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Never seen mlp. Have read an unhealthy amount of fan fictions

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  • 158 weeks
    Taking down level 999

    Hey guys just wanted to let you know that ill be taking down level 999. Me and my friend decided to stop writing it as it was something he found was not his thing. I'm taking it down because I don't think it's exactly my nicest piece of work and the story isn't going anywhere anyways. Sorry if you were looking forward to seeing the rest, but I hope you'll still enjoy some of my other stories. I also have another one planned...

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  • 173 weeks
    Continuing Power Vessel on me phone

    Aight so my laptop isn't doing too great and I found out I'll have to wait until July or August to get fixed. So, because I can't wait that long, I am continuing the story on my iPhone 5s..... I wish I was kidding.

    So anyways, if the quality of the chapters drop for a while, you know why!

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  • 173 weeks
    Laptop go brrrr

    I’m sorry to say that someone dropped my laptop, so until I get a new one or fix my current one there wont be any new chapters. I’m gonna put the story on hiatus, as I have no clue when I’ll be able to get back to writing.

    Yours sincerely,
    The best writer known to man

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  • 177 weeks

    Thanks for the support, it encouraged me to start working on the next chapter. However, as I was 3000 words in without saving, my laptop was like 'hey, now's a good time to randomly close all my tabs.'

    So yeah, sorry for the delay, but I doubt you'll be seeing a chapter anytime soon.

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  • 177 weeks
    Continuing Power Vessel

    I'm just gonna jump in and say that my motivation to continue the story is lacking, and I wanted to know how many of yall wanna see it continue. If not, I'll put it on hiatus and come back to it when I fell like it. Which may be never. It's not that I'm bored or have lost my love for writing, I just get a selfish kick out of people enjoying my stories and giving me positive feed back. So if you guys wanna see more, let me know; I'll be sure to deliver.

    Yours sincerely, DELTA-BOIO

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well i hope it goes away


One hell of a writers block dude

are you alive you havent updated storeis for half a year or more

I'm not gonna be able to do Delta project anymore. (Life is getting busy, and I can barely keep up with my own story.) You can still use my person if need be, just click the link to read up on him in my story.


So, Delta Project...

I'm not really in the game anymore, but if you find yourself lacking, I might be willing to help out.

My OC is Tenty Rape if you want to interview somepony interesting. You can read more about her here:
My Friend Tenty

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