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(Takes place some time before the pilot episode)
(Second Person, You X Luna)

You are, Whiplash, the little known god of metal and typical mischief maker. And one fine day, you catch Celestia in a bad mood.

So what does she do?

Why, what she always does.

Send you to the moon.

The awesome person who drew the cover pic

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I have no idea what’s going on… but in usual Riptide style it comes together to be both entertaining and intresting. :twilightsheepish:

Their in Las Pegasus. They won't be able to make it back int ime.

That would be:
They're in Los Pegasus, they won't be able to make it back in time!

Otherwise, great. Orange pony, black mane... that sounds eerily familiar, but whatever. And the thought of Celestia's drop-of-the-hat "TO THE MOON MOTHERFUCKERS!" is really funny. :rainbowlaugh:

If it's still Hydros up in here (up in heah, y'all gon' make me lose my mind!) then tell him that Treven from wtfboom88 says GOOD JOB and SCISSORKICK MOTHERFUCKER.

What exactly gives celestia the power to banish him? They're both gods...

Wait wait wait that seems not fair to the moon for not cleanning correctly damn

Funny and enjoyable. Overall, a very nice job. You sir, have recieved a well-earned favorite.

hmmmmm. oh well see where this goes next chap

Its good... I'm not a huge fan of second person fics, but you pull it off. You deserve a lot more likes by the way.

2162573 Well "You" are a minor god. And you have three other gods, one of them being the big three (Discord, Luna, Celestia). So combined, they completely outrank you.

Shameless self insert as not main pony.... Good work. Now to work me and Pyro in there and all will be well...:pinkiecrazy:



Anyway, that was great, as usual, and Celestia's instant "To the moon" had me laughing waaay too hard. :rainbowlaugh:

YAY I alway wanted to go to the moon!

Now you’ve got to do a spinoff sequel where Wheatley attempts to take over Equestria :twilightsheepish:


No, I've never played Portal 2.

Damn, you beat me to the reference. Also you make a terrible house cleaner. LOL!:rainbowlaugh:


Its because Wheatly and other cores were shot into space. Search up the rest because I can't put it all here. :scootangel:

So, there you were, sitting on your throne, in the castle as your legion of mares satisfied your every need.

go on...:pinkiecrazy:


Make a mess? Celestia sends you to the Moon.

I can feel the love they have for each other wait! Does that make me a changeling?

I know that feel bro, I have the block as well. :fluttershbad:

Oh my god, that was f*cking perfect.

"Nope, he's staying on the moon."


If that makes me a changeling then I'll be chrysalis. Yay!

2183705 No. I'm Chrysalis. You can be some other changeling.


Ah but that's not fair! :-(

Fine I'll be Celestia as a changeling still sexy or that could just be me.

2183860 No. You can be Lady Rainicorn who is also a changeling. Actually, no. You're not good enought to be Lady. You can be the Ice King.


But but the ladies are sooooo cute damn.

Who is the ice king?

2183911 Go sit in a corner and watch Adventure Time.


Sorry I have not a clue what that is. My brother propanly knows but as for me i have been away from the outside world for the last 14 weeks buds is a hell of a place i haven't been able to watch the new mlp episode until just last night.

just write until you feel you have got passed it

You write damn well for someone with writers block. I hate you Rip...:rainbowlaugh:

2183922>>2183954 I can feel the love you have for each other :rainbowlaugh:

If I was on the moon I eould be singing this

2183954 Go sit in a corner and think about your life.

2185958 *crosses arms and gives you a stern expression* Go sit in the corner with spetsnaz.


Wait the hell?
Oh dammit Ben I'm sorry my older brother and I use this account well actually he gave it to me since he left for seal training. yeah and I don't think he would know anything about adventure time because the cartoons he would ever watch are mlp, the Simpsons, and American dad. So there's that.

Anywho I'm sorry for the idiocy that is my brother well I can't say that because they would not let idiots become seals.

2188847 How is he turning into a seal? Is there a similar process that turns you into a pony?


He joined the Navy Seals he's going through buds now. Basic. Underwater. Demolitions. School.

Navy Seals are the special forces group for the Navy like the Marines have marine recon the army has the rangers.

2188943 I know what the Navy Seals are. I was baing sarcastic.

Damn. Wanna write hing fun but my cousin is next to me!:fluttercry:

I have feeling I know where this is going. It's going to be dangerous out there alone, so take this


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