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The Displaced Tournament - Presented By Hetap - Uncle Iroh

Displaced! We all are familiar with these anomalies, their stories are told throughout the multiverse, but, what would happen if all of these big shots fight in a tournament? Who would win? We're about to find out, right here, right now!

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Ryker Reveals Horrifyingly Dreadful Past!

Ryker Reveals His Horrifyingly Dreadful Past!

Ryker and Blazy stood there in a hellscape, some people have died in the crossfire such as Nox but Ryker didn’t pay it no mind. Ryker looked at Blazy, he was not tired nor was Blazy. The phoenix-dragon was grinning, tongues of fire licking at the sides of her mouth as her eyes glittered in delight. Instead of being annoyed, Ryker was grinning. His carnivorous teeth were showing, he then began to laugh.

“You are by far de mahst challengin’ ahpponent I've fooehght yet! It wooehld seem dat we're at a standstell, yooehr fire can do nahthin’ to me and me plazma can't do nahthin’ to you! dooehgh, I semply do naht want dis battle to end, come at me!” Ryker said, his Irish accent kicking in, turning into plasma he shot his way towards Blazy, landing a Plasma kick on her.

“Mmmm…” Blazy purred suggestively, curling around Ryker’s kick and seizing his leg in her jaws. Judo-flipping him to the ground, Blazy flipped and began to river dance on his chest, her back talons like fiery gauntlets as they pummeled his body into the ground.

“Oh-ho, the Fire Dance of Death,” Luco commented, popping in from the side. “She only saves that for her bestest, brightest…”

WHACK! Blazy’s tail lashed as she spun in her dance, sending Luco flipping through the air until he became a glitter in the sky. Yet even then, his laughter still echoed.

“OH-HO-HO! Looks like even she doesn’t want the fight to end! Ryker, you lucky man!”

"What?! Comn ahn!" Ryker groaned, resting his sheleighleigh on his shoulder. “I want to finesh ooehr battle, dis stenks.”

Blazy paused, peering down at him. “Mm?” she asked.

“Blazy’s right!” Luco protested, popping up over Ryker. “Just a second ago, you said ‘Ah seemply do naht want dis battle to end!” He glanced up at Blazy with a grin. “I LOVE THIS MAN! Twisting and turning like an M. Night Shyamalan film!”

“Mm,” Blazy rolled her eyes, but did one more tap dance before jumping off Ryker’s body. At the same time, Luco somehow fell from the sky and dropped onto her back.

“Welp, let us know when you want to continue our dance,” Luco declared, as Blazy made the ‘call me’ gesture with a wink. “And don’t forget to be on the lookout for ‘Of Scales and Fur,’ coming out next year. Assuming Three Tails isn’t a cowardly bitch and procrastinates again, of course.”

“Mm-mm,” Blazy hummed with a shake of her head. Then, with a flap of her wings, she vanished with a burst of fireworks.

“...Fuckin’ ‘ell man…”

While they were walking up the staircase they spotted a familiar Titan leaning on something that was definitely not a wall. Thanos then spots the group and does a thing with his body so that it was covered up.

“It is ou brudda! Hello Thanos!” Elae greeted, Thanos continued to lean on the wall.

“Greetings.” Thanos said awkwardly, “Go along, nothing to see here, nothing at all.” Lucci reached out to pat the Titan’s shoulder only for Thanos to catch it in the same manner he did on the second floor.

“...Shiva, help m-” Lucci then got his arm broken by Thanos… Again… “MOTHERFUCKER!!!!” Lucci cursed, looking at his broken arm, which Shiva was quick to set with a grimace.

“I’m getting way too used to this,” Shiva grumbled.

“Anyways, what are you hiding?” Entity asked, resting his scythe on his shoulder. Thanos was silent. “...Thanos....”

“Move along, I’m hiding nothing but my PTSD, you don’t want to see what happened in that room. Go. Leave.” Thanos ordered, pointing up the stairs.

“Move out of the way Thanos, we don’t have the time!” Black then pushes Thanos out of the way and what was there, is a door with the Irish flag.

“What is that?” Elia asked, tilting her head at the door,

“It’s a door, I don’t know what it is but it’s most likely a trap.” Thanos said with a shake of his head, “I was trying to get you guys from falling for it, I guess curiosity is too powerful for even me to fight.”

“I’ll fight it!” Shiva declared. “Come along everyone; we don’t need to get distracted now!”

“Oh, let’s open it, I mean come on it can’t be all that bad!” Elia opens the door and they see DIO himself standing there behind a desk, some food on top of it. They were food that you would expect to come from the movies.

Shiva reluctantly came back with a sigh. “Never mind.”

“Hello and welcome to the Theater of Eliatopia or the Tower, go on in everyone. Today's show is about Ryker’s past!” DIO said, “Also, the name’s Chill, I met with Link, I’ve been in his head. I’m the God of Epicness, now take the food and enjoy the show!” Chill said with a grin, Lord Twigo looked towards Kodo and shrugged. Taking a bucket of popcorn he moves on with Thanos and the boys following.

“..Hold up, hold up, hold up..” Link began as he raised his hands. “You’re not going to be memeing, are you?” he asked, since this was Dio who alot made memes of and is known for his psychotic time freezing stand.

“I can, but not now.” Chill said with a shrug, “Also you’re welcome, I got you laid!”

They all took their seats, Lord Twigo getting some glasses to protect his eyes. He sat at the best spot in all movie theaters; the back.

Thanos sat a few seats from him, due to his height he has to sit in the back. Not that he minds it, meanwhile Elia was sitting next to Entity who was a few paces below the top. All the while Lucci sat next to Thanos, meanwhile Elae sat on top of Thanos’ head. Link decides to sit in the middle, not too far, but not too close; the perfect bal- I mean… center.

“Dis should be entertaining my bruddas!” Elae said.

Shiva settled herself near the exit, as did Luke and Kodo.

“Finally, a good break from a fight.” Black said as he leaned against a dark side of a wall, Luna Black looking at him curiously. “I think I’m tired.”

“Well, you could always take a nap.” Luna Black suggested.

“No… not like that.” Black said as he waited for the movie to start.

“At least it's just a movie, not a fight..” Links mentally said as he got comfortable.

They all see Ryker appear on the screen. Ryker was sitting on a chair with a desk in front of him, Ryker was facing the camera. It seems like Ryker was recording from his monitor, Ryker yawned and began to stretch.

"Okay, what is going on everybody? I don't really uh… Show this to people. Oh! I almost forgot, this is being recorded before I cause mayhem. You guys, out of every single batch, you guys just intrigue me so much! I mean Shiva is so kind and for what reason? Thanos is really, really, REALLY smart, I've seen your head. Stop being dumb and maybe you won't get treated like shit." Ryker pointed towards Thanos just by pure luck.

“Ya got a point.” Thanos said before taking a bite out of his fried chicken.

"Well, anyway, here's my past shown on screen. I probably didn't give you guys a better understanding since… Ya know, I'm gonna drop a giant fucking meteor on you guys. To that, I apologize for my future activities. Well anyway, you know some bits and pieces so let's start it from the top!"

The screen then shifts to Equestria, like usual everything was booming and peaceful. There was one specific house that had an Irish flag on it. Out came Ryker, though he didn't look any different from who he was now.

"Good morning Ponyville! And good morning to all!" Past Ryker said with a grin before he walked down the streets. Many ponies were waving at him, he waved back. Suddenly Ryker’s voice spoke over the images shown.

"It was peaceful, all was nice, I'd been in Equestria for five years then. Everything was nice! I had friends, family, friends that I considered family, but that all changed when Kaido’s Forces attacked. Get the Avatar the Last Airbender reference?” Ryker said with a laugh.

The screen flashes red and they saw nothing but fire, Ponyville was on fire and they saw Kaido from it. There were some ponies in front of him, notably Vinyl Scratch, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Luna, and Applebloom there, battered and bruised…. And in chains. Kaido wasn’t alone though, he had King, Garou, Azula, Enel, and Pain there with him. The screen then switches to Past Ryker, he was being pulled towards them and injured a rather large piece of wood stuck in his ankle. Also in chains. The people who were pulling him were Kai and Turles, he was then placed next to Luna.

“Honestly, this is nothing personal, nothing personal at all. I was running a little low on resources so I pillaged you guys! However,” Kaido then rests the top of his Kanabo on the ground, making a booming sound. “I ask you but one question… Do you fear death?”

The screen focuses on Past Ryker and Luna.

Luna glanced at Ryker, she found the poor man battered and bloodied with some slashes on his body. “Hey, er… What is your name again?” Luna asked Past Ryker, Past Ryker weakly turned his head to Luna.

“It’s… Ryker…” Past Ryker said struggling to not cough, for it would alert Kaido and his men.

“Ryker, I need you to drink my blood.” Luna said, looking straight into the Irish man’s eyes. Ryker was flustered at this.

“W-what?” Past Ryker pulled back, Enel glanced at Past Ryker, Past Ryker then shuddered. “It’s nothing sir, I’m just playing out scenarios in my head, I got so caught up I accidentally said it out loud.”

The lie was far too detailed for it to be a lie, so Enel just shrugged him off, “Oh well, you do you I guess.” Enel then walks off.

“I need you to drink my blood Human, just enough to make your body heal.” Luna said, looking at Ryker, though Ryker was still flustered.

“Why?” Past Ryker asked the Alicorn, “You’re royalty, a princess for crying out loud, why should I?” Past Ryker gave her a look of confusement and judgement.

“Alicorn Blood is something of legend, it can heal, cure diseases, and even grant you eternal youth. I need you to drink my blood, grab young Applebloom and run. Run like your life depends on it, because it does.” Luna motioned Past Ryker to look at Applebloom he does and turns back to Luna.

“...But… Wouldn’t it make you feel weird? This is way too odd…” A determined look from Luna shut him up, “Alright… But if we get out of this, don’t put me in jail.” Past Ryker started to lick at one of Luna’s wounds, sending shivers down her spine. Luna had a little blush on her face but powered through it, meanwhile Kaido was continuing his speech.

“I offer you guys a choice, join me, since you guys are the only survivors in Ponyville. And if you guys make any sudden movements, I will order my men from space to annihilate the remaining cities. Join me and become something more, you will gain power, wealth, fame, and most of all, freedom. Wouldn’t that be nice?” Kaido raised an eyebrow, Rainbow Dash clenched her teeth.

Link felt Vader vibes from this scene.

“You don’t know the first damn thing about freedom! You stand here, talking all high and mighty, just you wait until I get myself out of these chains and I’ll shove my hoof so far up your-” She was then promptly decapitated by King, her head rolled over to Twilight. Twilight gasped and tears formed into her eyes.

Shiva covered Kodo’s eyes, even as the pup yelped in shock. “What in Tartarus?!” he stammered.

“And Ryker wonders why I don’t pick fights with others?” Shiva muttered.

“You will not talk to the King of Beasts like that! Let her death be an example to all, we nor I will tolerate such behavior!” King said, glaring down at Rainbow Dash’s corpse before promptly kicking it. Making it tumble into a collapsing house, right as Rainbow Dash’s headless corpse reached the house it crumbled.

“You cruel demon from Tartarus!” Twilight said through her teeth and tears. King snapped his head towards Twilight.

“Life is cruel, why should the afterlife be any different? Join us, this is very rare and generous of Kaido to do, usually he’ll let us rip and tear until you are all bones. What is it going to be? Live a life with full stomachs and be happy or live in a barren wasteland all alone trying to get what little pieces you have home back together while you're suffering!” King then kicks Twilight onto her back before stepping onto her, “What will it be, Twilight Sparkle? Will ye serve?”

“I-I’ll serve!” A voice different from Twilight spoke out, snapping his head towards the voice he spots Vinyl Scratch. “I’ll… I’ll serve…”

“Good… Bring her here.” Kaido said, looking towards Kai and Turles, they then lugged her over to Kaido’s side. “She made the right choice, which one of you guys will make the wrong one?”

“Now!” Luna ordered, suddenly Past Ryker bursts from his shackles and grabs Applebloom, he then turns towards the burning Everfree Forest. Going to an all out sprint towards it, though he was hindered by the wood stuck in him. Luna then breaks her shackles with a war cry and summons her battle armor, looking at Kaido and snarling.

“Right then and there, I had fear and adrenaline coursing through me, it didn’t matter I had a piece of wood making me weak, I still ran. I was scared, scared that I was going to die and scared of letting Princess Luna down. I wasn’t sure if I could’ve made it, well, that question was answered soon enough…” Ryker narrated darkly.

The screen showed Past Ryker desperately running with Applebloom in his arms, jumping over fallen trees and dodging the fires and trees that were currently falling.

“W-why are ya doing this?” Applebloom asked the Irish man, “Ah always teased ya over and over again, why are ya savin’ me?”

“Because that’s what heroes do.” Past Ryker said, looking at Applebloom with a smile for a split second. Though that was a mistake as one of the trees collapsed onto Past Ryker, making him fall down. Applebloom then rolled, and Past Ryker was stuck. “H-help me Applebloom…” Past Ryker reached out towards Applebloom, they all then heard a Pterodactyl screech echoing across the forest. Past Ryker then looks towards Applebloom desperation in his eyes. “Help!”

Applebloom looked at Past Ryker long and hard before she turned around and ran away from him. Past Ryker’s eyes widened, before slamming his fist down onto the ground. Accidentally getting a splinter, “Applebloom! Applebloom don’t you run away from me! Help me! I’m begging you, PLEASE!!! APPLEBLOOM!!!” Past Ryker begged, tears began to form in his eyes as he desperately clawed at the floor. “Applebloom!”

“She left me to die there, she left me in the hands of those beasts, she left me to burn and suffer… That… That scarred me, literally.” Ryker then appeared on the screen, he then showed them a sixth degree burn mark on his back. It then focuses on the past once more.

There Past Ryker laid, trying to push the tree off of him but failing to do so. “Bugger, bugger, bugger, bugger, bugger!” Past Ryker swore, tugging on the tree before he heard something drop. He then winces as he looks up for the fire that has now finally reached him, catching him on fire. He sees King with his blade out.

“Look at you, wasted and gasping for air. But you don’t get to go yet, when you’re burning and slowly turning into ashes, then you have my permission to die.” King said sheathing his sword and turning his back on Past Ryker.

“Please… Save me… I-I’ll work for your master, please! I don’t want to die! Mercy!” Past Ryker cried out, tears making their way down to his chin, King then turned to Past Ryker and squats to his level.

“You’re far too weak, and you’ll always be like that, nothing but a weak, pathetic, irredeemable, ineffectual Irish. All of this you’ve worked for, you friends, families, pets, home, and possessions, that… All of it is now burning. And now, you are too.” King then stands up and turns into a pterodactyl, “Oh, and don’t worry, I’ll make sure that Applebloom dies.” King said before he flew off, the flames finally engulfed Past Ryker, he then began to scream in pure agonizing pain.

“So there I was, burning and like he said, gasping for air. And as I was dying, a Void Dweller showed up.” Ryker said as the screen turned to Ryker looking up as a blinding light revealed itself. Out came a young female woman, she had an awful lot of pink on her, she also had a pink umbrella, carrying it over her shoulder. She looks down at Past Ryker and holds a hand to her mouth as she did an over dramatic gasp.

“Oh my cosmos! What happened to you? You look like you’re in pain.” The Void Dweller said looking down at Past Ryker, Past Ryker gave her an annoyed look as he was slowly dying. “Oh and my name is Atola by the way.”

“H-hello, m-my nam… n-name i-is Ry-Ryker..” Past Ryker said, struggling to manage to words out. “C-can y-yo… you please help m-me?”

“Oh why didn’t you say so?” Atola then picks the tree that was on him up before throwing it to the side. “Hm… You seem weak, too weak for my tastes. What say I give you power and a new home?”

"I-I wo-wooehld be fahrever in yooehr debt." Past Ryker said, still looking up at her, Atola flashed him a mischievous smile.

“Irish! I likey, likey, well you can repay my debt when you get better.” Atola then snaps her fingers and Ryker disappears, “Welp, I’m done here!”

“Yeah the debt wasn’t sex, it was getting put in a fighting pit and having to win a thousand fights. Wasn’t easy.” Ryker said with a chuckle, the screen then shows Ryker holding a baby in his hands. Smiling down at her. “This… is me daughter, Nora, so beautiful yet so fierce. I had an affair with the local Chaos Goddess, because I was drunk. She decided to keep it and I couldn’t be much happier, all was fine, all was peaceful, and all was happy. Until guess FUCKING what? A Void Dweller popped up and put her in the Dark Realm!”

It shows a hooded figure pushing a twelve year old Nora in, hand out towards her father and mother, she then vanishes. Ryker then flies towards the Void Dweller, anger in his eyes before he was slapped away like an unwanted puppy.

“That day… I lost my world again, and to the ethnicity of one of my saviors no less. That pissed me off, he gave me a cube, the Eliacube. It spoke to me, told me that there was a way to save my child, my world. Kill the Displaced, take their energy, fuel Dark Ki to the portal to the Dark Realm! And that’s what I did…” Ryker shows his past self mercilessly killing the likes of Beerus, Galactus, Superman, Whitebeard, and more. Past Ryker was on a rampage, “I made events and offered people freedom, those who declined, died. I know this is hypocritical but it was for a great cause, to save my world, my Nora.”

“And now… After seven thousand years here we are, you guys sitting here and watching a screen of me telling you my struggles. All of the people I’ve lost, every single one of them, my regrets, my pain, my suffering, my betrayal, all of it you’ve witnessed. And now… I thank you guys for uh… Sitting through here, I’m not going to kill some of you. I’m not gonna kill Thanos because you are going to be my commander, I won’t kill Black because Ed and I would fight for months. That’s too much of a hassle, everyone else is going to die, I may change my mind on Shiva because she’s the only person who isn’t a fucking asshole! Yeah, I’m looking at you Eric Von Asshole. Or should I say Eric Monohan, and don’t you break this TV screen, or I will do bad things. Very bad things, well uh anyway, leave. Go. That’s all. Byeeee!” Ryker then waves at the camera and the screen gets cut off.

Black remained silent as he watched the screen turnoff, the bright light disappearing as the room dimmed. ‘You see now Saiyan, this is what you do to each other, conquer, slaying, murdering for what goal? You're all brutes that need to be put down like the rabid dogs you are. But you can help me… do what the gods had failed to do! A second voice joined his mind, Black remained un-flinched by this.

You will remain silent, you're a psychopath and I won’t hear another word from you.’ Black scoffed as the second voice decided to remain silent. The thought of what Ryker would do to them, pissed him off. But as the Saiyan had his mental crisis, the others began to voice their opinions on the movie, Shiva briefly looked at Black in concern before being drawn to the opinions of the others.

“...I feel bad for him.” Thanos said blankly, “Sure he’s trying to kill us- Er… You guys but look what the world has done to my man.” Thanos said, pointing at the screen.

“Yeah…” Kodo mumbled. “Doesn’t sound like he’s had it easy.”

“Indeed” Eric agreed. “I don’t think any of us has suffered more than he.”

“I guess I'm chopped liver.” Link said with a shrug since he appeared to be on Ryker’s kill list.

“Not necessarily,” Shiva noted. “He’s still on the fence about me; maybe I can talk to him.” Her tail wagged hopefully. “I’ve always preferred diplomacy over fighting.”

Luke chuckled. “No kidding,” he said. “Every time us dogs started to get into fights about anything, she could break it up just by walking into the room.”

“We can use Talk No Jutsu on him; change him for the better with the right choice in vernacular.” Thanos said with a grin, “Just you watch.”

“I hate it…” Black commented as he got the others attention. “I hate the fact I’m gonna live and watch all of you suffer because I’m kin with Edward.” Black growled as he clenched his fist. “It boils my blood.” Black then looked up to meet everybodies gaze, “I couldn’t live with myself knowing I could’ve prevented your guy's death…”

“Same here, he wants my strength, but with the power of Talk No Jutsu I can save him from the dark side!” Thanos declared heroically.

“It’s unlikely… I feel like he’s far to gone, look what he did to the Displaced before us. He destroyed them for energy so then he can bring back his daughter. To slaughter hundreds, if not thousands of Displaced for thousands of years, that does something to one’s brain.” Black argued as he held out his hand, showing the images of most of the displaced before them. “I’m sorry to say this, but I think he’s unreasonable…”

“Then let’s beat the corruptness out of ‘em!” Thanos said with a grin, putting a fist into his palm.

“What chance do we have?!” Black argued. “He killed a Beerus displace! The strongest God of Destruction known in Dragon Ball. He even killed Superman!” Black argued.

“We have something he doesn’t, we have a hail mary, we have something that could beat him we have… Elae.” Thanos said with a grin, “Also we can beat him with Thack and Mia.”

“I don’t even think Thack and Mia together could beat him…” Black let out a sigh as he slumped against the wall. “The only one who I could think of beating Ryker is Edward, and dear the Omni-Kings know where he is…”

“Didn’t say anything about Elae though…” Thanos pointed out.

Black looked up to the Titan with tired eyes, “Thanos… what's the chance Elae could be Ryker?” Black asked.

“...According to my calculations, there is a fifty percent chance. But if we help him…” Thanos said with a grin.

“It won’t matter…” Black said as he rubbed his eyes. “I’m too damn tired for this crap.”

Meanwhile Chill was flying over Link, “See this guy, he got laid because of me, I’m the perfect wingman. I’m the reason why he pounded Light!” Chill said with a grin, pointing at Link.

“Whoa,” Luke whispered, before turning to Shiva. “Who’s Light and how did he pound her?”

Shiva snickered. But before she or anyone else could explain...

“Hey-hey-hey!” Link cut off while giving Chill a look of disapproval. “What goes on during love, stays with love.” he said.

“I do what I want, ZA WARUDO TOKI WO TOMARE!!!” Chill boomed and time began to freeze, Chill then ran away then proceeded to continue time. Thanos blinked. Unfortunately Due to the Goddess Of Time that blessed Link, he was unaffected by the time freeze.

“What?” Link said during the time freeze and before time resumed.

“...Where is that rat bastard?” Thanos asked, looking around to search for the God.

“He ran that way.” Link pointed where Chill yeeted him off to.

“FLINT LOCKWOOD!!!!” Thanos cried out before running after Chill like Officer Earl.

Link shook his head at their shenanigans. “Discord would have a field day here…” he said in amusement.

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