Magic And Chakra Unleashed: The Last Jinchuuriki.

by Neutral Boy

Chapter 1: Human prison fortress.

Harmonic Factory, one of the large prison fortress island far off away from Manehatten. Approved on the contract agreement, the factory is used for a lot of human slaves in order to make them obey and punish them if they disobey or break any rules. The ones who do would either get whipped, beaten up, solitary confinement, or other nasty things. Even if any human slave miraculously escapes the factory, they have to next swim in the ocean, but wouldn't make it to the nearest land before drowning or killed by lethal weapons.

Currently, the factory is holding three hundred and 5 human prisoners, led by a tyrant griffon ruler named Lubrik. His guards are all keeping an eye out for any escapees and punishing some human slave prisoners.

Inside one of the prison cells, a young human girl with long black hair, black eyes, D-cups, and torn prison clothing wakes up from her nap and walk over to her friend who's still asleep.

"Naruko wake up." The black haired girl whispers.

The long yellow haired, D-cups, and torn clothing girl named Naruko murmurs in her sleep and her blue eyes slowly open up. She blinks a few times and yawns before looking at her friend.

"Sasuki?" Naruko murmurs.

"Get up Naruko, another inspection will begin in about a few minutes."

"I'm too tired and sore Sasuki, wake me up when they begin the call."

Naruko goes back to bed and turns over to show Sasuki multiple markings of whips. Seeing this, Sasuki's eyes were watering and she wipes them off wipe with her hands before rubbing her friend's head in comfort.

"I'm not sure how much longer can she be able endure all this pain."

So she sits down beside her friend and thinks to herself on what to do.

'Since Naruko can't hold on for much longer, I wonder if there's some way to escape another punishment. Perhaps I can tell one of the inmates to-'


Sasuki's thoughts were interrupted when a loud sound was heard with a sudden uproar. Apparently, something bad must've happen as well as a bunch of humans yelling out loud and the guards telling them to keep quiet.

Naruko jolted up from her sleep as she also heard it.

"What's happening Sasuki?"

"Keep it down, I need to hear closely on the other side of the cell door."

So Sasuki crept over to the door and put her ear at it to listen on a couple of guards chatting.

"It appears that one of the prisoners has died by stabbing his own throat and heart."

"Woah, which prisoner did that?"

"I believe it was number zero seven five, Danzo."

Hearing this sudden unexpected news, Sasuki's eyes widen and backed away from the door to not hear anymore conversation as she begins to slowly hyperventilate. Seeing her friend like this, Naruko sits up and tries to comfort her friend.

"Sasuki, are you okay?"

"N-No, no I'm not. It's all over for us. . . "

"Snap out of it Sasuki, what did you hear?"

"It can't be, there's no way. Did the resistance leader Danzo just give up and died?"

Meanwhile at the Wonderbolts Academy. . .

The Wonderbolt Pegasus cadets are doing their usual practice routines. All of them stop when the Captain blew a whistle as each of them flew down on the ground and form a line.

The Captain of the Wonderbolts is Spitfire. She has a captain uniform, coat skin brilliant gold, mane color vivid orange with light brilliant amber, eye color strong, and E-cups.

Her two friends beside her is Fleetfoot and Soarin. Fleetfoot has coat skin light arctic blue, mane color light gray, eye color moderate cerise, and E-cups. Soarin has coat skin very pale cornflower blue, mane color dark grayish phthalo blue, and eye color moderate emerald green.

"Alright ya maggot, job well done today! Now listen up, since I'm in a good mood and our next special training is next month, I'll let each of you get five days off. Just make sure that you do normal practice once a day. Now pack up your things and head on home, I have to sort out some paper works!"

All of the cadets saluted to their captain as they flew off to their locker rooms.

Spitfire and her two friends head on over to her office room.

When all three went inside, Spitfire walks over to her chair and sits down.

Before she goes to look at the paper works, she looks to see her friends with uneasy smiles.

"You have something to say?" She says.

"Hey Spitfire, have you ever thought of adopting a human slave?" Soarin asked her, scrating his his head.

Spitfire raises an eyebrow.

"Why would I want to do that?"

"Well I did notice that you were having some problems from the last break up months ago. Even your mom looks worried when she saw you crying and drinking at the bar. So we just thought maybe adopting a human slave or two would perhaps help you get better than having go into therapy sessions cause they cost more nowadays."

"Plus, this might be a good opportunity for you." Fleetfoot added in.

"For what Fleetfoot?" Spitfire replied, glaring at her which made her flinch.

"W-What I mean exactly is that it's the best idea to maybe adopt a human as family. Of course every pony doesn't like the idea and using them as either working tools or punching bags, but some of us ponies didn't like those rules and only want humans to be treated as equals instead of these madness laws."

Spitfire ponders on it for a minute before answering to Fleetfoot.

"I'll think about it. In the meantime, you two can head on home."

Both Soarin and Fleetfoot nod to her as they walk out of the her office before closing the door.

Spitfire sighs to herself and goes back to her paper works.

"I guess in the morning, I can go visit Canterlot for a little while of vacation time."

Elsewhere. . .

Nearby in the OurTown, two unknown figures are seen having a private chat.

"Report, what's the status of the fortresses?"

"Not good, my spies say that the Resistance leader Danzo died by killing himself."


"What're we gonna do now? We can't let our people continue to suffer more."

"I know, I didn't want to do this, but those arrogant fools left me no choice. The original plan has already been flew out the window, it's time for plan B. Gather up any available units and rendezvous to the next coordinates, I'll go pay my little guest a visit."

"Got it."