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Lycan RD belongs to Muffinsforever. I do not own anything except this fic.

What do you do when you get bitten by a potentially dangerous animal?

Simple. Do what Rainbow Dash did.

Disregard medical attention and turn into a Lycan.

Special thanks to my proofreader, Moldyshishkabob

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Of course that would be rainbow's reaction.

I just noticed that you like writing stories about wolves. Is it your obsession, no offense?


That logic worked for my worgen

This made my day. Continue.

very good story so far. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Hey I'd disregard medical attention it i knew that I'd get werewolf magic stuff juice or something what was I talking about?

that parting statement. :rainbowhuh::rainbowlaugh:

Yeah~, no.

See, it's already a mindless story. A "mindless" story is something that drones on wihout any foreshadowing, purpose, or feeling.

Work on your skills towards when you need to use she, [insert pony name], then she again. Short, incomplete sentences areunacceptable, adn sometimes hinder the story, unless used to prove a point.

She did not like the pain and screamed. Loudly.
That alicorn walked to the carriage. She walked to the carriage.

nice story :ajsmug:
though i spotted a few grammatical errors
try using *She* a little more cause it sounds a bit like trixie is telling the story :trixieshiftright:

"Why do I feel the sudden urge to pee on everything I love?" Rainbow Dash asked herself.

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: Wow. I think I laughed for five minutes straight after reading that. (As you can guess, I'm very easily amused.)

And you seem to have a very minor case of 'Lavender Unicorn Syndrome', as well as using names too often. Not to mention some of the sentences are either too long or too short, and the chapter seems kinda rushed. But the story is pretty good otherwise, and there are some little humorous bits here and there. 6/10.


.....When is the next chapter coming out?

2837481 Whoops

2838850>>2839111>>2838487 Yea, I'll be sure to fix that. Next chapter eh?

4-5 months. (I'm being completely serious BTW)

2837361 I am rather fond of wolves...

would be funny to see RD experience some primal instincts in the next chapter :pinkiecrazy:
her tongue lolling out - scratching at fleas- being distracted easily- barking and growling at stuff :rainbowlaugh::rainbowkiss: hahaha


2839607 The deed is done.

2839981 Thank you. :moustache:

Now I'ma attempt to play Legends of Equestria.

Since when do wolves have slits for pupils?

2840064 Wolf eyes have these like, lines instead of pupils and I didn't know exactly what they were supposed to be called so I went with slits :derpytongue2:

Interesting first chapter; though a bit rushed as some others have pointed out. Perhaps the encounter with the mysterious wolf could have been a teaser at the end of the chapter? Or the effects of the bite on Rainbow Dash could have been the teaser? But overall, nice idea, will be waiting for the next chapter. :ajsmug:

this story intrigues me mortal you should continue

This is a good start, please continue *watches contently*

2840135 Hmm, 2 minutes on Google showed me eyes that look like they have round pupils to me, but I guess I could be wrong and they're dogs or something? Or am I blind?
Please provide links showing how horribly wrong I am if you can -- now I need to know what wolf eyes look like!

[edit: wikipedia sez "The small European red fox (Vulpes vulpes) has vertical slit pupils whereas their large relatives, the gray wolf (Canis lupus lupus) and domestic dogs (Canis lupus familiaris) have round pupils." Maybe different types of wolves also have different pupil shapes?]

Yes, just yes.:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:
Please continue.:twilightsmile:

Oh my Celestia, I'm going to enjoy this fic. :rainbowlaugh:

Rainbow Dash the Flying Wolf
The end of ponyking is near.


Just a teeny tiny thing,

Either way
Lycans? Check
Ponies? Check

All in all this is my kind of story, I shall watch it intently. :pinkiehappy:

2841008 No, Wolf HAVE round pupils, all of them. Only fox have slits, and only some of them, if i'm not mistaken.

The world is weird! *hides from Australia and their box jelly fish*

Sorry, but the story title "Winds of Change" was already taken by Masterweaver. You're going to have to change the title.

2841807>>2841008 I kinda just took references from the cover pic :derpytongue2: It looked like slits so...

Hmm, but nonetheless I should go double check with the artist.

2841824 Curses.

EDIT: Fixed.

2840135 Toads have bars, snakes and some foxes have slits. wolves have it round.

2841885 The cover pic showed Rd having slits...

2841896 you are viewing her head at a right angle rotation. therefore, the sphere flattens a bit. it looks like a slit as the sides are closer together yet the top loses no curve. it's a matter of perspective.

EDIT: and even if wolves had slits, she is more equine then canine in the picture. if you dont get what i mean, in traditional werewolves they keep their hands and upright, bipedal stature. yet grow fur and gain tons of muscle. therefore the conversion is something like 35-40%

2841902 Oh.

Time to edit.

2841904 Logic is my battering ram, and my Literature-OCD is the force pushing it. slights against Logic, and Grammar most foul are the door to be breached. and the text is the castle to be pillaged.

No-one had said this yet? Must I? *sigh*
I'm lycan this idea!!¡!!!11!!¡¡¡!!1!!1!!11!1¡¡!!!!¡¡¡111¡¡121!!!
¡Yo soy una persona estupida!

2841957No, usted es impresionante


Perhaps the encounter with the mysterious wolf could have been a teaser at the end of the chapter?

That was a little reference to Muffinsforever's other Lycan pony, Lycan Octavia (I remembered seeing that picture somewhere around here...)

Awesome story! Waiting for more! :pinkiehappy: And everyone else, *clears throat* , WHY ARE YOU ARGUING ABOUT WOLVES HAVING SLITS OR ROUND EYES!? Lol, just joking! I know that you guys aren't arguing, but come on! They obviously have round ones! :pinkiesmile:


Also, just thought you should know, you have earned a favourite and a like! Good day!

Aside from that, her eyesight was now enhanced, her hearing was sharper than usual, and her sense of smell was much more sensitive than usual.

And how does she know this? This is a perfect example of show, don't tell!

Ehhhh... sorry, but while this has an interesting premise and an ending line that hints at funny times to come, the painful pacing and the general contrived nature of the first chapter turns me off big time to the whole darn thing :applejackconfused: That's not to say that the next chapters, where the story actually pick up, WON'T be fun... but just that this doesn't fill me with confidence. Not sure if this will be worth my time, you see :applejackunsure:

I'll keep an eye on this though, to see if it improves and if the comedy will actually be entertaining enough to erase these doubts!

I wish you luck :twilightsmile:

"Why do I feel the sudden urge to pee on everything I love?" Rainbow Dash asked herself.


Great story so far :D

2842132 I remembered seeing it on the feature box. Didn't get around to reading it though.

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