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The Displaced Tournament - Presented By Hetap - Uncle Iroh

Displaced! We all are familiar with these anomalies, their stories are told throughout the multiverse, but, what would happen if all of these big shots fight in a tournament? Who would win? We're about to find out, right here, right now!

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Chapter Four, Round One, The Howlite Holwer vs The Vessel of Power.


(Fight, Fight, Fight!)

(Fight, Fight, Fight!)

Our Blood Is Pumping, Ready, Lets Go!
To A New World To Test Our Strength!
Now’s The Time To Push Ourselves!

Holding Back My Tremendous Strength! (Go!)
What’s The Wait? C’mon Let’s Start! (Go!)
Katakuri’s Got No Satisfaction!


Nerves Taking Hold!


Chaining Down Our Hope!
We Can’t Let It Break Our Dreams Of Winning

(Let’s Finish The Fight)


So, Let's Stop Our Plans!


See what This Tournament Brings, Joined As One, We Can Win The Fight~!

Just See What We’ll Achieve, With All These Possibilities!
You Can Beat Us Down, (Hey!) But We’ll Rise Again! (Hey!)
Our Breath Will Not Be Our Last!

We’ll Surpass Our Limit Break, This Tournament Will Be A Challenge!
But We Cannot Lose! (Hey!)
We’re Bulletproof! (Hey!)
Come Show Us All Your Strongest!
Cause This Is The Displaced Tournament, And Even Ryker Will Be Blow Away!

In A Lab In Ryker's Castle.

Ryker stood in his lab, looking at Link's unconscious form. He looked through his bag, pulling out a multitude of arrows and masks but only one stook out for him, the Giant's Mask. He studied the Mask, looking at it curiously like a puppy looking at a new toy. He set it down in a safe sized room, which was connected to a machine, he set down a bottle on the machine and started it up. Ryker looked at it with anticipation, looking at it as it shakes.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Suddenly the bottle was filled with an orange liquid and Ryker snatched it up and put a bottle cap on the bottle. "I duplicated the enchantments with this machine, now theoretically I could be able to make anything giant if I pour this on it. But… The giant body will cause strain on the user, better use it on one of the Elementals than a living being. Thus making the Elemental more dangerous." Ryker said while being giddy. "Now I can-" He was interrupted with a thud, he looked where it came from, a door. Ryker walked towards the door when he opened it, no one was there, he looked at the door and found a Kunai. He took it and closed the door, looking at the Kunai curiously.

"Well thank you to whoever decided to be a ninja." Ryker walked over to one of his other contraptions and made a portal, reaching into it he brought out a sword. He then put it in said contraption. He waited two seconds before the machine made a ding and it spat out an enchanted sword. Ryker caught it and grinned. "Another fine addition to my collection." Ryker made a portal and threw it in.

"Oh wait I have to go and be at the arena." Ryker groaned and he looked to Link, "I'll see you later." He made a portal and jumped in, disappearing.

At The Locker Room.

Shiva huddled in darkness. The bars of a cage stood before her.

“No,” she mumbled. “Not again.”

And yet… it was worse than the last time she had been in a cage. As the shadows cleared, she saw her children. Also in cages. Kodo’s cage was black as obsidian. Sombra’s - no, she recalled, Umbra’s - green eyes glittering down at him like a predator stalking its prey.

“Mother?” Kodo whispered, fear in every syllable.

She wanted to reach out for him, but a shriek of pain pulled her back. On the other side, her daughter Celine stood trapped. Nightmare Moon and Day Breaker stood behind her, whips of fire and silver curving through the air to strike at her daughter.

“Celine!” Shiva shrieked, nearly rushing to her aid. But as she turned her back on her son, the demonic Umbra cackled, nearly rushing into the cage to devour her child.

Shiva turned back to him, but then the laughter of the demonic alicorns sounded, followed by the cries of pain from her daughter.

“Help us, Mother!” they screamed, their voices a duet of torture.

Howling her despair, Shiva desperately threw out her pack links. Hoping to ensnare both of them.

But her pack links clanged uselessly off the bars of her cage. She was helpless. Useless. And her children were going to suffer. All because of her.

“Mother!” Kodo cried.

“I’m sorry,” Shiva began to sob. “I can’t…”

“Mother!” Kodo’s voice was… clearer. Not scared, but concerned. “Mother, snap out of it!”

Shiva gasped and snapped out of her pack link. She was back in the locker room. Her son stood in front of her, his silver eyes wide in worry. Around her, the other displaced trained or worked on their own projects.

The cages were gone. The demons were gone. And yet…

Kodo’s ears flattened. “Was that… what Von Shadow showed you?”

Shiva didn’t want to think about what she had experienced. She opted for a slow nod of her head.

Kodo’s claws clenched. “That was uncalled for,” he growled. “You didn’t deserve that.”

“I invaded his thoughts, Kodo,” Shiva whispered. “He…”

“That doesn’t give him the right!” Kodo protested. “Luna made you do it!”

“But I’m still the one who offered,” Shiva replied, settling herself against the wall with a sigh. “Eric Von Shadow holds great pain inside him.” She looked up at the others. “They all do.”

Kodo followed her gaze with a grimace. “We’ve all suffered,” he replied. “That doesn’t give them the excuse to take it out on you.”

Shiva looked away pondering. Her gaze shifted to the ceiling, fear still plaguing her mind of how Celine was doing. Kodo followed her gaze, brushing her shoulder with his nose.

“I’m sure Celine’s fine,” he promised her. “She’s got Skippy. And the diamond dogs.” He chuckled. “Even the ponies and changelings love her. She’s completely safe.”

Shiva smiled softly, but she knew that only the sight of her daughter would calm her. At the same time, going back to Outer Haven with nothing would also be detrimental. Assuming Ryker let her leave, considering both the amount of distrust everyone seemed to have towards him combined with the stunt she had pulled with Von Shadow and Link. She bowed her head in conflict.

Suddenly, Phoenix teleported in with a concerned look on his face. “Shiva! My kunai told me your heart rate was higher than healthy, is everything alright in here?” He quickly approached the two, looking them over for injuries.

Kodo grimaced. “It was Von Shadow,” he growled. “Shiva was helping his Luna with something, so she pack-linked with him. And he responded by throwing her into a shadow. A shadow that showed her something.” He nuzzled at her as she shivered again. “Something really bad.”

“I see….” Phoenix replied slowly, now looking more relaxed. “Well, I have to say that’s your own fault. I make it a rule to only delve into peoples outer layer thoughts; unless of course I have permission to go deeper.”

Kodo glared up at him. “Luna gave her permission,” he insisted. “She told Shiva to do it!”

“Kodo!” Shiva barked, silencing her son. “Do not test the boundaries of others.” She lowered her head. “Besides, he has a point. Luna may have given permission, but Eric didn’t.”

“Your mother is wise, young Kodo, less of the backchat.” Phoenix ruffled Kodos hair before turning in the other direction, still eyeing the two from the corner of his eye with a grin. “Well, if everything is fine, then I shall go prepare. Don’t disappoint me Shiva!” He waved a hand over his shoulder before disappearing into another room.

Shiva shook away her dark thoughts and rose with a grin. “Will do,” she replied. “See you in the arena.”

"Uh, did you hear about the circus fire? I hear it was… in tents." Thanos grinned, proud of his joke.

Kodo groaned, sulking in the corner like a pouting teenager. Shiva merely rolled her eyes with a grin.

Some Eliatropes came in the Locker Room with uniforms.

"This is the Comedy Police! The joke is too funny!" One of the Eliatropes said. Thanos pulled out a gun, his hands shaking.

"I'M NOT GOING BACK TO JAAAIILL!!!" Thanos shot at the Eliatropes and both Thanos and the Eliatropes ran out of the Locker Room.

Kodo and Shiva watched the Titan flee with dumbfounded expressions. Kodo shook his head.

“I’m glad we didn’t bring Celine,” he admitted.

"Who's Celine?" Luffy asked, picking his nose with a pinkie.

“My daughter,” Shiva explained.

“And my sister,” Kodo added, glancing around. “Obviously.”

"You two are related?! You have children?! WHAT?!?!?" Luffy pointed at the two.

Kodo and Shiva glanced at each other. “It… wasn’t obvious?” Kodo asked.

"Yeah!" Luffy said, he then crossed his arms and gave it thought. "Now that I think about it… You do look similar…" Luffy snapped his fingers. "I see! You two are cousins!" Luffy completely disregarded everything they just said.

Kodo face planted into the ground in exasperation, while Shiva just sighed in resignation.

“Yes,” she said sarcastically with a sigh. “This is Kodo; my cousin.”

"Also, you said you have children, why have children when you can be free?" Luffy asked the "Mink" in his eyes.

Shiva chuckled. “Let’s just say there are certain, oh, how should I put it…”

“Consequences?” Kodo mumbled dejectedly from the ground.

“No!” Shiva protested, before considering it. “‘Results’… to ruling a small kingdom and having certain types of… ‘fun.’”

"You're a queen?!" Luffy jumped back a bit, "Also what type of fun? Like playing type of fun? Or "fun"." Luffy peered at the dog.

“More of an ‘Alpha,’ but Queen’s okay too,” Shiva replied. “And by fun, I mean...” she made her eyes half-lidded and spoke in a husky, coy tone. “Fun…”

"Wait-" Luffy was then pulled off by Nappa.

"I'mma tell him about the birds and the bees, bye!" Nappa said, waving Shiva goodbye.

Shiva went slack jawed. “Oh my word, I nearly ruined a lad’s childhood innocence!”

"Shiva and Phoenix to the arena, Shiva and Phoenix to the arena please!" Someone over the intercom spoke out, most likely Kyle.

“Thank you, convenience!” Shiva praised, darting for the arena. Kodo tried to follow after her, only to run into a shield that kept him from going with her.

“What?” he stammered. “No!” He stared at his mother. “I-I was supposed to go in! Not you!”

Shiva gave her son a piteous look. “I was concerned about this,” she admitted, before giving her son an attempt at a brave look. “I’m sure I’ll be fine, Kodo. Be sure to cheer me on.”

Kodo whimpered as she turned her back on him. “But… you shouldn’t be doing this for me…” he whimpered.

Phoenix sighed from within the gravity chamber, before sinking into the ground to make his way to the arena gates.

Ryker stood at his place, looking at the arena stage. "Alright in this corner we have the… Uh… The.. Oh right, the Howlite Howler and the Alpha of a Diamond Dog pack, Shiva!" Ryker introduced Shiva as she stepped into the sunlight.

As the sunlight lit up Shiva’s fur, she let her pack link activate, making her look like Celestia raising the sun. Anyone who lacked sunglasses quickly donned them.

As Shiva gazed around, lifting her arms and her pack link wings in a display of light, her eyes landed on her son, seated in the front row. They smiled softly at each other, before giving a more cautious look to their host. Shiva wisely curtsied to the host before turning to meet her opposition, two pack link tendrils spiraling out into whips that she lashed with a burst of lightning.

"Now the one, the only, Phoenix Wri-" Someone whispered in his ear, "That's not his name? Alright; here we have the Master of Elements, the biggest asshole you ever met, Phoenix!" Ryker introduced, as it was Phoenix's turn to enter the sunlight.

Phoenix stepped out from the gates, hands in pockets, before waltzing up to the platform. He gave Shiva a curt nod before flipping the bird to Ryker.

Shiva blinked, glancing up to see Ryker’s reaction. Ryker returned Phoenix the favor and flipped Phoenix off with a warm smile.

Phoenix returned the smile, before turning back to his opponent.

Shiva sniffed the air, grinning softly at Phoenix. “You smell powerful,” she commented.

“You smell, well, like a dog, I guess.” Phoenix tilted his head, trying to force a half decent response to the odd statement.

“That would be my natural musk,” she replied with a grin.

Before the battle begins, I have an announcement to make,” Ryker started “The combatant known as Death has broken an unwritten rule in the tournament. Each member must show some enthusiasm and participation in events; but it seems he has failed to do so.”

“If that’s how you want it,” Death started. “Fury; get over here. We’re leaving. This is not a bad thing as someone like me is the last person anyone wants to see. To the one that fell first; he has a bright future ahead of him. As for the rest of you; good luck.” Ryker made a portal next to him and they walked in, Ryker then pulled out Ed. Ryker looked at him.

"Well then, he's a Spectator, Kyle you're fighting Dr. Doom!" Ryker turned to Kyle.

"Why me?" Kyle shouted out.

"Because you're not overpowered!" Ryker replied.

”Do I even get a say in this?” Ed looked around.

"No." Ryker said blankly "WITHOUT A FURTHER OR DO!!!! The battle begins in three!"

Shiva winced in pity for Kyle, before returning her attention to Phoenix.


Phoenix pulled Chastiefol from his back.


Shiva crouched on all fours, her tail perked and her links lifting like scorpion tails.


Phoenix took a more serious stance before chanting. “Spirit Spear Chastiefol! Fifth configuration! Increase! Four times over!” Shortly after his words, the entire arena was clouded with blue kunai. You could barely see through the gaps. No matter where you stepped, you’d most likely end up a pin cushion.

Shiva, however, wagged her tail. “Magic…” she whispered, scenting the energy in the blades. Her links swirled around her, before lashing out with her links. Everyone’s eyes widened as billions of white, lightning-like ropes spiraled out, seizing every kunai in the arena. Blue and white light glowed against the stands.

“Does anybody want popcorn?” Ed asked waving.a large bucket of popcorn around as he watched.

Nappa walked over to Ed, Luffy's traumatized form under his arm, "Sure, why not?"

“Here ya go,” Ed gave Napa a jumbo with a large Dr. pepper and some for Luffy who merely stared.

Kodo ignored them, his focus solely on his mother as her pack links danced around her.

Phoenix looked up, impressed with the billions of strands of light in the air. He whistled before speaking. “Ever thought about doing kids parties?”

“Every one of my kids birthdays,” she replied with a grin. “But tell me this; how familiar are you with Tirek?” From the light of her links, a picture of the magic stealing centaur formed, laughing as he drained a group of unicorns.

“Ahh Tirek. A pathetic old fool. Twilight told me all about him.” Phoenix studied the lights, before closing his eyes and muttering under his breath. “May they rest in peace.” Opening his eyes once more, he faced Shiva once more.

“Agreed,” Shiva said. “And his greatest weakness was he couldn’t share.”

Her links flowed as magic surged into her. Just before Phoenix could retaliate, however… she sent the magic towards him. “Something I don’t have a problem with.”

Doom walked into the viewing booth behind him stood his butler, the Slenderman Hans. “Good I haven’t missed Shiva’s battle.” Doom comments as he sits down.

“Not a single moment Metal Head” Eric said watching the battle intently

Luffy went over to Doom and fell on him, grabbed Doom to catch his fall, "SEX MAKES BABIES!!!" Luffy said shakily.

“Very much so,” Ed patted Luffy on the head and turned to Doom and stared intently then “Popcorn?”

Doom gives Luffy a shove. “Do be respectful and don’t fall on others.” He then turns to Ed “I don’t care for popcorn.”

Hans looks over “I wish I could but unfortunately I lack a proper mouth. Thought I can see your energy is quite high perhaps a nibble?”

“Hans don’t make such low brow comments.” Doom looked over at Ed. “I prefer cheese and crackers over popcorn.”

“Cheese and crackers it is,” Ed remarked as said snack appeared before Doom. “How about some Zap apple wine from my world as well.” He said as a bottle of shimmering rainbow wine appeared next to Doom’s food. “I’ve been waiting and wondering when I would meet you and your other self good Doctor. Tell me, how does that portal tech of yours that you developed with Gar’s Twilight fair?”

“Gar… so you are one of his brothers I assume. The portal tech is going well. I already improved it from the version I left for Gar. I estimate I can cross dimensional clusters about every five years twice. So if I so wish I could return to an Earth we remember, thought not the one Hans originally came from.” Doom commented before taking a bit of the cheese.

“I shall explain a bit more on that later if you wish but for now we should leave the science and magic outside this room and enjoy the fights,” Ed smiled. “I’ll also give you some data that will further you portal tech and network via nanomachines if you wish.”

“My portal is more of a side project. I'm sure I could improve it far more if I really desire.” He reached down to his belt and removed a small disk about the size of a dime and placed it under his chair. Then he looked at Ed right in the eyes and winked “ Nanomachines I haven’t figured out just yet using the tech of the Equestria I found myself in. They were around the late 1800’s early 1900’s.”

“Very well an accord struck, but for now the fight,” he said as he and doom clinked glasses.

After taking a swallow of the apple wine Doom noded. “I look forward to a rewarding friendship, if what I heard from Gar is anything to go by, we might have similar personalities. For now let’s enjoy this fight. I’m cheering for Shiva; she shouldn’t have to do this.”

A thicker pack link bound around Phoenix’s arms, and he became more accurately aware of Shiva’s voice in his head. Audible only to him and no one else.

“Before you attack me, hear what I have to say,” she whispered.

Images flashed before Phoenix’s eyes: he was back in Ponyville. The portal swallowing him. His voice: “Oh Hell No!”

Then the vision shifted. Them walking next to Ryker. He had asked, “Can I go home?”

“Call me crazy,” Shiva’s voice noted. “But it sounds to me like you’d rather not be here.”

“Call me crazy,” Phoenix thought to her, “But it sounds like you’re attempting to bribe me into surrender.”

Shiva came into being before him, making puppy dogs eyes. “It was that obvious?” She teased. “I wasn’t exactly kept for my combat skills, after all.”

“Apologies,” Phoenix began, “But I have turned down way cuter girls.”

Shiva tsked, leaning back. “Got me there,” she admitted. “By the way…” she formed one of his kunai in her claws. “You told one of these to ‘find Link,’ and… well, it found him.” Her ears flattened. “What are the odds that the loser of this match is going to end up in that lab next?”

Phoenix’s face dropped, thinking back to what he saw. “He was still alive. And anyway, I believe investigating powerful beings is a job for powerful beings. With that being said, beat me now and I will transfer all the knowledge I have accumulated on everyone here; including Link and Ryker.”

Shiva hummed. “We don’t have to fight,” she noted, before pausing. “Okay, I mean, Ryker wants us to fight, but I don’t think anyone fully trusts him. There’s got to be a way we can work together to free Link and make sure we all get out.” She winced. “Though one of us does have to be knocked out for the first part to work.”

“I understand where you’re coming from Shiva. I really do. But I’m afraid allowing someone with weak mental barriers to know my plan may be detrimental. Just know this, no one here is your friend.”

“We don’t have to be friends to work together,” she replied. “I wasn’t friends with the ponies when we took down Chrysalis. Who’s to say…” she paused, glancing away. “Wait. Someone’s trying to listen in.”

“That would be Ryker,” Phoenix replied, following her gaze. “If you’re smart, you’d start fighting me.”
Sighing, Shiva snapped out of her link and used her link on Phoenix to throw him into the air.

“Good catch,” she whispered. “My links are not used to trespassers like that.”

Phoenix twirled himself in the air before landing back on his feet. “Apologies, Shiva.” He smirked before clenching his fist. “But I have to win this fight.” Suddenly, the kunai covering the arena began forming into new shapes. Now gold with a more distinct triangular blade. “Disaster! Forced activation!” The power from within the kunai began pumping into Shiva's body at a tremendous speed.

Shiva yelped as the power shot into her. However, she quickly realized that the power wasn’t trying to hurt her. It was making her stronger. Unsure as to the reason, she narrowed her eyes and summoned her whips, looking to Phoenix with determination.

“And I have my son watching and my pack depending on me,” she said firmly. “I can’t go down without a fight.”

“Then let’s see just how much power that frail ol’ body of yours can handle!” Phoenix shouted. The kunai slowly began to go a grey colour at the tips as the power was sucked out from each of them.

Shiva laughed, her wings growing more solid, and lifting her off the ground. “Old?” she mused. “This ‘frail old body’ held the power of every species in Equestria once upon another dimension.” She spun into a ball. “And I can do it again!”

“Ah ah ah. Not so fast.” Phoenix wagged a finger as he made his way towards her; the kunai made a route for him as he walked. “Status promotion!”

Instantly, pain shot through Shiva’s body. The strain of holding in the magic suddenly felt sharper. Like it was twice as painful than before. Normally, healing magic would have reduced the strain easily. But Shiva remembered the rules, and grit her teeth, recalling her torture in the cage.

“You lived through that,” she snarled to herself. “You’ll live through this!”

“That you will,” Phoenix stated. Using the magic, she made a lunge for Phoenix, but he managed to side step out of the way, leaving a slight scratch on his cheek. “Pretty fast. Then again, you are stock filled with my magic.”

Shiva grinned. “Not just yours,” she replied, spinning back towards him. “I got a few tricks of my own. Ever seen a dog speak?” Shiva barked, sending a blast of energy towards Phoenix.

Opening his right hand to receive the blast, he closed it in his palm. “Try compressing it next time, more efficient.” Phoenix demonstrated by forming a small pin of fire and firing it towards Shiva.

Ducking down, Shiva parted the ground below her like water, diving underground and sealing it back up just as the flames rolled over where she had been.

Pulling the serversta from his back, he plunged into the ground, before using his earthbending to shoot Shiva back out from the ground. “I’m afraid that won't work on me.” Phoenix said with a cocky smirk. Rushing to the now exposed Shiva, he thrust at her stomach with his blade; the kunai still forming a path around him.

Shiva dodged, the magic increasing her already impressive speed. Hitting the ground running, she launched at Phoenix, and caught him with a slash across the back, doubling back and hitting him with another slash to the chest. He stumbled away from the force, before the ring Ryker had forced on him glowed in warning.

“Shit!” Phoenix exclaimed in realization. “I can’t fucking heal!” He rubbed his wounds a bit before turning back to Shiva, who was already charging at him again. “Sorry, but I can’t hold back now.”

Shiva’s eyes widened, and she almost tried to stop. However, her hesitation was Phoenix’s advantage, and he caught her out of her charge. Placing her in a choke hold, he began lowering them to the ground, as he was always confident in his grappling techniques.

Unfortunately, he forgot about her claws, which she promptly raked down the arm on her neck, her enchanted claws bypassing his leather skin.

Phoenix winced, and immediately let go, teleporting a good 50ft away from her as she caught her breath and swiped blindly at him. “Fine! I didn’t wanna use this on a woman, but I guess CQC ain’t cutting it.” Phoenix began levitating skywards, bright flashes of light shining down on him from seemingly nowhere. “Spirit Spear Chastiefol! Configuration Zero!!!!” His voice boomed from the arena as a bright white light covered everything around him. In its wake left Phoenix, now completely covered in armour, raw energy beaming out of him in attempts to escape their shackles. “If you surrender now, I’ll make this as quick as possible!!!”

For a moment, Shiva pondered his proposal. Gazing up at the impressive power before her, she knew that she wasn’t a match for him, so drawing the fight out was pointless.

But then she looked to Ryker, remembering what had happened with Link. Was that going to be her fate as well? Beaten until she passed out?

No, she thought, as a ball of purple light condensed in her claw. There is another way.

She gazed up at Phoenix, hoping he could hear her thoughts. “You know Ryker won’t like that,” she pointed out.

She lifted her ball of purple light. A play dead spell, she thought, hoping Phoenix would hear. An experiment, admittedly, but one that will allow me to appear knocked out.

But what she said out loud was, “And besides, why should I go out with a whimper?” she asked. “When I can go out with a bang?”

Phoenix hummed, intrigued. “Then it seems this match is over.” He raised his sword to the sky.

“Indeed it is,” Shiva agreed, launching up at him. Drawing her spell back, she tucked into a cannonball, letting out one final howl of defiance.

Her body clashed against his sword, and the two fighters vanished in a blinding flash of light. The arena lit up like the sun itself had covered the sky. Warmth rushed through the stands, and everyone turned, shielding their eyes.

Kodo powered through the light. Struggling to see his mother. After a pregnant pause, through the blobs in his eyes, he saw the fighters.

Phoenix was lowering to the ground. An unconscious Shiva in his arms.

Smiling at her craftyness, Phoenix deactivated his ‘Zero form’ and summoned his kunai. He immediately began going over her injuries with ‘pollen garden’, stabilizing her more serious injuries along with her power stores.

Kodo was almost unhinged, clawing at the shield before him to the point that his claws began to bleed. “What is he doing to her!?” he demanded. “Is she okay!? BY EVERYTHING SACRED, LET ME GO TO HER!”

"The winner is Phoenix Wri- I mean, Phoenix!" Ryker shut down the shield and Kodo jumped from the audience stands, practically charging to Shiva and Phoenix’s side.

“Mom!” he cried, skidding to her side. “This is all my fault; I should’ve gone in your place, I…” He paused, sensing the effects of her spell. “I…” He exhaled in relief, practically fainting on top of her body. “You scared the crap out of me, you…” he sniffled, hugging his mom’s still breathing body.

“I’m almost done with her injuries,” Phoenix began, turning to Kodo. “I’m sorry for the scare, kid, just know that your mother was one of the few to force me to use that form. She sure is a tough cookie.”

Kodo chuckled softly, moving back to allow him to work on her. “That she is,” he said softly, linking with her and causing a smile to form on her sleeping face. “That she is…”

During the match

"Damn, this fight is nearly evenly matched." Thanos walked over and sat next to Ed.

“Indeed Thanos, however I believe Phoenix became dependent on his healing." Doom commented.

“Reminds me of Astas recent fight with Ayumi the Goddess of Balance,” Ed remarked munching on popcorn. “Want some?” He held up the bucket to Thanos.

"Balance?" Thanos turned his head towards Ed, "Yeah sure." Thanos shrugged.

“She’s a displaced version of Twilight that has a freak ton of power and a mixed and matched origin story of a genetic tree,” Ed shrugged. “Shes a good kid, kinda pervy, but a good kid.”

"But Balance tho." Thanos said looking at Ed, "Also, are you the Crimson Sage? Black told me about you."

“I wouldn’t mind getting a sample of her genetic structure. So far I have Phoenix, and Shiva’s both had some interesting elements.” Doom then looked to Thanos. “I could still use a drop of your own blood.”

“Trust me, Balance,” Ed pointed at the mad titan. “His power level is just out of range of Black’s. Fought asat till the kid passed out on his feet, then she passed out. My fission piece had to invoke some of my void power in order to reinforce the barrier around the arena. Hetap?” He held up a six pack of Hetap.

Hans leaned forward. “I haven’t been exposed to the abridged version of Dragonball, what is this Hetap?”

Doom however looked over to Kodo, who was completely invested in the still ongoing match, and took out an amulet one of similar construction to the Alicorn Amulet but this one was green and black instead of red. “Hmm, perhaps… Ed, might I request a little assistance. I have a trick up my sleeve.” Doom asks Ed then motioned to Kodo. “If Kodo has a power boost, could you train him?”

“How much time do you have?” Ed asked as he munched on popcorn. “I could always use the Teach skill I have. Be instant just Like that,” He snapped.

“Whatever Ryker’s plan is, it involves this contest. So I doubt he will make his final move till near the end. So… That’s our time table. Right now I’m stacking my hand, and perhaps Shiva’s as well with this move.” Doom looked to the amulet “I made this for a certain filly to boost the magic flow in her body, without the side effects of the original amulet. I am unsure how much of a boost it would provide Kodo.”

“I mean I was pulled away from playing with my kids and snuggling with my wives so yeah if you’re gonna throw a wrench in his plan, then I’ll gladly help,” Ed shrugged.”What do you want done to the kid specifically?”

Doom looked back at Ed “I don’t have enough data to get a full understanding of what would happen. However a quick calculation of a beings natural energy flow increases by ten fold with an Alicorn Amulet. The flaw in the original is that the rush is addictive and damages empathy centers in the brain, more so if the desire is driven by ego or negative emotions.”

He held up his own version “I haven’t fully tested this one, but I do know what I am doing. The side effects should be removed. So a Diamond Dog who can dig through earth and stone, should be able to rip steel and other metals easily when boosted. That’s a lot of power if applied properly.”

“I can give him martial arts skills if that helps,” Ed remarked. “Make him an earth bender so he can do all that without the amulet at first. Put it on boom super effective take down.”

“I wouldn’t recommend doing that,” Eric said, looking at the metal man. “Even if you guarantee there will be no side effects it’s still a bad idea”

"Sorry, I blanked out for a bit, damn virgins…" Thanos took a sip out of his Hetap that he grabbed out of thin air.

“I didn’t realize Thanos,” Ed chuckled. “I need ale. Dragon Ale actually,” He reached into a dimensional rippled and pulled out a flask. He took a swig. “ahhhh… that’s better.”

"And why's that Monohan?" Thanos looked to Eric, side-eyeing him.

“It’s Von Shadow, John don’t forget that” Eric said, rising to his feet glaring at the Titan Displaced before returning his gaze to Dr. Doom. “And the reason behind why it’s a bad idea is because Power always leads to corruption.”

Kodo didn’t let on that he was listening, but his ears flattened at the mention of ‘corruption.’

"If you're like that it's King Thanos to you Von Shadow, for I am royalty." Thanos said "And if that's the case, are you corrupted for you are powerful?" Thanos countered.

“Trust me Thanos I know I’m corrupted” Eric said using his shadows to meet the titans eyes. “But my point still stands, Power will always lead to corruption, all it takes is a matter of time”

"I had the Infinity Stones from the start, yet I am not corrupted, also King Thanos." Thanos pointed, "If you want to be called Von Shadow then you should call you what I want you to call me. It's called respect, you give what you get." Thanos took a sip of his Hetap he made out of nowhere.

“Not Corrupted eh” Eric arched an eyebrow. “Didn’t you start a war with your wife over your power?”

"My wife hunted me down, threatened my friends, I sought for shelter, and each shelter I went into she destroyed." Thanos chuckled, Thanos' eyes glowed for a split second.

“You’re avoiding the question, Titan” accused the Shadow Man

"Well, she still attacked me, so I decided "Fuck it, you want it, I'll give it to you.", and I gathered the Griffons, Changelings, Storm Kingdom, and the Minotaur Kingdom and we fought." Thanos said setting his drink down and putting his hands on the back of his head, leaning into his chair.

“And you both fought in the war for control of your power” Eric said lowering himself to the ground. “Face it: both you and your Celestia are corrupted in your own twisted way.”

"I fought for freedom,” Thanos argued. “She fought for my power, and yet how are you even better? Honestly you lack power." Thanos turned to Eric. "Your own comrade betrayed you and you didn't do shit, getting locked up by your own friend…"

“I’d choose your next word wisely Thanos” Eric said, his scalia turning black as his pupils turned red and shadow wafted off of him. “Need I remind you two years ago you could barely keep up with my Reaper Soul and you certainly can’t beat him now.”

Thanos stood up, "And I'd choose your next actions wisely, "Little one.", and barely? Tch, I wasn't even trying and want to test out that theory as well?" Thanos looked down at the Shadow Man, his body heating up.

“And you know your Heat-Heat Fruit will have no effect on me.” Eric said, black veins forming from the corners of his eyes. “It’s precisely why I gave it to you”

"My Ryou Haki will, as will as my transformations." Thanos emanated steam, "Also, news flash bitch, I have Ki, that means one Rokuogan time ten, and you're done." Thanos glared down at Eric.

Eric, however, laughed, “As if any of that would allow you to beat me,” mocked the Shadow Man. “I still have four other Souls you haven’t met”

"I honestly wish you can win against Black, so that in the Finals it will be more satisfying when I crush you." Thanos crossed his arms.

Without warning, two blade tips covered in haki appeared at the necks of Thanos and Eric.

“That is enough from the both of you,” Sombra growled, forcing the two back by digging his swords deeper under their necks. “I don’t know about you, Thanos, but I support Shiva in this fight, and I know you do too, Eric. Now sit down and watch the match.”

Reluctantly Eric backed away from Thanos before giving the Titan a malice fueled glare

“You better win so I can kick your purple ass for the lack of mercy you gave the kid,” Eric growled.

"Same goes for you,” Thanos replied. “You useless edgy teenager with the lack of strength to protect your loved ones."

Eric’s powers flared hearing this, to the point he almost used his Shadow Soul for the second time in two days, However, Sombra placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Calm yourself Eric” Sombra said, keeping both of his three swords in his grip. “If you're going to kill him, then kill him in the ring. And you,” Sombra added, pointing one of his swords at the Titan. “You are his friend. Act like it”

“Can’t believe I’m agreeing with him on this,” Black growled, but sighed as he starred at Thanos with a glare. “But you agreed to start acting serious, if you're going to stay true to your word. Stop acting like an insensitive jackass.” Black growled.

"Understood, Sombra, Black. I apologize. I feel off. I'm not normally this way." Thanos sighed.

"So uh… Black." Thanos scooted over to Black, "How should I go about apologizing to Eric?" Thanos whispered.

The Saiyan looked at the titan, “How the hell should I know, I barely know him, plus…” Black scooted away from Thanos, “You should figure it out yourself,” He said as he crossed his arms, looking back to the fight.

"...Formal apology it is then." Thanos scooted back to his spot. "Also, is Nappa training you in the Rokushiki Techniques?" Thanos asked the Saiyan.

“He hasn’t taught me anything yet, I just came out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber after a few months there.” Black explained. “But, I suggest we get back to watching the fight…”

Thanos just nodded and watched as, slowly but surely, Shiva’s chances dwindled. As they saw Phoenix light up with power beyond the poor diamond dog’s level...

“Alpha Shiva isn’t going to win, is she?” Luna asked, turning her gaze from the match and to the shadow man.

“Afraid not,” Eric said plainly. “This Phoenix is holding back.”

"Was it that obvious?" Lucci looked at the Alicorn.

“Not in a hundred years Lulu…” Black said as he continued to study the blue haired man’s attacks. “He’s obviously not giving her a chance to escape.”

“He’s giving her no opening,” Sombra stated, remembering how he used to do the same..when he was… Umbra. “She’s going to lose but hopefully this one has more honor than…” Sombra gave a side glance towards the Titan which went unnoticed. “..Others”

Nightmare felt disgusted by the methods Phoenix used, but felt a pain rise in her chest when she realized that she would do the same. “It’s a disgusting way to fight, but it is effective, I’ll give him that.” Nightmare spoke, after being quiet for the whole tournament.

“You are not wrong, Luna” Eric said assuming the voice belonged to his princess

“Um..Eric that wasn’t me” Luna said, causing everyone to look towards Goku Black, next to him was the dark past of Princess Luna. Nightmare Moon

“That was me you dolt…” Nightmare scoffed, rolling her eyes as she watched the fight.

“And you must be Nightmare Moon,” Eric said, turning back to the match. “The villain that tried to plunge Equestria into a beautiful eternal night.”

“What gave it away, the fact that I’m completely a different coat or was it the eyes?” Nightmare said sarcastically. She stopped and realized what the man had said, turning to his direction. “Wait… Wait did you say? Beautiful?”

“Yes I did,” Eric confirmed, though he didn’t glance at her. “With my past, I never got to enjoy the day. I only got to have fun after my parents fell asleep. I always enjoyed the beauty of the night as I snuck over to my friends house.”

“Th- Thank you…” Nightmare said with disbelief. She’d only thought Black would be the only one to say such a thing to her. But she was proven wrong by Eric. “But it was honestly a stupid dream for eternal night, everything would’ve been killed if not for Celestia’s sun.” Nightmare said as she rubbed her arm.

“You are correct. However there are some things that only bloom in the night,” Eric said, remembering the time he and a drunken Luna watched his Crystal Orchid bloom in her moonlight. “If you ever get the chance try looking for a plant in the frozen north, they tend to grow in caves.”

“I will,” Nightmare said as she looked through Luna’s memories, seeing faint images of such a flower existing. Meanwhile, someone was watching them… Someone with white eyes.

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