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Ronin , Nicholas, and Raiden Blazeheart lived together in an apartment complex in Florida. But, when the youngest of the three brothers wishes for a place to belong, the trio find themselves thrown into a world of multicolored ponies and magic. How will the three adapt to the change of scenery, and how will the new world change who they are as people?

Hilarity, Romance, and a whole lot of soul searching is to be expected as the trio live out their new lives in equestria.

This story will contain mild descriptions of blood and violence (where needed) and slight profanity from the older siblings, although both of these won't be a part of every chapter anyway.

Takes place near the end of season 2, about a month before the wedding episode.

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Way better than my first chapter.

I just got back in the pony game so I'm in a similar position.

I've been a fan of the series for 4 months now, so I'm not that better off tbh. glad to see you like it so far.

Oh, I'm a huge fan of comments, btw. So if any readers want to say anything, please do.

One thing I didn't cover in the note though: I have a few more pre-planned chapters already in set up for writing, but after that it migjt take a week or two to make more chapters. But hey! quality isn't cheap, and neither are any of y'all. So I refuse to give y'all that level of work.


What if I mever see my brothers again?


Hmmm I like this fic. it has great potential some words don't fit some sentences and maybe a few errors I couldn't put my hoof (yes) on, but other than that looking forward to more of this.

Fixed it, and thanks for the positive comment. Mistakes will be made when your typing on a phone, but I will try to keep an extra eye out for said errors.

A little advise before you add the chapter select all the text, throw it in a Google doc to check for spelling and grammar errors then pop it back in when you've got everything. That's what I do.

Also I can't wait for next chapter.

thanks for the tip! I'm probably going to do that next time. :rainbowlaugh:

“Ronin said I could.” He replied with an innocent grin on his face as he turned and pointed forwards the back room of the apartment. “He’s back there shining that sword of his.” He said with a bored expression on his face. He turned back to me and walked by me to sit down on the couch and watch the television.

Ok, that’s awesome.

“Now hold on a second” He said. “Did you clean yourself up before coming to sit at my table?” Knowing full well what would happen if I tried to lie, I turned around and slowly (and slightly Grumpily) walked towards the bathroom to wash my hands. As I finished, I ended up running into Ronin at the door.

What would happen?

Raiden brought a decently sized bowl of chili over. “Hope ya brought her appetite, because I cooked a bunch of that stuff today.”

Her? Is he western or something?

I dug in quickly. It also helped he was really good at cooking too. He never used too much or too little seasoning. And he always seemed to know exactly how much of an ingredient to put into a dish. Weirdly enough, he sucks at math though, so I have no idea how he pulls it off.

The Irony

”That necklace is a very rare thing, Laddie. Don’t ever lose it, or else the luck it brings cannae help ya when ya need it.” Grandpa Brim said with a smile, even though he was on his deathbed.

Is the grandpa western, too?

“What do you mean luck?” I asked while holding the necklace out.

He laughed softly, then hacked a bit. “I ain’t allowed to say. All I can tell ya is that it will help ya when you a need it most.”

Well, that’s not fair.

“Pffft, they totally should.” Ronin said while crossing his arms. He then nodded towards me. “Its not like he likes school anyway. Tell Raiden what ya told me today.”

Crap. I definitely did NOT want this to come to light at the dinner table of all places. Dang it, Ronin. Why’d you have to bring this up now? I thought, quite nervous about how this was about to turn out.

Damn, throwing your brother under the bus.

“Well.....” I started. " You see, the kids and teachers there don’t understand me at all. Every time I try to play or even talk to the kids, I get isolated for being different and not having quote on quote real parents.” I did a finger quote sign at this. " And the teachers aren’t much help either. They just let it slide! Its so not fair!!”

Yup, sounds like school.

I said the last part a bit loudly, starting to get emotional quick and finding my left hand tightly clenched around the necklace that, oddly, felt warm for some reason.

That might be good or bad.

“What do ya mean it burned-” but again, Raiden would be interrupted by a soft him coming from the necklace as it rose up and flashed a white light that consumed everything in sight.

A soft him? Like a clone?

the grandfather is scottish, the her is a mispell i am currently fixing. and the soft him is supposed to be a hum. thanks for catching these mispells for me!

I stopped in front of the doors to the temple. They were those odd doors with the fancy symbols carved into them you only see in movies and stuff. On these, however, there was what looked like some cloaked man holding the moon in one hand and the sun in another with some kind of purple star on his chest. I reached for the door and pushed it open.

That’s supposed to be Nicholas, isn’t it?

"Umm, excuse me Sir." I asked while taking a step towards him."Have you seen my brothers around here? one will look like an irish version of the Rock with hair, and the other will look like Gordon Ramsey on steroids."

Ok, that’s amazing.

The figure only smiled and put his hands togethor. You have much potential, spellweaver. He turned around and looked back at the pool of water. Regretfully, it is not my job to teach you. For now, you must wake up.


After a little while, she pulled her wings back and looked at me. She had this calming smile on her face. She then realized what she had just done, and jumped backwards quickly and hid from me in her mane.

Wow, that kinda sounds like fluttershy a little bit.

Crap. I thought to myself. A sentient pony just asked if you eat meat. Oh well, no use lying.

I would have lied my a** off.

She paled a bit, then answered. "We dont sell meat in ponyville, but I could teach you how to fish.... if that's alright with you, that is." She said, once again hiding in her mane.

That counts as meat, right?

A tad confused as to where this came from, I shoke my head. "Nope, I usually don't remember my dreams. Why?"


wow. kinda underwhelming comment there, considering your last two, lol. but reading your comments definitely reminded me of why writers write stories. The Readers! im glad to see your enjoying the fic.

"I know a lot about your kind, Human. But nothing about you personally. For now, lets just say your not the first human to live here." This surprised me greatly. Though, once again, she had this look of sadness on her face. But it vanished quickly as she continued.

Is she referring to that guy in the last chapter?

Way to go, Raiden. Break into a princess's private quarters and don't introduce yourself. REALLY smart move of you. I scolded myself. "My name is Raiden, your majesty."

That’s not really something to scold yourself over.

Although she cringed a bit at the 'majesty' part of the sentence, she continued to tell the story.


One was Celestia, but to her right sat a dark blue pony that was slightly smaller than her. She had a starry mane with what looked to be a moon on her rear.

I would have assumed ronin was with Luna.

The other pony was pink with purple and white strips in her hair. her mark looked like a heart with a peace sign.

Is that really what her hair looks like? Also, where did you get the peace sign part from?

So, without further ado. I ask you to enjoy the food and Be. Our. Guest!" I put emphasis on those last words as the staff put the food on the table.

Is that meant to be a reference to “Descendants”?

but what of Ronin? lets just say his chapter will have more holes in it than the other ones so far.

You didn’t. If you did what I think you did, then that is funny, cruel, and bad all at the same time.

Trust me, you won’t have to worry much about my comments being underwhelming. And of course I’m enjoying it, I’m already coming up with theories.

celestia cringed because she prefers people to NOT treat her like that in private, the "peace sign" with cadence was an oof due to an fanart instead of what her marks supposed to look like (fixing it as well) as for the ronin thing, i probably did.:rainbowlaugh:

P.S: nailed the reference on the head, buddy.

Welp, when are we scheduling ronin’s funeral?

P.S: I knew it was descendants, that song pooped in my head right away when I read it.

I definitely think you are rushing through the story a little, like how he just lands in a tub and is immediately escorted to breakfast.
Like I get it how Celestia might be used to humans but he came to terms with it real quick.
But overall I like the concept you are presenting, Keep it up. :twilightsmile:

I realize I am rushing a tad, and I do plan to slow down a bit. As for raiden getting used to it... lets just say it hasn't sank in yet that he probably is stuck there. his freak-out is coming, just not right of the bat. thanks for noticing though, it means your putting in the effort to properly read the story.

Well I feel honored for you to use the name I suggested
Good chapter as always
(P.s there is some typos)

no problem! and I went through and fixed the ones I could find. Thanks!

When the white light faded away, I found myself in the middle of some forest. Looking around, I couldn't find trace of either Raiden or Nicholas anywhere.

Damn, you did my man dirty.

My gaze stopped on a black and yellow colored handle poking out of a bush.

"No way!" I said as I walked over and pulled my sword out of the bush. I looked at it with glee as I decided to see if it was still sharp. I turned and slashed four times into the bush. It split four ways flawlessly.

That it still awesome.

"Your getting better, my boy!" he exclaimed as he pulled me up and passed me my sword back. "You were able to hold your own against your wee old man for nearly 5 minutes that time! I cannae believe how much ye've grown!"

Damn, he must have been a veteran or something.

"See this, laddie." he said as he pointed to the edge of the blade. It had an engraving on it that said Lang may yer lum reek. That is an oath to a long life. Ye shouldn't let little things like this keep ye down." He put the sword back. "Now, why don't we try again, huh?"

Wait, what?

I looked up and smiled. "Ok, Grandpa." I ran off as he turned and looked out the window. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a pocketwatch with a sun emblem on it.

"Oh, how I wish ye could see how well these kids have grown, my shining sunrise." He said quietly with a tear to his eye.

No way

He looked up at me and shook his head. "No, for centuries, our kind has been humiliated and forced into hiding by thw other sentient species in equestria. Especially ponies." He spat the last part venomously. This was starting to sound very similar to issues back home.

Really? How?

"Why do you care so much?" he responded. "Nothing cares about us changelings, ask any species that knows of us. They would have us squashed like the commen housefly." He stamped his hoof in anger. It was honestly heartbreaking to see a kid say things like that. I mean, he may not be the prettiest dude on the block, but no species should be targeted like that.

Oh boy. If he thinks that’s bad, he should have seen Slavery and The Holocaust. Now when I think about it, I wonder how the changelings and ponies would react?

He looked away as he responded. "Promise you won't judge me?" He asked, slight fear in his voice.

"I promise." I said with confidence. I mean, what's the worst they could do to something?

Oh god. He should’ve never made that promise.

He took a deep breath and began. "Our kind has to get its nutrients from a source that no other species can get sustenance from. We feed of of emotion. Love is the strongest one for us." He looked at me, eyeing my face carefully.

Ohh. Wait, is that true?

I raised an eyebrow. "Is that all you do in order to eat?" he nods. "Does it kill or injure them?" He shakes his head.

Wait, i don’t think it does. Doesn’t it just make them tired or something? If so, does that count as injuring them?

I had heard enough. I stood up and faced him. "Your telling me your entire species is isolated due to how you act and feed as individuals! Without it even being lethal to those you feed off of?" I growled. He took a step back, but nodded his head.

This only angered me more. I quckly grabbed my sword and cut up several bushes standing around me. each one now a perfect X shape. The changeling looked at me with a mixed expression of awe and fear.

Oh no. I think I can see where this is going.

He looked at it for a second before reaching out and shaking it. "My name is Tak. might i ask what kind of species you are?"

Well, at least chrysalis didn’t find him, first.

They definitely don't have humans here, wherever here is. I thought with a bit of sorrow leaking into my mind. But I pushed it aside as I answered my new buddy.

Don’t call him your buddy, yet.

"My kind are a survivalist species. If some of our kind hogs land or resources, we fight for it. Hell, if they don't hog it, we tend to fight for it anyway. but we aren't all bad. We have used our creative mindsets to save millions of lives through medicene and other cures. We became top of the food chain for a reason after all." I said as his jaw slowly dropped to the floor.

I mean, I guess that’s a good way of putting it.

"Thing is, humans cant seem to agree with each other ever. For a long time, a group of us who thought they were better than us enslaved all those who simply had a different color skin tone or religious background. Lets just say I turned my back on humanity long ago."

Im starting to like ronin, now.

He turned quickly and started walking. "Come, Ronin. I must take you to the queen. You might just be the boost we need in order to rally my people."

Oh no

"The queen, mother of all changelings, is the one who will lead us to victory against our pony persecutors! She is the strongest and most capable of all of us." He said with a boatload of pride in his voice.

She’s also cruel, manipulative, power-hungry, egotistical, deranged, unstable, arrogant, etc.

"Sounds like one dynamite gal." I said with a smirk. He looked at me with a confused face. "Sorry, line from a movie I saw once."

Oh boy, he’s in for it.

"Would you ever want to return?" he asked.

"Honestly, no. I didn't really like it to begin with, especially after I lost my grandad. So there isnt much to return to. Any remaining family I have there is dead to me anyway." He looked away at that.


I looked at him with shock. His people were an endangered species by his own confession. And here he was, allowing some guy he'd met in one day straight to the final home for his people.

Confession? Who’s?

"Enough!" He yelled. "This man saved my life from a timberwolf while the guards you assigned to me deserted me on the spot, captain! " He spat in a rage. "He shall be treated as one of us and granted an audience with the queen immediately!"

Wow. It be your own people, sometimes.

although she had the same black fur coat with holey legs and hooves, her hair came down almost all the way to the ground. her horn was bigger by a mile. And even the smallest parts of her body seemed more... sophisticated.

Smallest parts? Is that meant to be a sex joke?

She also sported a little crown on her head, although it seemed to offput the whole queen thing she had going on, making her look cuter than necessary.

Is this man about to fall in love with her?

She walked up to me and Tak slowly, Eyeing me up and down. I honestly felt fear right then and there, this being the first time I had felt like something, or someone rather, would actually eat me if necessary. Hell, even if she wanted to she could have me gutted and no one would ever know.

I feel like someone could make a conversation about this quote, alone.

"Well, mother. This being is from another planet. And he saved my life while some of our own just happened to disappear." Tak said with a frown.

Oh trust me, they definitely “disappeared”.

She looked extremely pissed at that. "THEY LEFT MY SON AND HEIR TO DIE OUT THERE ALONE!!!" She yelled. If there were windows, they would've broke by how loud it was. She recovered quickly from the outburst, though, and turned back to me.

Damn, I did not expect that to be her reaction.

"Another planet, you say?" She grinned at that. "Well, you saved my son, so by our law, that grants 1 favor of your choice." She said quite reluctantly. She obviously wasn't the type that liked to give away stuff, even if it was well deserved.

Wait, what? Why can’t all laws be like this?

"Get to the point, hairless ape" she growled.

He protected and saved your son. Better than your guards.

But thats too bad because unless I dont crack. under pressure. Unless it’s fluttershy, interrogating me, but then WHO can resist her?

Sh*t, I can.

P.S: sorry about the long comment.

Interesting, I dig where this is heading, but damn security is on a budget at the hive these days.

hehehe, no problem, Its both hilarious and awesome to see your reaction to each scene. now to answer some questions.

In most lore, changelings usually cant get nutrients from basic food. So I've decided to follow up on that.

Tak confessed to being a endangered species indirectly through his rattling on. boy cant keep his mouth shut!

the 'smallest parts' line was meant for things like her ears and stuff, but it works that way too.

Yeah, its hard to find a good swarm these days.

Yea, it’s really making me think and have predictions.

Taking a deep breath, I went over to her and kneeled in front of her. "Hey, its alright." I said softly. "I can totally understand you being excited to see me. But please dont scare me like that again, Ok?" She looked up at me and smiled

Wait, he’s taller than twilight?

"Well, you are a child. and by our colt laws. You not only have to have a designated guardian, but you'll have to attend school as well." She said as my jaw dropped. The guardian thing was one thing, but school? Here?

But, he’s not a colt.

As we walked into town, I couldn't help but notice the stares I was getting from a lot of the ponies. They didn't seem scared, though, Just curious of who and what I was. Bet they would've been much more scared if it was Ronin being escorted down this street. I thought, laughing at the idea of him chasing ponies around with his sword.

That would be amazing.

I just looked at the pink pony with a look of pure shock. I had never heard anything speak so fast before, and I definitely understood Twilights warning now.

Ohh. I thought she was talking about the mayor.

"Darling, what is it that your wearing? That shirt and pants are much too dirty for you to be walking around in." She said as she pulled out some measuring tools. "You must let me make you some new clothes immediately!"

I guess she doesn’t care if he’s a different creature.

"Yup, that's mah sister Applejack!" Applebloom stated rather loudly next to me, causing me to jump in suprise.

She must’ve taken notes from pinkie pie.

"So, you must be Nicholas, huh? Mah sis has been yammerin' about ya for two days straight." Aj said while side-eyeing Applebloom, who currently blushed at the call-out.

So applejack already knew about him?

"My names Nicholas, your friendly neighborhood human." I said while putting out my fist, hoping that I had geussed right thinking she was a tomboy.

Thankfully, I was. She smiled and fist(hoof?) bumped me back. "Im rainbow dash, fastest pegasus in equestria!" She turned to Scootaloo. "This is the guy you were saying came from another world?" Scoots nodded. "Man, that makes you like, 20 percent cooler right off the bat!" Rainbow exlaimed.

I’m surprised he was able to guess that.

Dang, she's just like Ronin. I thought to myself. I turned to Scootaloo. "Hey, we're going over to the town hall. Wanna come with?" She looked over to Rainbow dash.

I can see it.

"Where have you been? You should've been here exactly four minutes ago, your late!" She scolded me.

I swear to god/celestia, she better not be upset about no four minutes. Or she better have another reason to be upset.

"Nice to meet you, ma'am. Sorry if I was SLIGHTLY tardy, but I had some friends showing me your lovely town." I said, glaring at Twilight halfway through, receiving a stuck-out tongue in response.

Ok, based on this I can say that twilight is at most 19.

"Race ya there!" I yelled as i took off. She simply smiled and flew after me, determined to catch me or beat me to the cottage.


to answer the main questions:

he kneeled because twilights head was down. ponies arent that tall normally, so hes on height with most of them, if not taller.

Nicholas is a kid, so most poeple wont be afraid of him.

and yes, twilight was upset about 4 minutes.:twilightsmile:

and yeah, the CMC's aren't the best with secrets, so their respective sisters/idol already heard about Nick.

Ah so this takes place near the end of season 2 it finally makes more sense and interesting.

yeah, sorry if that wasnt so clear in the description. I'm fixing that right after this comment posts

After making the cake, I put it on one of those wheeled things waiters use and pushed it to her room. An easy enough task, until you get to the stairs. Whoever decided to put the royal bedroom in one of the highest towers in the castle needs to have their brains checked, because carting a food trolley up those steps is absolutely dreadful!

This may be a guess, but maybe it’s a food trolley?

"It seems you aren't like him at all."The thing said. "I can feel the disgust coming off you." I snapped out of it and charged him, focused on not letting him get away. He laughed and charged foward as well, just to be stopped by a golden glow of magic, causing me to stop and beckpedal a bit in suprise.


"By the way, whats so special about that necklace?" I asked her. She suddenly stopped walking and looked out a window. I heard her sigh softly.

"The necklace..... belonged to my late husband. He died while protecting our city from the same threat you saw back there." She said with ice laced into her voice. I immediately regretted bringing it up.

Ok, now I’m starting to put some pieces together.

"Oh, just a break-in/robbery with a side of cake hoarding." I said as she looked at me with an eyebrow raised before narrowing her eyes. She walked up to me, face nearly inches from mine.

Come on, Luna. Just because you been on the moon for a thousand years that doesn’t mean you don’t know what personal space is.

"We shall be watching thy actions, Raiden. We do not trust you, and we will not have you hurt our sister in any way at all. Understood?" I nodded as she backed off.

I would have honestly shook my head no, just to tick her off.

"Your just jealous that your sister gets free cake whenever she pleases!" I said as I dived through the door, narrowly avoiding the spell blast that hit where I was once standing. As I bolted towards the kitchen, I could hear her yell out in a rage.


I simply closed the kitchen door behind me, crying my eyes out with laughter at her reaction. The cooks and maids in the kitchen simply looked at me in fear.

Nevermind, that is way better.

One of the chefs I had grown to have as a friend spoke up. "Raiden, are you out of your mind, teasing the princess of the night like that?!" he asked/berated me.

Worth it.

Gold spoon looked at me and shook his head. "Your dancing with the devil, friend. But for now, we have to focus on the newest order that just came in.”

Hey, if he’s dancing with the devil, equestria might as well be tartarus.

"Apparently, she was just proposed to in marriage, so its a celebration cake. But five of them? Oy vey!" He sighed frustrated as he picked up the ingredients. "Lets get this over with, before the princess has our hide."

She better not, unless she wants to make them herself.

I nodded. "Yeah, but once were done, Im going on break for a weeeek!" I moaned as Gold spoon snickered a bit, almost droppung the cake batter in the process.

Naw, a month.

Yeah, trolling luna will be a multiple occurance from Raiden. As for the question, who is the only other human that the changelings have met recently?

I was thinking ronin, but I thought it was too easy.

well, although it is Ronin, if you want to put a theory on it, focus more on what he was stealing. why would the changeling want Celestia's late husbands necklace? but thats all Im saying! :ajsmug:

It's the same necklace that brought them there

"Well, if it ain't the newbie! looks like another lamb to be slaughtered if you ask me!" A big guy to my left sneered. He had orange eyes and orange hair to match. He wore armour that looked like a mix of dark red and black. Although the red could have nothing to do with the armour design. He leaned in and studied me carefully. "What the fuck was the queen thinking, putting a half-pint like you in charge of the heirs defense unit?" I gave him a smirk of my own.

Do you wanna try him?

She looked me dead in the eyes. "My name is Tundra, Lieutenant of the Cold North battalion." She pointed to a table behind her, and the mostly female group all eyed me down in return. "I am in charge of all aerial warfare, and making sure that idiot stays in line." She nodded towards Tremor, who grinned lewdly.

"Hehehe, you know you like keeping your eyes on me, doll" He said right as a icy blast hit him, freezing him solid. I looked at Tundra in shock.

She shrugged. "He'll be fine, its not the first time I've left him in the cold." She smirked as I visibly shuddered. Note: dont piss off Tundra.

Well that explains the name and and title.

The third changeling cleared his throat, causing me to finally look his way. He had green eyes, but had the basic hair color most changelings have. What made him stick out was that he had no legs. Instead, he floated at the table with a small cloud instead.

Do changelings have hair?

Monsoon looks back to me. "As you can tell, we are named after the element we've been blessed with. Tremor can weild magma and rocks, Tundra handles ice and wind, and I handle Water. There's also Volt, but he's not easy to... get through to." he said with a sigh. Then things got weird as the room suddenly got quiet, with everyone not moving.


"What the hell just happened!?" I whispered. He simply shrugged as Tremor finally thawed and turned to me.

Well that was quick.

"Names Ronin. Was a mercenary for 5 years after I lost someone important to me, now I'm protecting the queens kid." He snorted at this.


"Time to break that silly stick of yours!" he roared as he swung is blade from above. In a desperate effort. I swung my blade up to meet it at top speed.

"Keeeeeep thaaat awaaay from meeeee!" He screeched. "Thaaaaat isssss maaade from Adamantine!" Monsoon looked shocked.


"Where did you get this sword?" He asked. I gave him a confused look.

So the sword was the reason he won?

"My grandad gave it to me before he passed. Why?" He pondered this, then spoke up.

Wait a minute, no way.

"Adamantine is a rare ore here in equestria and its surrounding countries. It hasn't been found in a mine in centuries! its also the only metal that can kill Volt here, so do be careful with it." Monsoon said as Volt scurried away from the room.

So it’s equestria’s version of vibranium.

Tremor walked over and gave me another back-breaking pat. "HAHAHA, your tough as nails!" he stated as I looked at him, confused by his reaction.

Technically, the sword is tuff as nails.

"I didn't beat you though." I said as Tundra walked up to me, visibly angry.

What’s she so upset about?

"Honey, it takes an army to beat Tremor in hand to hand combat. Be lucky he switched to swordfighting to give you a chance." With that, she took flight and left the room. Tremor rolled his eyes.

That doesn’t make no sense.

"I have decided to test you in order to see if your worthy of assisting us in our plans." She said all the while glaring daggers at me. "A changeling spy we sent to obtain a magical artifact has been captured by royal authority. I need you to break into Canterlot castle and retrieve the spy before they obtain highly confidential information from him."

I stood up and smiled. "Easy enough, though how much force is allowed to be used if discovered." I asked as her face contorted into a wicked grin.

Oh no

"Why, the only force Necessary, LETHAL." She growled. "You will be assigned to this task with Monsoon. Under NO circumstances are you to fail me, or else!" She yelled loudly as she stood up from her throne.

Or else what?

So, I finally get to meet these pony scum. I thought, relishing in the idea of meting out some well-deserved bloodshed if need be.

Oh god

question answering time:

1- although most changelings do not have hair, chrysalis does. so, i decided to put a twist around that by having any changeling that is either very powerful or a royal blood have hair. makes 'em unique.

2-Adamantine: first used in dnd games, i decided it would be perfect for this.

3- there is a LOT of sexual tension between Tremor and Tundra.

4-Im glad you didnt question Volt. that's a dark can of worms that won't be opened for a while, so you'll have to put up with the insane changeling/spiders antics till then.

5- anyone who fails the glorious queen if the changelings shall DIE! or at least become Volts next plaything

Volt isn’t really hard to analyze.

I doubt chrysalis or volt would be able to do anything to ronin.

yeah, true enough on his analysis. As for Ronin... only 1 quote comes to mind: "this isnt even my final form!!!"

same could be said for the other brothers, though.

If you’re trying to say what I think you’re trying to say, then you may have confirmed one of my theories.

I don’t think you pushed the reply button so I didn’t see this until now, but I’ll keep that in mind.

late response, oops.

anyway, can't wait to see if what you think will happen is what I got planned.

I can’t wait, either. btw, how many chapters are there, anyways?

as of right now, there may be as much as 28 to 40 per book. honestly, there might be more, though.

Ok, that’s good. Gives me enough time to analyze the chapters.

It was thursday morning, about 5 days after I had arrived. And today was going to be bad. How would I know? It only takes one word: School.

Every student known to man.

After being told I was going to go to the school here in ponyville, I had started to panic and had tried to come up with several excuses as to why I couldn't go.

Ok, this only applies to elementary and middle school.

Sadly, you can't trick a pony into thinking your sick when she takes care of animals for a living.

HA!!! Wanna bet?

"Nicholas... Its time to get up." Fluttershy softly said to me. I groaned in response and didn't move an inch.

"You don't want to be late for your first day, do you?" She said slightly louder. I rolled to face her and nodded my head, then rolled back over.

Ahh, the nostalgia. Almost enough to bring a tear to your eye.

Angel? I thought as I heard a couple of soft thumps come up the stairs and into the room. I felt pressure on the edge of the bed as whatever angel was slowly came closer.

Trust me, he’s not that kind of angel.

Angel? I thought as I heard a couple of soft thumps come up the stairs and into the room. I felt pressure on the edge of the bed as whatever angel was slowly came closer. I rolled over to look at the source to be met with a flyswatter to the face.

"OWWW!" I yelled, gripping my now-red face. The bunny smirked at me and hopped off the bed.

I swear to god/celestia if he did that to me, he would be a real angel when I’m done with him.

"Goodbye Nick, enjoy your first day at school." She called as the door closed. She turned around and noticed that, for the first time, the silence in her cottage was not too enjoyable anymore. She sighed and went to clean the kitchen.


"Ah can't wait to show ya to the class!" Applebloom said as we approached the school. I was honestly tempted to turn tail and go back to Fluttershys, but something told me that she wouldn't be too happy about that, so I was going to have to tough it out.

Running away is a good strategy. Highly recommended

"Well thats wonderful. I'm glad to see you have made some friends in such a short time. Now, let's get to class. Im sure you will love it here, Nicholas." The teacher said and walked into the school, with us in tow behind her.

All teachers say that. It’s cap.

I ignored it all as I reached the kid. He had this silvery hair and deep green eyes, almost as if they glowed. He had black fur and a horn. I noticed that he had no cutie mark. I cleared my throat.


"I-I-I'm fine, just no one wanted to talk to me before you came. I arrived yesterday, and thanks to that Diamond girl, the other colts and fillies think I have some disease because my eyes glow slightly." He looked down at that.

Is that really the reason they glow?

She finished as we approached Raritys house (I swear, shes just a unicorn rapunzel, with the way that house looks)

Not 100% wrong.

"Well, looks like somepony enjoys their new friend." Rarity said with a knowing smirk. Sweetiebelle looked at her like she was crazy as she walked past her sister and went towards the stairs

"WHAT!! I don't like Nick like that! He's just really nice. And sweet. And smart. and...." she continued as she walked upstairs as Rarity squealed.

Knew that was coming.

"mmmm....goodnight....mom" He said as he snored. Fluttershy smiled big at that, a tear or two of happiness going down her face as she went to her own room to sleep.


Aight, I didn't think this chapter would bring many questions, and the one you did ask I won't answer for the sake of story. However, the next chapter should give you PLENTY to quote, trust me on that

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