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Sneak Peak for the future stories · 11:12pm Nov 8th, 2014

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What happened to your tumblr? It's gone!


Fairly well. ^ ^ Went to a party and gave out treats.

So... How did your Halloween go?

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Hee~ I already left a comment on the series page with the link, since thats where I mentioned I'd be working on the fanart in the first place. :yay: And honestly, even tears isn't really enough to disprove that it's Fluttercruel. Remember, that they mentioned she cries plenty in her 'episodes' when she see's a overly injured animal. And she was eerily comforting Dissy after she nearly killed him so her shedding some crocodile tears with some empty promises isn't out of the question.

Now I was going to put in hard evidence that it was Fluttercruel in the picture, by having their shadows depicting the whipping. But towards the end, I felt that would be a little distracting annnnnd I was changing my mind half way anyways so even I'm not sure who it could be.

But you're right on one thing- if it WAS the original, chances are Dissy would be so traumatized, he'd be second guessing himself for sure.

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