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Twilight Sparkle. Celestia's most faithful student, the very pony that brought together the Elements of Harmony, saved Equestria numerous times and of course, the princess of friendship. With such fine titles and achievements, what in Equestria could possibly outshine her?

A sandwich. That's what.

Warning: Contains OOC Characters because I'm a terrible person

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[Second Person Narrative] [Features ponies and Vacuums]

You're trying to tidy up your mess of a house. Unfortunately for you, a certain multi coloured friend of yours is in the way of that.

Just a small one shot fic to brush up on my skills. Written for the fun of it with no real explanation to anything.

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Lycan RD belongs to Muffinsforever. I do not own anything except this fic.

What do you do when you get bitten by a potentially dangerous animal?

Simple. Do what Rainbow Dash did.

Disregard medical attention and turn into a Lycan.

Special thanks to my proofreader, Moldyshishkabob

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The Elements find themselves turned into plush dolls. And this time it's not Twilight's fault!

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(Takes place some time before the pilot episode)
(Second Person, You X Luna)

You are, Whiplash, the little known god of metal and typical mischief maker. And one fine day, you catch Celestia in a bad mood.

So what does she do?

Why, what she always does.

Send you to the moon.

The awesome person who drew the cover pic

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