the room. She looked at me with fear as she slowly stepped towards us.

"It's okay pepper," Celestia reassured the mare "can you please tell the chef to make something for our guests as well?"
"Y-yes your highness" the mare said not taking her eyes off me as she spoke

"Vreizo, do you want anything in particular?" asked Celestia
"I can have anything I want?" I asked

"Our chefs are some of the best in all of equestria," Luna stated proudy you can have anything your hearts desire they can prepare it."
"Meat," I said flatly, Celestia's eyes opened wide but Luna only chuckled

"Tell my personal chef to prepare his meal" Luna said

The mare bowed and made her way back to the kitchen well it was more of a brisk walk. The silence filled the room as Celestia looked down at her plate unsure of what to say.

"So." I said trying to break the awkward silence, both princesses looked to me " far I've seen unicorns and pegasus and even normal ponies but none like you unicorns with wings, why is that?"

Luna chuckled and Celestia smiled

"Well,, there's an explanation for that, we're alicorns," Celestia replied, my head tilted in confusion "an alicorn is a combination of all three species of ponies."
"Oh, that's kinda cool." i nodded in understanding "and how many of you are there?"

"Including my sister and I," started Luna "five"
"Five onli, wow that must be hard knowing you're the only of your species" I said shaking my head "and what about the butt tattoo?"

"Our butt tattoo?" asked Luna
"Yes that cute tattoo on your butt." I said making Luna go pink again

"Our cutie marks." explained Celestia "it shows what our special talent is...which reminds me, Luna?"

Both princesses turned to the large window and their horns glowed, to my utter bewilderment the sun began to set while the moon rose creating night. Both Princesses then turned to me.

"I think we broke him Tia." I heard Luna say
"It's his first time seeing the sun and moon be lowered and risen." Celestia replied

I blinked a few times and looked at both princesses "Okay so you can manipulate the sin and moon." I said trying to play it off cool
"To late to be acting all suave now Vreizo" Celestia said with a smile

I hung my head "that obvious huh."
"Very much so." Celestia replied

The kitchen doors opened again and the same mare came in once again pulling her trolly behind her, once at the table she placed the tray in front me and left, the smell of cooked meat filled my nostrils.

"Wow this smells good."
"Told you best chefs in the land." Luna retorted "Now shall we eat before I take up my nightly duties

I opened my tray to find sliced meat grilled to perfection, I watched as both princesses used their magic to manipulate the knives and forks. I would look like a barbarian in front of them, dream or not I will not embarrass myself.

Thinking for a moment I felt my tails twitch, a smile crept onto my face, they're long enough and flexible enough. I moved two of them to the front, it was hard at first to manipulate them but after a few seconds I got it under control. Taking the knife and fork into my tails i used them to hold and cut my meat. Celestia and Luna both looked at me with varying degrees of amusement.

"Your tails are quite handy." Luna commented as I took another bite
"I would hope so or they would be useless." I chuckled

Celestia now done with her light dinner sat sipping on some tea "Tomorrow I will send would to Twilight, and we will decide on what we should do with you then."
"What's a Twilight?" I asked confused

"The princess of friendship and Tia's protege." Luna explained
"Oh she's another Ali-corn?" I asked

"Alicorn, one word," Celestia said "and yes she is the princess of friendship and element of magic."

I stopped eating "You're kidding right?" I asked "how can there be a princess of friendshoip next you'll be telling there's a princess of love."

Both Luna and Celestia nervously laughed

"Great," I groaned "I haven't had a girlfriend in two years and this is what my subconscious comes up with, screw you inner mind."
"Vreizo, are you ok?" asked Luna

"I'll be fine." I sighed taking another bite "so, this princess of friendship will I meet her tomorrow?"
"Probably not tomorrow but sometime this week," Celestia said "in the meantime you can stay with us in the castle."

"Well, I don't have a choice," I said "besides why would I give up the opportunity to share a place with such cuteness."

I said the words but I looked at Luna making her blush again, I patted myself on the back for having so much game...even though my game is probably weaker than the chains that held me. Soon dinner was finished and my hunger subsided.

"I will be turning in soon, Vreizo I will have the maids prepare a room for you tonight." Celestia said "Tomorrow we will discuss further and in more detail,"
I nodded, that's if I don't wake up yet, who knows this dram might be fun "Celestia do you have a library?"

"Of course, would you like to see it tomorrow?"
"I will like to see it now," I replied "I would like to read up on your land."

"Can you read Equestrian Vreizo?" asked Luna
"No idea, but your spoken language is the same as mine so can't be that hard." I said praying that it isn't hard at all, if i'm going to be in this dream might as well know everything about it.

"Very well, Tia, I will take our guest to the library," Luna said "you had a long day get some rest"

Celestia nodded and yawned "Then I bid you goodnight Luna, Vreizo, and I shall see you in the morning." in a bright yellow flash Celestia disappeared from the dining hall

"Okay, I'm not freaking out did she just teleport?" I asked
"Luna nodded "Indeed she did"

"Alright," I am seriously going to get psychiatric help when I wake up "so, where is this library of yours?"

Luna got to her hooves and led me to the library,.

The new day

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I didn't get any sleep last night, since Luna led me to the library I gorged myself in their millions of books. It was heavenly, books everywhere I looked, books about any and everything imaginable. I had started firstly with the history of Equestria it was sitting in the forefront just begging to be read. I then moved on to another book about magic then pony medicine and even science, pony anatomy was an interesting read, the three types of ponies that inhabit this word and their special characteristics. My favorite book was the tale of two sister, who knew Luna was such a badass. Bad girls are always my cup of coffee, maybe I should get to know her more.

I was halfway through a very, very, very old book on something called a draconequus and it's origins., when the doors to the library opened and Celestia walked in. She took a moment to scan the room and spotted me staring at her with irritated eyes.

"Didn't you see the sign outside, I'm busy here." I said annoyed

"Sorry." Celestia smiled awkwardly "I heard from Luna you spent all night in the library."

"Well obviously, I'm literally reading a book." I said taping the book in front me, Celestia took a moment to find a pillow and drop it in front of me "What do you want exactly?"

Celestia smiled once again "How are you enjoying the books?" she asked as I nodded in response, she didn't wait for me to respond "I would like for you to meet some ponies, they will assist in knowing what we can do with you."

I yawned, as sleep started to creep upon me "Can I do that after a short nap?" I asked

"Sure, I will carry you to your bedroom," Celestia said getting to her feet

I followed the white alicorn through castle, many ponies stopped and stared at me, they all had fear plastered on their faces. Some literally ran and hid away from me.

"Don't worry about them," Celestia explained "They have never seen a creature like you before so, it's only natural for them to be a bit scared."

"A pony jumped out a window Celestia" I said flatly "and we're on the fifth floor."

Celestia cleared her throat as we bent a corner and stopped at the forth door "Here we are." she said motioning to the room, I pushed the door opened and walked in, my eyes grew wide, the room was huge with a giant bed in the middle. a walk in closet, a bathroom it's own bar, hotels in real life will kill to have this "I hope it's to your liking."

"It will suffice." I said as Celestia nodded and walked out the room

"When you awake please ring for your maid, she will assist you in getting to the throne room." Celestia said pointing to a bell on the tabletop on next to the bed before closing the door behind her, once she was out the bedroom I unceremoniously dropped on the bed, letting my tails hang limply

"I'm starting to believe this isn't a dream." I whispered into my pillow


My eyes opened slowly to a pair of cerulean eyes and the biggest smile I have ever seen staring at me., My eyes snapped open and sat up falling back in shock, it took me a few seconds for me to catch my bearings. Sitting on the bed was a bubblegum pink pony with a poofy mane and tail.

"Hi!" she said excitedly "I'm Pinkie Pie are you the creature we were called to see about what's your name where did you come from do you like cupcakes do you like chocolate or vanilla?"

She spoke so fast but I caught what she was saying, sitting up from my initial shock I looked over the eccentric pony.

"Um, Pinkie Pie, I'm Vreizo... um, I think so and sure cupcakes are okay anyone i guess" I answered slowly

The pink pony before my jumped into the air with a loud cheer as confetti suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

"I have to go get your welcome party started." Pinkie Pie screamed before and I kid you not running out through the terrace and jumping

"What just happened?" I asked picking up the bell with my tail, ringing it twice, in a few seconds the doors to the bedroom opened and a dark grey unicorn with pitch black main and tail walked in, the mare stopped at the door looking at me, I found it strange that her eyes held no fear

"You rang master?" she said in powerful yet soothing voice

"Master... me?" I asked surprised, the mare nodded and stepped deeper int the room "So what's your name then?"

"This one's name is to insignificant for a master," she replied walking deeper into he room

I raised a eyebrow "Right, well I'll still like to know," I thought for a moment, the mare was a stickler to the rules "you're master commands it."

I saw the discomfort appear on her face, internally I patted myself on the back, she has to follow her masters orders, I stood waiting for a answer.

"My name is Azure Shadow." she said

"Holy shit that's a awesome name," I said out loud, Azure looked at me startled, clearing my throat I walked to the doors "shall we go then?"

"Would you rather the bath drawn when we return master?" asked Azure

"No I'll bathe after." I replied after sniffing myself I smelt like old books, I've smelt worse on a normal day "lets go to Celestia"

"Yes master," Azure took the lead, I took that moment to look at her cutie mark it was a black sun

"So... a black sun huh?" I asked falling in step next to Azure

"Master, I do not want to talk about it." she said

I nodded, we walked in silence till we came upon the doors to the dining room, using her magic she opened the door and allowed me to enter. Sitting at the table was Celestia and five other mares, the ponies stopped to look at me with mouths hanging open.

"I feel like a freak show." I whispered, Celestia smiled at me and motioned for me to take a seat "Sup sunbutt"

"Did he just call the princess sunbutt?" asked the white unicorn in a very sophisticated voice

All eyes turned to Celestia who was looking down at her meal with a slight blush on her face. I took my seat at the table and looked at the surprised ponies. Celestia cleared her throat and looked up to the other mares.

"Vreizo, these are, the hero's of Equestria, the elements of harmony," Celestia began "and my most valued student Twilight Sparkle, princess of friendship."

The purple alicorn looked at me with a friendly smile

"It's a pleasure to meet you," Twilight said holding out a hoof which I shook "These are my friends, AppleJack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash and FlutterShy, Pinkie disappeared before we can do anything."

"Pinkie?" I asked "a pink pony, very eccentric, confetti?"

"That's her," Twilight said warily "what did she do?

"She exploded into confetti and and then jumped out my bedroom window." I stated

"That does sound like Pinkie," Rainbow Dash shrugged as she bit into her salad

Rarity the white unicorn was looking at me intently, feeling her eyes on me I turned to her confused.

"Can I help you?" I asked

"Oh, I apologize for staring darling," she began "but you're a creature I have never seen before and your tails are so exquisite, you hold them with such regality, I must make a piece in honor of you."

"What?" I asked

"Rarity here, is a fashion designer," AppleJack explained "she's probably gonna design something based off ya"

"Thank you," I said before turning back to the princesses, only then did it hit me that Luna wasn't there I looked directly at Celestia who somehow read my mind

"Princess Luna is asleep," she explained "she stayed up all night after all keeping watch over our little ponies."

I nodded in understanding, the place grew awkwardly quiet as the sounds of silverware hitting plates was the only thing that could be heard. Azure brought a plate filled with cooked meat and vegetables and placed it in front me and left the room, as I began to eat the ponies all looked at me wide eyed.

"OK it's super awkward, let's get it over with, yes I eat meat, no I won't eat you... unless you want me to." I stated flatly, it took a few moments but realization dawned on the ponies around and their faces turned each a bright red, smirking confidently I turned my attention to Celestia who was looking at me amused "so what's actually going on?"

"Well, we were discussing your arrival here in Equestria," began Celestia "we're figuring out what we are going to do with you."

"And what did you decide?" I asked taking the knife and fork in my tails "because I think I'll like to explore this world a little more than only what I read in your books."

"Books, what books?" Twilight asked perking up

"Oh jeez another egghead." Rainbow Dash groaned throwing her head back in her seat

"And I can still kick your ass Rainbow pony." I smirked making Rainbow Dash look up at me grinding her teeth "what think you're able to fight me?"

I smiled widely baring my fangs but Rainbow didn't flinch instead she got off her chair and came around to me.

"You , me outside now." she said in a low menacing voice as I took another bite of meat, I lowered my head coming eye level with the blue pegasus

"Right," I said "and let everyone watch me beat one of this lands protectors"

Twilight cleared her throat making us both look to her "Rainbow Dash please be civil," she said going into princess mode before turning to me "and, can you please don't provoke rainbow?"

I shrugged and ripped flesh of my meal, and watched as Rainbow Dash walked back to her seat and glared daggers at me. I knew I was going to have to deal with this later.

"So, what are we going to do with him?" asked Twilight finally looking at the Princess "we can't exactly have him walk around Canterlot like this."

"Why not?" I asked making them all look at me "from what I can tell there are many, many races in this world, so what's one more."

"Well, for one sugacube," began Apple Jack pointing a hoof at me "you're a meat eater and you're kind of huge, the ponies will be terrified of you."

"Not to mention the Canterlot elite those snobs will try to get you sent to tartarus," added Twilight, Rarity cleared her throat at that making Twilight chuckle nervously "S-sorry Rarity."

"So, why can't stay here?" I asked "well, everyone is already used to me and I got my own maid here."

Celestia went into thought at that moment "Well, what everyone said is true," she said thoughtfully "one both sides, so I have an idea."

"Does it include chucking him into the sun?" asked Rainbow Dash bluntly

"Oh, I'm going to eat you," I said with a toothy smile, Rainbow's face suddenly went a hue of red as her wings went straight

"Vreizo," Celestia started with a sighed "please stop teasing her."

I gave her her a playful smile, I knew that my joke went a little to far but it was worth it for that reaction "Alright I'm done." I said "you ponies are just to easy."

At that moment a explosion happened and the room was filled with confetti. Everyone was relatively normal but for me, my face was suddenly filled with pink. Standing on my chest with her face pressed against mine was the pony Pinkie Pie, she had a large cake balancing on her hoof.

"You ready for your welcome party?" she asked excitedly

I was lost for words, the crazed eyes stared into mine expectantly

"Pinkie, leave the poor guy alone." Apple Jack sighed pulling her by the tail off of me

With much effort Pinkie came off my chest and took a seat, the cake was in the centre of the table at that moment, it was fairly large and was a mixture of chocolate and vanilla. I looked at pinkie, then to the cake, they were roughly the same size....So how the hell did she lift that with one hoof?

"You're wondering if she's normal aren't you?" asked Rarity

"Um, yes actually," I said

"Don't you'll get a headache," answered Twilight "now, can we get back to business, princess you were going to give your idea?"

"Yes my dearest student," said Celestia "our home in the everfree forest is not in use at the moment, why don't we allow Vreizo the chance to live there?"

"To live in the everfree, alone with all those monsters?" asked Rainbow Dash "sounds about right."

I didn't respond much to her annoyance but I did look to Celestia and she did read my expression completely.

"The palace in the everfree used to be Luna and my's home." she explained "we moved to Canterlot and after the incident of Nightmare Moon, the palace was destroyed."

"Princess, I don't think we can just let him live in there with all the dangerous creatures around," said Twilight "what if he gets hurt?"

"He doesn't look that weak," added Apple Jack "and if he's on our side wouldn't it be great if we had him protecting Ponyville."

"Especially Fluttershy," Rarity agreed turning to the yellow pegasus who was still shrinking away from me "I honestly don't know why you'll live there dear, it's so dangerous."

"I'll take it," I said once she's finished with the explanation, the eyes turned to me "What?"

"You don't mind living in that dangerous forest?" asked Twilight

"Should I?" I asked "I've come to weird world with talking equines and I'm a nine tailed fox, you think this will faze me now?"

"I guess not," Twilight said "this will also give me the chance to study you."

"Right," I said unenthusiastically "once you don't start sticking me with needles."

"I would never-"

Twilight was cut off by Pinkie sticking her hoof in her mouth "Remember Terik?" she said joyfully as she pulled the hoof out "you wanted to know about him so you got the princess to grant permission to go to tartarus."

"He didn't need to know that," Twilight said swatting away her hoof "and, I won't do that to you."

She looked at me expectedly, I only shrugged "Once no needles I'm good." I repeated myself

"Alright then," Celestia said "it's settled, Vreizo, you shall stay at the tower of the two sisters, we will have it ready in a months time."

"A month," I mused "so, what do I do till then?"

"Well you are welcomed to stay here." Celestia said "you already have your room."

"Do I get to play pranks of Luna?" I asked

"Only if you involve me." smiled Celestia

"Such savagery," Rarity said "you sir are very childish."

"Yet children are the ones with the purest souls." I countered making her open and close her mouth a few times in shock "sunbutt, what about my maid, will she stay here?"

"Your maid?" asked Celestia

"Yes Azure, that's her name." I said

"Would you like to take her with you?" asked Celestia with a smirk "I didn't know you found a special somepony already."

I didn't realize the bait at the moment and like a idiot I grabbed onto it "Na, so far i got a crush on Luna," I said stupidly, the room grew silent and realization fell upon me, I looked at Celestia to see her looking at me with half lidded eyes that held mischief, i started to see the room grow around me as they all stared at me

"So, you like the princess huh," Rainbow Dash said mockingly

"Say anything and I will eat you raw," I said in a low menacing voice

Celestia laughed "Don't worry Vreizo," she said "of course Azure will be at at your side if you want her to."

"Alright then," I nodded turning to the pink pony "let's cut the cake."

Pinkie beamed at me and in a instant was on the table with a knife in hand, where she got it, god alone knows but, she was cutting into the cake and putting slices in front of all of us. I noticed Celestia was hungrily looking at her slice, I wanted to make a joke but thought better of it, if what the books said was true she can put me in the sun as punishment or the moon.

My life is going to get very interesting from today, I'll have to learn about my new body as well, if my recollection is correct I have an abundance of of powers unique to me. Well on earth I am a sort of a god.

"This cake is so damn good," I said taking a bite and feeling the sf sweetness melt in my mouth "how the hell is this so good/"

"That's Pinkie Pie for ya," began AppleJack in her thick southern accent "even granny Smith say she does wonders with apples."

"Wow, to get a compliment like that fro, granny Smith it must be real." chirped the pink pony happily as she somehow had a tube of icing and was filling her mouth I watched in amusement as her cheeks puffed out comically large and she swallowed

The desert of the cake didn't last long before all of us finished. Ringing a small bell that I didn't notice next to her Celestia summoned the maids to carry away their plates. Azure was amongst them, her head was low avoiding eye contact with all of us, it didn't seem right, she was a proud pony when we met, her eyes were filled with determination and drive not the sunken dull shell standing before me. She came and took my plates in her magic, as she turned to walk away I saw the evidence of tears welling in her eyes.

"Azure is something wrong?" I asked stopping the pony, all eyes turned to the pony and I

"Nothing is wrong sir." she said, she tried to hide the shakiness in her voice but I picked it up and I knew I wasn't the only one

I lowered my voice so a soft comforting whisper "You can tell me," I said

Azure turned and that's when I saw the tears run down her face, she wiped them and looked up at me.

"I'm not like the other maids here," she began "I don't know my lineage, and my coat and name are weird, the other servants mistreat me for differences, and when I was made to tend to you sir... it got worse."

From hearing her explanation I could feel the anger rise within me, I was pissed, how can these ponies treat one of their own this way. On earth it wasn't no difference but her, here their history teaches acceptance and all that good stuff.

I roared in primal fury, I didn't know it at the time but my tails were emitting orbs of light that glowed intensely, the room grew in heart. Celestia was fine but everyone else started to sweat bullets as my anger grew. So did my fury, I only wanted one thing, to make these servants suffer.

I rose to my paws the room was now sweltering. Princess Celestia had gotten to her feet and was standing in front me, her eyes narrowed.

"My friend," she began "I know you are angry but you must calm down, we must think about this reasonably."

In response I growled and roared again this time I did it into Celestia's face, the ground shook with my voice. Celestia took a step back in caution, mytails trashed as the orbs circled around me. I looked around, the elements of harmony and Azure were all unconscious from the heat.

"See what you are doing Vreizo," Celesta explained "you are harming the one you want to protect."

Instantly my senses came back to me, I looked around at the unconscious ponies again and back to Celestia. as I calmed down so did the heat, til it was back to normal. Celestia lit her horn and the residual heat from the marble floors and ceiling was absorbed and redirected by her. only then were teh entrance doors to the dining room opened and a squad of guards came rushing in.

"Princess!" they screamed on seeing me they drew their weapons and pointed

"STOP," Celestia commanded in the loudest voice I've ever heard, the guards stopped in their tracks "all of you take the elements to the castle's medical ard now, and the maid immediately."

I was oer Azure in a instant fire licking leaking out my jaw as i growled at the guards who approached her.

Celestia was next to me in a instant "Vreizo, calm down they're going to help." she said softly

I relaxed and allowed the guards to take the unconscious mare, never once taking my eyes off them as they did, I growled menacingly as they accidently faltered with her a little. They rushed out the room with the ponies.

Unbeknownst to me Celestia had summoned all the servants who were in the kitchen, they were now lined up in front her. With them all in there, Celestia paced in front hem their heads were low.

"In all my years," she began "I hired every pony myself, did you think i made a wrong choice in hiring Azure?"

Nopony said a word, Celestia stamped a hoof loudly.

"I have tolerated your disrespect for the last time," she continued "The next time anything like this reaches my ears, there will be many vacancies in the Canterlot castle and you my little ponies, will spend the rest of your days in the sun."

I watched in awe as the ponies walked out the dining hall their heads hung low and their bodies shivering ever so slightly in fear. Celestia sat on her hunches and let out a breath she was apparently holding.

I didn't know what to do then, so i did the same I sat where I was and waited, Celestia had her eyes closed and she did what I would believe is breathing techniques. After a few momutes her eyes opened and she turned to me with a smile on her face.

"I did not expect today to be so... eventful" she said "would you like some tea, it'll help our nerves."

I only nodded and watched as she got to her feet and walked to the long table that lined the dining hall and started making tea, the scent of roses filled the room, making me moan in delight. Soon enough I was handed a cup of tea.

"Now, we have much to discuss on what happened there," said Celestia "it was unexpected."

"I don't know what happened." I explained "one minute Azure was telling me what happened next, I was planning on which of the ponies I should eat first."

"I think I can help with that." Celestia answered taking a sip from her tea once more

I'm a pet person

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A week had passed since my little incident in the dining hall, Celestia had her guards remove and replace anything that had melted because of me, she even used it as an excuse to redesign the whole room. The elements of harmony on the other hand weren’t so ready to forgive me, I visited them in the palace medical ward once they were awake to apologize. I had to sit and be lectured by both Rarity and Twilight for almost three hours on the proper and safe way of using my magic, the other just sat there and nodded or voiced their agreements, but afterwards, they agreed to forgive me once I don’t do lose control like that again.

I visited Azure Shadow every morning and requested that the medical staff contact me as soon as she was awake, I wasn’t worried about her safety as they said that she was just highly stressed and the rest is doing her good. So as of now I’m without a maid since the other ponies are scared of me. Luna had taken it u[on herself to be my guide, somehow I have a feeling Celestia had a hand in setting this up and if she does, I would give her a giant angel cake as a thank you.

It was a Thursday evening and Luna and I were on our usual stroll through the Canterlot gardens when a solar guard ran up to us. He was breathing hard and I could see the sweat run down his muzzle. He saluted to the princess and stood at attention.

“Solider what is the matter?” asked Luna

“Princess Celestia is requesting your presence in the throne room your majesty,” began the tired pony “and she says to bring along Vreizo in due haste.”

“I understand,” Luna stated with a nod before turning to me “shall we?”

I followed as Luna began to walk back towards the castle, the luna princess stopped at that moment and turned back to the pony who had lowered his head and was breathing hard.

“You are relieved of duty of the day,” she said with a smile “go get some rest.”

With that she turned and continued walking, I followed her through the Canterlot castle wall, walls which I have now grown accustomed to and by memory we walked towards the throne room

“So, what do you think she called us for?” I asked feeling a little anxious

“I do not know,” explained Luna “we have been summoned to the court for less than opening a pickle jar at one time.”

I had to stop and allow the statement to sink in “You’re kidding me right?” I asked

“She really wanted pickles,” laughed Luna as we came upon the throne room doors lighting up her horn she pushed them open and with her head held high she entered with me following close behind

The first thing I noticed was the many ponies that lined the court, they were all wearing some form of dress, a coat, a ascot or a jacket, their heads were held high and they looked to me with so much scorn that I thought they may be trying to curse me to fall dead were I stood.

Luna and I approached the throne where Princess Celestia and Twilight sat on their respective thrones, Luna approached and took her seat on her respective throne and turned to her sister who imply nodded but didn’t say a word. I looked around not knowing where to g or what to do, so with a shrug I walked up the throne steps and around the back of the thrones I laid on my stomach allowing my tails to warm around the three princesses thrones. The sounds of utter shock filled the room as I yawned exposing my rows of sharp teeth.

“Sister, why have you summoned us here?” asked Luna

“It would seem we have come to an disagreement,” Celestia said in calm sweet voice that made my ears twitch, I knew she was annoyed “so being that dies is the twilight court, I shall let princess Twilight inform you.”

Luna and my head turned to the purple alicorn and waited for her to clear her thoughts.

With a sigh she began “The Canterlot elite are asking why Vreizo being the monster that he is should stay in the Canterlot castle,’ begin Twilight, the annoyance in her voice evident ‘we tired explaining to them the situation but they believe he is a threat to our land.”

“Look at him,” began a white earth pony “he is a meat eater, what’s to stop him from killing and eating us?”

“Then I suppose I should be banished to the moon once more,” Luna added flatly

“Y-your highness I didn’t-“

“Whether you mean it or not matters not,” Luna continued cutting him off “he has been deemed safe by all of us, what more do you need?”

A unicorn with a shining yellow coat walked forward, his head held higher than most of the elite gathered in the room “Then please tell us princess, what was the situation that happened in the dining room?” he asked in a haughty tone

“That was my fault,” Celestia chipped in “that was no fault of Vreizo”

My ear twitched again as the pony started to pace, my eyes tracked him slowly as he made his way across the room.

“Then princess, he wasn’t the one who lost control and threatened to kill the servants for a tainted blood?” he asked loudly

I sat up at that moment but a loud sounding boom of a hoof hitting marble flooring resonated throughout the castle. I turned to see Celestia her once flowing main and tail now set ablaze, her eyes a burning red and her teeth fanged. Even though she was in this state I knew she was in control since the room reminded cool.

“Did you just call one of my subjects tainted?” asked Celestia in the royal Canterlot voice, the noble in question took a step back in fear and lowered his head, he was about to say something but another stomp made him cower in fear “Weather my ponies are kirin, sirens, zebras or of any variation they are not and will never be tainted.”

“Y-yes your majesty” the pony said in fear

Celestia had reverted back to normal almost instantly and was peering down at the noble pony “I believe you deserve a punishment for saying such things,”

“I believe so too,” twilight agreed with a nod before turning to me “Vreizo what punishment should we give this foolish stallion?”

“Me?” I questioned sitting up suddenly “why me I’m not royalty”

“They called you my new pet,” began Celestia with a sarcastic chuckle “if you’re my pet that means you have the right to punish anyone of them in my sted, after all, my pet lives with me, does it not?”

Realization dawned on me and I started to laugh before standing on all fours, my laughter had made the ponies gathered gasp in shock and watched in fear as I walked down the steps and towered over the pony.

“Please don’t eat me,” the pony begged as he trembled uncontrollably looking up at me “I promise I don’t taste good.”

“Listen all of you,” I sighed “Yes, I’m a carnivore, but I only eat what is prepared for me, plus I will never eat pony…well, not in the traditional way,”

I heard some of the mares gasped and saw some of them look away in shock and embarrassment

“That being said,” I tuned my attention back to the noble “a suitable punishment for this pitiful creature, from today, his immediate family most travel the land and document all its citizens, and since you have a princess of friendship, you hae to make friends with six from each place you visit.”

“You cannot be serious,” exclaimed the pony he raised his head high again and forced himself to stop shaking “don’t you know who I am, without me the Equestrian agriculture industry will plummet, kill me if you must sir, but I will not subject myself to such foolishness”

I smiled, lowering my head to his “Do you really want to disobey?” I asked the still shaking pony “I have seen the paper trail of the agriculture sector, I some alarming things, should I tell the count?”

The pony’s eyes opened in shock and his face fell as he looked down defeated “I shall do as you command,” he said before turning and leaving the court, I focused my attention on the other noble ponies in the room.

“Whether you like it or not, I’m here now,” I began “my home is currently being under construction so you will not have to see me everyday unless I visit, so, does anyone else want to take a walk?”

Murmurs filled the court as I turned back to walk around the throne again and sit when another noble spoke up. A soft blue mare came forward; she wore a white dress and a pair of thick glasses.

“Just one more question,” she said “where did you come from, are you and princess Luna an item?”

I turned my head to look at her “that’s two questions,” I said amused “my home is a distant realm faraway y from here, and concerning the other question, no, but the future is always changing.”

With that I walked around the thrones again and took my seat, I looked at Luna whose face was redder than a tomatoes and Celestia was forcing herself to keep a straight face. Twilight and the other nobles all just had their mouths open in shock.


After twilight court, the four of us sat around the dinner table. Celestia was still keeping a straight face but I could tell she as just waiting for the minute she can start the teasing. Luna on the other hand sipped her tea silently and avoided looking at me all throughout the dinner.

“So, today was interesting,” Twilight pipped up trying to make conversation

“it was really good wasn’t it,” I agreed “I wonder what we should do tomorrow?”

“Well, I’m heading to Ponyville tomorrow unfortunately so you’ll have to do whatever it is without me.” Twilight explained as she took a bite of her salad

“That’s the ton where the caste is near isn’t it?” I questioned, I got a nod in response “I think I should visit this town.”

Twilight started to choke and had to take a long drink of her water

“What!” she exclaimed in the royal Canterlot voice she covered her mouth in shock, the doors immediately burst open with the royal guard coming in with their weapons drawn, Celestia waved them off with a smile

“Twilight,” Celestia said with sly smile “you should get your alicorn power under control or when you get a coltfriend we will have to magically soundproof your bedroom.”

“Oh, I remember those days,” Luna said as her face twisted in sheer disgust both Celestia’s and Twilight’s wings stood at attention “we and all of old Equestria heard you dear sister.”

Celestia’s face turned almost as red as Twilight’s as Luna took another sip of her tea, I smiled a toothy smile knowing well that I have ammo to use in the near future to get what I want, less the pony princesses suffer at my pranks.

“Well, enough of that,” Celestia dismissed before turning to me and seeing my smile “my dear fox, if you don’t want to spend a few millennia on the sun I suggest you get those thoughts out your head.”

My ear twitched “Oh, you want me spend some time in you sunbutt?” I asked through my smile, Celestia narrowed her eyes but couldn’t suppress the laugh for long

“Vreizo, even if that sounds like a good time, we do not want a certain nightmare to be released.” Celestia joked, I heard the distinct sound of choking and saw that Luna had choked on her tea and was now wiping the spit tea with her napkins

Twilight just sat there looking at the solar princess with complete shock, I don’t think she has ever seen her make such lewd jokes with a straight face. I was about to milk this joke for all I can when the kitchen doors opened and the server ponies walked in carrying the dessert of the night, once again being cake.

We waited for the servers to leave through their doors and resumed our conversation, with the interruption our pace was halted but we did have some more tamed talks.

“Before I forget,” Twilight began “why do you want to visit Ponyville Vreizo?”

“Twilight, how can I move into a place without knowing what it looked like?” I asked “besides I would like to see how you the other ponies of Equestria live who are not the snobby nobles.”

Luna and Celestia nodded with my reason

“Well, you will go with me to Ponyville then,” Twilight said “I leave at dawn.”

“Did that sound badass in your head?” I asked raising a eyebrow

Twilight said nothing for a few second then lowered her head “Yes”


Dawn came quicker than usual, Twilight found me in the library, reading through one of the many books I had taken a liking to. She wanted to leave as soon as the sun was risen which meant the next few minutes. Crankily I followed her out, one of my tails had wrapped around the book and was holding it up for me.

After saying our goodbyes to Luna and Celestia we set off, the train station was not far off, ticket pony greeted twilight with the warmest smile but looked at me with shock that I had grown used to know. With Twilight being a alicorn princess she experienced the luxury of having a free ride and being with the princess I experienced the same treatment. Though I think they thought I was some kind of monster demon.

With our trip on the way I looked at the scenery leaving Canterlot, the posh buildings that were of the highest quality soon changed to grasslands and forested area’s. Ponies lined the streets and the fillies and colts played in the fields before their school bell rang.

“Is everyone in this country a early riser?” I asked as I looked in the sky it wasn’t even past seven in the morning yet

Twilight thought for a minute “I would suppose so, we usually rise with the sun.” Twilight explained their routine for me ‘but, that’s how some of us are, like the princesses and the children and workers.”

I nodded in understanding, the grasslands soon changed to small buildings and soon we entered into a small town. We the only occupants of the train got off and walked through the terminal, Twilight led the way. As we walked a feeling of dread washed oer me, my fur stood on end and I shivered under the warm morning sunlight.

“Something is wrong,” I said stopping, I turned my head looking behind and to the sides of me, Nothing was amiss but I still felt strange, Twilight stopped and looked at me with puzzled eyes as I didn’t move

“Vreizo, what’s wrong?” she finally asked

The feeling was drawing near, soon I was shaking in anticipation and Twilight was looking at me with concern of not knowing what to do. Then it happened, I didn’t look above me, it started as a soft scream at first but it grew to a yell. I looked up and falling at high speed to me the pin ball of fur.

Using my tails I struck out and grabbed the pink ball of fluff by the tail in time before it hit the ground. Twilight was just as shocked as me as I held the smiling pink pony.

“Pinkie,” Twilight questioned “why are you falling from the sky?”

“Well,” began Pinkie “my pinkie sense told me we would be having a new friend in Ponyville so I jumped waiting for them to arrive… and, now Vreizo came, YAY!”

“What?” I asked confused as she turned to me with that huge smile and somehow defied gravity and stood in the air

“We need to throw you a welcome to Ponyville party” she exclaimed happily “everyone ill love you just like I do.”

“No” I said flatly


“Pinkie, NO!” I said again more firmly

“You don’t want my party?” she asked as I placed her on the ground and she looked up at me with a sad smile “b-but, you need a party.”

I groaned inwardly, if I break this pony I know somehow I would be in for hell, she seemed unstable. I thought of a excuse for a while before steeling on the greatest idea my mind had ever come up with.

“Pinkie Pie,” I began through a groan “I’m moving to the castle in the Everfree, I would need a house warming party, and I was hoping you would host it”

The pony burst into confetti and was suddenly sitting on my back with a once again large smile. Twilight shook her head as the pony went into a intangible rant about parties before running off and leaving us alone.

“Did you just-“ began Twilight but I closed her mouth with a tail

“Say nothing,” I said flatly “I know what I did.”

Twilight nodded and turned and continued on the way into the village, there to the middle of the village was a large crystal castle, the princess of friendship gave me the quick tour of the village and was leading me to the castle when the sound of hooves came hastily behind us.

“Princess Twilight!” the pony screamed

Turning we saw a blue pony running towards us, upon seeing me he tripped over his own hooves and face planted on the ground in front is. Using her magic Twilight lifted the pony and inspected him for any injuries and used her magic to heal him.

“Good morning,” she said happily “what’s the problem?”

The stallion was looking up at me terrified, twilight had to pull his attention to her

“What, is, the, problem?” she asked

“Oh princess,” the stallion said once again shocked “we being attacked!”

Twilight rolled her eyes as it was just another daily duty and cracked her neck before turning to me “Vreizo, we may have to take a detour,” she said before turning back to the stallion “so, what is it, a manicure, a bugbear?”

The stallions eyes turned to pin pricks as he started to shake his head “No…” he breathed “it’s …it’s.”

“Gosh man speak!” I bellowed making the pony drop to the floor and started to shake

“There are ursa minors attacking the village” he cried “three of them.”

Twilight’s mouth dropped, I could see her mind running a mile a minute. The stallion was looking up at his princess waiting for her orders. Using my tail like a whip I spanked her flank making her yelp in surprise, bringing her back to reality.

“Go ward the village, get the other elements of harmony her now!” she ordered before turning to me “I’m sorry we have a major threat to the village, go to the castle tell Spike I sent you.”

I shook my head “I’m coming with,” I said “this sounds cool.”

Twilight’s left eye twitched as she realized I wasn’t going to budge on the matter “Fine, stay close to me and do everything I say,” she said in a commanding tone that I found rather appealing “got it?”

“Sure why not,” I replied


The ursa minor was a huge bear standing a full three heads above me, it’s fur was a was translucent and looked like the night’s sky, stars and all. The three giant bears were trashing the stalls and work places on the outskirts of the village near the forest and were getting closer to the village at an alarming speed.

“Damn,” Twilight said under her breath “Vreizo I need to hold them here for the others to come.”

I nodded as Twilight galloped towards the danger charging her horn, she shot a beam of magic at the bear closest to her. It did absolutely nothing but made focus their anger to her. I watched in fascination as Twilight dodged the bears with the accuracy of a seasoned fighter, but not even a seasoned vet has eyes on the back of their heads.

Twilight was knocked to the ground her by one of the bears that came up behind her, she skidded to a stop after fifteen feet on her own momentum. I panicked, the bears were running to her their mouths dripping saliva. The others were not going to make it in time. Without a second thought I jumped into action I ran forward past the bears and stood over twilight, my tails held high and my head lowered menacingly.

I roared, making the bears stop. They roared back in defiance, my tails slowly swayed side to side and the orbs of fire appeared. I inhaled and roared the loudest I could the ground trembled and the bears stepped black. My flames grew in intensity making them shield their eyes.

“Come at me,” I growled through my teeth as my fur bristled awaiting the attack of the bears but they didn’t move they stood there looking at me their heads lower than mine “what not going to fight me?”

The bears laid on their stomach their heads laying on the ground, just at that moment I noticed the other elements of harmony in full sprint and flying as fast as possible towards us. The first to reach was the blur Rainbow Dash.

“What the hay happened,” she screamed as she looked over twilight then to the submissive ursa minors “wait…what?”

The other ponies were not far off they all slowed at the sight of the ursa minors cowering in front of me.

“So what happened here” asked Rarity “are they…purring?”

Sure enough the sounds the ursa minors were emitting were that of a giant bear purr.

“Don’t study that now, see about the princess,” I said

“You’ll explain this later ya’hear” AppleJack ordered as they gently picked up the unconscious Twilight and placed her on her back before running towards the village “meet us at the hospital.”

I Rainbow Dash stayed behind watching the bears warily as they scooted forward to me, to my surprise they rubbed their heads on mind in servitude. Rainbow’s mouth all but hit the ground.

“Well, you are adorable.” I said as they continued to purr

“H-How” Rainbow questioned

“I’m a animal person,” I shrugged “they all love me, ok boys, go back home we’ll play soon”

The bears understood me somehow and got back to their feet and walked back into the forest but not before giving me another lick that made me fur stick to that direction.

“Alright, take me to the hospital,” I said to the stunned Rainbow, when she didn’t answer I used a tail and picked her up and walked back to the village, with a blue Pegasus pony dangling like a Christmas ornament behind me.

Welcome to Ponyville

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The hospital smelt of disinfects and what I thought was lavender, Rainbow Dash and I walked towards the receptionist. A short plump mare with a peach coat and blonde mane and tail that somehow didn’t clash greeted us with a warm smile. She looked me over and I didn’t see any form of fear.

“How may I help you today?” she asked

“Twilight” Rainbow ordered the receptionist walked around the counter and stood in front us her smile never fading “well?”

“Calm down please, I will take you to the others,” said the receptionist

Rainbow all but slowed down as the mare carried us through the halls, many nurses and doctors passed us, none looked at me with fear, distain or any form of curiosity it was strange, but a welcomed change.

As we walked thought the halls that seemed to run on for miles, we soon came to another open corridor and there sat the four other ponies, they all looked up at us with different degrees of worry. Rainbow was the first to reach them, she hugged Fluttershy who’s eyes was filled with tears.

“What going on?” she asked

“They said Twi was hit mighty hard,” AppleJack explained “her horn was cracked so they are doing emergency surgery now.”

Rainbow released Fluttershy and turned to me, she flew up to my face, her eyes glaring at me. If looks could kill I would say this was a good contender.

“Want to start talking?” she said threateningly

“Calm down suga’cube,” AppleJack said pulling her down “let him explain what happened, I’m sure you heard the roar like all of us.”

“That was really scary,” Fluttershy whispered softly as she looked up at me from beneath her mane

I sat where I was in the doorway and looked down at the five mares. I sighed and wrapped my tails around my feet.

“Alright,” I started “we were in the town when this guy came and explained that these bears were attacking, your princess took it upon herself to run to the danger instead of waiting for you, she was doing well, but not everything is perfect.”

Everyone turned to AppleJack who simple nodded

“Well, I suppose if AppleJack says you’re telling eh truth then we have no choice but to believe you.” Rarity said “so, what happened after, I don’t see any sign of a fight on you and Rainbow.”

“Yeah, that’s the weird part,” Rainbow shouted “those ursa minors were acting like he was their owner and they listened to him.”

Their eyes went from Rainbow to me, I saw the questions running through their minds. Before they could bombard me anything through the surgery doors the doctor came out, he was haggard, his mane was a mess and his eyes was sunken. The five mares went to him immediately and surrounded him asking him so many questions.

“Please let him talk.” I said pulling the mares away with my tails

“Thank you,” the doctor said tiredly “we have successfully repaired her horn, no permanent damage was done but she will not be able to use magic for two weeks.”

“Aw’right doc,” AppleJack thanked “when can we see her?”

“Well, she’ll be asleep for a few more hours, I will call you when she does,” said the doctor “now if you’ll excuse me I need to rest, I’m magically depleted.”

We all watched as the doctor staggered out the waiting room, to probable drop to the floor once he was out of our sight.

“Well, we can’t do anything now,’ Rarity said “I am going to the castle, Spike will need to know what’s going on and he will stay with me for the time being.”

“I’ll get word to the princesses,” added Rainbow lifting herself off the ground “I have wonderbolt training in the next hour.”

With that said the cyan pony flew out the waiting room, Flutter shy whispered something inaudible.

“What did you say suga?” asked AppleJack

“I have to go feed my animal friends,” she said as she tried to leave but was stopped immediately by AppleJack grabbing her tail she yelped in surprise

“No way am I letting you go home alone to your home with those ursa minors roaming around,” said AppleJack before turning to me “no offence Vreizo.”

“None taken,” I shrugged, I had noticed that Pinkie Pie was sitting at the door her hair was almost flat as she stared blankly, I tapped Rarity on the head “what’s wrong with her?”

“Don’t worry dear, Pinkie will be fine,” she explain “she is just concerned for Twilight, chances are she will stay here until she wakes up.”

AppleJack and Fluttershy nodded in agreement

“Don’t worry she will be fine,” AppleJack added “we can rest easy knowing one of us will be here, come one suga’cube granny Smith will knock my block off if I don’t bring you over.”

With that said AppleJack and Fluttershy left the waiting room, leaving Rarity, Pinkie and myself. Rarity walked up to Pinkie and said something to her I couldn’t hear and returned to my side.

“Dear, will you be going back to Canterlot?” she asked

I shook my head “No, I’ll wait till she wakes up,” I explained

“Well you can’t stay outside and Spike will be staying with me so,” she began “why don’t you stay with me too?”

My ear twitched as I looked down at the pristine light gray mare who looked up at me with her azure eyes that shone like gems.

“Well, I can’t say no to the element of generosity can I?” I asked

“Exactly dear,” Rarity smiled “finally someone gets it.”

With a mile she motioned for me to follow her through the corridors once again that led on for forever. When we finally walked out the hospital doors, I stopped.

“Rarity,” I started “why weren’t there scared of me?”

“What o you mean darling?” Rarity asked

“Well, the doctors they weren’t scared of me,” I explained as we continued walking “it’s different from what happened in Canterlot.”

‘It’s just a difference of culture,” she stated “our town is quite accepting, we have many races living here, so, having one more isn’t that surprising.”

I followed rarity to the castle once again, as we neared it I noticed that it was made completely out of crystal, it didn’t make sense to me but, I am in a world of sentient equines. Nothing should surprise me again.

Rarity walked up to the door and knocked on it before pushing open the doors and entering, I followed close behind. My initial thoughts were correct the inside of the castle was also made of crystals, but it wasn’t cold on the inside it was actually rather warm but not so warm that it was uncomfortable. I followed the mare to the second and third floor where we entered the library.

“Well, this looks absolutely inviting,” I said as I scanned the many books that lined the walls, Rarity walked to the centre of the room leaving me as I took out a book

“Spike, are you there?” she called

I watched as the sounds of footsteps echoed through the room and a large dragon emerged standing on two legs, his purple and green scales we well polished and reflected the light of the room. We watched as he came to us he was shorter than me but the his muscles moved seamlessly beneath his scales.

“So, a dragon” I said in amusement “he’s smaller than I expected.”

“I’m a teenager” Spike said matter of factly crossing his hands over his chest “so, who are you?”

“This is Vreizo the creature that came to Equestria and is staying with the princesses” Rarity explained “Spike there was an accident.”

Spike’s body bulked, he looked at me and bared his fangs as fire licked at his lips, he growled at me and took a step forward.

“Calm down spike,” Rarity said coming between us “Vreizo saved Twilight from being eaten by ursa minors.”

“Was he the one who made that roar then?” asked Spike

“It was,” I said, I saw a look of appreciation crossed his face

“Spike you’ll be coming to stay with me while Twi’ recovers,” Rarity explained matter of factly

“I’m a teenager Rarity, I can stay home alone you know.” Spike said turning around and walking back into the library, immediately Spike was engulfed in a magical aura and lifted him off the ground.

“Spiky do you really think I will let you stay here alone?” asked Rarity as she trotted out the library with the dragon in tow

I remained where I was with the book in tail and got comfortable,

“Vreizo,” Rarity’s voice sang towards me, my tails were engulfed in magic and I was dragged along the ground out the library, I tried holding onto the floor with no avail and was dragged much to my disgust

It probably looked strange to the town ponies seeing this short pristine mare walking down the middle of the street dragging a teenage dragon who as easily two times her size and a nine tailed fox who was easily four times her size while reading a book about politics.

Rarity greeted the passing ponies with a cheerful smile and some small talk. We finally came to a carousel looking building situated to the right. Rarity walked right up to it and all but kicked in the door with a singsong greeting.

“Welcome to the Carousel Boutique!” she sang as she dragged us inside the doors and kicked it closed, she placed us down on the floor and walked to the back “make yourselves at home boys, I will be right back.”

Spike and I looked at each other

“So…where you from?” asked Spike

“Another world”

“So, you’re like a what, a weird mutated fox?” he asked again

“Well, I would say that’s another yes.” I nodded “and what are you a oversized gecko?”

“I would say more of a komodo dragon that breathes fire,” Spike said with a straight face, we both got silent for a few seconds before we burst out laughing

“You wouldn’t believe how glad I am to have another male to take too,” I said wiping invisible tears

“Well you are invited to our male game night,” said Spike “Discord, Big Mac and I meet once a week to play games and do guy stuff.”

“Discord, that’s the chaos god right?” I asked

Spike nodded “Yeah, we have lots of fun”

“In that case I’m in” I said “I am moving into the Everfree castle soon, so you’ll be seeing me a lot I suppose.”

At that moment another unicorn came from upstairs she was almost a mirror image of Rarity, slender and carried herself with a regal authority but her mane was a multi colored hue of pink and purple. She saw Spike and immediately jumped to him and tackled him to the ground.

“Spike,” she squealed as she wrapped her hooves around his neck

“Hi sweetie,” Spike said looking at me with eyes that said say nothing

IT slowly dawned on me that this was the reason why he didn’t want to come to this place, this pony had a crush on him. A smile grew on my face as Spike’s eyes grew wide and pleading.

“So,” I said catching the pony’s attention, she looked me over with curiosity and then back to Spike

“Who’s this” she asked “he looks fluffy and cute.”

“Pony, you’re the last person who should talk about being fluffy and cute,” I retorted with a toothy grin “so, what’s your relationship with my guy here?”

Her face grew red instantly and she released Spike’s neck and awkwardly rubbed her hooves together with a sheepish smile on her face, she avoided my gaze but ever so often tried to look at me.

“Well?” I asked my grin growing

I wanted to milk this making it even more awkward for them, when Rarity returned through the doors with a tray of cups and a kettle of tea.

“Oh you’re home Sweetie Bell,” Rarity greeted “you should have said something darling.”

“I was in my room and was coming down for something to eat when I saw Spike,” she said softly “and well…you know what I mean.”

Rarity’s smile grew wide “Ah, I see,” she said “but how is the music coming along?”

“Not good,” sighed Sweetie Bell “I have nothing to write about, I will not pass my audition if I can’t write anything.”

I listened to Sweetie Bell and looked to Rarity who was down trodden at not being able to help her sister, Spike looked the same looking down at the ground.

“Pony,” I began getting their attention “may I see what you have been working with?”

“Uh…. My name is Sweetie Bell,” said Sweetie “and I don’t know you.”

Rarity walked between us “Sweetie this is the princesses ward Vreizo,” introduced Rarity “he may be a little strange but I’m sure if he asked it’s cause he’s able to help.”

Sweetie Bell looked at me skeptically through narrowed eyes

“I don’t trust him,” she said “but, if my sister says you’re okay, then I’ll trust her.”

Sweetie’s horn lit up and from upstairs I heard the doors open and close, a stack of paper floated down and plopped in front of me. With that Sweetie Bell sat in front of me and waited. I made a spectacle of picking up the papers and reading through them. The three of them watched me intently, as I read I picked up the cup of tea Rarity had brought out and took a sip.

“Well,” Sweetie said after a few minutes

“Well, your writing is okay, but you don’t have a consistency, what are you talking about in this song?” I asked confused

“Well…” Sweetie Bell began “I can’t exactly answer that, I have no idea what I was going for.”

“Do you mind if I make some changes?” I asked looking up at Sweetie Bell “if you don’t like them I will simply give you back your original.”

The teenage pony looked at me with pleading eyes, Rarity tapped Spike on the shoulder and led him into the kitchen to have a word while Sweetie Bell and I sat in the living room area and started to work.

Time flew by and soon Rarity and Spike returned, I looked up to acknowledge their arrival but saw the teen dragon eyes red and swollen from crying. He looked tired and dragged himself, Rarity was right behind him, her head was low as she too bore the evidence of crying.

Using my tail I brushed the flank of Sweetie Bell getting her attention as she had taken a position to lay up against me as I worked on her music. I motioned to Spike without saying a word and with my tail that held the pen wrote comfort him, in bold letters.

“B-“ Sweetie Bell began but I lifted her off the ground and pushed her forward

She stumbled forward with her own momentum and ran right into Spike’s chest, he looked at her finally and without words hugged her. Sweetie Bell returned the hug with much sympathy as he began to cry again. She cooed soothing words of comfort to him. Rarity came up to me and laid on my other side and breathed out a soft sigh.

“Twilight is like a mother and big sister to him,” Rarity explained as we watched the teenagers “I do hope she wakes up soon, I had to use a paralysis spell on spike to stop him from storming through he hospital.”

I nodded in understanding. I was glad I was there but I didn’t act as quickly as I should, the princess would be with us right now sipping on this tea.

Rarity placed a hoof on my side and shook her head, she had somehow read my thoughts and was trying to tell me it wasn’t my fault, but it still felt like it was my fault. How can I face Celestia and Luna knowing I didn’t act fast enough to save one of their rulers. I wouldn’t be surprised if I was chained and locked away in their underground prison again.

Spike finally calmed down and sat he looked at me and nodded “Thank you,” his voice was raspy, Rarity levitated a cup of tea over to him and he took a sip letting the soothing feeling of lavender go down “once she’s awake I’ll go see her”

I nodded “Good,” I pushed the completed papers to Sweetie Bell who looked it over and a smile grew on her face she looked up at me with excitement, I could see the wheels turning in her mind she was trying to figure out the melody and was looking to me for help “I wonder if I should help you with the melody as well.”

Sweetie started to bounce around me excitedly making me smile, was she really a teenager, she seemed more like a child than anything else. I caved after a few minutes and helped her with the melody. We spent the next few hours helping Sweetie Bell with her song, soon it was night, we all had lost track of time.

I guessed it was eleven when we had all finally fallen asleep right where we laid, except Rarity, she said a lady never sleeps on the floor and swayed her way to her bedroom. As I closed my eyes I realized I was in a place I had never seen before, it was dark and void of anything, a cool mist crept around my paws.

I looked around me, no one was there, I found it rather inviting if I do say so myself. I walked though the desolate place and soon came upon orbs of light, it was like a field that stretched as far as my eyes could see. I approached one and was about to touch it when the sounds of hoofs came from behind me.

“I wouldn’t touch that if I were you,” said a voice I recognized, I spun to see my favorite princess of the night standing with a smile on her face in all her regal glory “hello Vreizo, I hope you are well.”

“Luna,” I smiled “aren’t you a sight for sore eyes,”

“Flatterer,” Luna chuckled as she came up to me and looked up into my eyes “did you have a good day, despite the tragedy?”

I looked away making her touch my chest, I looked back at her and saw that she was smiling

“We know it wasn’t your fault,” she began “we know you saved our princess of friendship from a far worse fate.”

Luna’s words were nice but not everything would be this easy, she was royalty and I bet there was a lot of red tape to go through.

“What is this place?” I asked changing the subject

“Well, this is my true domain,” Luna insisted “the realm of dreams, here I can see all the inhabitants of Equestria and monitor their mental states.”

“Well, that’s cool,” I said with a laugh “but also kinda creepy.”

“We do not invade the privacy of our subjects,” Luna defended herself “we only monitor their mental states and give advice when needed”

“Okay, far less creepy,” I said with a smile “so, princess of the night, how was your day.”

“Vreizo, I told you call me Luna.”

The void

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My time with Luna was short lied when she noticed a young filly having a nightmare, bidding me farewell she descended into the dream, but not before promising to continue our conversation in the real world soon as possible. With Luna gone the magic keeping me in the dreamscape disappeared and I was plunged into darkness.

I didn’t wake up though, I was stuck in this dark place that felt like there was no footing I just floated there practically spread eagle in the ether. I didn’t know what to make of this, was I going to another world again, did I die in my sleep and now I was in the void. The questions raced through my mind a mile a minute until I gave up and decided to just sleep, maybe when I open my eyes the answers will be right there for the taking.

I awoke to the pitch black void I was once again, by body floated in what felt like water, but I was not wet. As I laid there thinking about the mysteries of the universe I felt something brush up against me. I wanted to scream but no sound came, it was scaly and wet, against my fur, it was long like a snake but also didn’t exactly feel like one. I waited again fear creeping into my pores.

A light appeared below me, it was a tiny spec far off at first and it moved jaggedly darting from one side to the other. It came closer and grew in size, I could now notice the thing that it was attached to, on earth it would be a creature from the deep ocean, an angler fish but this was no angler fish, it had legs, and a mouth filled with rows of thin teeth that would easily tear me to shreds if it sunk into me.

I waited as the creature came closer to me, I held my breath not wanting to breathe as the creature came close, it mouth opened exposing its fangs. I closed my eyes and waited to the inevitable pain of death. When nothing came, I opening an eye to see the last of the creatures body swim past me, I released a sigh of relief and looked around me again, even though the pitch black of the void was still around me I could now make out the outlines of other creatures, some noticed me and left me alone while others came close, but now close enough to touch me. I watched as some started to split into two slowly. I wanted to gag but held my stomach.

It was over whelming, I had enough of this place, I didn’t want to get eaten but I need to find a way out of this place. I looked around again, I called my flames and had them encircle me the minute the flames came, the creatures hissed and shrank back into the dark, and they squirmed and fought each other to be in the dark.

All but a few did this, those that didn’t go back into the darkness came forward towards me they reached out their tendrils and other bodily limbs reached out towards me.

I was suddenly jolted out of the void, my eyesight went white for a split second and the feeling of electricity ran through my entire body.

I awoke with a jump knocking over the table in Rarity’s living room. I looked around panicked as the realization dawned on me. My breathing was laboured as Rarity walked into the room.

“Darling is everything alright?” she asked genuinely worried about me

“I-I’m fine,” I said

“Are you sure?” Rarity said looking me over worried

“I’m ok.” I said again “where is everyone?”

“They went to the hospital,” Rarity started “Twilight woke up this morning.”

Rarity turned and walked back into the kitchen, only then the smell of the muffins reached my nose making me all but forget the nightmare I had just awoken from. I followed Rarity into the kitchen unfortunately my body was a bit too big and I stuck my head in.

“Are you going to the hospital after?” I asked watching as the pony used her magic to open the oven to take out a fresh batch of muffins and placed it on the table in the middle of the room

“Unfortunately not yet dear, I have to finish this a dress for a certain noble today,” Rarity explained “I will visit Twilight this evening, do you want to visit her?”

“I think I should go,” I explained as I managed to take one of the muffins with one of my claws and popped it in my mouth

“Do you know the way?” Rarity asked as I managed to take another one from the table “and if I get lost I’ll just ask someone.”

Rarity walked towards me her eyes narrowed, she had noticed me taking the muffins and was now giving me the mother look, and I swallowed and smiled.

“Vreizo,” she said saying my name in a tone that meant business “you didn’t wash your hands.”

I looked at my paws and then used one of my tails to reach over Rarity’s head and pick up a muffin.

“See no paws,” I said jokingly

“You cheeky fox,” Rarity accused “leave before I do something unladylike.”

Rarity huffed and turned walking deeper into the kitchen, I chuckled and popped this muffin into my mouth and moved my frame out of the doorway. I left the carousal; I didn’t know what time it was but was late morning. Sunbutt's sun was like a warm massage on my fur.

I sigh as I walked through the streets, many ponies of the village waved at me or smiled, they were as warm as the sunlight, and no one seemed scared. That actually threw me for a loop. Many stores lined the town roads and ponies made their way to and from work.

I retraced my steps to the hospital where I found AppleJack and Fluttershy walking into the hospital as well; I walked up behind them and cleared my throat softly as to not scare Fluttershy.

“Hi there sugacube,” AppleJack said turning around “top of the morning to ya”

“Good morning, how are you guys?” I asked Fluttershy said something so soft that I couldn’t hear what she said “what did you say?”

“G-good morning,” Fluttershy said she smiled at me but still retreated behind AppleJack

We walked into the hospital together and greeted the receptionist, as the sleep deprived mare looked up at the two smiling mares and the towering kitsune.

“Yes how can I help you?” asked the mare tiredly, she opened the computer screen in front her and pulled up the patient system log

“We are here for princess Twilight,” said AppleJack

The mare typed in the name and looked at the screen for a few seconds before taking a sip of the coffee she had in front her.

“The royal room,” explained the mare “seventh floor, please take the elevator, I see she’s awake.”

We all nodded and walked towards the elevator, I stood in front it and looked at the doors, and I was standing taller than the doors. I looked at the two mares standing next to me.

“Well, I won’t fit in that,” I said snidely “not unless you want to be under me.”

Fluttershy yelped and AppleJack chuckled

“Sugacube, I’m not the submissive mare,” AppleJack said with sly smile “if I ever decide to take you, be sure you’ll be the one under me.”

My tails stood straight at that comment as the doors opened at that moment and the two mares walked in and left me standing in front it. AppleJack looked at me with narrowed eyes and a sly smile. She put a hoof over FlutterShy’s shoulder and pulled her close as the doors closed she was moving ever so closer to her lips.

The doors closed on me just as their lips touched, that teasing little mare. She was teasing me and I was falling for it. Damn it, now I’m imagining it. I walked towards the stairs and started my long trek.


The royal room was a large white room with all equipment at hoofs reach, two nurses sat at their waiting station with the two Canterlot guards, AppleJack, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash were around the bed and Spike was peeling some apples.

I had reached up a lot later, since, stairs. The guards were freaked out at the sight of me; they lowered their spears and took a defenseo position.

“Halt fiend,” one ordered as I came through the doors, all eyes turned to us

“What?” I asked

“You will not hurt our princess.” The other said

“Um, okay,” I shrugged “seeing as I saved her yesterday, why would I harm her now, that’ll defeat the purpose.”

“Let him through,” Twilight’s raspy voice came

The guards parted but clicked their tongues in annoyance as I passed; I walked up to Twilight’s bed and looked her over. The Princess looked worse for wear, her eyes were tired and her head bandaged, her horn was in cased in some sort of device.

“It’s a magic incubator,” Twilight explained as she noticed me looking “are you hurt Vreizo?”

“I should be asking you that,” I said I hung my head for a moment “I am sorry, I didn’t act in time.”

“Vreizo, don’t,” Twilight started “I thought I could do it alone I didn’t wait for my friends and you saved me, thank you.”

I lifted my head and looked at Twilight in the eyes.

“So when are you getting out?” asked Rainbow Dash

Twilight looked to the nurses

“You can leave after the doctor looks you over princess,” one explained

“Well that sucks,” Rainbow Dash exclaimed as she hovered over the bed “What if there’s an emergency?”

Twilight smiled “I trust you guys,” she said “I know you can handle it.”

I was quite for the time as I was thinking of a way to make it up to the pony princess, after all my negligence is the reason why she was hurt. I didn’t hear when they were calling and tapping me on the head, only when Rainbow Dash slapped the taste out of my mouth and was almost bitten in retaliation did I realize everypony was standing staring at me.

“What?” I asked

“What are you thinking about?” asked Spike

“I bet he’s thinking about something mighty fun,” AppleJack said in a low tone and looked at me with half lidded eyes

“Not even close,” I retorted “but, now that you brought it to my attention, Twilight did you know that-“

My mouth was instantly covered by the yellow Pegasus covering my mouth with her hooves, her eyes were shut tight and her face was a deep shade of red. I chuckled to myself.

“Please it’s too embarrassing,” Fluttershy squeaked, I nodded and she landed only to turn to the surprised room again “we had a conversation that was personal.”

I nodded in agreement and in an effort to change the topic I looked at twilight “So, because I know you’ll be held up here for the next eternity,” I began “I’ll allow you to run any tests you want on me … within reason.”

At that Twilight’s mouth hung open for what seemed like an hour and the sound of a high pitch squeal erupted. We all covered our ears as we couldn’t bear the intensity of the pith, and her being an alicorn meant it was amplified by a lot.

I think I just signed my death warrant


Through the black void the creature moved, it had been here for what seemed to be a millennia and not in all its time here has it ever seen such a bright light. A hunger rose from deep within, it wanted to feast upon the light, to watch as t slowly dies.

The creature of the void were not enough to curb its hunger now, t had a new goal. As it traversed it snatched the lesser creatures and bit into their bodies not for sustenance or pleasure, but just because it can.

Where that creature of light was, the veil was weakest, no lesser could breach its barrier, probably only a handful could even barely get through, but this creature wasn’t like the others. I stood where the creature of light stood, it reached out a limb and pressed; the fabric of the void moved and repelled it back. It wasn’t strong enough yet, it would need to kill and consume many more of its kin to be strong enough to breach, but that doesn’t mean power cannot pass through.

It came again to the spot and pressed it’s limb, careful enough not to tear the fabric and started to release its power, it felt the area and searched for a host, the pawn that will feed it power from the other side and help rip the veil and allow the light to be eaten.

The creature couldn’t smile but it felt pleased with its self, its boredom will soon be over, it’ll be free.


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I had made a mistake, allowing Twilight to run her experiments on me meant that I had to subject myself to everything she thought about from magic levels to strength, blood tests, anything she could think about. I was on the verge of running away but my only solace of peace was the nightly visits from the best princess of the night.

Even with Twilight’s horn being incubated she still found her way around the experiment by using her mouth to hold the viles and even Spike helped. The tests though long and sometimes painful came to an end finally. I was waiting in the living room for the initial result; I was slowly drifting to sleep when three teen fillies burst through the doors. I recognized Sweetie Bell who immediately wrapped herself in one of my tails; the other two stopped at the door and stared.

“Sweetie Bell,” I greeted before turning my attention to the other two fillies “it’s impolite to stare.”

“Howdy,” the butter yellow filly greeted, she smiled warmly and cautiously stepped forward “I’m AppleBloom.”

“Lemme guess, daughter of AppleJack,” I said putting the accent to the only other southern accent pony I know

“Ew, no, I’m her sister,” AppleBloom gagged

The other filly couldn’t contain her laughter and fell over laughing she started to couch due to over laughing. Calming herself down, she looked up at me with watery eyes and a wide smile.

“I’m Scootaloo,” she greeted “and you must be the awesome new monster we heard so much about.”

“Monster,” I asked “I am not a monster, what is a monster?’

“You don’t know what a monster is?” asked Sootaloo with wide surprised eyes, I shook my head, the burnt orange Pegasus stepped forward her shaking her wings she opened them dramatically “monsters are the creatures that hunt us in the night they have sharp fangs, kill ponies and are really scary.”

I rose an eyebrow “So, you believe that all monsters have sharp teeth and are scary?” I asked the filly nodded, standing at my full height I lifted the wrapped sweetie bell over my head and looked down at Scootaloo, I knew my glare was terrifying as she shivered

“W-what are you going to do to me?” she asked

A smile crept on my face, part of my apparent magic ability was my ability to control illusions, I flicked a tail and casted an illusion over the room. The three fillies found themselves in an ally in a city, I placed Sweetie Bell down and watched as they started to explore. They watched as a mare dressed in expensive clothes walked through the ally and was immediately accosted by a band of stallions. The fillies screamed, their teary eyes pleading with me to save the mare.

I only stood there and watched, I didn’t show them the more gory parts but I got my point across, the three fillies knelt where they were as I dissipated the illusion. I would have to tell Luna to check on them while they sleep tonight.

“Do you understand now,” I said “monsters aren’t only those with sharp fangs or big like me, they can be anything and or anypony, it’s just a line you cross.”

“But,” began Sweetie “how will we know where the line is?”

With that I smiled “That’s easy, think it through, who would it affect, how it would affect you and most importantly would you feel good about yourself.”

The three fillies looked up at me

“That easy huh,” AppleBloom sniffed

“That easy,” I agreed

At that moment Twilight and Spike walked into the room, seeing the three fillies sitting in front me like good students they both looked to me with unasked questions.

“I’m teaching them life lessons,” I explained, winking at the girls “and they are the perfect students and deserve anything you have in the fridge.”

With that the three teens stood immediately and rushed passed me, somehow they managed to grab hold of Spike as they ran making him drop his clipboard and drag him into the kitchen.

“Don’t touch my cinder,” Twilight called after them as she turned back to me

“So, is Spike in a relationship with all of them?” I asked as Twilight sat in front me

“OH, yeah,” Twilight said nonchalantly “they’ll be forming a herd when they finish school.”

My mouth dropped open “And that’s normal?” I asked confused, Twilight nodded and looked up at me upon seeing my face she raised an eye brow in confusion

“What?” she asked

“Nothing, nothing,” I whispered as thoughts of having a herd with the two princesses, I smiled giddily when Twilight tapped my paw “what, what did you say?”

“I asked if you’re ready for the results.” Twilight asked, she didn’t wait for my response but flipped the clipboard and started to read out loud “your magic isn’t like pony magic so I can’t measure it but, it’s powerful since you can do advance pony magic like illusions as easy, your strength is stronger than a earth pony’s”

I raised a paw stopping her “Are you measuring me against ponies?” I asked

“Uh, yeah, especially Alicorn since us Alicorns are the strongest species of pony,” she explained “so your blood, it’s really strange I would like to run more tests, you have such strange DNA.”

“Obviously,” I said snidely “I’m a creature from another world.”

Twilight scoffed and placed the clipboard down and picked up a letter that was apparently there. She opened it with her teeth and unrolled it.

“This letter came in for you from Princess Celestia,” Twilight started “she’s saying that your home will be finished in a week but it’s capable of being moved in now, she also said that your presence is needed in Canterlot to choose your furniture.”

With that she looked up at me and pushed the letter forward for me to read myself, after skimming it through I stood up.

“So, guess my time here is finished,” I said

“Vreizo, you’re moving into the everfree forest,” Twilight said “you’ll be our neighbour right there to visit whenever we want.”

I thought for a moment and realized that I’ll have a host of ponies coming in and out my castle at a constant rate, might as well have the doors open.

“Can we visit the castle though,” I asked “I never saw it before.”

Twilight nodded “Of course,”

As if they heard Spike and the three fillies ran out the kitchen their mouths stained with ice cream and biscuits.

“Take us with you,” Spike said practically pleading

“What can’t handle all some fluffy love?” I asked with a knowing smile

“If you know what I go through you won’t be smiling,” Spike said flatly

“I feel your pain,” I said as he bumped my paw

We left the castle and made our way to the trail that led to the Everfree, Twilight led the way answering any questions the three fillies asked, and believe me they asked a lot. From the moment we left the castle they asked questions about everything.

Finally we came upon the end of the trail where a small cottage stood; animals small and large sat or played on the outside, a quaint little garden of flowers and a small garden filled with vegetables stood as well.

“This is cute,” I said as we walked up

“This is where Fluttershy lives,” Spike said “we don’t like that she lived so close to the Everfree but she won’t move.”

Twilight started to walk up to the trace to Fluttershy’s door, before she could knock the door swung open and the butter yellow Pegasus came out humming a beautiful song; she was carrying a basket of vegetables.

“Oh hello,” she said as she saw us all standing in front her “what brings you all here?”

“We’re just going to see Vreizo’s new place,” Twilight said “so we thought we will pass by, see if you’ll want to come with us?”

“Oh, no, no, no,’ Fluttershy said quickly “the Everfree is dark and scary, and there are monsters inside it, how can I enter?”

“But we’ll be with Vreizo,” SweetieBell insisted “nothing will dare fight with him.”

Fluttershy looked up and me then to the others and shook her head “Still, I have to take care of my animal friends today,” Fluttershy said

As she said that a white bunny hopped over to her, he glared at me and hopped onto Fluttershy’s back, then her head and pulled her ear. He was aggressively tugging but still had his eyes glaring at me.

“What’s white the bite sized snack?” I asked as the bunny somehow managed to flip me the finger “it’s rude as f-“

“Vreizo,” Twilight exclaimed before I can finish my sentence “Angel bunny is just a little suspicious of everyone around Fluttershy at first.”

I looked at the white bunny who did the; I have my eyes on you sign and hopped away. Fluttershy had started to hand out the vegetables to the animals in her yard while humming her song. It was a beautiful sight to see, she somehow understood the animals and they her. was this part of the pony magic I read about or was it some innate ability they each had, like that cutie mark they all bore., I would ask Twilight about it soon.

“Well Fluttershy we’ll be going to the castle now,” Twilight said

“Alright, be safe and don’t talk to any strange ponies you see,” Fluttershy said in her singsong voice that sounded motherly

As we walked off I pulled Spike to me and came down close “Is it just me or does Fluttershy give off the sexiest mother vibe ever?” I asked

Spike went red “She does,” he affirmed then cleared his throat “how else do you think she tamed the god of chaos.”

“What,” I questioned “who?”

“Discord,” Spike said matter of factly “the god of chaos I know you read about him in the books.”

I was stunned the shy scared of everything had the Equestrian god of chaos wrapped around her finger. How did she do it, Fluttershy is probably the most dangerous creature in all of Equestria to pull that off, or maybe it was just her ass…yup probably the ass.

I was so caught up in my own thoughts that I did not realize that we had already entered the Everfree forest and had come up upon another house that was hollowed out of a giant oak tree. AppleBloom ran forward and had knocked on the door, after a few moments the door opened and a zebra stepped out she looked at us all.

“Hi Zecora!” AppleBloom greeted

“Hello little friend, you came to visit, but not alone I see come in a sit,” the Zebra said in a rhyme

I came low to Twilight’s ear “Does she always talk this way?” the princess pony nodded as Zecora looked at me

“A new friend you bring to me, a peculiar one to see isn’t he.”

“Yes I am peculiar, but do not fret,” I began “I won’t harm or bite you won’t have regret.”

I found myself rhyming along with the zebra who smiled at my antics, she stepped to the side and made way for us to pass but Twilight stopped us with a wing

“Unfortunately Zecora can we take a rain check,” Twilight asked “we are visiting to see the process of the castle of the two sisters.”

“Ah the castle you may go, the workers have ran like baby does,” explained Zecora Twilight’s eyes grew wide and immediately turned and ran deeper into the forest, we said our goodbye’s the Zebra and ran following the princess of friendship

She didn’t stop, but she gained speed, it was easy for me to keep up as well as spike but the three fillies found themselves lagging behind us. I stopped and grabbed them with my tails and placed them on my back not missing a beat we followed the princess through the forest. We came where the forested area started to give way to broken walls and a march that was being tended to but was abandoned.

The castle was right in our sights, the equipment was left where they were and all form of life was gone. Twilight stopped at the entrance of the caste. The roof and walls were completed but the surrounding area was a mess with the debris and old equipment.

“Stay on my back,” I told the girls “I don’t want you hurt.”

The fillies nodded on my back as we walked through, what had scared the workers away; as we walked deeper into the ground of the castle we felt eyes on us. Instinctively Spike and I took defence positions and waited, we blocked Twilight as she had no way of protecting herself.

“Can you smell them?” asked Spike

“Yeah,” I replied I took a deep breath “come out, we know you are there!”

From within the castle four manticores stepped out they looked at us hungrily, the three fillies on my back tensed and Twilight flinched at the sound of the roar it emitted.

“This’ll be fun,” I said licking my lips “I haven’t hand meat in almost three weeks.”

I took the fillies off my back and placed them next to twilight and looked at Spike motioning for him to stay with the girls. I stepped forward, my muscles flexing under my fur, I bared my fangs and kept my head low.

“Vreizo, their poison is very potent I don’t even know if you can survive,” called Twilight

“Then I suppose I should stay away from their tails,” I quipped as they stalked me their growled

One was about to attack but was knocked back a large blue swatted away the manticore and a roar filled the area. I turned my head to see the two ursa minors standing over to me.

“Well, I didn’t expect this,” I said as the bears attacked the manticores and chased them off, they then came and laid on their stomachs their head on the floor in front me, they scooted forward, I petted one and then the other “were you two always in the area?”

The purrs that came from the bears made me chuckle, Twilight and the others approached cautiously. They looked at me and then to the ursa minors.

“Wa?” asked Twilight

“Yeah, they are the bears that attacked the village, I don’t know why but they are now my pets,” I said nonchalantly “seems like the workers were chased away by those things.”

“Wa?” Twilight said again as the bears purred under my touch

Scootaloo was the bravest of the three fillies and came up to the bear and started to pet it, first she did it timidly but as soon as it began to purr her smile started to show as she beamed with pride.

“Oh my gosh,” she squealed “I’m touching an ursa minor.”

“Be careful Scootaloo,” Twilight breathed out finally

I flicked my tail and the bears stood, they looked at me expectantly “Stay here,” I said and they sat where they were not moving.

“What, how,” asked Twilight “how are they listening to you?”

I shrugged “No idea,” I said “let’s go in”

We entered into the castle doors and looked around the castle, they had already finished the interior as well, and the three fillies ran off on their own with Spike trailing behind them. Twilight and I explored the now renovated place.

“Well, seems like they did it all,” Twilight began “except for the courtyard I would say it’s finished.”

I nodded as we stood in the large ballroom, I had remembered the promise I had made to Pinkie Pie and expected her to transform this place into something I couldn’t imagine.

“Well, this is my new home now,” I said “now I gotta decorate.”

“Don’t worry you’ll have the best pony in all of Equestria to help you with it,” Twilight said, I looked at her with a raised eyebrow “Princess Celestia of course.”

“Twilight,” I began “even if Celestia got a ass that won’t quit, her style is literally to bright for me.”

Twilight stood there mouth agape as I walked off to explore the other parts of the castle

“Vreizo,” she called “you cannot say things like that about the princesses!”

“Why not, many citizens probably think she got a nice flan as well,” I laughed ducking into another room “besides, who else is gonna tease sunbutt princess.”

Twilight galloped after me rage in her eyes if she found me I know I was probably going to be hit over the head, might as well stay far away. As I ran our chase turned into a weird game of hide and seek, I had found the throne room and had managed to sit on the throne.

“I could get used to this,” I chuckled to myself “master of the everfree.”

“Master my hoof,” I turned to see Twilight looking at me with a smile as she was partially covered by the shadows in the room, she stepped out and “be very grateful I cannot use my magic.”

“I know,” I grinned “so, I suppose I should head to Canterlot now.”

“You can get the last train out of Ponyville at eight,” Twilight said “let’s go find Spike and the girls.”


Under the shadows of the night something moved, the city was bursting with life, many ponies made their way to and from work, or were now getting into their drinking for the night. The thing slipped through from shadow to shadow. It was searching it sipped over some ponies making them shiver from the touch. None fit the criteria it was looking for.

It went on through the night entering into the slums of the city it felt the despair and rage of the surrounding ponies. As it moved it came upon a ally where a four stallion were. It stopped and waited, three large ponies were beating on the smaller stallion.

They laughed as the smaller stallion fell over bleeding his horn broken and in the stallions magic, they turned to leave, immediately the thing rushed forward entering into the stallion’s ears, mouth and nose. The stallion gasped and started to convulsed. The stallions from before turned and looked as the smaller stallion stood, the blood draining out his mouth.

“What he wants more,” one of the larger stallions said laughing, he held the magic in his magic and waved it to the smaller stallion “what you want this come and get it.”

The smaller stallion threw his head back and the scream that escaped his throat was deathly, his eyes began to glow a sickly yellow as he cocked his head to the side and licked his lips.

“Be my sustenance,” the sickly voice said, his jaw unhinged as he stepped forward the stallions stepped back as the stallion stepped forward.

“Hell no,” another of the stallion exclaimed as he charged his horn to attack, the instant he sent his magic out it was swallowed by the smaller stallion “what!”

The smaller stallion stepped forward his head cocking to the other side as a smile that tore his cheeks at the seams.

“More,” it crackled “become my sustenance.”

The stallions began to run, but was immediately blocked by a wall of miasma, they tried to touch but reeled back in pain their bodies corroding from the touch. They began to cry, their wails of help went unheard as they sent blasts of magic at the smaller stallion, it stood unfazed, its smile ever evident.

“Don’t kill us,” one cried dropping to his knees and bowing his head

The smaller stallion stepped forward it’s body moved jagged raising a hoof, the stallion brought it down, smashing the head of the first, he raised his hoof and licked the brain matter off his hoof, he turned his head to the other two and stepped towards them.

The sound of crushing bones and screams filled the night air. Soon the ally was silent, the single small stallion mouth stained with the blood of the three stallions.

“More,” the stallion crackled

Standing the stallion picked up the blood stained hoodie from the floor and walked out the ally and into the bustling night of the city. The bodies left behind were mangled with missing organs and body parts.