• Published 2nd Mar 2021
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The Displaced Tournament - Presented By Hetap - Uncle Iroh

Displaced! We all are familiar with these anomalies, their stories are told throughout the multiverse, but, what would happen if all of these big shots fight in a tournament? Who would win? We're about to find out, right here, right now!

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It's A Trap!

It’s a Trap!

As the Displaced walked up the stairs they found trophies on the walls, the bloody chain of Beerus’ collar for instance.

“...Poor man,” Elia said, wincing at the collar.

As they walked up they spotted a scroll, Thanos recognized it as the one from Dragon Ball Xenoverse. “...Anyone wanna see this?”

“No,” Shiva said firmly, walking firmly ahead.

“Another time” Eric said moving on

“Maybe later. The sooner we get this done, the sooner we can return home. I’m going to take a nice warm shower, have a good meal, sleep with my sweet Luna, and spend time with my daughter. This whole adventure has been an off and on deathtrip for us all.” Link said as he walked past Thanos.

Black spotted the scroll after Thanos, walking up to it with a raised brow. “Might as well, go for it Thanos.” Black said with a wave of a hand.

Thanos looked at Black before nodding and opening the scroll.

The scroll shows Black flying down Eliatopia, everything was burning and there were corpses of his friends littered everywhere. He clenched his teeth.

“Thanos, what did you do?” Black growled, anger in his voice, he was then shot down by light, causing him to hit the ground. From the dust cloud that surrounded him he saw eleven red eyes,when the dust cleared it revealed Thanos in front of the commanders.

“Why are you doing this? You're our friend! Look what you've done to everyone!” Black cried out, putting his hand to his right, revealing Shiva’s corpse. There was more corpses lying about, Eric’s, Link’s, Phoenix’s, and even Kodo’s.

“You know why,” Thanos said, taking a step forward. “It’s all because of you, you’re a Saiyan with no limits, each and every day you break a limit. Becoming one step closer to a Void Dweller, what happens when you’re the strongest? What happens then?” Thanos said, raising an eyebrow.

“I…” Black didn’t have time to finish, all of the commanders, including Lord Twigo got in a running position.

Thanos was grinning, the Commanders were all covered in Dark Ki, including him. When their eyes flashed red he gave out an order, “Let’s go!”

“Right!” The Commanders said and all of them flew after Black, with his eyes widened he went into a blocking position. Though, with Arkham Knight’s new suit, he pushed Black into rubble, making his block for naught. Black was then uppercut in his chin by Bullet, sending him to the skies. Lord Twigo and Zabuza swung their swords at Black, he then pushed the two awar with his aura.

“Hrah!” Black cried out, Katakuri then cut off his robotic arm, Black looked at the arm in horror as it fell down. He was then kicked by Akainu, sending him into the ground. Thanos then appeared before Black and gave him a punch to the face, sending him upwards.

“Ka…” Thanos then cups his hands, grinning evilly, “Me… Ha… Me…”Thanos then releases the destructive Ki wave. “HAAA!!!!” The wave shot towards Black, doing his best to block it but failing miserably. With a scream of pain the Ki wave detonated, leaving a big dust cloud. The Commanders begin to laugh.

“BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!” Thanos laughed as well, the scroll then focuses on the corpse of Lucci.

Thanos looked at the scroll, “I uh… Totally didn’t plan on that if things went to shit,” Thanos said, “Totally…”

Luke had covered Kodo and Kubfu’s eyes, backing away. “I’m gonna… uh…” Luke quickly pushed the younger members of his pack after Shiva.

Black looked down at the scroll with a blank look, Luna Black walked up and put a hand on his shoulder. “Thanos, you wouldn’t do such a thing… right?” Black asked, his voice being unreadable.

“I…” Thanos was cut off as the scroll shook.

The scroll reveals Black standing in a forest and mountain area. His metal arm is nowhere to be seen. He was battered and bloodied, blood dripped from his mouth, eye, and head. And I mean a lot, his other arm wasn't good either. It looked like it's been burned. He was then met with a kick, sending him flying into the trees. He was then elbowed into some rocks before a being grabbed his leg and threw him up. The being followed after him and kicked into a mountain, making a crater. Black coughed some blood out and wheezed. Then someone lands next to him… A certain purple Titan.

Thanos looked down at Black, bloodied and bruised. His arms were covered in blood but not his. Black slowly looked up at Thanos.

"This wouldn't have happened if you just followed Ryker's plan. Join the commanders, we'll be unstoppable!" Thanos said, raising his bloodied gauntlet fist. Black then struggled to get up and sluggishly took a stance.

"I… I'll st… stop y-you…" Black said, trembling due to his legs not being able to work properly after a beating. Thanos clenched his fists in anger and punched the injured man onto the ground. Black pathetically hit the ground with a thud, he was in a Yamcha laying pose. Black then goes on his back and faces Thanos.

"Fine then, what's a few months?" Thanos said, raising his fist and punching Black in his face. It was enhanced with Ryou Haki for his arms were now coated in it. "I could always get another comrade," Thanos then begins to punch Black in his face over and over again. Blood spilling out Black's head, knocking his teeth out, making him spew blood. Both of his eyes were black ones. The punches made an echo so loud that the trees were getting knocked over due to the shockwaves.

"Oh dear…" Elia said, holding a hand to her mouth.

"Welp, good thing I packed this just in case," Entity said, getting a bucket out. He then proceeds to barf inside of it.

Thanos continued to wail on Black, punching him over and over again. Non stop, Thanos then hesitates on a punch. Seeing Black's face, he then closes his eyes and growls. Thanos then gets up and looks to the skies. Black was still breathing albeit barely, each breath a squirt of blood went out. There was a deafening silence.

Thanos then clenches his fists as he looks down at Black, conflicted. Thanos then groans and glares down at Black. "Why did you make me do this? You're fighting so you can cause everyone to die. Think, Black. You're a Saiyan, you crave combat, you'll fight until you make your planet crumble to dust and blow away! EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING YOU KNOW FOR WILL BE GONE!!!" Thanos said, his eyes red and tinted with anger. "What happens when you're the strongest? What will you have left?!"

Black couldn't open his eyes, Black with his knocked out teeth and chipped ones spoke. "...Y… You Thanos… I'd ha… have you…" Black said weakly. Thanos then looks at Black.

"..." Thanos then looks at his hands and clenches them. "...I'll do what I must…" Thanos then pulls out his Infinity Blade, then proceeds to raise it high over his head.

Thanos then stabs the blade next to Black's Thanos then clenches his teeth. He couldn't do it, he couldn't kill anymore of his friends.

"...Thanos…?" Black said, wondering if he was still there.

Thanos then clenches his fists until the point blood was dripping from his non gauntlet fist. "... Errggh.. RAAAAAGGHHH!!!!" Thanos shouted in frustration and he flew off, leaving Black there, alone and helpless, slowly bleeding to death.

“...I... “ Thanos then shuts the scroll and drops it, “Let’s move on.” Thanos then walks up the stairs.

Black didn’t move as he stared at the scroll, the images replaying in his mind. He picked up the scroll, before the scroll began to glow red, slowly being consumed by flames. As it turned to ashes, he turned away and went up the stairs with a blank look.

“Let’s ignore that my bruddas! We r so close!” Elae stated before climbing up the stairs, it was kind of a struggle, he was a small boi.

“What’s hold up? Come on.” Link said as he gestured his arm around.

Shiva, on the other hand, had taken the lead. Her motherly instincts were going wild, and her fear for the pack was almost overwhelming. Anyone close to her felt their hearts speed up as her fear and paranoia washed over them, and it was all they could do to keep up with her.

As they made their way up, they saw a picture of Shiva and her family and another one of the corpses of everyone but Black and Thanos. There was another one next to it that had Ryker, Thanos, and the commanders. Written in blood above them read, “What Could Be.”

Black stared at the photo before raising his hand and vaporizing the picture with a ki blast.

When black vapourized the attack they all heard the spine chilling laughter of Ryker. “Eghehehehehehe….” The laugh echoed.

Shiva slowed to a stop, her tail tucking as hesitation overcame her. Luke came up next to her.

“You okay?” he asked.

Shiva chuckled humorlessly. “Our daughter’s up ahead, Luke,” she said. “I can feel it. But the others…” she shook her head. “I can only sense Grievous. And…”

“General Grievous?” Kodo asked, looking ahead with worry. “I-Is he alive?”

“OH GOD THERE’S TWO OF THEM!!!! THIS WAS A BAD IDEA!!!!” Ryker cried out ahead, making Thanos quicken the pace. As he passed by Shiva, Shiva quickly sent out a link to him and the others.

“..Two?” Link asked in confusion as he quickened the pace.

“Stay together, everyone,” she said, her voice struggling to sound confident. “Ryker may be strong, but we are many. That has to tip the balance… somehow…”

“Ex-nah on the balance-nah” Link whispered to Shiva.

“Balance…?” Thanos said, squinting his eyes at Shiva.

They then see a door up ahead, on that door was the Irish flag. Thanos then clenched his fist, coating it in Armament Haki, he punched the door off its hinges. Sending the door flying and causing it to hit a wall, getting out his sword readied for battle only to find Ryker playing Subnautica. Fighting two Reaper Leviathans with his Prawn Suit.

Link let out a groan at how casual Ryker sat as if his life wasn't in actual danger.

Ryker looked back at Thanos, “Oh hello Thanos, how are you?” Ryker said, waving at him. “I’m currently fighting two Reaper Leviathans, wanna watch?”

“What the…” Thanos said, he looked around, he saw no blood, no gore, no anything.

Shiva stepped forward. “My daughter,” she said. “Celine. I could sense her. Is she…?”

“Oh she’s fine, she’s on the Galaxy Sized meteor, don’t worry, it has an atmosphere. I even gave her company! An Iron Golem is just chilling there with her,” Ryker said, with a smile.

“Check it out,” Luco added, suddenly appearing with a burst of fireworks, though he still looked peeved about Blazy. With a snap of his fingers, a portal gun appeared in his hand, and he fired it at the ground before Shiva.

Shiva’s whole body relaxed in relief as she saw her daughter, playing a game of chess with the iron golem.

“Celine!” Shiva said in relief, catching the younger wolf’s attention.

“Mom!” Celine stammered, getting up. “W-What happened? What’s going on?”

Shiva looked up at Ryker. “Why’d you take her?” she whispered. “What did she…?”

“I didn’t do anything!” Ryker said, laughing at her, he found it all funny. They were ready to throw down but they saw Ryker chilling.

“He’s right,” Luco said. “I did.”

Shiva glared at the monkey man. “You?” she demanded. “Do you have any idea what you’ve done?”

Luco glanced down at Celine. “Uh… reunited a family?” he asked. Indeed, Luke had gone down into the portal, and he and Celine were having a very heartfelt reunion.

“My universe’s diamond dogs run on the pack link,” Shiva insisted. “If all of us are here… who’s keeping my dog’s technology and economy in check?”

Luco chuckled. “They are.” He pointed, and the group turned. What looked like some sort of argonian from skyrim, but with a wider snout that made it resemble a crocodile, had appeared behind them, with grassy-green scales and glazed brown eyes. She was smoking a joint, and briefly glanced at the fighters before her, before glancing back at her weed.

“This that good shit,” the creature noted, before taking another puff.

“The heck is that?” Kodo asked.

“What Three Tails calls a ‘terra-drake,’” Luco replied. “Pretty much an earth dragon, which means they can get diamonds and jewels even quicker than your precious pack link could. They’re quite fascinating when you think about it…”

But Thanos ran out of patience with Luco. Throwing his sword at the monkey man - though he ducked and let it hit the TV - Thanos grabbed Ryker by his head. He then slams it on the ground.

“Why are you acting so damn casual about this?!” Thanos asked, Ryker just winced and rubbed his head.

“I’d like to know the same thing. I don’t trust this whole piece of Deku Scrub,” Link said as he walked up behind Thanos.

“Is it not obvious?” Luke asked.

“Never start with the head, it gets the victim all fuzzy…” Ryker said, Thanos then stomps on Ryker’s hand. Ryker just looked up, “See?”

“Answer my question!” Thanos demanded, Ryker just laughed at Thanos.

“Because I don’t feel threatened!” Ryker answered, everyone paused.


“Why don’t you feel threatened?! We have you outnumbered, we can kill you!” Thanos said.

“I don’t know about that, fellas,” Luco replied, taking the terra-drake’s joint and smoking it. “Blazy Blue’s a little too busy to save your asses this time.”

“Blazy Blue?” the terra-drake asked. “She’s here too?” She took out another joint and lit it. “How about that.”

Ryker then gets up to his feet. “Eghehehe! Did you guys honestly think I was up here all along?” Ryker tilted his head, but the surprised look on everyone’s faces answered for him. “OH MY GOD!!! EGHEEHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! You guys are stupid!” Ryker said, clapping, “I’M NOT EVEN REAL!!! I’M A CLONE!! EYEHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!”

“....A clone..” Link’s right eye twitched. “A clone?” he repeated. “A. FUCKING.CLOONE?!” Link yelled. “I’ve had enough with this whole hylian damned meme filled reality breaking cesspool of total flying pottery!” Link said as a golden gauntlet equipped to his right hand, then slamming his fist into the nearby wall to leave a hole- wait.. That hole looks bigger than what Link usually punches. By Black’s ki senses, he’d notice a blue ki swirling around Link’s shoulders, the ki was being triggered by Link’s anger, his face was absolutely seething with anger, the kind where someones had enough of your crap.

Shiva’s tail tucked. “That warning I got… the sense…” she whispered. Kodo’s eyes darted between them.

“W-Where’s General Grievous?” The young pup growled. “A-And Nappa?”

“Maud?” Shiva whispered. “Nox?”

“Where are they Ryker?” Eric asked his shadows falling over his body

“HEAHAHAHA!!! You’ll have to find out! I won’t say anything!” Ryker then ‘zips’ his lips. Link pulled his arm back to give Ryker a fierce punch across the clone’s jaw.

Black’s eyes widened as he began to tremble, his body violently shaking. He clenched his fists as small rocks began to break from the floor and rise around him. The blue Alicorn took notice of this as she put a hand on the Saiyans shoulder. “Black, calm down.”

“WHAT DID YOU DO TO THEM!!!” Thanos demanded grabbing onto Ryker and slamming him into a wall.

“EVERYTHING!!!! EYEYEHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!” Ryker cackled, he was then punched in the face by Thanos making him hit the ground followed by a strong swift low kick by Link to Clone Ryker’s face.

Black let out a primal roar as it echoed throughout the tower, overshadowing the Royal voice. Black charged towards a wall and punched it, shattering the bick as it showed the outside. When Entity went out… He immediately got old and went inside.

“The spell is still there.” Entity said, looking down at the tower.

At the same time, Kodo got his pack link around Ryker’s neck.... And he saw the battle. What Grievous had been put through. Luffy, Maud, Nox and Nappa.

“No…” Kodo whispered, backing up. “No!”

“Kodo, get back!” Shiva insisted. “Luke, you and Celine stay in there!”

“Not gonna question it,” Luke said.

“Why?” Celine asked. “What’s…” she quickly went silent as Shiva linked to her, revealing everything they had gone through.

“HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!” Ryker cackled, “You best be believing in horror stories Kodo…” Ryker then grew in size, “YOU’RE IN ONE!!! EYEHEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!” Ryker then disappeared in a puff of smoke, enveloping everyone in it.

“I hope you burn in the deepest pits of Death mountain!” Link yelled out.

When the smoke clears… They found themselves back where they started… On the entrance to the tower.


And what they saw…

“Teeth-for-Days’ fangs,” the terra-drake swore. “What in Tartarus happened to this place?”

Even Luco could do nothing but shake his head. “God…” he whispered in utter horror.

Eliatopia burned, and corpses littered the arena. The first corpse they saw was Blake, he was lying there on his chest. Multiple threads stabbed through him, he was trying to reach the tower. Elia put a hand on her mouth and looked down at Blake.

“Blake…?” Elia whimpered, going down to knee level she then pulled his head up to look at his face and saw half his face burnt off.

“In Faust's name…” Eric whispered looking around

“Is that…?” Thanos said, looking towards the corpses of the Elemental Dragons, they saw a primal and more draconic version of Arthur lying there dead. They all had a huge gash on their bodies, like a giant claw.

The terra-drake gazed at Arthur’s body with shock. She gripped the ground, causing rocks to grow around her as she shivered at the sight of the dead dragon.

“Ryola, Jasmyn?” Elia ran forth, and saw their corpses immediately as she was stepping on them. Letting on a shriek she scrambled backwards, the two twins lay there in each others arms, dead. “No…” Elia went to her knees and began to sob, Thanos walked forth and put a hand on her shoulder.

“I’m… Sorry little one, we could have prevented this but we were all… I… Was stupid.” Thanos said with a sigh, looking down at Elia he took a step forth. And stepped on a chest plate, taking a step back he saw… “BLACK!!! LUNA!!! Get over here, I think you might wanna see this!”

The Alicorn and Saiyan ran to the Titan to see what he was calling for, but as they saw the chest piece, the Saiyan’s heart dropped. It was Nightmare’s...

Black picked up the chest piece as all sound seemed to become void. The beating of his heart was all he could hear as he stared at the crescent moon chest piece. As he clenched the piece of armorn, letting out a cry of rage.

Shiva could only stare at the destruction in dumbfounded horror. “W-Why?” she whimpered, gently touching Arthur’s claw. “These were his subjects… they all had… so much to share…”

“He doesn't see them like that,” Eric said through gritted teeth. “He’s just like Umbra. In every way.”

A straw hat flew towards Shiva, when she caught it she saw it burnt and covered in blood. Her claws trembled, and she held the hat to her chest as Luke hesitantly rested his claw on her shoulder, his other claw trying to shield Celine’s eyes.

“G-General Grievous?” Kodo whispered, sniffing through the carnage. “General!”

“This way!” Thanos then snapped his head towards the location the hat was flung, as he ran he saw Brute’s axe in his corpse. Grab’s head on a pike, and Light… Stabbed with thousands of threads.

“W-w..” Link gulped down a thick amount of Saliva. “No.. N-no..” Link said as he dropped against his knees. “L-Light..” he said softly as sadness and pain swelled up inside of him, only for it to turn to rage. Slowly stepping back up to his feet, the golden triforce glowly at its brightest, Master sword drawn and blazing brightly with the power of the Light Arrow. “..I’ve had enough of this forsaken place.” Link said as he gripped the sword’s handle. “Let’s find Ryker and end this now,” he said.

Shield had a massive hole in his body. Thanos skidded to a halt as he saw Luffy, his back against a wall and a gash where his rib would be. Thanos approached Luffy.

“None of them deserve this fate,” Sombra said tightening the grip on his swords hilt

“L...Luffy…?” Thanos said, looking at Luffy, Luffy then shot up and punched Thanos in his face. Sending him into the ground.

“RYKER!!!!” Luffy cried out, he then fell on his face before getting up. “WHERE ARE YOU, YOU BASTARD?!??!” Luffy roared, turning to his left and his right, he saw Thanos as he got up. “Where have you been? It’s been three days since you’ve been on that tower.” Luffy said weakly.

“Three days? It’s been three?!” Thanos said, pulling back.

“Wait, days? How!? It feels like we’ve been down there for hours!” Link asked in disbelief.

“The challenges… the fights…” Shiva gagged. “We wasted so much time while this was happening!”

“I-It’s okay, Shiva,” Luke tried to say. “W-We couldn’t have known!”

“But I DID!” Shiva almost screamed, hyperventilating in horror. “I knew something was off, and I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING!”

“Kodo, Kodo, I need to tell you something,” Luffy said, wobbly.

“What?” Kodo demanded, racing to Luffy’s side. “Who else is alive?”

Luffy then leaned on the Diamond Dog. “Grievous… is alive, I’ve been hearing his screams of pain for two days! He’s the only one left… I…” Luffy then drops limp, his body hitting the floor with a thud.

“The… only… one?” Eric said in shock.

His crew, His friends, his princess. All dead. Anger welled within the Shadow Man causing his powers to become erratic and become dangerously lethal to those around him, moving quick Eric place on his skull mask. However the mask shattered like glass, there was no quelling the Shadow Man’s anger. Eric’s eyes soon shifted to his signature red and black.

“No-no-no-no-no-nO-NO-NO-NO!” Shiva growled, lunging forward and wrapping her link around Luffy. “I am saving someone ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!”

“Gather up… A...ll o...ff the crew…. It’s time to ship out… Bink’s brew...” Luffy’s life fades away with a smile.

Undeterred, Shiva started using her pack link like a defibrillator. “Damnit, COME ON!” Shiva screamed, but Luffy was unresponsive.

“I sense his ki, but it's fading, grab onto me!” Black said as he put two fingers to his hand, holding a hand out.

Then a huge migraine swept Black, then a chilling voice said. “Oh no, no, no… You get to see EVERYONE!!!” The migraine intensified and it was like Ryker himself was strangling his brain.

The Saiyan growled in pain before letting out a mighty roar, bursting into Super Saiyan. “GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!” Black roared as the ground around him shattered. Moments later, Nightmare’s presence became known.

“EYEHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!” Ryker roared in a fit of laughter, the migraine fought back against Nightmare. “I’ll always be here, in your dreams, your memories, ALWAYS!!!”

“Thanos, go to the main path, there’s got to be survivors. I’m going to stay here and search for what I can! Goddesses, please let there be someone alive around here.” Link said as he ran off to search.

Thanos then races out to the main path while being followed by Eric, then seeing Nox’s corpse, trying to reach his family. His hand out towards them and his own blade stuck in his back. Gasping at the sight he turned around and saw Rainbow Dash, dead as well. Her wings were ripped off and she was completely bald, a huge gash across her face, making it barely recognizable.

“Rainbow!!” Eric said, dropping in front of her.

“No… No, no! This is wrong…” Thanos then looks at a burnt house and on that lawn was Erebus on a cross, his trucker hat still on him. There was a sign that read ‘Punishment’

“Erebus!” Thanos cried out, ”Still rocking the trucker hat so that’s good.” Thanos pointed out jokingly, trying to make light of the darkness that surrounds them.

Hearing the Titan’s words Eric became angered to the point he almost attacked his ally. “This isn’t the time for your jokes, Than…” Eric began before hearing something

They all heard a beeping sound, Lucci, who followed Thanos, saw Nappa’s corpse in front of him. “Nappa…” Lucci couldn’t help it anymore and began to cry, “No….” Entity looked down at Nappa and went to his knees.

What they saw next… Was Maud, stabbed by threads from all angles and standing up.

“No….” Eric uttered, falling to his knees. “She’s already lost her father, now she’s lost her older sister?” Eric said as an image of Pinkie Pie flashed across his mind. “Dammit!!”

Eric slammed his hand into the ground causing spiderweb cracks to form. “Why! All this power? All this strength? Why? Why can't I protect anyone!”

“Maud?” Kodo whispered, edging closer to her body. As he checked her over, he lowered his head. “Dad, do not let Shiva come near…”

Shiva’s howl of agonized grief reminded Kodo too late of his link.

“...Here,” Kodo finished pathetically.

Then, a piece of a cape of a familiar General landed on Kodo’s snout. Kodo ripped it off, before smelling it. His ears perking, he began to trace the scent, moving past the corpses and to where Ryker was holding the General.

They were all interrupted as Black let out a roar of pain as he bursted into Super Saiyan God.
“LEAVE MY MIND YOU FUCKING CUNT!!!!!!” Black roared.

“Whatever you say… Monkey…” Ryker then faded away. Black fell to his knees as he let out heavy breaths, holding a side of his head. Black let out a grunt as he stood up.

“Come on, let's go! We know where Grievous is at!” Thanos then raced after Kodo, “COME ON!!!” The Displaced, like a group, ran to where Kodo was going, like policemen following a tracker dog. Suddenly, they all stopped in their tracks, none of them could move and there was a clock enchanted below them. They couldn’t move their legs, feet, arms, they couldn’t move anything but their faces.

“Eghehehehehe….” They all hear the laugh of the genocidal maniac, “Looky here Grievous.” They all saw Grievous hit the ground with a thud, he had two arms, and his other two were ripped out. His helmet was bent and his cape was charred, Grievous then tries to get up only for Ryker to appear and stomp on him. Burying his head into the ground. “People have come to save you,” Ryker reached down and grabbed Grievous by his head and raised it, making Grievous able to see them. “Isn’t that nice?”

“Grievous…” Kodo struggled not to whimper.

“Grievous!” Thanos and his boys cried out.

“Why did you come for me? You should have ran,” Grievous wheezed out before Ryker threw him aside and made him hit the ground.

“We don’t abandon out friends,” Eric said rising to his feet magic and shadow engulfing his body

“D’aww! The widdle boy is gonna cry!” Ryker said, looking up at Kodo, “I need two more sacrifices and I can make a portal to the Dark Realm. Two. More. One for Grievous… And one for who pisses me off.”

“Hrah!” Grievous shot up and tried to punch Ryker in his face, only for Ryker to catch his arm. He then tears it off, Grievous lets out a scream of pain before hitting the General in his gut.

“Since I’m a nice guy, I’ll let you say your last words to them.” Ryker said taking a step back, Grievous then got up. Looking at Ryker before looking at Thanos.

“John…. We’ve been through a lot together, we fought together, lived together, and ate together. We laughed, cried, and were with each other through thick and thin. You said we’ll always be together but… This is the end. Tell the others… I said goodbye.” Grievous said, putting a hand on Thanos’s shoulder.

“I… I will…” Thanos said, solemnly. Grievous turned over to Kodo.

“Kodo,” Grievous began moving towards Kodo, “When I first saw you I knew you were someone special. You have great potential, and I believe that even one day, we can fight evenly. Though, it seems like we won’t be able to cross blades, when we fought Rubilax together… It was the first time I connected with someone who wasn’t a part of The Boys. Well Kodo, I now grant you the rank of Boy, oh and remember. I’ll always be in-” Grievous was cut off as Ryker grabbed Grievous’ metal heart, his hand shot through him. Ryker held his heart in front of Kodo, Grievous gasped for air.

Kodo grimaced, but refused to let Ryker see his despair. His pack link crackled, making him look like a storm.

“GRIEVOUS!!!!” Thanos roared, he then tried to release himself from his trap.

“Oof size… large…” Grievous then fell on his back, lying there dead. Ryker then laughed and crushed Grievous’ heart.

“EYEHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Looks like that robot did have a heart!” Ryker laughed.

“Bastard!!” Eric charged the Vile King using the Shave Technique only to be smacked into the tower.

“Why…” Shiva breathed, her eyes glazing over as her mind seemed to break. “Why…”

“For my daughter, one more death and all of this can be over. I offer you a choice, Shiva, save your family or die with your friends.” Ryker said, getting in the face of Shiva, “Run away with your tails tucked between your legs or die with your… Friends.”

Shiva didn’t even seem to notice him. She stared ahead like a woman who’s mind had been utterly broken.

“Mom…” Celine whispered, shaking her head, but Luke hushed her. But no one noticed him stuffing a familiar fruit into his daughter’s mouth.

“Tick tock the clock is ticking!:” Ryker held a blade to Elia’s neck. “Answer Shiva! Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, TICK… tock?

He blinked as a flicker of light coursed from Shiva’s form and twined around his waist. In front of him was… Nora. Complete. Safe. But… her face was streaked with tears.

“Why, Daddy?” she whispered. “All this death. All this destruction. I’m not worth it.”

“N-Nora…” Ryker said, approaching the Irish Princess, “You are worth it.”

But Nora didn’t seem to hear him. “I’m not worth it… I’m not worth it…” she continued to chant it even as her flesh melted off her bones, dissolving Ryker’s hands as he tried to hold her, despite his durability.

“NO!!!! DON’T LEAVE ME!!!!!” Ryker cried out, hugging himself. “YOU’RE THE ONLY ONE I HAVE!!!!”

Ryker snapped out of Shiva’s vision just in time to feel his feet leave the ground. As he looked around, he noticed everything was rising into the air. Corpses, buildings, and himself. His eyes darted to Celine, who was convulsing in Luke’s arms, the remains of the Fuwa Fuwa No Mi at her paws.

As he realized what was happening, the ground underneath him suddenly turned into vines, which wrapped around his body with intent to crush bones. Further away, the terra-drake Luco had summoned was glaring at Ryker, her glazed brown eyes sharper and slit-pupiled.

“What are you doing?” Luke demanded. “This isn’t your fight!”

“It is the sacred duty of the Knights of Drake to protect humanity from any and all threats,” the terra-drake declared, her fist slowly closing as the vines pressed down on Ryker with crushing force. “I’ll admit, it feels weird to crush a human. But with all the blood on this freak’s hands… I’m willing to make an exception.”

Ryker merely laughed and ripped the vines apart. But he couldn’t rip away the pack link that had stabbed into his heart. For in the eyes of Shiva, Ryker did not see the kind and sweet diamond dog he had witnessed in the tournament. He instead saw a demon. Someone who had been pushed so far beyond rage and frustration that she had come right back around to a tranquility that was offset by razor sharp focus and determination. Determination to deal back every ounce of damage he had done to them.

Ryker felt his magic drain into her, before his clock magic popped like a cork. Shiva’s links spiraled out to seize the other fighters, and her voice lifted in a howl.


“EYEHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!” Ryker roared in laughter before getting his fists ready, jumping back for some breathing room as Shiva rose into the air like an Avatar of Vengeance. “Come at me, beasties!”

To Be Continued…

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