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Hello everyone, the name is... I forgot my name... What am I called? William Thompson! Yeah that's my name, anyway I was walking down the props area and I saw a pretty little thing that caught my eye, it was Kizaru's Justice Jacket, so I bought it from a Merchant and I got sent to Equestria as Kizaru. Being afraid of getting caught and tortured I trained myself for two years, now I see that my house got destroyed from a battle. I defeat a bad guy and I become a hero, but people are scared of me so I'll have to gain their trust.

I got my friends that were sent to different Equestria's, I got Haki, and I got speed.

Equestria here I come.

I know what you're saying a Displaced story? HOW ORIGINAL!!! But just bear with me, it's going to be fun, if you leave a dislike, explain why for me, it will help me improve my story :D

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The name's Jack, imagine sleeping in college and realizing you overslept in college, when a 22 year old guy aka me, tries to go to class in said college what happens? I get teleported to a place full of lion chickens as a spicy chicken. What does a guy like me do? Kicking, lots and lots of kicking.

Now I'm here with no one to help me except for some edgy chickens, wooden wolves, and this weird chicken who won't stop bothering me! Well, not helping but annoying, yeah that's the word for it.

I'm a martial artist, in a world full of adventure, "friendship", and frustration because NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME!!!!!!! Except for the wooden wolves but shut up. This is going to be fun.

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Thanos, The Mad Titan, Goku Black, Equestria's Divine God, Eric Von Shadow, The Reaper of The Cristal Empire, Death of the Four Horsemen, Ban The Demon of Equestria, Link, The Champion of Equestria, Shiva, The Howlite Howler, and finally Dr. Doom, all of these Displaced finally meet to compete against each other in a tournament that will change their lives forever. The prize of the tournament could shake their worlds, one tournament, one dream, one wish, and one Displaced who will come on out.

But in the shadows, someone is pulling the strings, someone who is very dangerous and could kill them all and end their tales right there.

How will they stop this evil? Will The_Chill_Author stop bugging me for TFS references? You're about to find out in The Displaced Tournament! Presented by Hetap...

Displaced Stories and ones who didn't make the cut.

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DOOM of Griffonstone! - By ShadowStar_IMHP

Against All Odds - By The_Chill_Author (come on and go like it, he's almost at 100 likes!)

And those who didn't make the cut...

Ring eyed Shinobi - By Seeker of Knowledge

The Undying Angel - Show Stopper

Go and show support to all of these amazing authors!

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