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If you want to keep track of your favorite FIM Fics without the use of favorites then this is the group for you.

PLZ NOTE: ANY story that is marked complete will be removed. Besides that, you can post any story here and use this to help keep track of it with ease.

Just click on date added which is at the top and switch it to last updated.


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Can someone add my story in the group?

386758 You are quite welcome. (both literally and figuratively)

380446 Hi, Yorkie, and welcome to the group.
Hope you will enjoy the stay for as long as we are here.

Since this group is for Incomplete stories, I try to do the right thing.
With that said, I am pulling my story; My, My - Little Pinkie Pie.
The story will be moved to a group for Completed stories instead.

With that said, the Owner and Admins will not need to move this story for me.

Would a group admin mind deleting my story "Her Majesty's Secret Service" from this group? It's finished. Thanks.

I joined to leave a comment, after that, I'm leaving the group. I just had to ask a question.

What's the point of this stupid ridiculous group?

I think F.A.T.E 2 could go here

I'll be placing a few here, I guess.

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