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I like My Little Pony even though i am a guy so sue me for liking cute stuff....admittedly i actually grew up watching Sailor Moon with my sisters....that's probably why people thought i was gay

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.....What are you doing on my profile page:applejackconfused:?

nothing in particular, but thx

2430698 Thanks so much! I'm actually writing the next chapter right now. Though, check out my user page if there's anything else you would be interested in reading.


2430644 meh at the moment I can't really comment on it

Just finished reading all of it but unfortunately I finished reading around 5AM....so yeah my mind isn't really coherent enough to give a review to you're story

That and I kept getting interrupted while reading it

So I am planning on re reading it later and then see if my mind can spit out anything

Though I right now this is only what I can say about it

Everything so far in my opinion is looking good

No real problems in grammar and spelling

The context in each chapter isn't to little that it feels like having blue balls when you finish reading

Or too long that it would eventually eat away at you're attention and eventually have you losing interest in the story

Its just that write amount of balance that leaves you satisfied yet craving for more

Tim and his still ongoing struggles to adjusting to pony society due to some of it clashing with his own morals and beliefs have been very entertaining so far

The last chapter was what just cemented it for me to like it and favorite the story

From having a bit of difficulty adjusting to pony society thanks to his human nature now be has to add in adjusting to becoming a pony himself?

Simply wonderful

Now to just lurk around while waiting for the next update

Thanks so much for the fav on Herding Instincts and remember that comments are greatly appreciated!

  • Viewing 4 - 8 of 8
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