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Instead of summoning the Shinigami, Minato gets a Draconequus. Instead of getting turned to stone, a certain draconequus gets sent to another world. With a world brimming with its own bloody form of Chaos, Discord find himself intrigued by these humans, these ningen. The question is, is he corrupting them or the other way around?

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This looks interesting. I'm curious what changes Discord's presence will cause. This whole situation makes me think about how a different first impression can set an entirely different precedent; Discord was more of a nuisance in Equestria and was banished at the first opportunity but here, he was summoned away from being sealed and was quick to help in a grim situation so the policy Minato established was "We can't beat him and he's not antagonizing us so let's return the favor; best case scenario, neighbors help each other out."

I... don't know enough about Naruto to understand the context here from the description alone; the only thing immediately raising my eyebrow is the death tag, which seems like a bit of a red flag to my personal reading tastes. :applejackunsure:

Can you give me a rough estimate of how "death-y" we are talking about here? :derpyderp1:

Pony-deaths? Mayor character death? Off-screen no-name character deaths? :rainbowhuh:

It's mainly due to the Ninja world: Ninja villages are basically military and mercenary operations in one, who take jobs that can range anywhere from painting fences and weeding and all the way up to protective escort and full blown assassination. Thus, fighting and death is a thing that'll happen a lot in this setting

This story has my reading appetite set to Akamichi levels.

"Don't worry, I sent the furball somewhere it won't bother you all."

Tell me it's not crammed inside a hollowed-out discord statue in the Canterlot gardens.

Honestly, I was hoping you'd update your other Naruto crossover featuring Discord as the main character, but this is an interesting reversal of concept (follows).

"...Well, there's the Forest of Death?" Minato suggested offhandedly.
The God of Chaos blinked, catching their attention. "This place has one of those too?" he asked,stroking his beard. "Odd coincidence."
"Hmm? What do you mean, Muchitsujo-Sama?" Minato inquired curiously.
"Oh, it's nothing, just some place from the world I came from had a dark, so-called unnatural forest that was the subject of many scary stories, and was right next to a small town," he explained.
The Hokage and elders thought about it for a moment before nodding. "Yes, that does sound like the Forest of Death," Koharu murmured.

... yeah, now that you pointed it out I can see the parallels... :yay::trollestia:

"Don't worry, I sent the furball somewhere it won't bother you all."

Did Kurama just get dropped back into the MLP-verse? :derpytongue2:

This idea has so much potential!
Discord, pre-reformation Discord at that, in the Naruto world! Oh the glorious chaos this will cause! (especially since this Discord appears to share the Discord-archetype dislike for killing) :trixieshiftright:
Looking forward to more! :pinkiehappy:

While this is all happening, 6 ponies are getting therapy because they think they've accidentally atomized a god with the magic of friendship.

This is a cool story so far, though I don't know anything about Naruto. Maybe now's the time to get into it

All the damn yes in the world goes to you

How did you have such a good idea

So... How are you going to work around the whole "Discord can defeat everyone in Naruto" thing?

I can see it now. “Were you aware you had an evil moon goddess? I don’t even have one of those back home!”

Hopefully humor. That's how One Punch Man does it (and a healthy amount of character development, of course. Both is hard to do at once.)

Awesome start, but I have a few suggestions.

The title, if you want to do a title section, should be formatted more like a title and less like regular text, perhaps with a dividing line, which you can make yourself, or do [ hr] (without the space) to make one automatically. [ hr] is a great way to switch perspectives as well, like, for example, indicating a timeskip. With Discord, saying "timeskip" directly isn't immersion-breaking, it's funny. But in other stories, it can be really disorienting. A horizontal divider is a lot less intrusive and is a subtle way to indicate a switch that is used in many professional novels.

The "I don't own MLP or Naruto" bit may have been common when the legal status of fanfics was a lot more up in the air, but as long as you don't have lots of copyrighted, non-parodied song lyrics, Fimfiction doesn't care, and if legal things ever happened, they would go after Fimfiction, not you. And the not owning part wouldn't exactly matter. They know you don't own it, or claim to. Companies don't go after fanfiction anymore, unless someone is making a lot of money off of it.

Finally, the summary either needs a special, formatted place like the title, or just remove it, as people who want to see it can find it easily before they click the first chapter.

I only watched the first Naruto series where is young but I am enjoying this story so much! I can't wait to see more!


OOhg this is amazing can't wait for the next update!! :)

Divine Beastiality would be good name for a band. Also I have to wonder if anyone has to break a portion of themselves free from a wall or tree.

It also reminds me of the Greek Pantheon; more specifically, Zeus. Seriously, the dude apparently shape-shifted into a dozen or so different animals while making all those demigods of his.

Also as a golden shower. Glad those words don’t have any unfortunate connotations in English...

"with the great gap in their famous walls-"
That always made me laugh.

We're a secret village! (with a massive main road right to our front gate that's open for business)
We have huge walls! (and how to walk up a wall is like, lesson #1 in ninja school)

"I moved all their spies five feet from where they were before."
Oh. Oooooh that's good. :D

I'm pretty sure it's actually Ryuuma (which can be written in English as Ryuma if you don't feel like spelling out the long vowel, the way we don't bother to spell the long vowels in Tokyo or Kyoto), because "ryuu" is dragon. "Ryo" means a lot of things, but not dragon. Did they pronounce it Ryoma in the English dub or something?

(BTW, you probably know this, but for others: this is the exact same word as "long-ma" or "lung-ma", which is the version we more commonly see, and it literally means "dragon horse", which is the same thing that draconequus means.)

Yes I am aware of the Longma thing. As for Ryo and Ryoma, I've checked repeatedly and separately for both words: It can be spelled Ryu/Ryuu or Ryo for Dragon and Ryuma/Ryuuma and Ryoma for Dragon-Horse.

which turned to stone event are you talking about, the one preformed by Celestia and Luna or the one preformed by The Mane Six?

Left that vague intentionally for the moment, but I'm leaning Mane Six

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"Who's a good boy? You are! Yes, you are! Now who wants a belly rub?" :yay:

"Did Discord just turn himself into a giant fox?" :rainbowhuh:

"Ah don't think that's Discord, Dash." :ajbemused:

"Just like a cad to swap himself out with an innocent creature, however large it is." :duck:

"We are going to have such a big welcome party!" :pinkiehappy:

"But how are we going to explain what happened to Princess Celestia!?" :twilightoops:

yeah how:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:maybe get a laugh out of it:trollestia:


Amazing, I don’t like Naruto in particular but my god, Am I loving the story. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

Minato gave her an annoyed look. "Thank you, Dear, for that lovely image of divine bestiality into my head."

XD, I’m pretty sure that bestiality is between animals, which means practically no self awareness, discord is very self-aware

Beastiality is a human having sex with animals. Which I think still counts with non-humanoid mythicals.

Not really because what separates us from animals is sentience and discord got plenty of that

Not really? If you write a fic about Aslan from Narnia having sex with any of the human women, its still considered beastiality.

No that’s cross breading, anything that has sentience is not a animal therefore not bestiality, there isn’t any way you can twist it to make sense to it, if sentience doesn’t divide us from animals then what does? What makes humans and any other things with sentience special is that they can “ I think therefore I am”

Dude, you are really overthinking this, and you're talking about an entirely hypothetical situation of humans with sapient animals. Let it go.

Found this story. Read it. Love it. No more chapters. Sad. That is all.

... But seriously I love this story and can't wait to read more of it.


Can we have another chapter Akuma ? this is getting interesting.

Discord's really having fun here isn't he? And my goodness, that's a remarkably unfortunate infiltrator.

Took me a long time to work out it would be pronounced root-y as opposed to rut-y. Fun to see the odd moments where humans manage to utterly confound chaos.

Alright he also posts here noce to know. Good chapter this story seems like a gem.

Discord raised a brow as he processed that. An omen of great change, be it good or bad. He liked that, honestly, but his arrival signaling a great leader? That was the thought that made him remember the Alicorns. "Okay, I actually can't completely argue against that," Discord recalled with a face palm before literally pulling his face off.

That's actually really accurate in regards to Discord. :eeyup:

Discord the benevollent protector of Konoha is really interesting to read about.
Good work. :twilightsmile:

Still with that hoodoo. It's remarkable how easily Discord slides right into the world of Naruto.

Discord must like it there if he actually cares about wether they fear him.

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