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Removal of Chapter 3.5 · 12:51pm Jan 9th, 2015

Now if you decided to reread chapter 3 of Aint it Fun, you will notice the disappearance of the link to chapter 3.5

Following one of my prereaders taking a gander at chapter 4, he informed me that it was uneasy to sit through. And I for one, have to agree. Granted, I posted it anyways, but I was very iffy about it when I wrote it. Not only on the whole... Yknow, theme but taking a look back the reaction of the main character was also pretty unrealistic and I guess fitting something as dark as that into what is supposed to be a fun, wacky, over-the-top fic felt out of place.

But yes, it's removed and on the slim chance that my pathetic excuse for writing offended you, I apologize.

As for the small group of people that are tracking this story, Just stay put, chapter 4 is already finished with writing and prereading and will only need to go with slight editing.

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oh hey look not all my work is garbage

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1767981 Coco Adel from RWBY. Appears mostly in the Season 2 finale. Though I do know she did appear couple episodes before that as well.

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