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Holy shit mang. · 12:45pm Jun 5th, 2015

Man, three years. It's amazing how much has changed, my shift from the brony fandom to the furry fandom after I became too fed up with it and needed something that I could legitimately enjoy. This site is basically dead though, and it really pains me to say that. The greats have all gone and past, I love this place to death, and I still do, but there is a very striking lack of good authors, or more properly put, original authors. Everything in this day and age after my three year span on this

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994797 huehuehuehue, you mistake me for a squire! But I shall have you know, I am a certified Paladin in the arts of Train Rape, and I know it's conciquences, so I do say! Come aboard my train! You will experience what it is like on the true rape train!

Prepare yourself squire. You've made a terrible mistake following me and now the train has boarded the station. If you wish to survive this journey, follow my helpful description of what's going to happen.
When you board the rape train, you will get off. And then you will be allowed to get off.

Thanks for the Fave! :pinkiehappy:

I'm following you :pinkiecrazy:

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