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Thanos, The Mad Titan, Goku Black, Equestria's Divine God, Eric Von Shadow, The Reaper of The Cristal Empire, Death of the Four Horsemen, Ban The Demon of Equestria, Link, The Champion of Equestria, Shiva, The Howlite Howler, and finally Dr. Doom, all of these Displaced finally meet to compete against each other in a tournament that will change their lives forever. The prize of the tournament could shake their worlds, one tournament, one dream, one wish, and one Displaced who will come on out.

But in the shadows, someone is pulling the strings, someone who is very dangerous and could kill them all and end their tales right there.

How will they stop this evil? Will The_Chill_Author stop bugging me for TFS references? You're about to find out in The Displaced Tournament! Presented by Hetap...

Displaced Stories and ones who didn't make the cut.

A Forced Hero - By DisplacedWriter

Four Horsemen Come To Equestria - By Anomis

Howlite Howler - By Three Tails

Power Vessel - By Delta-Boio

The Shadow Of Equestria - By Screwball666

Equestria's Divine God - By Shirt Mechanic

DOOM of Griffonstone! - By ShadowStar_IMHP

Against All Odds - By The_Chill_Author (come on and go like it, he's almost at 100 likes!)

And those who didn't make the cut...

Ring eyed Shinobi - By Seeker of Knowledge

The Undying Angel - Show Stopper

Go and show support to all of these amazing authors!

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So this is a dick measuring contest between Displaced? This should be fun

Basically, but when we get to the actual plot it gets better.

Why do most of the Displaced people sound like villains?

I don't know what's funnier. Thus being a dick measuring contest between self inserts.

Or that there might actually be a plot to a Displaced story.

The real villain is Ryker, and that noth the Displaced sound like villains, they're being edgy. Which really is no difference.

It's sucks angel can't be in this it would have been awesome also FINALLY!!!!!!!🥳 Someone made a Displaced tournament

Honestly, three of the displaced here might do that, meanwhile Links just entering to improve himself rather than try to prove he's most op.

Dick measuring? Couldn't be me.

Yeah... Couldn't be.

Same with Death. He has nothing to gain or lose by participating, it's just fun.

I have not read this yet, but I do kind of regret not submitting Yang from I Burn. Based on the other comments I'm seeing, her personality and tendency to try and talk things out first would have stood out.

Hmm, looks interesting. Pity I did get an invite. Oh well. Welp time for some entertainment

:rainbowlaugh: You've got a point, considering Shiva's one of the only female displaced among these guys.

...should we have her reference that in the next chapters?

Shiva: Are you seriously trying to have a dick measuring contest with me? I feel sorry for you; you must have started off with the world's cruelest handicap.

Really hope that's not me either. Shiva's only doing this because she wants the gems for her kingdom.

And that one time wish could hopefully bring back a certain diamond dog king she's been missing. :raritywink:

Either way, really glad to be a part of this, and looking forward to seeing how the matches go. :pinkiehappy:

I have to admit this was intriguing but I totally forgot about the invite due to real life stuff and only remembered when shirtmechanic contacted me this morning letting me know that he was in it. In all honesty Asta would've have been a good fit for this but I already had him scheduled for a fight with Ayumi in the current crossover he is in even though he would've had the time give the timeskip in said crossover. Ed is just to OP for a tourney like this but he would make a good spectator, which he can do as an insert anytime he wants and is doing as he is has been keeping an eye on Goku Black seeing as he was summoned by Black and as Black and his Nightmare Moon are technically extended family through Ed's youngest brother Gar.:coolphoto: Again thanks for the invite and sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.

I mean, Ed is very S T R O N K and so is Asta, if you only hadn't been late you would've been in on it.

Again, it was intriguing and Ed is watching there is no way this wouldn't catch his eye with Black involved but I'm not upset and this would further draw out stuff in Asta's story as I have plans laid out for it already that are technically in motion. Again thanks for the invite and sorry for the late reply but real life always comes first.

It is going to be broadcasted across the Multiverse and doesn't Ed have the power to go wherever he likes?

There are still rules that he must follow and abide by, but he pretty much can as long as he stays within the guidelines. Only a void dweller with greater power than the Truth can say otherwise.

I honestly think it would be funny to have him pop in every now and then just say he's here to watch shit go down and enjoy popcorn with discord and pinkie

Imagine Nappa's just sitting there with him, just watching everyone getting pissed off.

Oh yes this would be funny.
"Mr. Popo, popcorn?"

"Mmm... yes please... These maggots shall be… Entertaining"

Imagine if an upset happens he's just like.

"Bullshit! That's it, blowing up the arena!"



I do look forward to this story and if I can help out do let me

Too bad could have been fun for Doom to meet one of the other brothers. The truth is Doom doesn't care if he wins or loses. He's there to get samples from the other Displaced.

He already got Shiva's blood sample and with that the dimensional address for her Earth. He doubts he finds the other Displaced Earths but he wouldn't know until his gear samples their quantum signatures.

If he really wants tech and quantum signatures then he she see Ed. Getting dna is out of the question due to what he is but Ed has loads of tech and that doom would find useful nut to mention a better functioning gate and more magic

Can’t help it I have to write like I know what I’m talking about. Doctor Doom is after all a genius level intelligence.

Now actually knowing what I write nope I am just good at technobabble.

Um... I just noticed something I forgot to edit :twilightsheepish:

“Hey Shiva,” Kodo noted, looking around. “Where’s your opponent?”

Kodo is supposed to call Shiva 'Mother.' I completely missed this! :twilightoops:

oof... that last part does not sound right. The way I typed it makes it sound like I'm trying to make Thanos boring stead of Link.

Ironic because his author is called The_Chill_Author

Ya know what? Thanos is now gonna be serious Thanos, that means no assholish comments and stuff like that, Thanos gon' be serious!

If they should fight they should compete to see who is a bigger jerk.

That's the only wording I could put it in, what else do you want me to say? Have a dick off? A jerk off?

I can just imagine the two sat in the middle of the arena just flinging insults at each other until one has a breakdown. Though, it mat take a couple centuries

"Oh, you're trying to measure up to me in the art of jerkness?"

"I can't earn the title of biggest dick without insulting you"

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