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Listen kids. I write stories about ponies. And most times those stories contain clop. So skedaddle and let the adults read this jazz.

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Was just flipping through old favorites and remembered yours, shame, I honestly believed Shade of Red had a great deal of potential.

370309 personally id say screw them its your story and you can write whatever you want cause i really liked that story chapter and would like to see it updated

But seriously, it is going through a lot of revisions right now. Apparently I don't know jack about the lore of Dark Souls and for some people (maybe bookmaster) I need to be set strait. I took most of the lore to be pure speculation of the fan base but some people (probably bookmaster) see that fan speculation as truth.
So basically the second chapter was nearly done before I had to rewrite it due to lore errors causing black loop holes of crushie painful non pony safe death.
To finally answer your question, not soon. It looks like "A Different Shade of Red" will be updated next. :T

P.S. Love you bookmaster :lessthanthree:

I must ask: When is Your Time Is Not Yet Over, Knight Artorias gonna be updated?

  • Viewing 3 - 7 of 7
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