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Natural Disaster

'It's the Elements of Harmony, not the Elements of Niceness'


Twilight Sparkle is given permission to explore the Canterlot Caves after the invasion but, while inside, she discovers an ancient and primordial being, an literal force of nature, a creature said to be over a million years old...and it's now awake, how will she, and her friends, handle an adventure of a lifetime? Will they be able to get knowledge from a creature older than Celestia herself? Will they be able to bring it out of its well of sadness? Will they be able to show it that friendship really IS magic, or will it be driven away by their persistence of trying to become friends with it after it was betrayed and cause it to never been seen again?

Be wary Equestria for the Nine Tailed Beast has arrived!

Crossover with Naruto/After the Naruto Anime, if you hadn't figured out yet

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It's nice.Interesting and I don't really see too many Naruto crossovers.The ones I have seen have been either VERY good but sadly never finished or VERY,VERY,VERY horrible.

This is good so keep it up.

Thanks for the compliment, the idea for this story actually came to me while walking to school and wouldn't stay out of my head, so i decided to make a account just for it, but don't worry, i won't even think about abandoning this one :scootangel:

I'll wait and see in what direction you take this story before passing any judgement on it. :trixieshiftright:Thank you for your effort.:ajsmug:

woo kurama <3 but the questions is when i nthe naruto story did he arrive i nequestria.... cause we might have a big issue if its kurama from early naruto.... hahaha could stand to be a tad logner unless you just wanted a quick intro. will fav this :)


His reaction to a feeling of curiosity

You have my attention and I'm looking forward to more.

I just hope that this betrayal you mentioned doesn't ruin the story for me but we'll see.

And I'm curious is this set in the distant future of Naruto's world or did Kurama get sent there? If the former then has the Indra/Asura cycle been passed on to other species or are the elements counted to Naruto? So many questions!

The betrayal and timeline will be revealed next chapter though Crepusculo you have actually given me quite a bit to think about, so thanks :D

By his reaction of saying Naruto...well that's because in the anime Naruto is often seen as a very curious character, so through Kurama being inside of Naruto so long I thought it would of been the feeling he most associated with him and his chakra, sorry if that was a bit unclear

Huh well now seems I'll find out whether or not I'll keep on reading this story or drop it. I'm honestly sick of betrayal fics.

That or just screws with the canon in a way that bugs the hell out of me.

It might not be the type of betrayal you think :raritywink:
But again, you might be expecting the unexpected and my plan is truly is what you think.....I'm overthinking this sorry

7075982 It was understood I was saying it like a LOL moment

I'm not going to Liar, I started to tear up with the Back Story. Well Done!

Fish Cake?
Guess he was hungry.:rainbowlaugh:

Naruto always was an idiot but considering that was one of his most if not THE most endearing trait he had, the back story is something that can be believed completely without a second thought.

7077654 Thank the lord i did something right, hopefully the next chapters i do will be up to par with this one

Finished at 1 AM... I swear that this might be a naturally acquired universal schedule for fic writers cuz even I publish/submit my chapters around this hour for my stories in which I deleted anyway...:ajbemused: OK... never mind.

Even with that strong energy I expect a small and cute Karuma. :rainbowkiss:

7077758 How else do you think he is going to get out of the caves, i don't think Celestia would like to have a giant fox tear its way out of the mountain her main city is on, plus, i'm just thinking of Fluttershy's reaction to meeting Kurama, big and small size

7077809 Emoji, Emoji and Emoji? sorry i don't speak emoji.... could someone translate for me?

7077747 Starting a fic after midnight is also pretty normal for fimfic writers as well. I actually did that on my first day.

So... Equestria replaces the world of Ninjas? Hmm... okay. Since when was Naruto a friendship freak?

7077846 He did everything to try and get Sasuke back when he left to gain power from Orochimaru, and in every battle Nauro had with Sasuke he did say we're friends....even then, i wouldn't call him a friendship freak, because he was an orphan and throughout his entire childhood he wanted friends, so i was thinking he would cherish all friendships which he has

YOU SIR HAVE MADE MY TOP TEN LIST OF NARUTO X MLP STORIES...... well you would be in the top ten when and if I make one. Finally there's a story that follows the thing postwar but doesn't crap or screw over the canon material. If a writer wants Naruto to cuts ties with Konoha and his old life then he should be reincarnated or something like that.

I loved how you handled the backstory to how Kurama was 'betrayed' and I'm looking forward to more. Hmmm you think Kurama will see Hinata in Fluttershy? And will he share stories about Naruto when he learns of the Mane Six being the Element Bearers or rather what their element is? Cause Naruto has embodied them all when you think about it.

7079203 Well i do say thank you very much for the compliment, at first i though i was going to ruin the whole thing with the backstory chapter, but i have gotten alot of good feedback from all the readers, so i am very pleased with how it is going and because of this, i will answer a question of yours....with a message!

The backstory was great, a nice way to 'close' things with the world or era of Naruto and the ninja for the most part. Better than Kurama suddenly finding himself in another world and doesn't try to find a way back.

7077769 :rainbowderp:... I am going to enjoy this :yay: !!! A fav for ya bro :ajsmug:

... the correct word is 'wary'. 'weary' relates to exhaustion.

>> HB_DS2013 Dude, They won't shut up about friendship and bonds and shit during the whole series, just like every shonen jump manga ever (One peace, Bleach, Dragon Ball, etc). In fact, MLP:FIM has a lot in common with shonen mangas.

7077814 Or spending an entire day on it. I forgot to about food that day....
But I agree, most of my writing is done at ungodly hours as well.

That was moving. Especially since Kurama's lost a friend for the second time...:fluttercry: Someone find him another knucklehead with a heart of gold, stat!!

7082562 They may not be knuckle heads(well, not all of them) but Kurama's going to be meeting a whole load of new people

oh I want more story this can lead to so many things and one of them I can tell is kyuubi using a tailed beast bomb also

as a leering foxes face came out of the shadows from above them


7082640 Well of course Kurama is going to have to use the tailed beast bomb cause without it, there would be no big boom, and big boom is fun

7082667 *looks at aching fingers then tries thinking of a way to continue* ahh crap im going to be here all night


"Welcome to my parlour, said the spider to the fly, won't you take a seat?"

Is that the 'Easter Egg'? A quote from the poem 'The Spider and the Fly'?

7082685 Wait that's an actual poem? i just thought it was some thing said on the internet, while its not the Easter egg i was looking for, i'll let you in on it as well so congrats, you as well as someone else gets to have a peek at a bit of a later on chapter

Sweet! And yea it's a poem. The line that you had Kurama say is actually a pretty famous quote. I think it's one of the most heavily quoted lines in the English language.

You should definitely check out the poem.

7082708 Wow....did not expect that, thanks for letting me know!


................okay I acutely started tearing up at one point.................I DIDN'T CRY!!!!!:flutterrage:

7082718 The Minotaur had Kisame's weapon, Samehada.

...That is what you were going for wasn't it?


If you want some inspiration then I suggest you read "The akatsuki in equestria."It is longer but it is magnificent however it was never completely finished.It really shakes me up still.Also if you want to know how NOT to writ fanfic read the naruto EQUESTRIA GIRLS fanfic.

This is just my opinion but everyone of the ones I have read have been *******.

Awesome chapter. I'm curious are any of the other Bijuu still alive as well?

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