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"tHe LOngeR THe ICoN oF SiN iS On EArtH, ThE STRongeR hE wiLL beCOmE." - Sam Hayden


Yadda yadda yadda, You’ve heard of our kind; The Displaced. Becoming a small trend actually, I’ve been sent to Equestria because I cosplayed as Obito Uchiha from Naruto. Yeah, you’re probably bored at this rate.

I’m sent to Equestria with all of Obito’s memories, abilities and even his appearance as well. But when you’ve managed to piss off the Royal Sisters, well.. you know you’re in a pickle, especially when you’re imprisoned in the crystal cave for who knows long?

Luckily, that seal in my prison is about to break. But I don’t have any possible plans except.. whatever I could think of.

yeah yeah yeah, been reading too much displaced, I know.
Inspired by these two things. The Price Of Power by kingrulerword.
And My Little Pony: An Uchiha’s Wrath by Lord Nopony.

If you enjoy please don’t hit the like and give comments as to how this story sucks.

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I’m wondering if y’all actually hit the dislike intentionally or you just followed my joke.

You may want to include a status into your description about if there'll be any cross-overs or if the story will be the main focus without cross-overs.

>“You’re genjutsu seemed a bit impressive for a pony. But that stare means nothing to my eyes!”
Your going to need a proofreader. But fuck it, liked and followed anyway, Naruto is cool.

Sure, when it comes to mind.

Fixed, and hey thanks!

I hit dislike without even reading it. Displaced is a dry, dusty desert nowadays and you sure as hell didn't find the oasis.

Thanks for the heads-up, although at this rate I might care or not.

Yet you lack the self control to just NOT view the story in the first place, but I suppose you're just like Hamster_Master, all hate and no constructive criticism.

8850916 I hit like without even reading it, so I guess this kinda balances?

Anyway, keep writing, keep getting better, and keep having fun in the fandom!

This story seems to be really promising! You should really continue this story and continue to write !

Is their a reason your comparing the power of the guy who made a moon and then hurled it into space and hosted the Shinju and split it off to nine beings while being in his deathbed and then transcended death itself to become an observer of his world to anything in MLP?

Other than Discord that is

Question: Why is "I ended up stuck in stone for a thousand years" such a popular element in Displaced fics?

Mudbriar: Technically, he’s not stuck in stone.

But to be honest, I use that element because it leaves the reader questions to be answered. Why did Obito betray the Royal Sisters? Who was Obito’s special somepony? How did the Royal Sisters manipulate Chakra?

8857797 Well, no not her. But it’ll be more explained in the story.

Interesting start to this! Like it a lot so far. So you were inspired by my story and kingrulerworld? Fascinating! Thanks for mentioning us too. Now, I’m off to the next chapter!

Getting even better! Wonder what Obito has planned???

Hmm...I wonder why Obito wants those certain eyes transplanted? To gain the EMS? Hmm...I wonder...

Anyway, looking forward to more. Please update again soon. This has encouraged me to begin the next chapter for An Uchiha’s Wrath!

Hey thanks mate. Also I’m looking forward to that next chapter of yours, I’m curious as to where Madara leads all his plans to.

Well! You’ll just have to wait and see! *evil smile*

Excellent chapter! Looking forward to the next one. Please keep it up!

Pretty good chapter. I enjoyed it.

I never was a big Madara fan.

Did Obito used Henge to transform into a Unicorn?


Ponies don't know god, nor are they Christian.👼👼

any idea when we can expect an update and new chapter?

Pissed off or didn't agree to their terms?

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