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Knight of Crows

Luck? I don't need it, I just need everyone else's to plummet while I'm around.


The name's Cain, not too much to say about myself. Antisocial and spiteful to name a few things wrong with me. Working a shitty job and don't see a future I can be satisfied with, my only real source of income is from my only other hobby: Smithing. There's a surprisingly decent market for these kinds of weapons, real or replica, especially if said weapon was from a well known fictional series. After playing Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, I forged a few Mortal Blades, 2 to keep and the rest to sell.

After shipping them off I woke up after the strangest dream in a land not my own, still trying to figure out if this is good for me.

Takes place before season 1.

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I mean.
It's your story i guess.
Kinda cringe though.
Just what i feel though.
Do as you like.

One of these days, there's going to be a fic where Celestia says, "I got headaches with my guards' names on it."

Did that guard just die, or did his soul get sucked into the sword?

The game was never clear on that. All it says is no one has lived to tell about drawing the swords, it never said anything about losing their souls.

I've seen that kind of thing in a lot of artifacts, including a sword in Suicide Squad (my sister wanted me to take her to it because she likes Harley Quinn, don't judge me!)

I like From Software's games a lot, because even though they're really hard, I can just grind until I'm strong enough to get through them.

Watching Sekiro gameplay and reading about it make it sound like my success strategy wouldn't work for that, so I probably will never buy the game and learn about its lore.

Buy it. Just remember, you're a ninja not a 7 ft tall giant wearing stone armor and swinging a sword that weighs 500 pounds at least. Play smart, run like a bitch when you need to, all the bosses are stupidly easy if you've got the right items/ tools.

This makes me want to get the game myself.

Good start as long as he won't be a doormat to Celestia, ponies and others it's okey

Hey crow I hope u continue with all ur stories ur a good writer especially with this one and a new life of a crow

I forgot to add it new one to my list of favorites

This story has potential, there are some issues present, like tense (seemingly) and sentence structure.
They're not horrid, but they do make reading a little harder for me.
I'll stick around nonetheless and see where it goes.

dying to them. ????

Wow, such a dick. I can understand he is angry, but does he REALLY need to get the entire Guard Force mad at him? That is just asking for a one way Slaughter that will likely see him Sealed like a certain set of Demons.

Also, I can't remember, was that Shining Armor? I didn't think he was Captain just yet?

He might not have been Captain at the time, I don't think the show was clear on when Shining was promoted, one of the reasons behind the alt. universe tag. As for him being a dick, I'd say he's pretty justified if not because he was ripped from home, then the fact he's died twice now, and how first impressions went.


Uh, hmm. I think Shining Armor is what? 3 maybe 4 years older then Twilight? Twilight at the beginning of Season one was in Her late Teens? so that would make Armor what? 19 at this time give or take?

While I understand he has Died twice and didn't have the BEST first Impressions, that doesn't mean he has to make any more Enemies than Necessary! Well at least before he is in a good enough Position to do so anyway!

Great you just met a control freak and her race who doesn't know the difference between "harmony" and order

He is a ninja/samurai with magic swords and infinite lives. Sounds like a good position to me!

He just me the stupidest equestrian guard...
Wait......that unit was escorting Celestia so it was better than the rest
This is bad

"I'll be the judge of that." I said as I thought of what other weapons/ tools I should get. First, though, I should probably introduce these idiots to real armor and weapons, I don't care about them, but I can't have them dying without being capable meat shields first.

So helping them isn't worth it, at least if you don't have control, grasp over them

Also, he is immortal so he isn't scared of death, especially a weak guard


True, but how long until they figure that out? There are worse things then permanent death when you are an undying immortal.


Worse then bad, the Guard for all it’s training, prompt and Ceremony is about as useful as a shit rag.

If only he had a domination power from the shadow of war
I mean there is no game limitations making sure you don't get op so maybe he can't get that


HA! Who says he doesn’t already have it?

It's not so much he needs to have control, moreso that he knows that if he ever needs to rely on them that they need armor that can withstand being hit by chunks of wood, and weapons that won't break when they hit wood.

Or you can just rely on numbers and keep them as cannon fodder

I never played Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice but I started playing Shadow of War so I saw similarities how they both can't die

I never played Shadow of War, but the self res in Sekiro had consequences. If used too much, the friendly NPCs would get a disease called Dragonrot, basically they have really bad lung cancer and discolored blood. It is easily curable, nothing else happens to them as far as I know, but your chances of not losing half your XP for that level and half your gold drops each time another NPC gets it.

originally dragonrot was supposed to kill the npcs after a time but that god the devs thought it was a bit too much and just made it so they suffer forever until you use a dragon blood droplet

cant wait for more keep up the good work :)

Comment posted by Vergil19 deleted May 31st, 2020

I recently beat Sekiro and I hope to read more. And if I can say this, Fuck the Guardian Ape.

I hate the other ape more because of it's pet. Thankfully, you can skip that one.

We need more!

When I saw the title immortality and the mc was name Cain for a few seconds there I thought it was Cain from the Bible.

No, but I thought the name would fit. I never read the bible though, was Cain cursed with immortality like in the show, Lucifer? I would look it up myself, but with the God knows how many versions of the bible, I wouldn't be surprised if one turned him into a frog.

follow her I want to see more dr this hustoria and a human x princess celestia

follow her I want to see more of this story and a human x princess celestia

Is this coming back anytime soon?

Eventually, no idea when though. I think I'm either burnt out or too focused on other things.

Cain was the first murderer, he killed his brother abel and god cursed him with immortality, so yes, its the same as the show lucifer. In terms of the bible, its not really different but it can, most of the time, be chalked up to mistranslations considering when the bible was written. Hope this helper :)

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