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Garra (part I) has woken up in the hospital. It's the dead of night, and the last thing he can remember is fighting Naruto. Even worse, he can't hear Shukaku's voice.

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Daily reminder that Toph would beat Gaara.

Wait... there's a Naurto character named Gaara.


That's awkward.

Whelp... Their boned.:facehoof:

Look up the Death Battle! between them on Youtube.

It's epic and well-researched.

you fail to realize if Shukaku took took over toph is dead.

You mean that biju he doesn't have anymore? If you're going to throw out character feats, make sure they're accurate.

Toph would also beat the Third Kazekage. Because metal bending. There isn't really a fair comparison to make. They fought because they both command the earth. It was Toph's obvious win because her command of earth is complete and varied while Gaara's is purely command of sand. You can only do so much when your ability is throwing a shitton of tiny crystals around. It's a powerful ability because of how those crystals can be used, but against true mastery of the earth in all its forms it becomes a mere shadow of a greater power.

Yeah, Shukaku would probably have given Gaara the edge, but if Shukaku comes out it's no longer earth bender vs earth bender because Shukaku uses Wind Release jutsu. That wouldn't work with the Death Battle format, even if we spoke of a state of Gaara that still had Shukaku, who would probably lose even faster because of the difference in power between that Gaara and the Gaara that would have fought Toph.

Were those the same guards who were in the room when Gaara gave the doctor the rundown of his family dynamic? Also I'm surprised no one asked about Gaara's self-inflicted scar.

well your fucking wrong

would love to see some more of this

Rehabilitate this unstable maniac killer please .

"I killed my uncle when he tried to assassinate me under my father's orders." The room went deathly quiet. Then Princess Cadence spoke up.

I thought he didn’t find that out until part 2.

"It is the symbol of my village. Every shinobi gets one when we graduate from the academy." I could sense a few of the undercover guards approaching me from behind. "Also..." The guards pulled out knives or swords, trying to swing at me. As expected, my sand stopped them before they even got close, "If your going to assassinate me, you can at least try."

Why the f*ck they trying to assassinate him for?

I brought my right hand up in a ram seal, "Sand Binding Coffin." The sand in my gourd wrapped around the guards completely. "Sand Waterfall Funeral." I didn't need to turn around. I heard the snapping of bones behind me as I crushed them to death. A few drops of blood landed on Princess Celestia's face.

He out

I wonder how he’s gonna fit in. Also, I feel like even if he didn’t think it was a dream he would still do it.

That was unexpected.

"Hiciste una gran escena. No solo eso, sino que también tenías el poder para respaldarlo". Ella no mostró ninguna emoción. "Solo pregunto por qué hiciste tal cosa".

Gaara: Eh?, but you were the ones who started trying to kill me, I just defended myself!

I really want to talk aboutI really want to read the continuation of the story.

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