• Published 2nd Mar 2021
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The Displaced Tournament - Presented By Hetap - Uncle Iroh

Displaced! We all are familiar with these anomalies, their stories are told throughout the multiverse, but, what would happen if all of these big shots fight in a tournament? Who would win? We're about to find out, right here, right now!

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Sixth Floor! One versus an Army! Son Goku Black's final battle?!

Sixth Floor! One versus an Army! Son Goku Blacks Final Battle?!


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkNTpANHwh0(Fight, Fight, Fight!)

(Fight, Fight, Fight!)

Our Blood Is Pumping, Ready, Lets Go!
To A New World To Test Our Strength!
Now’s The Time To Push Ourselves!

Holding Back My Tremendous Strength! (Go!)
What’s The Wait? C’mon Let’s Start! (Go!)
Katakuri’s Got No Satisfaction!


Nerves Taking Hold!


Chaining Down Our Hope!
We Can’t Let It Break Our Dreams Of Winning

(Let’s Finish The Fight)


So, Let's Stop Our Plans!


See what This Tournament Brings, Joined As One, We Can Win The Fight~!

Just See What We’ll Achieve, With All These Possibilities!
You Can Beat Us Down, (Hey!) But We’ll Rise Again! (Hey!)
Our Breath Will Not Be Our Last!

We’ll Surpass Our Limit Break, This Tournament Will Be A Challenge!
But We Cannot Lose! (Hey!)
We’re Bulletproof! (Hey!)
Come Show Us All Your Strongest!
Cause This Is The Displaced Tournament, And Even Ryker Will Be Blow Away!

Our band of heroes made their way up the tower, after the battle of the sea and Sombra joining shortly after, Elae began to sing an abridged version of chala head chala.

“Suck mai dick!” Elae shouted as that was part of the lyrics before he sang more words.

Black however had begun to get annoyed at the meme’s abridged song. ‘Just ignore it Black… it can’t get worse than this…’ The Saiyan thought.

Elae then stopped as they reached a room, it was dark, pitch blackness.

“I can not see I’m legally blind!” Thanos cried out, looking around the darkness. THWAK! Thanos got slapped upside the head by someone.

“Who the fuck just slapped me? I will clap your ass, pause on that!” Thanos cried out, looking behind him.

“I don’t know! It’s too damn dark in here.” Link said as he reached into his pouch to fish something to help with the darkness, only to stop when Lucci went to speak.

“Racist.” Lucci said, next to Link, Lucci crossed his arms, looking at Link disapprovingly.

Black rolled his eyes as he held out a hand, a pink ball of ki appeared, brightening the room, in front of Black was Ugandan Knuckles.

“Alright, so… What’s the challenge here?” Link asked as he looked around the room.

“Hello.” The Ugandan Knuckles greeted the Saiyan.

“Hello? Why’d we stop?” Black asked as the meme was blocking the door.

“I am de challenge, u must get past me! Tho u can not beat me, you must sit here and make me… Do something I do not rememba.” Elae said with a shrug.

“May Odin have mercy on us all…” Entity said looking at the Ugandan Knuckles with fear.

“Oh Nayru above..” Link said with the longest of sighs as he placed his leather covered hand upon his face.

Black stood there, his expression unchanging as he squared down to meet Ugandan Knuckles eye level. The two stared at each other as none of them spoke.

“Do u kno de way?” Black mimicked Ugandan Knuckles voice and accent.

“I kno de wey me brudda, come with me and join ur people! Let us meet our queen!” Elae said with a click.

“Oh for the love of Fuast, Fuck your queen!” Sombra said in both anger and irritation, causing everyone to freeze

“What de fuck did you fucking say about our queen you son of a bitch?” Elae turned towards Sombra, a creaking sound following it.

“Oh shit…” Black murmured causing Sombra to draw his blades on the Ugandan

“Welp, I’m digging a grave.” Thanos said, getting a shovel out of thin air.

“Lemme help you out.” Link said as he pulled out his own shovel out of his pouch.

“I’m a Diamond Dog,” Luke agreed. “Digging’s my speciality!”

“There will be no remains after this, not even their soul!” Elia yelped, looking at the volume of anger in Elae’s eyes. And the anger… The Anger was unmatched, Kratos, Asura, Doomslayer, Guts, they all paled in comparison to what anger Elae had. Elia squealed and hid behind Thanos who was still digging a grave for the hell of it with Link helping out.

“I need a plaque, does anyone have a plaque nearby?” Thanos asked, looking at the group. “No? Gotta work with what we got.”

“Do u have any last words before we sacrifice ur soul to de devil?” Ugandan Knuckles asked the being, his eyes flickering from red to it’s normal black.

“Alright both of you” Eric said, using two shadow claws to hold Sombra and the Ugandan from killing each other. “Need to stop trying to kill each other, yes he’s annoying just learn to ignore him”

“Look at me Sombra, look at me in the eyes.” Elae demanded the Dark Prince, frowning. “Look at me!” Elae said, looking into Sombra’s eyes.

“Fine,” Sombra said, causing Eric to let the two of them go. “Let’s just get to the next floor.”

“Ah, ah, ah! The challenge is not ovah!” Elae shouted out, getting in the way of the door. “You must kno de wey to pass.”

“What is the way?” Sombra said sheathing his swords

“De wey is what makes you live, what makes you the wey dat u are? That is de wey, when you understand de wey, u achieve enlightenment.” Elae explained to the group, Lord Twigo glanced at Kodo.

“My students,” Lord Twigo said plainly, “I want to see how far they grow, and hope they never stop growing until the day they die. That is meh wey.” Lord Twigo said, doing a Ugandan accent at the end.

“Dat is de wey!” Elae clicked, Lord Twigo then grinned, going next to Elae.

“To push myself beyond my limits, to grow stronger for the next strong opponent,” Black said as he stood up and clashed his fist into an open hand. “Cause there will always be someone stronger, I will become stronger to protect everyone… Even if it takes my life ! Dat is da way!” Black exclaimed as he turned Super Saiyan Rosé for a moment before reverting back.

“U may pass muy brudda!” Elae exclaimed, motioning to Lord Twigo.

“My Power” Eric said clenching his fist, “I want to use my power to protect the weak as well as my friends so no harm befalls them, That is De wey I follow”

Elae looked at Eric, trying to spot a lie, "Is dat truly de wey?" Elae asked, squinting his eyes.

“It is” Eric said, not looking away from the Ugandan Knuckles.

"U mey pass." Elae motioned to Lord Twigo.

Sombra stepped up placing a hand on his swords. “My Swords” Sombra said to Elae. “Deh Way I follow is the way of the sword, I only use them to protect what is mine, be it my home or my family that is Meh Wey”

"Alright, u mey pass." Elae turned to Lord Twigo and Eric who stood side by side.

"Well, my wey is-" Thanos was about to say something but Elae cut him off.

"U already kno de wey, so, I grant u dis transformation." Elae then clicked two times, Thanos then turned into a purple Ugandan Knuckles.

"EBOLAAAAAA!!!!!" Thanos cried out, being surrounded by a Super Saiyan aura as images of the virus floated around him.

“That is the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever fucking seen… that is the ultimate meme.” Black said with a laugh.

“He has achieved de ultimate enlightenment, u see Black, ur not dealing with de average Ugandan Knuckles anymore, he has ascended, he has become the Ugandan Knuckles of legend, he has become our Legendary Super Chief!” Elae cried out, Thanos stopped powering up.

“I have found de wey, I feel more powerful! I also have a new power, one that is betta dan ebola…” Thanos began.

“And what might that be?” Entity asked the Saiyan, looking at him with a raised eyebrow.

“CORONAAAA!!!!!” Thanos cried out, the images of the virus floated around him as he had a Super Saiyan Aura once more.

Black watched on with a straight face, not making any emotion. But on the inside, The Saiyan was having trouble keeping it together. “I’m trying to keep my composure, but I’m failing.”

“Hey Black,” Thanos then turned back to his normal form, “Before going to Africa,” He then turned into his Ugandan Knuckles form, “After going to Africa.”

“Don’t you pull this TFS Trunks bullshit Thanos, I swear to the Omni-Kings name.” Black said as a small smile started to form.

He then goes back to his Titan form. “This is my voice one day in Africa,” Thanos then changed his voice, “Dis is my voice two days in Africa.” Thanos then changed his voice yet again, “Dis is meh voice three months in Africa!” Thanos then turns into his Ugandan Knuckles form, “Dis is de wey.”

“Stop… please…” Black begged it became increasingly harder to keep himself from laughing.

“U see Black, I am neither Thanos or Ugandan Knuckles, we are de tru wey!” Thanos said, clicking afterwards as a sign of achievement.

Black stood silent for a few moments, until the dam broke. “AHAHAHAHAHA!!!” Black bursts out laughing as he holds his gut before falling into his back.

Thanos and Elae began to click, Lucci went to his knees and slammed his fist on the floor. “BAAHAHAHAAHA!!!!” Lucci then points at the two Ugandan Knuckles before flipping over and laughing.

“It’s not funny, it’s not funny, it’s not funny…” Entity said before Thanos clicked, and Entity bursts out laughing.

“I can’t fucking breath dude!” Black exclaimed as he continued to laugh.

“By da powa invested in me, u kno de wey!” Elae clicked and Black turned into a Ugandan Knuckles.

Black stood up and looked at his new form for a moment before staring at Thanos. “Do ya know de way muy brudda?” Black asked before clicking afterwards.

“I kno de wey me brudda, let us sing! AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!” Thanos then screamed.

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!” Elae screamed afterwards.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” Black joined with the others as their song echoed throughout the tower.

“DEAR GOD THERE’S THREE OF THEM!!!!” Elia shrieked, suddenly the Ghost of Nappa popped up, and with a click he turned into Ugandan Knuckles.

“Together, we r, TEAM FOURSTAR!!!!” Nappa declared, and all of them began clicking.

Luna Black starred at the four, before eventually laughing at the sight. “Oh, that makes us laugh,” Luna Black commented as she wiped a stray tear.

“This made my day, honestly, we all peaked during this. This is peak comedy.” Lucci then stood up, with a grin that couldn’t disappear.

“What do we sey dat we all move on? These people could neva kno de wey!” Elae asked, looking at the confused group, clicking afterwards.

“I agree muy brudda, let us go.” Black exclaims with a click. Shortly turning back into his normal form.

Thanos then turns back to his normal form and Nappa just disappeared all of a sudden. “Ahem, now, let’s go.” The door then opens and with Elae walking towards it, the rest follow his lead.

They reach a floor that Thanos knew all too well… They heard some loud music.


“What is that music?” Kodo asked.

“...Justice.” Elia said, some of them raised an eyebrow but said nothing else. When they arrived at the floor they couldn’t help but gape at it, it was Marineford. There was a pillar of water holding up the floor, reaching up to the ceiling. There was a long bridge in front of them that led to the Island of Justice. There stood Akainu, Towa was sitting on top of her staff, Mr. Perfect Cell stood there with the others but they saw one being they didn’t recognize. It was a being with a Dark Aura, towering tall over the others.

Link let out a whistle. “Fancy.” he said as he gazed around the room.

Black however knew all too well who it was, his large bushy white mustache was all too known. ‘So he’s here too…’

“That’s the Lorax! Wait, no it’s Toppo…” Thanos pointed out, Akainu glanced at Thanos before looking at Black. Link shrugged as he couldn’t think of anyone with a fancy white stache.

“Welcome to the Island of Justice, Marineford! Where Justice rules supreme, which is ironic given that we have someone who gave up justice on our side…” Akainu grumbled, Towa laughed.

“Oh Sakazuki, you’re quite a comedian. This island is not of justice, but of corrupted people…” Towa said with a sly grin, this earned a glare from Akainu.

“Shut the hell up you evil slut! Anyways make yourselves at home, because you’re not going anywhere…” Akainu frowned looking at the band of heroes.

“Is that supposed to be a threat, cause if that is, it’s laughable.” Black taunted.

“It’s cute you think we’ll just stay put” Eric said with a chuckle

“..Right, other than Towa as far as I’ve learned in terms of the most powerful, Blacks ninety nine percent right” Link pointed out.

“Sorry, I’m still working on my threats, they’re really hard when you're a nice guy…” Akainu said, lighting up his cigar with his magma.

“Then why work with a man trying to kill us?” Black asked, crossing his arms.

“You just don’t get it do you? Ryker is a father to us, a brother, a cousin, he’s family!” Akainu shouted, as they were far away. “I will not let you defile the name of Ryker, not on my life.”

“He’s your father, not your slave driver.” Link said with a shake of his head of how brainwashed Ryker’s family was. “Sure, family is everything, but there’s a fine line of what is morally right and wrong.” he pointed out.

“Fuck you, suck ma dick! Pause!” Akainu shouted out, giving Link the finger.

“Look, I get that, wanting to protect the guy who gave you a home. But it’s different when you decide it’s alright to put us six feet under.” Black countered.

“He’s not gonna kill you, you’re Kin with Ed of all people! All he wants… Is your comrades dead, not your friends from your universe, Eric, Link, Shiva, Phoenix, and the others!” Akainu tried to reason with the Saiyan.

Black stood there silently, a dark haze overtaking the Saiyans face. The area began to shake violently as rocks began to float into the air. “And that was a big mistake you’ve made…” Black muttered violently, a storm beginning to form above them. He looked up, anger filling his eyes, “I’ve already lost so many friends, some even considered family. I WILL NOT LET HISTORY REPEAT ITSELF!!!” Black roared as his aura exploded around him.

Link’s eyes went wide as the rush of power exploded from Black. They’ve only known each other for weeks, but for such power to react to friendship, made Link think of the saiyan differently. This was a powerful reaction, the power of friendship as Twilight Sparkle would say proudly.

“...Tch, I can’t reason with people like you… Frieza, Cooler, Mr. Per-” Akainu looked back and saw Mr. Perfect Cell gone, “...Cooler, Frieza, attack!” Akainu commanded. Frieza and Cooler were suddenly possessed with Dark Ki. The brothers then flew at Saiyan, cocking their fists back.

“Welp! Good luck, Black!” Link said as he took a step back, actually waaaay back. “I can’t hand a candle to those three…” he said in fear, most of it being shrunk by Link’s triforce of courage. Link may have the deity mask, but such a heavily suppressed mask would do poorly against the likes of dragonball z powerhouses.

Shiva walked up right next to Link, and sat herself down. “Sitting this one out too, right?” she asked the hylian. Luke sat next to them with a bag of what initially looked like white candies.

“Pearl popcorn?” he asked, offering some to the hylian.

"... I wonder how the others are doing," Entity asked to no one in particular, he felt something ominous happening. Then again, it was probably Towa.


The brothers threw their fists forward, but the Saiyan caught them effortlessly. His hands catching the fists, Black began to crush them as a crunching sound was heard.

“Well shit.” Cooler said, Frieza just went wide-eyed.

With a primal roar, Black let go of their fists and grabbed their faces. He then launched forward and began to drag the brothers across the ground. He then planted his feet in the ground before throwing the two across the ground. He pointed a hand towards them, “Big Bang Attack!” Black shouted as a ball of ki shot forward.

Though the attack was feebly demolished for a fist of magma was shot, destroying the Ki blast. Akainu sighed, “This could’ve been avoided… BROLY, ATTACK!!!” Akainu demanded Broly, he let out a roar before flying at Black just like his DBS counterpart.

Black threw his arms in an x shape, blocking the attack as he was pushed across the ground. Although, Black smirked as he let out a roar, breaking free from Broly’s attack. The Legendary Saiyan tried to land attack after attack, but was either blocked or dodged by Black who was beginning to act like Vegeta, his arms crossed as he flew backwards.

“I’m sorry Black, but I have no other options,” Broly mumbled to the Saiyan before throwing a kick to Black’s head. The dark Saiyan blocked the attack with his arm, but grunted as he was pushed to the side slightly.

“You do have options! You don’t want to be under control like your father Paragus!” Black countedered. Blocking another attack as he began to be pushed back by the Legendary Saiyan.

“I didn’t mean it like that, I just heard it on the internet…” Broly explained to the Saiyan, “This is where I feel accepted, where I feel at home. Most importantly, I finally have a family!” Broly shouted, Broly’s Ki began to flare up. Broly then cocked back a fist coating it in Armament Haki before gut punching the Saiyan. Broly then fires off a Ki Blast sending Black flying, the Ki Blast then detonates and it makes a huge green cloud.

A powerful shockwave pushed the cloud away, revealing Black hovering above with a small trickle of blood at the corner of his mouth. Black wiped it away, growling. He looked down to Broly before clenching his fists. He began to yell as a yellow aura surrounded his body, his hair flailing up and changing yellow. His aura exploded in size as his yelling seized.

“Why don’t you transform, then we can get serious…” Black asked, waiting for Broly to reply.

"Alright." Broly then charged up and became a suppressed Super Saiyan, though Black took notice that Broly was still packed with power.

The Dark Saiyan Smirk as he descended from the sky, “Why Suppressed Super Saiyan, do you go berserk if you go Legendary?” Black asked as he landed on the ground, taking Vegeta’s fighting stance.

Broly descends from the sky as well and lands on the ground. "Yes, I can't afford to risk my family getting injured. They mean everything to me." Broly got in Goku's stance.

“If you ever go Legendary, I’ll do everything to keep you from hurting your family… You’ve got my word.” Black promised The Legendary Saiyan, waiting for him to make his move.

"Thanks," Broly's tail revealed itself from his pants, Broly then flew at Black. Broly covered his fists and feet in Armament Haki, Broly then went for a jump kick to Black's head.

Black covered his right fist in Armament Haki, coiling it back. He took a deep breath before outering, “Five Ren Kugi Punches…” Black struck Broly’s foot. Immediately, Broly yelps in pain as he recoils back. He held his foot in pain but was then pushed back as Black sent pressure blasts into the Saiyans chest.

Broly jumped from the ground Broly wiped some blood that made its way out of his mouth. He then grinned, Broly began to cover his whole leg in Armament Haki. He then performed a cartwheel before spin kicking Black, vibrations were emitted from it. "Eight Impacts Fist Secret Technique: Drill Dragon Drill Nai!" Black then felt the full brunt of an attack that could shatter a continent, the force of the attack made the bridge crack… Then it shattered. Broly flew above the broken bridge.

Black grunted from the force of the attack, he stood on a piece of the broken bridge. He fell with it as he looked up at Broly while rubbing his left arm. As the piece was about to strike the water, Black shot straight up into the sky, leveling with Broly. He took a glance at his tail, smirking, “So, can you go 4?” Black asked suddenly.

"Yeah, but I'd rather not use it, I lose control and I go all… Apeshit, is that the word Towa?" Broly turned to Towa who nodded, Broly turned to Black. "Also what does apeshit mean?"

“Another word for losing you mind.” Black explained. But was then caught off when a teleportation happened behind him. Black turned his head slightly to see Frieza trying to get the jump on him. But all the tyrant received was a backhand from Black. “Don’t interrupt the fight you piss stain lizard.” Black hissed before spin kicking Frieza to the ground. He turned back to Broly with a smile. “Anyway, where were we?”

"We were talking about apeshit. Anyways, did you know that fish have karate?" Broly asked the Saiyan.

“No, I never knew, yet again you tend to forget stuff after a thousand years. But I have an important question…” Black asked the Legendary Saiyan, “Are you enjoying the fight?”

"Yup! Hundred Tile True Punch!" Broly punched Black down into the water, Black was then submerged in said water. Broly followed right after, Black looked around, trying to spot Broly. "Sea-Speed Stomach Drop Kick!" Broly then drop kicked Black in his rib at blinding speeds, Black then hit the bottom of the ocean. Broly crossed his arms.

Black recovered as he planted his feet into the ground, ‘Broly, your gonna want to move…’ Black telepathically told the Legendary Saiyan, confusing him. But Black threw his arms to the side quickly, “PROMINENCE…” Black somehow shouted in the water, pulling his hands to the side as a violent blue and yellow ball of ki formed in his hands. Black lightning began to arch around it as Black threw his arms forward. “KAMEHAMEHA!!!!” Black roared as a blast stronger than his Final Big Bang Kamehameha shot towards Broly. The Legendary Saiyan took his advice and quickly moved out of the way, the blast streaking past him as it vaporized the water around them. Then water began to fill the spot back up.

Broly blinked, "Poor fishies…" Broly said to Black.

Black took this chance at the distracted Broly, shooting forward with his left leg glowing. “FIERCE GOD KICK!” Black yelled as he kicked the distracted Saiyan in the cheek. A powerful shockwave pushed the water out of the way as Broly was sent out of the water and into the sky. Black appeared above him with his hands cupped together, before bringing them down into the Legendary Saiyans gut.

Broly wheezed before looking at Black with a grin, Broly landed an uppercut to Black's jaw. Stunning the Saiyan slightly, Broly cocked back his fist, covering it in Ryou Haki. "Five Thousand Tile True Punch!" Black felt the full brunt of Broly's monstrous attack, this sent the saiyan into one of the towers. Broly flew after the Saiyan. Broly covered his whole leg in Armament Haki, "Seven Thousand Tile Roundhouse Kick!" Broly landed a roundhouse kick to Black’s rib, this sent Black down into the ground. They were now in the city of Marineford

The Dark Saiyan recovered as he landed on his feet, skidding across the floor until a complete stop. Black looked up to see Broly charging at him, Black growled as a faint red aura surrounded his Super Saiyan one. “Kaio-Ken!” Black shouted as a spiky red aura overtook his body.

"Kaio-what?" Broly asked the Saiyan.

But Broly didn't have time to react as Black appeared in front of him like it was teleportation. Black began to land punches and kicks against Broly, the Saiyan not having enough time to react. Black landed a powerful spin kick into Broly’s ribs, the Legendary Saiyan wheezing in pain, only to stop as he felt a powerful uppercut punch into his gut. Black stepped back as Broly went onto a knee grasping his stomach. Without warning, Black jumped into the sky with his hands to his side.

“Ka… Me… Ha… Me...” Black chanted as a blue orb of ki generated in his hands.

Thanos grinned at this, "Goodbye Broly!" Thanos chuckled.

“HA!!!” Black roared as he threw his arms forward, the beam of energy shooting towards Broly as he realized what was about to hit him. He screamed in fear as the attack overtook him and a few buildings. Shortly after, Black is seen doing flips as he lands on his feet. He looks towards the crater the kamehameha created.

Black then saw Broly slowly get up, his body all charred. "Well, I think it's time I kick it up a notch, you're basically in Super Saiyan two because… Kaioken multiplies your strength by two." Broly told the Dark Saiyan before going to a suppressed Super Saiyan Two.

“True, but I’m doing it to save some energy and for another thing.” Black explained as he crossed his arms.

"Alright…" Broly then appeared before Black, covering his palm in Ryou Haki. "Shark Tile True Punch!" Black then coughed up an ungodly amount of blood for he just took the Fishman Karate equivalent of Sai Dai Rin: Rokuogan. The force sent Black into the water, Broly then got in a defensive fighting stance, ready to take on whatever Black has.

A few moments passed as the water was being pushed away from a certain point. Slowly, Black rose out of the water, his Kaio-ken aura slightly bigger and more violent. But what confused Broly was the lack of a scratch or bruise on the Saiyans face, not even a trace of blood. “Was that all?” Black mocked as disappeared from sight, reappearing behind the Legendary Saiyan.

"Well this is a load of bullshit." Broly mumbled.

“What was that, I can't hear you from up there!” Black taunted as he turned around and kneed Broly in the back. This time the kick felt more powerful than before, sending Broly into the city and into a building.

Broly slowly got up, wiping off some blood that was on his chest. Broly then flew at Black, putting his fingers in a position like a Chinese Dragon. "Dragon's Talon!" Broly imbued his fingers in Armament Haki before striking Black in his gut. Knocking the wind out of him, Broly pulled back a fist covering his whole arm in Armament Haki. "Saiyan Karate, Boulder Breaking Strike!" Broly then struck Black in his chest, Black felt his ribcage crack before he was sent flying.

Black spun backwards in the air, coming to a stop as he gripped his chest, he grunted in pain. But he began to laugh… “heh… hehe… Haha… HAHAHA!” Black laughed, unnerving a few of the band of heroes and Towa’s underlings. Black’s laughing ceased as he looked at Broly with a shit eating grin. “Go on, keep on damaging me all you want… The pain will only make me stronger.” Black chuckled.

"...You have a weird kink, or whatever that means…" Broly then walked forth, approaching the Saiyan.

“A complete masochist” Eric said

Black just kept on chuckling, before letting out a yell, his aura bursting in size. This caught Broly’s attention as Blacks power increased even further. The Saiyan pulled a hand to the side, a large lime ball of ki gree in his hands, before Black had thrown the attack. Broly growled as he caught it and threw it into the air. But Black took this chance and sprinted forward, covering his fists in Armament Haki while coiling them back. “Five Ren Kugi Meteor Combination!” Black roared as he struck Broly in the jaw. This sent The Legendary Saiyan backwards, but the Dark Saiyan didn’t let up as he continued to land punches into Broly before finishing it with a punch in the arm.

Broly let out a gasp of pain before his pupils vanished, Broly then fell into the water. Black watched the Saiyan fall into the water with a sad look. But that all stopped when his eyes widened, a sudden spike in power had begun to ripple the water. ‘So… he’s in control now…’ Black thought as the water swirled into a violent whirlpool. There rose a large muscular Saiyan, in a legendary aura as lightning formed around him.


Black looked on at the muscular Saiyan with a grin, “So, you decide to let him take the ropes for now on huh…” Black then went serious as he turned off his Kaio-Ken and went Super Saiyan 2. “But now I’ve got a promise to keep…” Black muttered as he got into Goku’s fighting stance.

"Hey Black, you said your power level was pretty big, huh? Well mine is… MAXIMUM!!!" Broly shouted.

“...” Black stayed silent for a few moments before smirking. “Prove it…”

Broly flew at Black then he grabbed Black, crushing the Saiyan. Broly then flew down into the water, then the water pressure began to get to Black, they went down a water trench. Broly then cocked back his fist before slamming his fist into Black, sending him to the bottom. Broly then let out a mighty roar, letting out a Ki blast from his mouth. Absorbing the Dark Saiyan in his wrathful Ki.

Black was pushed back by the mouth blast as he was sent flying back into the city. The Saiyan recovered after grabbing the side of a building, dragging across it until he recovered.

Broly followed after the false Saiyan, Broly then grabbed Black by his head. Broly then dragged the false Saiyan across the ground. Broly then threw Black into the top of the Marineford building.

Black crashed into the building as the rubble began to fall on top of him, covering him. A few moments went by before the building exploded, the pressure pushed The Legendary Super Saiyan back a few feet as a large aura incinerated the building. The dust revealing Black with long spiky hair with a single bang hanging from his forehead. He also had no eyebrows as he looked to Broly with a look that could kill. “It’s over Broly…” Black said in a deep voice, lightning arcing around him as thunder echoed throughout the city.

The Dark Saiyan disappeared from sight, reappearing as he elbowed Broly in the gut, The Legendary Saiyan coughing up blood as Black went for a right hook across Broly’s cheek.

Broly then began to power up a red aura surrounded. The red aura became a sphere, the sphere began to grow. Before it engulfed Black, pushing him back, then there was an explosion of Ki knocking Black back. There stood the Legendary Super Saiyan Four Broly. "MAXIMUM!!!!"

Black spun in the air and recovered by planting his feet into the ground, looking up he growled. “He wasn’t bluffing… well shit.” Black muttered as he clenched his fists. He began to let out a growing roar as the echo of an oozaru was heard through the area. Soon a orange sphere of ki surrounded Black, lightning arcing around it before it began to morph into a tall spire. It soon dispersed as it revealed Black back with his base hair, but blood red. “Not risking Super Saiyan 4…” Black told himself as he waited for Broly to charge him.

"Blackarrot! BLACKARROT!!!!" Broly roared as he flew at the carbon copy of Goku.

Black smirked as the Legendary Super Saiyan 4 charged him, but Black was prepared as he brought his arms to the side, a liquid like aura surrounded him as he threw his hands forward, two fingers extended as Broly was about to strike him. Unfortunately, Broly’s rampage was stopped as the liquid like aura surrounded Broly as it stopped his motion. Black grunted as he struggled to hold The Legendary Super Saiyan 4.

“Hey, hey Broly! You kinda going apeshit, kinda can’t let you hurt anyone.” Black taunted, Broly yelling at him as the area around them began to crack and crumble under them. “You’ve got a family, remember?! You don’t want to hurt them, right?!” Black shouted.

Broly paused and his pupils began to reappear as he slowly went back to normal. "F-family…" Broly sighed.

Black nodded, a concerned look appeared on his face. “Look, you don’t have to fight anymore.” Black said with concern.

"Heh… It was a good fi-" Broly was then shot through the heart by a purple beam, also piercing through Black as well. Broly let out a cry of pain before he fell onto his back, bleeding out.


Black gasped out in pain as he looked towards his wound, it going clean through his gut. Black looks up to see Frieza staring at him with a devilish grin. “You… you bastard…” Black hissed, his god form already beginning to work on healing his wound.

"Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho! You let your guard down, monkey…" Frieza laughed, Lucci took a step forward, though Janemba took a step forward, looking at the African Warrior.

“NO, Stay back Lucci, this is my fight and my fight alone!” Black roared, putting a hand up. Black looks towards Broly, the Saiyans eyes widening as he sees the tall Saiyan bleeding out. “Broly?” Black asked, worry spread across his face.

"Tch… Damn you Frieza…" Akainu grumbled, Akainus clenched his fists, his fists began to glow.

"Sakazuki, you know you can't kill him, or even harm him…" Mira warned, glancing at Akainu from the corner of his eye.

Black tried to run over and help Broly, but Frieza was quicker as he appeared in front of Black and kicked him away. “Out of my way Frieza…” Black growled.

"Alright, I'll get out of your way…" Frieza walked to the side only for Omega Shenron to appear in his place. The Shadow Dragon threw a Ki laced punch in Black's face, sending him far.

Black let out a primal roar as his aura exploded, pushing back Omega Shenron. “I'VE HAD ENOUGH!!!” Black roared as he rushed forward at unseen speeds, taking the Shadow Dragon by surprise. He appeared before Omega with his right fist covered in a yellow glow. “FIVE REN KUGI DRAGON FIST!!!!” Black exploded into a red dragon as it rushed Omega.

Omega Shenron grinned… Before replacing his form with Broly's. Broly stood there weakly as the Crimson Dragon flew at him.

Black noticed this, but he was too late to stop the attack as the Crimson Dragon pierced through Broly. Leaving a massive hole in Broly’s gut. The Crimson Dragon dispersed, revealing a distraught Black.

Broly stood there for a few seconds, "Ryker… I… Wish... T-to see you again… My f-fath…" Broly couldn't finish his sentence before he fell face first, dead. Then, Frieza began to laugh, Omega Shenron began to laugh along with him.

Black turned around slowly, facing the dead Saiyan as tears began to form on the corner of his eyes. “No… no…” Black muttered as he began to walk slowly towards Broly’s form. Black began to shake uncontrollably as he began to cry. “No… not again… no… …” Black dropped to his knees as he looked over The Saiyans form.

"OMEGA SHENRON!!!" Akainu shot a magma fist at Omega Shenron. Only for Mira to gut punch Akainu.

"Die." Mira then fires off a Ki blast, sending him up the building of Marineford, it then detonates.


A thunderstorm had begun to slowly roll in, catching the attention of everyone. Black began to breathe heavily, flashbacks to the Crystal Empire War re-entering his mind as he saw instead of Broly, but a dead filly, Frieza’s laugh echoing in his ears.

“no more…” Black muttered, a dark haze overtaking the Saiyan as a new aura took hold. A black and purple aura formed around him as the land and sea began to shake. “no more…” Black hissed as he began to slowly stand up, his heart rate increasing a lightning struck around him.

Luna Black watched the display unfold, recognizing the aura, the one of him. “No…” Luna Black shuttered.

"Welp… TAKE COVER!!!" Thanos dove down behind whatever little cover they had. Elia followed behind Thanos, using the Titan's giant body as cover.

Shiva grabbed Luke, Link and Kodo, digging down into the ground and creating a foxhole for them.

Eric covered both himself and Sombra in thick domes of shadow

Black winces as memories of the past flooded in, voices screaming in his head.

You promised you’d protect me!” A young fully cried out weakly, her breast becoming shallow.

Another one, you’ve murdered blindly.” King Sombra’s voice mocked as Black clenched his fists to the point they bled.

They're all dead because of Me!! ME!!!” Blacks own voice ran through his head as the Saiyans' mind began to spin.

NO MORE…” Black hissed as a second voice joined his, his pupils changing shape to one of a cat. The land around him broke and rose around him as they were vaporized. A set of misty black wings sprouted from the Saiyans back as one last roar from the Saiyan.

NOOO MOOORRREE!!!!!!” Black roared as there was a blinding explosion that pushed everyone back. Luna Black watched on in horror to what just happened.

“Eric, I don’t suppose you have another one of those calming masks,” Shiva yelped, ducking underground.

“I do, but I don’t think I can get to him without being pushed back”

"HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HAVE TO TEACH YOU THIS LESSON OLD MAN?!?!??!?!" Thanos cried out, getting out of his cover as he was surrounded by his Ki aura.

"Janemba, Janemba!" Janemba chanted before getting possessed by Dark Ki, Omega Shenron, Cooler, Frieza, Yamcha, and Kid Buu.

Suddenly a hand had impaled the hellspawn known as Janemba, the monster gasped at the sudden pain. Turning around, he saw Black in his Super Saiyan Rosé state, but different. Janemba didn’t get to say anything else as his head was knocked off by a devastating kick.

Kodo blinked as Janemba’s head bounced across the ground. “Sweet jeez-us,” Kodo mumbled.

"It's pronounced Jesus!" Lucci cried out, hiding behind Thanos.

"Hey uh, guys? This is way above my pay grade…" Yamcha said, looking at everyone, Mr. Perfect Cell came back just for Yamcha. Putting a hand on Yamcha's shoulder, two fingers on his forehead, Mr. Perfect Cell then took his leave.

Black turned to the rest of the villains who stood in shock. “None of you are leaving here alive…” Blacks voice sounded distorted, almost demonic.

"Even me? I didn't even do anything but punch you!" Cooler said before he went into his Metal Fifth Form, Frieza then went Golden Form.

“...” Black kept silent as he watched the brothers going full power.

"Justice Flash!" The brothers step aside as Toppo fires off a series of Ki blasts from his fingertips. Black didn’t move as he took the ki blasts head on, them exploding in contact as a large dust cloud formed.

"Go my underlings, rain hell upon this Saiyan!" Towa ordered, Omega Shenron flew at Black, Kid Buu, Cooler, and Frieza following after the Shadow Dragon. Omega Shenron cocked back a fist, covering it in Armament Haki he then threw a hefty punch at the Saiyan right as Akainu got out of the rubble.

The smoke cleared, The Saiyan taking no damage from the recent attack. Black merely glanced at Omega Shenron, a flurry of invisible punches knocked The Shadow Dragon away as Black caught Frieza’s fist. “You mortal, you have caused the greatest sins here.” Black hissed as he proceeded to dislocate Frieza’s arm.

"Gah! You stupid monkey! How dare you lay your hands on me!" Frieza fired off a Ki blast in front of Black's face.

How dare me…? YOU CAUSED THIS TO HAPPEN TO YOU, YOU INSIGNIFICANT MORTAL CUNT!!!!” Black roared as he proceeded to throw Frieza around like a rag doll, so much that on the final throw, Black ripped the Tyrant's arm off.

"ARGGHHH!!!" Frieza cried out in pain.

"Looks like he's been… Disarmed!" Cooler chuckled, laughing at his brother. Thanos laughed at this too.

"I get it!" Thanos cried out, laughing hysterically.

Black appeared above the fallen Tyrant with an outstretched hand, facing Frieza. “Hakai…” Black said as there was a pulse around Frieza before he began to disintegrate into purple particles, his screams raiding as the Tyrant ceased to exist.

"You get what you fucking deserve, jackass." Cooler spat, suddenly behind Black was Kid Buu, Kid Buu tried to shoot a piece of himself onto Black.

Black stood unmoving as the piece of the Majin tried to cover him. But that was short lived as Black roared, the piece being vaporized by his aura. The Saiyan turned around to see a frightened Kid Buu as the Majin began to take a few steps back.

5…” Black hissed as he prepared a Ki Blade in his right hand. Kid Buu began to run away, knowing that this is a battle he can not win. But Black wasn’t having none of it as he teleported in front of the scared Majin.

4…” Black prepared another ki blade as they grew in size. Kid Buu shot a Ki blast out of fear, impacting the Saiyan. But the Saiyan walked out of the dust cloud.

3…” Kid Buu turns to Mira, Kid Buu then flees towards Mira to try and hide behind the man. Toppo was about to step in to help his comrade but he then saw Akainu about to destroy Omega Shenron. Akainu was marching up to Omega Shenron when Toppo held him down.

"You better keep on holding me down Toppo! Because I'm gonna kill him if you don't!" Akainu grumbled, Toppo just nodded.

2…” Black charged forward at blinding speeds as thousands of pink needles appeared everywhere around Kid Buu. Each of them charging and implanting themselves into the Majin. Black appeared a few feet away with his two ki blades crossed.

"GRAH!!!" Kid Buu cried out.

1…” Black finished as he grounded the ki blades together, signaling for the needles to go off individually until Black sliced the air, the rest of the needles exploding. Incinerating the Majin, leaving nothing behind. Black threw his hands to the side, dispersing his weapons.

"Hehehe… Hahahahaha! This will end you, GO TO HELL!!!" Omega Shenron fired off a condensed Ki blast at the Dark Saiyan behind his back. Cackling like a mad man.

Black didn’t turn his back as the Dark Saiyan used his tail to deflect the Ki blast away and into a building. Omega Shenron took a step back in fear.

"Damn you all!" Omega Shenron aimed a charging Ki blast at the ground. "SAY GOODBYE TO THIS PLANET!!!"

The Saiyan turned around and charged forward at tremendous speed. Just before The Shadow Dragon could launch his attack, a foot made contact with it, pushing it into Omega Shenron palm. The Dragon looked to see Blacks dead look, unchanging as his own attack began to overtake him. Omega Shenron screamed his last as his own attack was used against him.

A skull of the dragon fell on the ground next to the Saiyans feet, Black took a glance at it before stomping on it. Turning the skull in dust.

"...I surrender." Cooler went back to his normal form, his Dark Ki and 5th form disappearing. Cooler then went on his knees, putting his hands up in the air. "Please, hath mercy on my soul."

Black slowly walked to Cooler, staying silent the whole way as his feet echoed throughout the destroyed city. He stopped a foot away from Cooler as the second fiddle began to shake in fear. Cooler shakely looked up to the Saiyan to not only find him there, what cat pupil eyes staring daggers into his soul.

Black slowly raised his hand, facing it towards Coolers head, the second fiddle beginning to shake in fear once again. However a black tendril wrapped around the Saiyan stopping his movements.

“Black! That’s enough! He’s given up!” Luna Black shouted.

“I don’t think that’s gonna work,” Kodo noted.

"But he has no will to fight on! Cooler has given up." Elia told the Saiyan.

Black didn’t turn his body, but turned his head, facing the band of heroes. And to confirm Luna Black’s fear, they saw his cat-like pupils. Black’s dead look turned into a devilish smirk.

"Well I'm fucked." Cooler said calmly.

“Wait, Black! Don’t do i-” Luna Black didn’t get to finish her sentence as Black broke free of Eric’s tendrils and blasted Cooler with a dark purple beam of ki, incinerating the second fiddle instantly. The blast created a fire that spread across the ground. It gave a depressing and intimidating aura around the dark Saiyan as he continued to grin devilishly towards the group of heroes.

"...Ka…" Mira stuck his palms in a cupped position, sticking them outwards before cupping them to his side. "Me…" Black then began to approach the Android. "Ha… Me…" Mira's demonic eyes opened wide before he unleashed a blood red Kamehameha. "HAAAAAA!!!!" The blast was deflected by an invisible shield. Mira then ripped off his armor before flying up to Black, landing a kick to Black's face. The force made his head snap to the left, Mira then kept up the tempo, launching attack after attack on the Saiyan. As Mira did he noticed that his attacks were doing nothing to the Saiyan, as a last hurrah, Mira uppercuts the Saiyan with Ki before firing a devastating Ki blast at the Saiyan. The impact made a mountain sized explosion.

A large dust cloud covered the area, Mira huffing as he put most of his power into the attack. There were a few moments of silence before a thin black beam pierced the air, flying at blinding speeds as it pierced through Mira’s mouth, exiting out the back of his neck. Instantly killing the Android with ease as Mira’s body fell to the floor.

Toppo let go of Akainu and that was a mistake, Akainu then fired off a Ki wave at Towa, decapitating the witch. Akainu was about to punch Toppo before he was slapped away into the largest building. Toppo then flicked his fingers upwards and it made an explosion, causing a huge wreckage. "Now… It's just you and me, villain."

Villain? Sure go with that, but I’m their Divine God… Goku Black…” Black spoke as he struck a pose similar to Fused Zamasu. “But I believe I should kill you for interfering with killing those pieces of trash.” Black spat as he got into a stance.

“I will defeat you Villain, no matter the cost!” Toppo claimed as a dark purple aura surrounded the Pride Trooper. He then let out a yell that shook the tower as a symbol began to burn through the top of his shirt. A symbol resembling a God of Destruction state.

Black saw the display and began to clap slowly, “Wow, how amusing… you sure can put on a light show… for a Doctor Eggman ripoff.” Black commented as he chuckled. Toppo merely stared at the Dark Saiyan, Black chuckling as he pointed a finger and shot a thin beam of energy towards the Dr. Eggman ripoff. But to the Saiyan’s surprise, the attack had no effect as it was destroyed by Toppo’s aura.

“Don’t think such a pathetic attack would work on me, Villain.” Toppo said boldly. Black scoffed as the duo starred each other down, not glancing away from each other's glares. “You’ve made a mistake Villain, fighting me alone will be your downfall.” Toppo declared as he got into a stance.

I don’t need the others to defeat a false god like you. Those mortals would only get in the way…” Black scoffed as he got into a stance. “Quoting a famous tv character… One Shall Stand… One Shall Fall…” Black spoke as he let out a roar, charging towards the stoic God of Destruction.

Black jumped in the air, spinning as he made a ki blade and swinging it apon Toppo, but the god was ready as he put up an arm to block the attack. Black growled as he landed on the ground, going for another swing, Toppo dodging it as he sent his own punches. The Saiyan moved his head to the side, but was struck across the cheek, sending him sliding across the ground. Black dispelled his ki blade and charged forward once again, throwing punches and kicks, only for Toppo to deflect them or dodge them.

The god of destruction moved out of the way of an oncoming punch, cocking his arm back for a devastating blow against the Saiyan, striking Blacks head. It disoriented the Saiyan as Toppo went on the offensive, sending punches and kicks into the Saiyans gut. Black growled as he caught one of the punches, preparing a ki blast in his other hand, “Don’t get cocky” Black shouted as he threw his hand into Toppo’s chest. The ki blast going off and pushing the god back a few feet.

Toppo spat as he stuck his hand into the ground, coming to a stop. Black took this chance and charged forward, making a ki scythe and bringing it down upon Toppo’s skull. Only for the god to grab the scythe’s blade and shattered it with his strength. This took Black by surprise as he was pushed back. This time Toppo threw his hands in forward and began to shoot a barrage of ki blasts. Black threw his arms in front of him, protecting himself from the ki blasts.

“Black’s being pushed back…” Luna Black commented, clenching her fists as she could only watch…

"Well that's not gud." Elae said, looking at Black, though the meme had the power to stop this. He chose not to.

[someone’s response]

Black growled as he was being pushed from the attacks, dragging small trenches from his feet. Black moved out of the way, the blasts flying past him as he charged forward. He appears in front of Toppo with his hand facing the god of destruction. Toppo quickly threw his hand in front of Black’s as the two shouted.

HAKAI!!!!!” two purple energies began to push against each other, the land below them beginning to crack and shatter under the power of a god of destruction. Black grunted as sweat began to roll down his cheek, Toppo seeming unfazed by the two energies clashing against each other. Black roared as he put more power into it as the land below them was vaporized. There was a huge explosion shortly after, pushing back both of the fighters back several meters away.

Black dug his hands into the ground to halt himself, upon looking up, he could already see Toppo charging at him. The Saiyan scoffed as he hit the ground with his fist before getting up and charged at the God of Destruction. The two roared as they pulled their fists back for a devastating punch.

“Get down!!” Luna Black ordered as she tucked down.

"AIGHT!!!" Thanos forced Entity and Lucci to the ground, going down with them. Though Elae was yeeted by the force, getting sent flying. Link was holding with all his feet onto not one, but two hookshots that were firmly planted in the earth followed by wearing golden gauntlets and wearing the Iron Boots. Link was trying his damndest to not go flying like a ragdoll. Eric Fired several tendrils deep into the ground keeping him from flying off.

“Too… Much… Power..” Link cried out, before Shiva seized him and dragged him back into her fox hole.

“Too less power!” Thanos replied with a laugh, pushing his friends deeper into the ground.

"EBOLAAA!!!!" Elae cried out as he was flung away like trash.

“And Jinbe got on ‘my’ case for being overpowered?” Luke grumbled, hanging onto his son and wife.

"To be fair that was his ultimate technique and that attack shattered the clouds the force of that blow would take…" Elia trailed off, saying a bunch of big girl words that neither Luke or his family understood.

There was a powerful shockwave that knocked down multiple buildings in the area, creating a decent sized crater under the two. Luna Black looked up to see the two had struck each other across the cheek.

A few moments later, there was a bright flash of light that signaled a power struggle. Black and Toppo had begun to clash, energy rippling around them as the area was crumbling under their might. Black using all of his strength to try and overpower the God Of Destruction. But was failing as it seemed Toppo was pushing the Saiyan back.

Black backed off and landed on top of a building, empowering his aura as it grew in size. He threw his hands to the side before throwing them forwards, “Prominence Flash!!!!” A massive orange blast shot from the Saiyan, heading straight to the God Of Destruction, who held a stoic expression.

He held a hand in front of him, “Hakai!” He yelled, the dark sphere of destruction forming and putting a stop to the Saiyans attack. Black roared as he tried to increase his power, pushing Toppo back slightly, but was stopped.

I REFUSE TO BE BEATEN BY THE LIKES OF YOU!!!” Black roared. But deep down, he could feel he was reaching his limit. At this time, Toppo put more power into the attack as it grew in size, overpowering the Final Flash. “What!” Black shouted in surprise.

The Saiyan ended his attack and jumped to the size, seeing the destruction energy fly off and hit a building. A second later, the building seized to exist as it exploded into purple particles. Black looked to Toppo and growled. “You won’t be able to beat me Saiyan, accept your fate,” Toppo said.

Black growled as he and Toppo began to have a staring contest. “I’ve got to win this, not for my sake, but for Broly’s promise. I’ll get to the next level and I’ll beat Ryker, I can’t afford to lose.” Black muttered, but Toppo took this chance as the Saiyan was distracted.

The God Of Destruction charged forward with speeds unseen by the Saiyan. Black cried out in pain as he felt Toppo gut punch him, the Saiyan spitting out blood as he was sent into the air. Toppo sent a Ki blast and it hit the Saiyan, the explosion shaking the area and making everyone fall over.

Out of the explosion fell the Saiyan, who quickly recovered and slid across the ground before getting his footing. Toppo appeared in front of him, throwing a right hook, but Black dodge and kicked Toppo in the leg. But that didn’t falter the God of Destruction, who went to kick the Saiyan, but he managed to block the attack. Black was sent skidding across the stone tile as he left mini trenches in his wake.

It’s hard to believe how strong he is, how did Vegeta keep it up for as long as he did?” Black asked himself, getting a brief flashback of him watching the fight between Vegeta and Toppo. The God of Destruction launched forward, as did Black as they went back to clashing. Black sends kicks and punches to Toppo, but the God of Destruction would either dodge or block the attack.

The clash ended as they locked hands with each other, trying to overpower the other. Black grunted and struggled under Toppo’s strength. “You know, it’s quite a transition from being a Pride Trooper to a God of Destruction. What made you go from hero to destroyer?” Black snarled as he felt himself being pushed back.

“I have no need for justice if I can’t beat an insignificant villain like you,” Toppo growled as he broke the hand lock and kicked the Saiyan in the chest. The sent Black flying backwards as Toppo shot another Ki blast, exploding as it made contact with the Saiyan.

This propelled Black through many buildings, they all crumbled as the Saiyan took out the supporters. Black eventually stopped as he crashed into a wall and got stuck in the stone. Black coughed up blood and saliva as he opened one eye to see Toppo standing with an unchanged glare.

“And what of you? You merely made a promise to an uncontrollable Saiyan Monster to protect his family. Do you really think such a trivial cause will outmatch a Destroyer’s resolve?!” Toppo questioned with visible anger. “I ordain what will and will not exist, that’s my cause.” Toppo’s eyes widen as he slowly lifts his hands to the sky, creating a large orange blast that looks like the sun. “And to serve it, I forsake all else!” Toppo growls, yelling as he continues to grow the diameter of the blast.

Thanos looked on in horror, “BLACK YOU FUCKING CUNT!!! MOVE YOUR FATASS OUT OF THE WAY AND DODGE!!!!!” Thanos roared as he could only watch.

“Piccolo will be disappointed if you don’t!” Link yelled out half serious half joking.

“Perish, Son Goku Black! AND BE NO MORE!!” Toppo roared as he threw the blast, rolling across the ground as it left a trench in its path. Black tried to pull himself out of the wall, but it felt like his strength was gone as he could hopelessly watch his demise.


What the hell am I doing? I don’t kill… that’s what Zamasu would do! Toppo threw everything he was… and he’d dare call my cause trivial?!’ Black thought. ‘I fight for Luna, for Nightmare and Broly, all of those who I’ve lost! I fight so then I can protect them! I fight to keep my promise to Broly! I fight for everything I’ve built and who I am!’ Black looked forward as the blast was about to hit him. “UNLIKE YOU I WON'T ABANDON ALL OF THAT TO PLAY GOD!!!!!” Black roared, his pupils returning to normal with his black wings and dark aura disappearing as the blast connected with him, engulfing the Saiyan.

Toppo smirked and the others looked on in horror, but all of that was thrown to the side as the blast was destroyed. It left in the middle with Black with his normal aura surrounding him. Toppo looked on in shock, but couldn’t register what was happening as Black shot forward and threw a right hook into the destroyer’s cheek.

“The hell was that all the sudden?!” Luke said, shocked at the sudden rise of power.

“Wait, his pupils are back to normal! Does that mean he regained control?” Kodo asked.

“But for how long! Black is still filled with grief over the loss of another friend. He might return to that state when he realizes what he’s done…” Luna Black explained.

“He’s going even further beyond!” Lucci cried out, shielding himself from the energy that was being exerted via Ki shield. Entity began to chuckle

“Even further? Don’t tell me Black is going to become super saiyan five!” Link said, remembering the fan creations.

“Well… Time to chant for my man. You can do it! Rah, Rah, Sis Boom Bah!” Entity laughed as he was unusually calm about this situation.

“If this get too out of hand I’ll have to use my mask to calm him down” Eric said pulling a skull mask from his body

“Let’s hope thine’s mask won’t be needed,” Luna Black commented.

This sends Toppo flying into a building, but the Saiyan wasn’t done yet as he threw his hands forward and sent a barrage of Ki blasts. Black flew through the flames and smoke, finding Toppo trying to recover. The Saiyan threw a barrage of punches and kicks, sending Toppo out of the flames and through multiple buildings as the Saiyan chased after him. Toppo recovered and formed a Ki blast in his hands, but for it only to shatter under the Saiyans resolve. Black used this chance of distraction and sent a barrage of punches across the destroyer's head and chest.

“You think your destroyer form will save you, that it gives you the strength you need?! WELL NOT IF I HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY ABOUT IT!!!!” Black roared as he sent a kick into Toppos chin, sending him into the air as he came crashing back down into the ground. Black took a deep breath and his aura disappeared.

Toppo growled as he got up, seeing the Saiyan wouldn’t let up as Black was charging towards him. Toppo brought a hand to his side, forming a sphere of Destruction in his hand. “You will go down villain, like all the others! HAKAI!!!” Toppo yelled as he sent the Haki in Black’s direction. Unfortunately for Toppo, the Saiyan was prepared as Black threw his fist forward, it being covered by an aura as it collided with the sphere of destruction. Instead of it engulfing Black and destroying the Saiyan, it instead bent under the Saiyans strength.

“What?!” The Hakai shattered as this left Toppo in shock. But the fist then collided with the destroyer’s cheek, leaving a shockwave that was felt by everyone.

“Only a failure like you would abandon your pride!” Black accused in anger, Toppo groaning in pain from the sudden attacks sent his way. “DID YOU REALLY THINK YOU COULD BEAT ME?!?”

“Hakai!!” Toppo shouted in desperation, sending 3 spheres of Destruction in Black’s path, but the Saiyan dodged them as they struck a building and disintegrated it. “Haki!!” But Black kicked him in the gut, the Haki flying in a random direction as it hit a rock and disintegrated it. Toppo stepped back, preparing another sphere of destruction. “Haki!!!” Toppo shouted with labored breath, but Black punched him in the arm, the attack disappearing as the Saiyan spin kicked Toppo across the ground. He skipped like a rock in a pond before making contact with a building, it crumbled on top of the destroyer.

Black stood there, letting out labored breaths as he looked at the crumbled building. He thought of using a Prominence Kamehameha, but he’s almost out of energy for it to be effective. He then got an idea as his frown deepened, “I’m going to hit you with an attack that you won’t be able to destroy!” Black claimed as he clenched his fists, yelling as he felt his power skyrocket. Soon, a dome of yellow energy surrounded the Saiyan as a second aura flared around him like a wildfire.

“...He’s gonna do the thing isn’t he?” Thanos grimaced, watching the slowly expanding dome of energy.

Luna Black squinted her eyes, seeing the attack Black had begun to produce. Her eyes widened as she recognized the move, getting a flashback of one of the original elements of Harmony doing it. “Don’t tell us thou are using that suicidal move, not the one Sir Rockhoof used!” Luna Black told herself, hoping this was a trick.

“Yup, he’s gonna do the thing…” Lucci groaned, “Well, he’s dead.”

“What? What are you saying?” Shiva spun around, facing Lucci.

“He’s going to push so much energy out of him that it will most likely turn him into stone.” Lucci told Shiva, not looking back at Black.


Thanos, I’m going to need you to take everyone to the level above us, it’ll get you out of the blast range...’ Black told Thanos telepathically.

“Nigga you do know that you will fucking die, right? I will not lose another friend!” Thanos argued, fearing the death of another friend.

... I’ve caused so much pain and death from my past… Crystal, Master Starswirl, the rest of the original bearers of The Elements of Harmony, the Ruva and Crystal ponies… including Broly… every time I try to do some good, I always end up killing somebody… let me do this… let me control my own fate.’ Black argued, the Titan sighed, getting the message as he began to huddle everyone to the floor above. Using her magic, Shiva spared him the trouble of getting her, Link and her family, teleporting to the exit. Luna Black noticed that she was being pulled away, but she began to resist. Thanos grabbed her by the arm and dragged her up the staircase. The Saiyan had a sad smile as he saw them leave, but frowned as he looked back to the destroyer. Toppo crawled out of the rubble, spitting out blood as he looked towards the Saiyan with pure anger.

“That’s it using the mask” Eric said vanishing from view with the aid of the Shave Technique, Eric appeared in front of Black before slamming the skull mask on the saiyan before being thrown back by Black’s energy however the mask broke from the level of rage the Saiyan had. The force of the attack had sent Eric flying towards the exit.

Toppo stood up as he let out a primal roar, the symbol on his chest glowing as he created a Hakai in each hand, combining them in front of him as it grew in size. It crumbled the rock beneath him as he sent the Hakai in Black’s direction. The energy blasts connected with each other as they struggled against each other. Black roared as he was letting out as much energy as possible, Toppo doing the same as the blasts grew in size.

Eventually, the Haki slowly engulfed Black’s attack with him in it. But inside Black was still pushing, he could see his blast being pushed towards him. But the Saiyan gritted his teeth and let out a primal roar as his blast began to overpower Toppo’s, putting everything into the attack. The Saiyans muscles begin to bulk up with his hair growing taller with it becoming a deeper hot pink. Dark grey pupils appeared in his grey eyes. Eventually, Black’s attack broke the Haki as it was now free to grow in size. But in the process, the energy began to not only envelope Toppo, but Black as well. ‘This is gonna hurt… farewell everyone..’ Black thought as his figure seemed to disappear from sight.

Toppo screamed in horror as the blast was now growing at an alarming rate, it spanning out for several miles as it engulfed Toppo. The Destroyer screamed his last as he felt his body disintegrating before the destroyer was ‘destroyed’ from the face of the planet. The blast grew larger, growing to a size of a continent as it remained that way before a massive explosion. A crater was all that was left as it dug into the earth, the weather now dangerous as storms began to brew. Lightning struck all around the crater as it spanned throughout the sky. Water from the sea began to flood in and fill the hole.

The dust soon settles moments later, revealing Black in his base form, his Gi in tatters as he struggled to stand, heavily breathing. He stumbled forward, feeling pain arch around his body like a thousand of his explosive needles just detonated as he dropped to one knee. “Ohh… pain… oh all I feel is pain… well except my left ar-“ Black stopped mumbling to himself as he realized something. He looked to his left, expecting to see his arm, but his arm wasn’t normal.

His left arm had turned into stone, little bits of it crumbled in front of his eyes.…

“Why… can’t I just… have my… rest...” Black huffed out before falling face first, passing out from exhaustion. Upon impact, his left arm shatters into dust, it being carried away by the wind. Soon the Water reached him and began to overtake the Saiyan, the large amount of water covering him and making the crater a new lake.

“Karma…” Akainu grunted from the rubble, giving Black the middle finger before passing out.

Outside the tower, the houses were burning, Nappa was on his knees as he looked up to a figure in the dust cloud. From the dust they saw Emerald piercing eyes. Nightmare was on her feet but barely. The ground began to shake violently, knocking Nightmare off her feet..

“The hell was that?!?” Nightmare exclaimed, she looked towards the tower to see the entire thing violently shaking, any dust or loose bricks falling from the tall structure. A faint yell could be heard with a yellow light emanating from the tower.

“Was that Black?” Nightmare mumbled as she then began to sense for energy. She sighed in relief when she sensed the others were perfectly fine, but stopped when she sensed Blacks energy dropping. Her eyes widened when she realized what was happening.

No… he didn’t,” Nightmare gasped as she fell to one knee, keeping an eye open as she looked to the glowing emerald eyes. “He couldn’t have fallen, we need him… without him… even with all of Thanos’s strength… all is lost…” Nightmare rasped out as she fell face first into the dirt. She grunted as she struggled to get up to her knees.

“DAMMIT!” She shouted as she punched the ground.

"You know, you should really watch your tongue." Ryker mused, standing before Nightmare.

She looked up to the man with a pained look, “You know Edward won’t live for what happened, he’ll go for you.” Nightmare hissed.

"Eghehehehe!" Ryker laughed, "Oh, I can just revive Black, Ed surely doesn't give a damn about you. After all, family comes first, and you sure as hell not family." Ryker pointed a finger at Nightmare, he then began to charge up a wave of purple plasma.

“You… dare assume… that I’m not Family?!” Nightmare hissed, her navy blue eyes flashing cyan for a brief moment. Her hair flashing gold for a split second.

"Oh I dare, now… Owari Da." He then fires off a purple plasma wave, engulfing her.

"NIGHTMARE!!!!" Luffy cried out, injured as blood ran down his mouth. Luffy then coughed some out before nearly falling down. Ryker then began to laugh, looking at everyone experiencing despair.

Luna pointed her hands at Ryker before firing off a massive bolt of lightning, however Ryker just backhanded the bolt of burning light before rushing the Alicorn and lifting her by her neck

"Ah, you… I'll make sure to not kill you, after all, I'm not a monster. I will however put you in a deep sleep." The Irish King said before punching her in the abdomen, knocking Luna out, Ryker then kicked her into the air. Using one of his Devil Fruit's he followed Luna as fast as Plasma before he unleashes a roundhouse kick sending her flying into Tony.

"Who's next?"

As the group scaled the tower, worried for the dark Saiyan. Luna Black thrashed against Thanos’s grasp as she kept hitting him. “LET US GO!” Luna Black screamed, tears streaming down her face. They then felt a sudden rumble that shook the whole tower, followed by the sound of a massive explosion, dust falling from the ceiling. They almost fell on their asses from the shockwave, the group looked down from where they came.

Link sat down on the ground, trying to get his nerves under control. So much power, so much vibrations, so much light and heat. The Triforce of courage shined brightly, helping his nerves vanish.

“Don’t go back for him.” Entity said to the group, “He trusted us to move forward and so we will.” Entity turned to the Dark Alicorn.

“Take it from somepony who speaks from experience” Sombra said, placing a hand on the Alicorn's shoulder. “He gave us the means to move on to the next floor, I promise we will come back for him once Ryker is dealt with”

Luna Black stopped resisting as she felt Black’s energy starting to disappear. Thanos let her go as the Alicorn fell to her knees, her hands covering her mouth as she began to sob. Her cries echoing throughout the tower's staircase, the band of hero’s watch her silently as the Alicorn of the Night is reduced to a sobbing mess. Link seeing her this way pained his heart, being reminded so much of his own Luna. Kodo silently nuzzled into Luna’s arms, comforting her like a service dog.

"I am not good with crying people!" Thanos then grabbed Luna Black and booked it back down stairs.

“Hey!” Kodo barked, racing after them. Entity tsked turning to the others.

“Found the exit” Eric groaned his face void of his mask which lay at his feet in pieces

"Go up stairs, I'll be heading back down." Entity then proceeds to run back down stairs. Though he wasn't first, but was second as Thanos, Kodo and Luna Black saw the destruction, seeing the city of Marineford reduced to nothing but a massive crater filling with water, lighting striking the rim of the crater. Entity came on by, Entity glanced at Luna Black.

“...Damn, the place looks like if a creature from Spore messed up the ecosystem…” Link said as he looked around the battletorn area.

"Black is under the water," Entity told the Lunar Princess. Luna Black didn’t hesitate as she jumped into the water, swimming deep down the new lake. It took her a few moments , but she found the Dark Saiyan laying at the center of it silently. She had noticed he was missing his left arm.

Luna Black quickly teleported to his side, before teleporting to the pair above, gasping for breath. She later put him down on his back as she put an ear to his chest, hearing a slow heartbeat. She let out a sigh, “He’s still got a heart rate, but his arm…”

Kodo instantly linked with him, trying to heal him, and at the very least keeping his heart rate steady. “It’s gonna take a long time for my magic to restore him,” Kodo grumbled. “A lot of time, and a lot of energy.”

"Well, we can not help his arm restore itself. We must advance." Entity told Luna Black, turning towards the door. "Let's go." Entity walked off, resting his scythe on his shoulder.

"He's right," Thanos stood up, "We must go." Thanos gazed at Black and Luna Black, before seeing Entity walk off.

“..Well..” Link began as he tried to think of something positive. “At least he can practice his one handed kamehameha?” he suggested, only to earn a glare from a few people of the group. “..Right.” he said with a gentle clap. “I’ll shut up.”

The night Princess simply nodded as she hoisted the Saiyan onto her back, supporting him using her wings. She looked at him, his face full of pain and guilt. “Why’d you do it…” Luna Black whispers to herself before walking to Thanos’ side.

"Dis is de wey to de devil."

To be continued...

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