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First time of writing my own stories on here since the first episode of my little pony friendship is magic.


(Taking place after Digimon Frontier.)

In the final conflict battle for the fate of Earth and the Digital world, both the Digi destined and all of the legendary spirit warriors having finally defeat the evil Lucemon, thus restoring all the stolen codes to the digital world. As the Digi destined bid farewell to the digital world and go back to their own home to save their friend, neither the humans nor Digimon notice a digi egg is floating far away from the digital world before it vanished. That somewhere of course, is another human world and a journey begins for Lucemon along with his new partner.

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I do not want to bother, but the names of the lucemon forms are very bad, the true names are lucemon: falldown mode for the second form and lucemon: satan mode for the third, the only one you put right is lucemon: larva mode.

Outside of that is an interesting story, I want to see how you continue.

Huh, I didn't think that the Chaos and Shadowlord forms are really bad. Though I have seen some comments that they name the different forms for Lucemon. I'll change their names to the true names later on if that maybe helps.

Actually, Lucemon Falldown Mode is the Japanese/original name. Lucemon Chaos Mode was the actual name used in the English localization.


wait, really?

-a search after-

by god, and I thought the worst change was from sleipmon to kentaurosmon or duftmon to "leopardmon"

Leopardmon's pretty bad. Also the English localization for KaiserGreymon is EmperorGreymon, which isn't nearly as bad.

I'm interested in how this will turn out.

im waiting for the next chapter, it will be funny to see sunset's reaction to the digi-egg

This story show great promise. I have no doubt that Sunset will be surprised to see Lucemon's digi egg in her arms.

This should be good keep up the good work ......AND FINALLY A LUCEMON STORY!!!!! BEEN LOOKING EVERYWHERE FOR ONE!!!!!

Given Lucemon's similarities to another character looks wise, I believe it's time to put this here

Video is privated, what was he similar too?

9884470 Satan from Devilman, and the video was supposed to be the Devilman Crybaby opening.
Damnit Youtube :facehoof:

Excited to see what happens next

I like this story so far keep up the excellent work!

nice work on both chapters so far

I like the story. I hope it would be updated soon.

I'm planning to update a new chapter soon next week.

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