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Just an amateurish writer. I welcome constructive feedback. Leave some likes and dislikes(with good reason of course). Thanks!


*Some important information at bottom! Leave some feedback too!*
The Lone Wanderer and The Courier: the names of two legendary figures whose actions forever changed the fate of the wastelands. The Wanderer stood as a shield that defended virtue from vice. And for the Courier...well, he's just a man living in the wild, wild wasteland, looking for a day's caps. Regardless, word of their legendary exploits spread throughout the wastes, but never intersected.

Now, a series of unprecedented events will unite the roads of these two legends. Being projected into the unknown, they decide to work together to adapt to the strange, new world. Could they get used to this new place? Would it be a hero's rest? But they struggle to deal with one person: each other.

More importantly, how do they deal with the colorful ponies that already inhabit the fantasy world called Equestria?

How will the Courier cope with a world without toasters or video games?

*Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership over the Fallout series. All rights go to Bethesda Softworks.*

This is also my first human-equestria story. I'm not sure if I should continue or not; this is more of a one-shot kinda thing, but I might keep adding more chapters. Let me know what'cha think! Bigger chance that I would continue! Hope you enjoy!
*If you are also interested in pre-reading or being an editor, send me a private message, I'll answer as soon as I can.*

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Comment posted by Spirit 0f Chaos deleted Nov 24th, 2013

3526430 Actually your wrong, the Courier and the Wanderer both live at around the same time, the Courier is only a few years after the events of Fallout 3.

3526623 And Fallout 2 takes place in 2241, which means three of the most powerful people to walk to earth could meet up for lunch.

3526824 And marcus would be just confused,because he knows the courier and the chosen one......Same with harold actually

3527270 Harold knows EVERY Fallout protagonist. He's in the first, second, Tactics, and the third. He has only never met the Courier, but that will soon come to pass.

3527285 He'd than likely have, if he weren't a tree now.

3526430 Before you make a claim, make sure to have your facts straight. The Courier and the Lone Wanderer lived in the same time, just were on opposites sides of the United States. The Wanderer lived on the east coast while the Courier roamed the west.

I always thought the courier would be a jovial sorts.:pinkiehappy: Wild wasteland is enough to make even the most stoic of men a little bit zaney. :rainbowlaugh:

so far not bad. have you played FO1 or 2?

3527522 Agreed. But I can't play without it, I enjoy it so much even if I've already seen wild the wasteland is.

Soooooo......do you guys like it or not?:rainbowhuh:
I can't tell when all you do is debate.

As for that, yes. Unfortunately, I can't find the games now? :( Guess I gotta stick with the other two then.

Yeah, I think getting shot in the head, left to rot in a grave, getting your brain removed, and fighting the front lines of a war can do more than make the Courier's brain a bit, 'zany.' ;)

Featured, by the way, in case you didn't know.

Looks good to me keep working on this, though may wish to get hold of a thesaurus to help vary your words. Not a major issue at times as you tend to avoid using the same word over and over, but it never hurts to have such a thing to help with thinking up synonyms.

But still do keep working on this, it is a very nice story and I'm interested in how it will play out

Yes!!! Advice!!! Thank you!!!!:pinkiehappy:

Now, all I need is a prereader and/or editor.

I like it. The only way it could be better is if you got rid of the CMC (AKA: the three agents of the apocalypse) but that might just be my "hatred" for all (hyperactive, somewhat annoying) children talking so pay no attention to me, so keep on truck'in.

Oh and while it's still on my mind if the courier has access to big Mt, why does he use a duffel bag when with all that tech he can probably have the think tank make something akin to the storage system in the game?

("hatred" is more of an severe dislike in most cases)

3527283 Depends on if you end up killing Harold in 3 or not, but either way, the Courier would have to go to the DC wasteland to meat him. Harold's kinda rooted there.

Holy crap guys! It's actually on the featured!!:pinkiehappy:
But, can we just talk about the story itself? Please?:duck:

3527786 Unless Harold grows to the Mojave Desert, then he can do freaky plant magic and meet the Courier. Did you know psychic powers are canon in Fallout?

3527824 I suppose its possible. He does sense the Lone Wanderer as he approaches Oasis, but that doesn't mean he can communicate through his root system...not that I'm saying it's impossible.

3526430 You're thinking of the Vault Dweller compared to the Lone Wanderer, which is more like 120-ish years, but whatevs, it's nearly six AM and I'm listening to Guile's theme.

3527827 Psychic powers, like Hakunin in Fallout 2 uses would suffice.

If you feel like debating, then do it in a chat room or forum, please? :unsuresweetie:

Leave some thoughts and opinions? Please?

Looks interesting, so far. It's not clear yet how either fallout character will get to Equestria, unless they both end up on Mothership Zeta and happen to get to Equestria while trying to get back home. You seem to have pegged the personalities of the Think Tank pretty well. I'm just glad I played both of those DLCs so I can catch what's going on. I'd like to see where this goes. :twilightsmile:

Wait... he carries the tesla cannon? That think weighs like 30kg. I prefer light things, like pushy, and love and hate. Also knife spears. When I drop off all the loot I pick up, I can get under 60kg :pinkiesmile:

when is next update? This story has finally meet my standards in the fallout section!

Oh my god!! Someone actually got it!! :pinkiehappy: I always think of this whenever I used the Tesla-Beaton prototype! I always imagined it making a huge kick like that.

By the way guys...I love you all!!:heart: Still on featured! You're all awesome!!:coolphoto:

3527867 Wow, seriously? You must only have a few hours on Fallout:NV.

300 (My weightlimit)
My weapons:
Fat Man
Anti-Material Rifle
Quad Barreled Acid Shotgun (Mod weapon)
Alien Blaster
A Light Shining in Darkness
Christine's CoS Silencer Rifle
Big Mountain Transportalponder
Elijah's Jury-rigged tesla cannon
Automatic Rifle
Red Glare
Red Victory Grenade Rifle

Like, seriously, you can never have enough guns and other misc. shit in Fallout.

I like it so far. The biggest problem with it is how uninteresting the Lone Wanderer seems. It's even more of an issue when he's next to the Courier, who you have managed to portray as an entertainingly wacky character who brought a pretty big grin to my face.

I suggest you try to make your Wanderer more unique in his character. Perhaps he is a Heroic Comedic Sociopath who wiped out Paradise Falls for shits and giggles as much as for justice? Or maybe you can just drop the Wanderer entirely. Your version of the Courier looks capable of carrying a story by himself.

Whatever the case, I think I will track this story.

Oh, and congrats on the feature.

Hmm, you hold some merit.:moustache:
But we already have a heroic comedic psychopath.
But know this, the Lone Wanderer does hold purpose, just gotta wait to see it. I've always imagined him as a more serious type and the Courier as a...well, you can tell.:derpytongue2:

The Courier and the Wanderer each make up 1/3 of the story. If it was just the Courier, then if wouldn't be much of a story then will it?:raritywink:
Well, then I might was well slap "Comedy" and "Random" on the tags if it was just my crazy friend.

3528032 My friend if this is how you're going to portray your protagonist's, then I can't wait to see there reactions to Pinkie Pie.:pinkiehappy:

3527979 Few hours, = packing pushy and knife spears?
Dafaq u smoking? I just use melee weps, unarmed, and explosives.

By all means, it's your story. A funny man and serious man in contrast is something used often because, well, it works.

But I want to see this story turn out well, and I can't help but feel that your (relatively) uninteresting Wanderer may trip the thing up. In the very first chapter, he already has much shorter and less entertaining scenes than the Courier. His abduction by the aliens is something we have already seen in-game, while the Courier's bantering with the zany inhabitants of Big MT and the space shuttle is something fresh and new.

Are you sure you don't want to rewrite the Wanderer's introductory scenes?

But perhaps the first chapter is too early to judge. There's still a world of possibilities in this story. I hope you make the best of it.

Don't worry, the Wanderer will have some action scenes, as well as the Courier. :ajsmug:

And while my Courier can be the main protagonist, I felt that just having him would be a bit cliche.

3528093 Keep in mind, though... We didn't really get to SEE much of The Wanderer so far. We've seen him for all of a dozen or so paragraphs, while The Courier had, like... a few dozen easily. It's easier to get attached to a character that gets three or four times the screen time than one who gets little.

Overall I'm intrigued, but what you chose to highlight for introducing Equestria was a bit odd. Your introductions of the Fallout world and characters was pretty good, but Equestria just seemed... Well, odd. Like it didn't flow quite well, and you chose odd details to point out. Sorry I can't get more specific...

I love this right here, fallout equestria is the biggest abomination in our fandom, when I think I of fallout equestria, I think of things like this, I don't think of those god awful fics such as "Project horizons." I want a crossover between fallout and my little pony, I don't want a re telling of the universe that makes everything seem like it's fallout. I'm a huge huge huge fallout fan, and I hope you do the game justice with this FIC, because this is how in my opinion, "It's supposed to be." I can't emphasize enough how much I hate fallout equestria..,.. That's why I have high hopes for this.

Holy crap, someone who agrees with me.


While I do agree with the sentiment that simply ponifying the fallout universe and writing a story around that isn't a true crossover, I think calling the Fallout Equestria sub genre an abomination is a little harsh.

3528605 not to hate on your opinion because all opinions are valid ones but fallout equestria does do the game justice just as any good fallout fanfic. the thing is the reason most people prefer fallout equestria is because of how equestria was changed in to the fallout games scenario while most of the time when you put a human in equestria its because of some magical or science misshape or because of the change ability of the fallout game characters so no one can agree on who they should be and because of that the already predetermined characters in fallout equestria feels more alive then someone you play through as in a video game and you generally get to know about ... but most of that is role playing and or ignored for story or violence. the characters in fallout equestria make for a better story. finally most if not all the story's that put the human fallout characters into equestria some how just feel kinda bland or just fall flat as a story while most fallout equestria story's feel better written and are generally better reads well... that what i think any way but if you disagree fine i was just stating my opinion as well.

3527595 I noticed not a lot o' people are talking about the story itself: more about fav weapons and the like, so I decided ta' let ya know what I think. :pinkiehappy:

*clears throat*
Firstly, this is a path commonly trodden; fallout crossovers, I mean, so do something that stands out. (As I said before, I love me some crazy courier, so you got that goin on :pinkiehappy:)
Also I can't tell from your writing style how the dreaded "first-contact" will go, but be cautious you don't just roll over it and everything is resolved, savvy? Nextly (that should be a word) I very, quite indeed am enjoying this story so far, Guvnah, so pls more. Kay bye!

so far this is looking promising ...don't let me down and tern out like those other fallout storys

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