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Garra (part I) has woken up in the hospital. It's the dead of night, and the last thing he can remember is fighting Naruto. Even worse, he can't hear Shukaku's voice.

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Over the garden wall and into the Everfree lays a beast in wait. Most tales weave a story of a hero training to someday slay the beast. This tale however, is a story about the Beast and how he regrets the choice he made. He knows it was evil...But one must do what the have to in order to survive.

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I've been brought to a world of magic and anthro ponies. I always hated how Celestia brought such an imbalance. I think it's about time to fix that. The Phantom Troupe is coming to Equestria, and it's going to cause havoc.

Chapter 1-??? Finding our legs.

(Used to be Hunter x Equestria before name and cover change)

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