• Published 29th Mar 2016
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Nine Tales Of Equestria - Natural Disaster

Twilight Sparkle is given permission to explore the Canterlot Caves after the invasion but, while inside, she discovers an ancient and primordial being, an literal force of nature, a creature said to be over a million years old...and it's now awake

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A Place Long Forgotten, A Monster's Cry

8,702,863 Years ago, Inside Konohagakure

Naruto Uzumaki was in his bed, surrounded by his friends, his children and their children. For a shinobi, he had lived to a remarkable age, 98, though some have said it was because he had the great Kyuubi no Kitsune, Kurama sealed in him. As he lay there, he looked around, first meeting the gaze of his second closest friend, Sasuke Uchiha, who was incredibly old as well but managed to last longer than him due to his Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan and Rinnegan.

"Hehe, I guess you managed to beat me this time, Teme...." Naruto's face, while wrinkled, still held that mischievous expression as he watched his friend's eye twitch.

"Alright, Dobe, it just means that I’ll have to catch up to you" Sasuke said the insult without any bite, showing that while he is an Uchiha, he wasn't without emotion.

Naruto continued looking around, seeing the faces of all his loved ones, His son and daughter, Bolt and Himawari, his grandchildren, and his allies, all waiting to watch him go off to the next adventure....all his friends but one.

"well, I’m just so glad everyone could actually come here to my death bed, but I’m sorry to disappoint, I hope I won't make you sad with my departure" Naruto grinned at the confused faces of everyone around him, then quickly he put his hand into a sign.....the sign to activate the Hiraishin.


In an orange flash, the jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi was gone.

Naruto stood alone in a clearing of the great forest that surround Konohagakure no sato, and after taking note that he wasn't being followed, he sat down, and drew in his mind to go and meet his closest friend.

Naruto's Mindscape

Kurama looked down at his partner, red eyes glinting with sadness, yet a strange amount of peace, the reason why? Because Kurama had accepted that he, the great Kyuubi, was going to die, not reform, but completely die. This was because even though the seal was open, it still connected his and Naruto's souls, so when Naruto died, he was going to follow.

"So, have you come to say that we're going to have fun on the next adventure? Because if you are, I’m going to hit you," the deep voice of the Bijuu rumbled around the sewers which they stood in.

Naruto started to smile sheepishly, putting his arms behind his head

"That does sound like something I would say, but, no that's not what I was going to say Kurama, I was going to say it's time for ME to have fun in the next great adventure" Naruto's sky blue eyes bore into Kurama's own red, slitted, ones.

Kurama's great laugh shook the very ground they stood on.

"Naruto, you are a foolish kit, even you should of remembered that we are bound together by a seal created by the Shinigami itself. I’m coming with you, whether you like it or not!"

Naruto's expression went into one of deep sorrow and the very moment Kurama saw it, it caused him to become still.

"Yeah, I guess you would come if I did nothing about it...you see, Kurama, while the seal has been opened, I've realized you've had every opportunity to leave me, but you haven't and while I’m glad you have stayed with me this entire time....." Naruto's expression darkened significantly. "I don't want to be the cause of another one of my friend’s deaths! And if I can do something to stop them dying, then I will!"

This declaration shocked Kurama, although he had heard Naruto say this about the humans he had lived with his entire life, he had not expected Naruto to say such about him.

Naruto continued after seeing the shocked face of his friend.

"That's why I've discovered that the seal can be opened a bit more...and if I flush it with my chakra, it will force you out, meaning you won't have to die here with me"

"Naruto, don't you dare! I have accepted my fate, do not think of separating us! It is not something I wa--"

"BUT LETTING YOU DIE IS NOT SOMETHING I WANT!" Naruto's aged face, with tears slowly travelling their way down, glared at Kurama. “That is why....." His voice trailed into a near whisper, though it still reached Kurama's ears "Why I must do this"

Naruto raised his arm, fuinjutsu marking appearing along it, then he slammed his hand into his own stomach, where the Shiki Fūjin seal was. A huge gust of wind released itself upon Kurama, pushing him backwards towards the wall which was slowly opening up to reveal a bright light.

"NO NARUTO, I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS, I DON'T WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE!" Kurama's claws were losing grip on the floor as he slowly reached where the door was.

"Do you remember what I said when Neij died? When Hinata died? Even when our friends die, they are still alive inside of us!" At this moment. Naruto, with his face glistening with tears, pointed to his heart as he stared into Kurama's eyes. “So that's what I want you to do, Kurama! I want you to keep living with me in your heart! Show the world that even the Bijuu are capable of friendship!"

It was at this moment Kurama's eyes started to water as he stared at Naruto's form, then he vanished...

Kurama opened his eyes as he took in the forest which he had formed in.

"Damnit kit, I told you I didn't want to leav--"

As Kurama looked down, he noticed a body, it was still, and lifeless.....it was the body of his ex-jailer, Naruto Uzumaki, who had died with a smile on his face.


In the village of Konoha, villager's going about their lives heard a roar, one which they had hoped to never hear, but instead of it being filled with rage, it was one of sorrow.....

Kurama ran away from a burning village, as in his sorrow he had attacked it, though he kept from killing any villagers, as he knew it was something which would off caused Naruto pain. As he got further and further away from the village, he found a small mountain, so, using his mighty tails, he tore a chunk out and slid into the new cavern, and as he lay on the floor, Kurama allowed his chakra to rapidly melt where he was, which caused the hole in the mountain to be sealed up, forever sealing him under the ground. It was only now, that Kurama allowed his tears to flow as he went into a deep sleep.....

Now, Canterlot Caves

Kurama raised his head, eyes adjusting to the purple light which the crystals were giving off, and also, for some reason, giving off the same feeling he got from the wave of energy. With a grunt he shifted his great mass around the cavern, then with a small growl, Kurama sent a wave of chakra to where he detected the odd energy came from, though his held a feeling of annoyance.

'That should scare whatever it is away....'

And with that said, the Bijuu closed his eyes once more.

Twilight was ecstatic, while still standing where she fired the wave of magic, she could feel the crystals absorbing a bit, which in turn, gave her a map of the caves.

"Oh yes this is going wonderfully!"

She spoke too soon, as those word were released from her mouth, she could feel the crystals that were furthest away from her have the magic in them be destroyed and taken over by a new energy, and whatever was doing it was getting closer to where she was.

"wh...What’s going on?!?!"

As the young mare peered into the gloomy caves, she got a glint of red...a lot of red. If her magic was a wave, this energy was a literal wall! As the energy got close to any crystals, her magic was expelled as this new red energy was taken in. As soon as it reached her, she was sent flying backwards, and as soon as she landed, she realized that the energy accompanied a feeling of annoyance...which meant whatever that was down in the caves that had sent this energy, it was sentient and it had felt her own wave of magic and had dwarfed it.

"I’ve got to tell Princess Celestia right away!"

With a flash and a pop, the unicorn was gone

Author's Note:

Well, the backstory and reason why Kurama is under Canterlot has now been revealed, i also want to say thank you so much for all the things said in the comments as they have given me a lot to think about, i am sorry i don't have a update schedule so i'll have to start think about one of those, though i am sorry if it is a bit sort