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First time of writing my own stories on here since the first episode of my little pony friendship is magic.


For over hundreds of years, mankind's life in Equestria were nothing more, but tormented slaves and servants. Although some other species of resistance think this just isn't right and wanted the humans to have their freedom, but sadly it's been proven too difficult from every socity that's preventing them of doing it. Several weeks later after Princess Twilight Sparkle's ascend into being an Alicorn to join her fellow princesses, a human teen from his own world of dominant humans wakes up in a prison cell with some damaged burn body marks and realizing that he's in another world full of Anthro species. This is a tale of Ben Renwick, the last Shinobi warrior and the hope for humanity's freedom.

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Looking good so far. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Do you need an editor ooorrrr. Seriously this is pretty bad

Thank you.
Your right, I probably might need an editor.

Look to clarify i wasn't trying to dis the story. The story's great, good concept and I like the characters. My only concern is the (pardon me for saying this but I feel like I have to be blunt) horrid spelling and grammar errors. However I'm willing to bet money English ain't your first language, which isn't a bad thing but I want this story and you the author to get the attention/spotlight you both deserve. I'd offer myself but I am going to be drowning myself in highschool assignments in 4 days. But I am sorry for how I said it before.

Not a big anime, but god DAMN IT I need a complete and glorious story like these, cause it's a worse sin for this kind of story to not have those two.

I want to see more of this story

The last drawing, however is remained blank with multiple cracked fissures all over it.

Is that the ten tails? Also, were the tail beast waiting for him?

Gather up any available units and rendezvous to the next coordinates, I'll go pay my little guest a visit."

Is he talking about Ben? Also, is this going to continue?

It's a mystery.


I'm trying my best to have it update soon.

Which part of the question is a mystery?

The one where you said "Is that the ten tails? Also, were the tail beast waiting for him?".

So, both of the questions are meant to be a mystery?

Yes, they are both a mystery for a while.

Does Kurama play a part in this? Or these Ben is your version of Naruto?

I will, just need to take some time before getting started again.
All of the tailed beasts including Kurama will play a big role part later.

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